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 Nov 2017 Blue
when a boy shows you his hands
bare except for the dust
he’s begging you to look past
take them in yours.
squeeze them once.
say without speaking
that you understand that the valleys
in his palms were meant to cradle
shooting star wishes
that he’s allowed to still hope for.
when a boy shows you his eyes
of milk and crimson and melanin
a bloodshot vein for every night he can’t sleep
let him shut his eyelids.
say without speaking
that you understand that the black hole pinpricks
of his irises hold more than the universe
should allow.
when a boy shows you his soul
shivering but still working toward friction
iced over but still working toward melting
let him come to rest next to yours.
say without speaking
that you understand that he is lonely
and that his silence speaks volumes
and that you kept his treasure close
because you love him.
when a boy shows you his hands
show him your hands.
when a boy shows you his eyes
show him your eyes.
when a boy shows you his soul
show him that
this is a comfortable place to rest it.
when a boy shows you the hardness that shaped him
show him the softness
that you have in store.
 Jul 2017 Blue
You told me I was selfish once and I told you you were right

So say it again, say it like you mean it
Say it like I'm just the product of another long argument

So what you say so what I didn’t ask to be your end
I didn’t ask to be the bottom of the pill bottle
I didn’t ask for
                    Your body lying here at my feet

And you're right you didn’t
You didn’t ask for anything
But if you had you would’ve asked for something

Tell me its over
Tell me you’ll listen this time
Tell me you’ll crack my ribs open
And leave me to dry

Tell me you love me so you’ll be rid of me for good
Tell me you want me and
Tell me its real
So I cant leave an ugly taste in your mouth anymore

You tell me to think things over
You tell me you don’t have time
You tell me I ask so much
For someone who says they have nothing to give

Alright you say ill do this, ill do this for you
But no blood
And no broken bones
I promise it will hurt

Ill love you until I die
Ill love you until you crack my spine
Ill love you until you're through with me
Until you believe it

Ill love you until you realize
I'm just trash and
I'm just flammable and
I'm just burning

And you were built to fight people
Not fires
 Jul 2017 Blue
Autumn Part II
 Jul 2017 Blue
I'm a washed up summer king
Been that way since I was fourteen
My father tells me I'm from under the sea
My father tells me a lot of things

I drowned for the first time in a meadow
And all you would do is stare
I woke up with flowers in my hair
And the clouds up above hanging low

My sweetest summer was in October
My feet were always in motion
My fingers were dyed the color of the ocean
I guess I was returning to the water
 Jun 2017 Blue
Jakub Tiupa


 Jun 2017 Blue
Madhu Jakkula
 Jun 2017 Blue
Madhu Jakkula
As I map the curves of your body with my lips, I listen to your moan slowly.
I hunger to taste every inch of your skin from toes to between your thighs to your soft cleavage till your lips.
Your cries with pleasure is my new addiction, vaporising my lust.
 Jun 2017 Blue
beautiful tragedy

I am SORRY that I am the way I am

I'm sorry that I start to panic when someone touches me
especially a guy
even though if its in a friendly way
I just can't help to flinch
I always think about the people that hurt me in the past

I am sorry that I constantly break down
I cant control my mind for consuming my emotions
my mind is always at war with my heart
I cant help to get flash backs of the past of what they did to me

Im sorry for hiding my feelings
I get nervous to tell you because Im scared of upsetting you
I had people that I upset when I always told them how I felt
I'm also not an open book
I even feel vulnerable just someone looking at the content of the book

I am sorry that I always ask for reassurance
Im just trying to get it memorized in my head so I can believe you
I want to make sure your being honest
your answers dont change
and you mean it
People drilled bad things into my head so I cant help it

I am sorry for constantly apologizing
I always think its my fault
I grew up people putting the blame on me
sometimes I can't tell if its my fault or not

sorry that I am me
 Jun 2017 Blue
Ryan Holden
If only we were
Dogs, unconditionally
Loving without thought.

The world would form a
Bond, that would be unable
to perish or break.
 Jun 2017 Blue
 Jun 2017 Blue
I spend much of my life
within the confines of my mind
Some days I am unsure
Whether I am dead or Alive

But the medication that I cling to
removes the existential fear
and allows my thoughts to relax
yet, it also seems to suppress my wonder

Without the pills,
I can intently watch myself write
As each stroke of my small wrist
Leaves grey stains across the blank page

With them, I can feel happiness
I can detach myself from life's pain
and realize my distractions
instead of permitting them to anchor my heart

But with my medicine I cannot create
not in the ways I wish to
They build a border between substance and surface
while it blocks out the depression
it also limits my humanity

Yet, if I were to quit taking them
the darkness would return to haunt my world
strangling my limbs, until I have no will to fight
or even to move for that matter

Without them, I can expend myself
in this art that has kept my heart beating
My emotions can freely guide my movements
in the hopes of creating something beautiful

But those pills have also saved my life
and yet, they have a dark side too
The anxiety they breed produce
such a significant strain on my actions
that I can't tell if I'm truly living

So as I sit in this barren hallway
listening to the echoes that disrupt the silence
I wonder whether my temporary refrain from my "lifelines"
will lead to my success or my demise.

— The End —