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Madhu Jakkula Jan 2018
Even after all this while,
the only music i want to hear, is your voice
the only portrait i want to see, is your smile
the only thing i want to feel, is your bare skin
the only ocean i want to dive into are your lips
the only poem i want to write, is you.
Madhu Jakkula Jan 2018
You are my sunshine,
my only sunshine.
You make my heart warm
when i'm freezing in memories.

You are my lullaby,
my only lullaby.
You never let my nightmares haunt me
when i'm sleeping in your arms.

You are my love,
my only love.
You brighten my days
when the sun is gloom.
Madhu Jakkula Dec 2017
I never asked for it
the touch,
the comment,
the harassment.

I never desired for it
the pester,
the stare,
the ******.

I never wished for it,
the assault,
the blood,
the death.
Madhu Jakkula Oct 2017
Days turned into months and
months into years but
I still remember
the feel of your gentle
kisses on my naked skin,
your soft lips
against mine and
the scars on my soul
when you left me.
Madhu Jakkula Oct 2017
The sun painted gold on my rugged skin as I stepped out of my gray world to take a peep of the vast blues, blossomed yellows and the lush greens.
Madhu Jakkula Sep 2017
To the love of my life,
I carved your presence in my memories,
held you close in my desires,
kissed you in my fantasies and
made you mine in my dreams.
Madhu Jakkula Aug 2017
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