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Paul Kgaje Jan 5
Forget about us.
Like the greats that once walked this once great land for millenials before yours in search for wealth beyond measure.
Like the soldiers that died to protect your forefathers and theirs.
Like the words you swore to keep forever as you struggled through the rain.
Like the fool that gave away their soul to keep yours shining as you meant the world to them.

Like the smell of a beautiful rose that came from his mother's garden as his eyes gazed at you uncertainly.
Like the song that has a melody with no words and no composer.
Like God as you find happiness and live in the moment.

Forget about us.
For we are what belongs in the book that won't be read in this world you created.
For we can only matter to the Grey man as he knows truth.
Like diamonds that lost value yet still shines.
For we have never been your special song but we sang from within.
Forget about us, forget about us.
Paul Kgaje Dec 2018
I saw a hand in darkness,
laid instructions in elegant expression.
Reach for the stars, grab the brightest and lay rest to the shining moon.
Cover your eyes for shadows will come to live.
Don't cry as the empty vessel is but a package of sorrow,
Smile at your ending fight.
Paul Kgaje Dec 2018
Oh, for I shall die and be at peace with peace and darkness.
Darkened roads so black as night is where I'll rest.
Covered with air that chokes the frequent springs of my chest.
Your setting sun is a concept of nonsense,
But then am I not just a traveling man with no license?

Erase my existence as those of previous time lines.
Foolish man uttering words of unknown language kinds.
The scarecrow scares those that come close,
And I was so close to wearing those dull clothes.
Your promises are not even yours now, are they?
A father sending his children to paint.

Rain, rain, rain!
Bringing growth and shape.
Well, my land it has no rain,
Should I die and decay?
But the Penguins said you're great.
A Short Poem About God
Paul Kgaje Dec 2018
Master has a new *****.
For years I've went from one diamond to another with no penny for my services.
Dug holes and buried daffodils,
Dug holes and buried daffodils.
Carried by the spirit that shall give life to my children,
Children to children's children.
I've worked the way of a ***** and never let my master carry a *****.
'though time told too many stories of the previous slaves,
I hoped mine was that of the history pages.
The blood drips on my cold knees as I crawl the dark for a meal,
She usually brings me something nice,
Oh master what are we having tonight?

The master's table should be kept clean at all times,
We don't want master eating dirt, alright?
Master is late for her food tonight,
It must be a busy night.
She usually utters of her unwell businesses, I believe she is tired.
I feel the chains on my feet being loose,
Master won't like this one bit.
The trees tell tales of the old berries,
And those that bury often get buried by no one.
Master smiles and tells me to run as she holds a gun counting to ten.
I'd run a bit more faster but my feet are swollen and needs healing.
As the trees come closer, darkness comes to sight and master smiles as she sends the new ***** to bury my corpse.
Paul Kgaje Dec 2018
Silence, Silence.
No air blowing in the room,
just silence, silence.
Closed space, heavy breathing, sleeping giant.
The cuddling teddy, sleeping with no blankets, just silence.
Demon comes, demon comes, demon comes!!
Door opens, the squeak of the door,
The handle of the door ****, a break in silence.
‘Holds the teddy, lifts it up, puts it up on his neck.
This is just too silent!
The crying birds, the barking dogs,
‘Must be a break of silence.
The waking teddy, the waking giant.
Tall figure, the ground is far to reach.
‘Holds its neck, its squishy, soft.
Breaks its neck,
The end to my silence, the end to the demons silence, the end to all silence.
A Short Poem About A Demon That's Inside And  Around
Paul Kgaje Nov 2018
He's Behind Me.
I can feel his still face as he shows no expression.
His dark eyes focused to the back of my head.
His slow breathing as he syncs it with mine.
His cautious movement as he aligns it with mine.
He has no shame in what he does.
If I'm to turn he won't be there,
There will be no shape in all this darkness.
Silent horrors of loneliness or terrifying company.
He sees me when I can't see,
'See he knows me more than me.

He's Behind Me.
Although I Focus Not In His Presence,
Moments presented show me his existence.
He's not an object of illusion visualized only by my perception.
I think I know his purpose, it frightens the child in me nevertheless.
The brooding madness of my unstable state is clearly the blood he needs to drink.
He is not a shadow, that would belittle him,
He is more than that.
A poem on my life on an everyday struggle
Paul Kgaje Nov 2018
Not my Katelina
Her steps are so smooth and cautious,
She wouldn't hurt a fly.
For some who won't understand she's just another and within her **** shall rise,
But not my Katelina.
Her shadow is of pure color, how can she be mean to me?
Her love would travel around the world for me, cover me with pure adoration and perfect admiration.
How could it be my Katelina?

She hasn't said a word now,
A lot seems to be on her beautiful mind.
I make a funny to her to lighten her heart as the skin she buries herself underneath,
But Katelina won't smile.
The air is different and I'm enjoying my funny man character for the first time,
He seems to like laughs.
My efforts to bring her home seems to make her angry,
Somebody is inside my Katelina.

Confusion confuses my already confused soul.
Where is my Katelina?
A poem on a different love
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