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Jack Jun 2022
Once a red beating heart,
Left with the void filled with emptiness,
The warmth used to linger around my finger,
Distinguished with frozen soul,
The world still black and white,
As I succumbed in the cold wind,
Struggle not to lose my last piece of sanity,
To the fantasy ceased to exist from reality
This endless slumber to find you in the thousand dream,
Wish for existence of you never fade,

From this abyss of despair,
As the last breath of mine,
Will be yours,
For us to meet,

Once again..
Clear rills caressing the waves,
Brisk breeze twirling on the surface,
With every drizzle I drive content,
And so I am divergent.

Unlike that former sea,
won't burn your blood up,
Tranquil your mind to a faraway terrain,
Shattering the delusions fading your soul into nothingness,
With me this would be your first,
Every moment would be contrasting,
Will reciprocate your reliance with culpability,
Won't defy decisions,
But admire your confidence,
Won't tear up your liveliness with my ambitions,
My aspiration would be the same,
Watching you soaring high like dazzling wave.

You need to acknowledge this,
I am divergent.
"Who gives a f***
about your first love?
Give a big round of applause
for your second love,
because they taught you love still exists
after you thought it could never happen again."

Here I compared love to a scenario where a river meets a sea and the geography of love....
Kewayne Wadley Apr 2019
I once asked
Do you love me,
To which I knew the answer
before her reply,
Covered in skin
Sat next to my heart.
And instead
Took it away from me
AtMidCode Jul 2017
I lay my head to a green and a brown pillow
The latter clutch tightly in my left hand
Slowly, ever so slowly
I use my right to wipe the tears
And put the pillow next to my mouth
To cover up the scream thrumming painfully from my throat

I will my voice to wail the unfairness of it all
Like how certain people just seem to have what they want
Others more than what they need
I never let myself believe I can have both
Nor deserve either
Yet when He asks me
I replied, "Can I have one? Just . . . one thing I badly want?"

I thought it was that
At last I know what I desire
Finally, I have a path to go on my own choosing
At long last, a place I really want to be

But wanting and having have always been different
Their words stretch far away from each other
Their meanings, farther
Not wanting to meet if the occasion's not rare
Always apart
Never to start, especially if just for me

How cruel it must be
To have that certainty
Only to be denied, again


Once agai--NO
. . . Once again, again
When will that line be familiar?

I lay my head to a green and a brown pillow
The latter clutch tightly in my left hand
And fought the almost habit way of folding my fingers into a prayer
What is the use
Of asking of hoping of wishing of praying

Slowly, ever so slowly
Sleep comes
Dreamless one.
ZoeyNot101 Aug 2015
This isn't the first time
Nor the second
Nor the third
If I had a dime
For everytime I thought of you
I would be drowning
In a pool of countless cold coins.

No matter how hard I attempt
To leave it
To ignore
To move on
I can't forget.

Yet you carry on with your life
With no worry or upset
Not having a slightest care or thought
Of the little girl who just may be
I just may be that girl.
Daniel Mashburn Sep 2014
I'm terrified that now you've left me that soon you'll just forget me and I'll just be all alone once again.

And I fear that when I call you that you will just ignore it and I'll just be talking to myself once again.

I'm giving you this heart in the hopes that you may keep it and I pray it won't get broken once again.

And when I'm missing you most my dear, I'm wishing for you home and I'm afraid that I'll just be all alone once again.
Tommy Johnson Apr 2014
Quincy Valero, once again on crutches
He always manages to do this to himself
This time he was in his required exercise class and dislocated his knee
I just laugh at this

When we were younger he got roaring drunk and began doing an inebriated salsa
We all chanted
All of a sudden one leg wen one way and one the other way
He screamed in pain
It was a  hairline fracture

Another time he had a lovers quarrel with this girl he was seeing
They fought all the time
Like all the time
And one night in a furious rage
Quincy punched a wall and fractured his hand

A few weeks later I had a pool party
And Quincy had to wrap his damaged hand in a plastic bag and hold it at a 90 degree angle the whole time

He takes all these injuries to heart
He's the kind of guy who has always got to be moving
He's always gyrating, talking, laughing
And when he's even the tiniest bit immobile or disabled
He goes into a short period of depression and self pity

It's just funny to me because just when I think he'll be okay
Some how he manages to just get himself hurt
The clutz haha
Even now, I'm talking to him
He hurt his thumb the other night at a party he threw two days ago


— The End —