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May 2020 · 130
Who Are You?
I am stunned,
How you stops everything around you for a while,
Your smile is your beauty you carry,
It shines the brightest of all,
Who are you?
Maybe an angel

Putting up a smile every time you walk,
Granting my wish to be happy,
But angels on earth impossible,
Then who are you?
May 2020 · 216
Another Day
In various possible scenarios I hallucinated,
With numerous eyes bored on me,
Truth strangling my throat with hatred,
Now,yes, now I can be freed,
Well, truth is not that transparent as it seemed,
I know they won't turn their backs on me,
It's killing me inside, pay some heed,
But it will suffocate them for life, then let it be,
Where should I lead?

Away from them,
For their better only,
The Truth is unsaid!
Maybe another day.
The truth has never been simple, it's the honest nature which convince us to see its meaning clearly, decide what you think wise..
May 2020 · 257
Is Love Painful?
Battling with the convictions twirling in my mind,
The deserted ambiance seemed to hear the echo of my thoughts,
Amidst the confrontations of endless conversations between us I sensed an unfamiliar touch,
I turned around while gathering my burden,
A small little kid standing  behind me approached my mind with his gazing eyes,
"Is love painful?", he asked,
My instinct told me to say yes,
But my mind swirled around at our delightful meetings,
Paused on our laughs and all the other memorable happenings,
Meeting his eyes with a warm look I knew my answer,
"No, it's a heaven to live in", I said.
We always dwell on the bad memories about any kind of relationship and suffer in the end, why not savour the moments which made you feel like the happiest person alive.
Apr 2020 · 679
A Dream Too Good To Be True
Shadows hiding our appearances to the core,
Crowd drifting the distance more,
Between us,
But not between our souls,
I bet I saw someone last night,
Not thinking about your rejection,
I just went towards your reflection,
And I embraced you,
It felt like a dream too good to be true,
Somehow you didn't pushed me away,
I expected the harsh words you didn't say,
The spell has broken,
My racing heart has calmed down,
Thank you for at least letting me do that,
I wish this wasn't the last time we met.
No matter how hard you try
your dreams can never be sweeter than mine
Because I dream about you.
Apr 2020 · 815
Last Exemption
Covering my battered soul with a grin,
And I carry my longing to meet you soon in my spirits,
Maybe you'd heal my scars with your touch,
No, the timing have to match,
Yes, I have to wait,
If it means confronting the bruises on my body of someone's hate,
You will come won't you?
It's the least thing I expect life to do,
Granting the exemption,
To reach the day of explanation,
Yet here I wait for my closure,
What's that you ask?
My death, My life's dusk.
That it will come never again is what makes life so sweet.
-Emily Dickinson
Hanging in there with the life support,
Eyes opened with a blur vision,
Analyzing my state,
Needles everywhere,
contusions and lacerations were too there,
Wait, I can't open my left eye,
Oh right! he punched me right there in our fight,
Aah! why does it pain so much?
Oh yeah! he threw pipe at my head to crush,
I guess this was bound to happen,
Because I contradicted,
At every rule which stated biasness,
At every person who eyed me with lustness,
At every time when my gender was the conclusion,
At every stage when my 'no' to them was a confusion,
At every step when my abilities were dejected,
At every moment when my rights were rejected,
Feels like I contradicted too much,
Should I have not?
But then I would have started to do it a lot,
With content I closed my eyes,
At least I tried and fight,
Soon the doctor said I was no more,
Guess I couldn't tolerate it furthermore.
Feminism isn't about making women strong.
Women are already strong.
It's about changing the way the world perceives that strength.
Apr 2020 · 211
I Am Divergent
Clear rills caressing the waves,
Brisk breeze twirling on the surface,
With every drizzle I drive content,
And so I am divergent.

Unlike that former sea,
won't burn your blood up,
Tranquil your mind to a faraway terrain,
Shattering the delusions fading your soul into nothingness,
With me this would be your first,
Every moment would be contrasting,
Will reciprocate your reliance with culpability,
Won't defy decisions,
But admire your confidence,
Won't tear up your liveliness with my ambitions,
My aspiration would be the same,
Watching you soaring high like dazzling wave.

You need to acknowledge this,
I am divergent.
"Who gives a f***
about your first love?
Give a big round of applause
for your second love,
because they taught you love still exists
after you thought it could never happen again."

Here I compared love to a scenario where a river meets a sea and the geography of love....
Apr 2020 · 225
The 'Us' We know (Part III)
Remorsing my actions,
Soothing own woven wounds,
I staggered,
The ambiance around me filled with familiarity,
Feeling my breath enticed,
Replacing the blur with vision again,
The wind started whirling around me,
My brain looking out for the reason,
Trusting my senses I turned around,
Fallen on the ground,
Finding for the gulp of air,
She lifted her head,
Eyes moistened with tears,
Breath uneven due to tiredness,
Lips trembling with the cold,
My heart broke with destruction I caused,
Converging her fortitude,
She held out her hand,
I only asked her 'Cam I be weak?',
She responded with her liveliness,
She entwined me in her freshness.
Two damaged people trying to heal each other is love..
Sinking to the ground,
With the surface turning wet,
I quickly found myself weeping,
Just moments before,
You questioned our compatibility,
You questioned how fragile our love is,
You suggested me finding someone better,
You suggested me to move on,
But it became clear,
You were questioning your strength,
You were questioning your heart,
You were questioning yourself for me,
I wiped off the tears,
Gathering all the strength,
Boosting up my trust for you,
I stood up,
Running towards you like crazy,
My eyes seeking your presence,
It is not over,
Not yet.
People will forget
what you said,
People will forget
what you did,
But people will never forget
how you made them feel.
-Maya Angelou
Following her liveliness,
Catching up with her freshness,
I was resolute on confronting her,
Then I approached her,
Meeting her eyes,
How I wanted to say you look pretty,
How I wanted to embrace in her arms,
How I wanted to walk beside her for the lifetime,
How I wanted to covet her all for myself,
How I wanted to have her my reason to smile,
Instead I said we were not compatible enough,
Instead I said our love was fragile,
Instead I said she could find someone better in a while,
Instead I said it was better to move on with life,
Instead I cowardly said my head,
Instead I buried those feelings in my heart,
Instead I walked away.
There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you...
-Maya Angelou
You remember the time at the beach,
I remember the long walk we took,
You remember the coffee we drank,
I remember you wiping off the smudge,
You remember the day we met,
I remember the way you saw me,
You remember the joke I made the other day,
I remember the way you laughed,
You remember the day you hold my hand for the first time,
I remember the warmth it spread,
You remember the the gift I gave you,
I remember the shine in your eyes,
You remember all the moments we spend,
I remember 'us' every time in them.
Altering your perspective can provide you the luxury of seeing things for what they are and not what you want them to be.....
-Truth Devour
Apr 2020 · 268
Happiness Is For Free
Again, he looked down on me,
But it was not something as amused to be,
It is always his way I walk,
Not only do as he likes but also talk,
My actions seem immature to him,
Now he controls how I think,
But how much will I have to compromise?
Rot my ears listening to his sweet lies,
At last I did it!
That breakup was nothing hard to commit,
Do you know how I feel?
Must say quite a relief,

Again, I started living on my own terms,
For which I had been known once,
Could see the nature smiling at me,
That happiness is for free,
But you bound yourself with permission,
And forget your mission,
To be yourself at the end of the day,
Let's start it all over from today.
Sometimes I don't know what haunts me more..The memories of you...or the happy person I used to be.
-Ranata Suzuki
Apr 2020 · 304
The War Had Been Won
Peeping through the hole I can witness the bombs exploding,
Outside the men with their guns loading,
People are running to save their lives,
But the explosives can't lower the cries,
Atmosphere is all gloomy and dark,
Like atrocity has left its mark,
Rage has overtaken humanity,
Is this my destiny?
I remember the old days with mom and dad,
How I was their favorite lad,
Spending time with my friends would be a carnival,
Where everyday was no less than a festival,
But it lived for a short period of time,
Soon power made people commit crime,
They all have become blood thirsty,
where all the decisions are based on money,
They say the war had been won,
How could it be when mom and dad are gone?
It doesn't make a ****** bit of difference of who wins the war....
Apr 2020 · 278
I Saw Her Again
Crossing the busiest lane,
I saw her again,
Waving back at me,
Asking me to join her if I was free,
Pleading in her irresistible smile,
It made my heart beat which was fragile.

Jogging my way to the lake,
I saw her again,
Keeping up with my pace,
Trying her best to ace,
But tripping again and again,
Laughing instead of moaning in pain.

Gazing at the stars with wine,
I saw her again,
seated next to me on the cold surface,
Staring at the twinkling with a daze.

Then it dawned on me,
It was my own weak memory,
'Playing' my favorite moments,
'Deleting' the parting torments,
'Pausing' on her pretty beaming,
'Rewinding' all our meetings,
'Reset' button should be somewhere,
But do I want it to be there?
He locked me in his arms,
bringing me to his chest,
kissing my forehead,
pinched on the edge of nose and suddenly disappeared.
-Jumana Afreen
Apr 2020 · 224
Does it still happen?
Does the thought of him still bothers you?
Does his presence still haunts you?
Does your call logs still have tons of his missed calls?
Even though he's been friend zoned?
Out of empathy do you still comfort him?
Do you lend your musical ears to hear bittersweet lies from him?
Is it still tough to act up your courage?
Even though you know this is a phase?
Even though he makes you see it clearly?
Does he still make your creative eyes see the nature of his friendship hypocritically?
Does he try to control your carefree world?
Does he still try to ruin the happy moments with his deliberate gloominess?
Does he still linger in your fantastical dreams woven for you to amaze?
And does he still try to fill your innocent sky with that hateful color of anger?
Does he still try to make you feel guilty of the things you would never imagine to do?
But in his virtual self-created world which suits him better is he still hurting you by leaving small but hurtful scars?
Does your scars of unknowings still hurt?
Have I failed to help you?
But can you please try to help yourself every now and then?
That if you feel void I'm one call away?
Does it still happen?
Don't let someone change who you are, to become what they need.
Apr 2020 · 1.2k
That Accident
How could I forget that accident,
Which made us feel like we are meant,
We both underestimated each other,
This paved the way for us to walk together,
After that everyday was full of confessions,
Every hug, Every cuddle, Every moment was mixed with passions,
Your smile was what I wanted to see everyday,
For that I always had to find a way,
Those small wounds would make you worry,
And then I would be in your arms for you to carry,

But how could I forget that accident,
Where you forget me and went,
I alone got tortured living those memories,
Remembering every of your chivalry,
It is pain to see you too close but too far,
Like fighting alone a war,
In your eyes I am now a stranger,
In your path and life I've become a hinder,
Now I realize how your love was no less than a poison,
For that how you chose me to be the one,
It is pain that I wear behind this smile,
But you wouldn't stop to look at it for a while,
Now everything has changed including you,
Wish I had never met you.
Long after I have given up,
my heart searches for you without my permission.
-Rudy Francisco
Apr 2020 · 325
I Still Like You
Your eyes tell a different story,
Like your mind in someone's memory,
But knowing that too I still like you,
Do you know why?
Because I want to.
Liking someone is a candle.
It can melt, burn out and you have no idea how long it can last...
Apr 2020 · 332
I am the Jealous Type
From that distant contact I can see your smile,
Enjoying every sip of your wine,
Let me tell you I am the Jealous type,
Can't help it when you have enough boys to swipe,
You must like that guy from last time,
Behaving as if you found your partner in crime,
Let me clear this to you that you're mine,
Won't let you see other guys let alone dine,
Be with me is what I want,
But you always take me for grant,
I'll keep you entertained for life,
And eventually will make you my wife,
Whether you like it or not you have to be with me,
And accept the life's fate as it will be,
Don't call this life suffocating,
I have been long waiting,
What if you won't be doing your job again,
I'll earn for us, don't be in vain,
I would be the one doing all the things,
If it means cutting off your wings.
I hate jealousy,
I hate possession,
I 'm nobody's possession.
-Olga Kurylenko
Apr 2020 · 202
Darkness Is My Escape House
Tears just shed from my eyes,
Like a part of everyday cries,
But that's not the problem,
Loving someone is the one,
My patience has exhausted,
Is this what you really wanted?

When it comes to trust anybody,
Feels shivering throughout my body,
Darkness is my escape house,
I can sense the calmness arouse,
My evils understand me better,
And it has became my shelter,

New beginnings would be a hard step,
But I can do it without any help.
You can escape this house,
this city,
this state,
this country,
But you will never be able to escape your conscience.
Apr 2020 · 285
All the way long it was an illusion,
To be a part of it was my own decision,
It was after sometime,
When I couldn't feel this breath of mine,
I realized,
How I am going to be despised,
But I just got tangled into it completely,
And was trapped in the cage ultimately,
Not of greed, anger and selfishness,
But of grief, disappointment and life's pointlessness,
Happiness was not a part of this deal,
So it might take a million years to heal.
You live in a dreams.
You manufacture illusions.
-Tennessee Williams
Apr 2020 · 107
Swiftly and gracefully it all happened,
You just came,
Flourished my world with tenderness,
Caressed my being with all you've got,
And then as just you occurred to me,
You were gone,
Like a meteor you visited my life's imperfect sky.
Love is a meteor shower.
It occurs rarely but the impact remain forever.
Apr 2020 · 178
The Plans I didn't Make
I didn't plan to be content ,
But somehow I got,
I didn't plan to smile often,
But somehow I do,
I didn't plan to laugh,
But somehow my lips crave it,
I didn't plan to like things,
But somehow it started,
I didn't plan to expect,
But somehow I want to,
I didn't plan to care,
But somehow it has became a habit,
I didn't plant to embrace warmth,
But somehow I like it,
I didn't plan to love someone,
But somehow I met you.
Life's not the about the plans you made beforehand, it's about the plans you didn't make and how they change your whole life's vista......
Apr 2020 · 198
The Season You Came: Spring
Blooming flowers,
Cozy milieu,
Warmth spreading in eyes,
Sun wearing on the skin,
Breeze stroking the hair,
Bees chanting mystifying melody,
Birds flapping their wings in rejoice,
All this makes me wonder,
Are you coming?

Then dried leaves make way,
Petals tangle in your curls,
Brisk steps take a pause,
Awestruck as our eyes met,
I'm glad you came.

— The End —