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Megan Edwards May 2020
I step across the lily pond making my way
Each stone wobbles as I  balance my weight
I seem to move
Trying to decide the correct thing to do

Each stone takes me on a different path
The bank moves closer as I balance on the stones.
The water gushes taunting me like a laugh
As I move onto this stone alone.

The stones start to vanish, the bank fades away
It's just me now, me. Myself.
I look for a stone as the oxygen leaves like the day
The water comes, I have nothing left to say.

I reach for the bank, a hand appears.
The grip is warm, the grip is kind.
The support I needed, the support brings me to tears
This hand, is my saving find.
Megan Edwards Apr 2020
Is it my mind?
Or is it must a thought?
I know they are just being kind
But the mind thinks there are lessons to be taught

The bodies a trap
Each moment snatched, each memory caught.
The curves you can follow like a map and the movements which are entwined creating thought.

The body plays games on you sometimes everything is clear, sometimes nothing makes sense.
The juxtaposition between mind and body
Is something we will never forget.
Not sure on this poem.
Megan Edwards Apr 2020
Have you ever heard the sound of nothing?
A desolating sunbeam hitting the ground
Each individual on the hunt for something
Yet, nothing can be found.

The trees feel lonely,
They meet the sky for a chat.
They beg for money,
But the sky gets nothing back.

Together, the world turns grey.
The smell of death starts to cover the streets
While they all stand and wait
We just stay inside and try to fall asleep.
Just something abit different, hope you enjoy
Megan Edwards Jun 2019
Thoughts I think, washed upon the sea.
Each small breath, each sharp pain
Rough rocks wash away remains.
I stand, still. I shall remain

Smile. Don't show the pain.
Can't let them see, don't let them know.
I am happy...
I have to be happy.

I want to be loved, but I'm not allowed.
Keep smiling, but the cracks appear
Reflection is gone
I want to be me, I won't be.
Megan Edwards Mar 2019
I'm surrounded by so many, yet no one is close.
I feel your warmth, but no one is there

I yearn for your touch,
I need your pain.

But now I'm left alone
Alone in a world of isolation.
The mind is a scary place.
Megan Edwards Mar 2019
The bustle engulfs me
Swallowed by the past which follows me like sense.
Rushing rapidly along the path which leads them to life.

One stop.
One break.
Life suddenly starts to change.

Everyone has a mission
They may not know it yet.
They carry on rushing round like a crow
Desperate for attention.
Desperate for hope.
Megan Edwards Mar 2019
Prettiness surrounds me
Yet I consume none
Beauty is in the heart.
What ******* I tell them!
This is just a small stanza I was planning on adding into a poem. However, I couldn't add it into any pieces so here it is by itself! Hope you enjoy ***
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