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Maverick Mar 2018
I was in the home stretch
Of the worst heart break 5k
I’ve faced since last May
Was tired of putting bandaids
Over scars from old stitches
Left by a few witches
That flew away as fast as they came
I don’t know what possessed me
To speak first
Maybe it was a side effect
From all of Cupid’s grazed arrows
Flying freely like sparrows
Only to miss their mark
Leaving me with a thirst
To conquer love once and for all
In short
You congest my brain
The way a rainbow stalls a dreary day
And resurrected the good parts of me
I sent to an early grave
A beacon on a stormy night
The sigh of relief
when you get a question right
You make me feel like a kid
On Christmas morning
That just received
Everything they were hoping
I’d gladly go through **** again
If it meant in the end
I get to hold your hand.
Maverick Mar 2018
You’ve been gone
Longer than you stayed
The ticking of a clock
Echoing the sound
Of my heart break
Said you’d never leave
You were gone the next day
Told me I made you happy
But something made you run away
An unsolved mystery
You’ll take to your unmarked grave.
Maverick Mar 2018
Playing Russian roulette
With my playlist
Waiting for a song
That triggers
Memories of you
And kills
My temporary bliss.
Maverick Mar 2018
A closed door with a goodbye
Is easier to accept
One abruptly slamming
In your face.
Maverick Mar 2018
You left
I settled for
A one night stand
To inject novacaine
Into my broken heart
I was sedated
Against my will
While the parts of me
You loved
Were taken advantage of
And while she slept
The only thought
Running through
My drunken head
Was that
You were only
A block away
And I wished
You could feel
My pain
Like a beckoning call
To be my saving grace
Before I became something
I now hate.
She robbed me of the good, and left me to sort out the bad.
Maverick Feb 2018
The old man
With a handlebar mustache
And pipe in his hand
Has asked me
How I’ve been
Every day
Since your absence.

Too chipper to be Death
Too rugged for Hope
He mentions
The pain in my eyes
Lessens each week
And offers a ****
To help me cope.

I explain,

“It’s not the thought of her
That brings me sorrow
But knowing that tomorrow
I’ll be one step closer
To forgetting her laugh
Or how she felt
In my hands.”

He casually says back,

“I don’t think it’s fair
For your heart
On the mend
To relive a love
When she left
With the wind.”

Same time tomorrow
Old friend.
We’ll discuss this again, until I feel nothing.
Maverick Feb 2018
A cheesy pickup line
Grand parade of flattery
You’re first in line
Surprise, I’m here
I can’t stay long

How many kisses?
I lost count

You’re too good for me
I’m glad you’re in my life
You make me happy
I’m not seeing anyone else
It’s not possible for me to stop liking you
I’m just really busy*

All of the things you said and did
Run around my head
Like a haunted carousel
I’m reluctant to ride again.
I mute my heartbreak by reminiscing
In betweens of our beginning and end.

Then I think

You couldn’t remember the color of my eyes,
Even if you were staring right at them.
I remember every smile you cracked,
And the way your half ***** body danced.
Saving a list of your favorite things,
Should I ever forget.

(I never did.)

My thief in broad daylight,
How I adored your lies.
Your someone new
Was the reason you stopped making time,
And I wasn’t worth a poem
Or an apology,
Much less a goodbye.

So, this is mine.
Don’t start what you can’t finish.
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