em>A cheesy pickup line
Grand parade of flattery
You’re first in line
Surprise, I’m here
I can’t stay long

How many kisses?
I lost count

You’re too good for me
I’m glad you’re in my life
You make me happy
I’m not seeing anyone else
It’s not possible for me to stop liking you
I’m just really busy

All of the things you said and did
Run around my head
Like a haunted carousel
I’m reluctant to ride again.
I mute my heartbreak by reminiscing
In betweens of our beginning and end.

Then I think

You couldn’t remember the color of my eyes,
Even if you were staring right at them.
I remember every smile you cracked,
And the way your half naked body danced.
Saving a list of your favorite things,
Should I ever forget.

(I never did.)

My thief in broad daylight,
How I adored your lies.
Your someone new
Was the reason you stopped making time,
And I wasn’t worth a poem
Or an apology,
Much less a goodbye.

So, this is mine.
Don’t start what you can’t finish.
It’s been over a week
Since you left
And when my friends ask
How I’ve been
I say
Like a splinter
Leaving my hand.

Though it’s gone
The soreness lingers on.
How quick
The damaged girl
Moves On
Without hesitation
Or consideration
For fear
Of being figured out
Leaving behind
A box full of
Broken new toys.
I’m just another casualty in your game of love.
I look at the vacant spot
Where your car was parked
For forty five minutes
And wonder
When the lies overlapped
The truth.

You reluctantly left
The night we first kissed
Then two weeks later
You willingly disappeared
Answering my doubts
With silence.
I pick up the phone,
It’s not your name.
I answer the door,
It’s not your face.
I meet someone new,
It isn’t you.
If you were jewelry
You would be
A mood ring;
Pretty to look at
But hard to read.
Now you’re just a conversation piece.
I no longer have the luxury
To hold you tight
So I’ll slow dance with you
Late at night
When my head and heart
To preserve the good parts
You left behind.
They outweighed the bad, and you know it.
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