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May 2020 · 241
Tiana May 2020
and tho I new it was a lie
I put my arms around him and kissed him
those three empty words dismissed my doubt
my head hissed at my heart
that this stupidity existed
I chose to act blind and tell my self I missed this
but when I wake up to an empty bed I knew you weren’t consistent
May 2020 · 394
Tiana May 2020
I was filled with sunshine
Like I've never experienced summer before
Everyplace you touch on my body felt like it was bursting with light
My checks hurt from the smiles
The giggles as you spin me around
My toes curling in the grass
A flower hand-picked from the ground
Loving the nature sounds
Warm in your arms
I can do this all day around
May 2020 · 573
My favorite color blue
Tiana May 2020
Blue like the summer sky
His eyes
Calm like the sound of the ocean
The only notion worth making
Calming my soul to the core
At ease
Fingers combing through my hair
Hearing him whisper
"I'm yours"
May 2020 · 458
Tiana May 2020
admiring the freckles on your skin
I want to feel everything
when you said you wanted to make love to me
I could feel the heath rushing to my cheeks
and when I felt your fingers trace my skin like poetry
over parts of me that are supposedly broken
all of me that isn’t enough
with every kiss you remind me
the heavier the sin
the sweeter the touch
Apr 2020 · 779
Tiana Apr 2020
When it rains look for rainbows
When its dark look for stars
Some people are just pure magic
You were the one that made me realize you aren't
Some people leave footsteps in your heart
You left me breathless
I found what I loved
Letting you in
Am I stuck in the past
In love with what could've been
But still all you left me with was a broken girl
And Bruises
Like lilacs beneath my skin

— The End —