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Leighanna Mar 2019
There are things I cannot remember,

There are things I cannot forget.

       To me it seems like an unfair trade.

The things I cannot remember sleep in the back of my skull,

The things I cannot forget scratch at the nerves behind my eyes.

        To me it seems like an unfair trade.

The things I cannot remember remain forgotten,

The things I cannot forget remain remembered.

        To me it seems like an unfair trade.
Leighanna Feb 2019
Today my mother asked if I was feeling lonely.

I hesitated debating if I should let such vulnerability slip between my lips.

But despite my hesitation, I was.

“I get it.” She replied with a tender hand and for a split second I doubted that she truly did.

But just as quickly as the doubt had come, it vanished from my mind.

I did not doubt that she understood my loneliness, for i’ve seen a glimpse of hers.

I’ve bathed in her hearts hollow tears as her trembling body betrayed her strength.

I’ve seen it in the soft grey waves of her eyes as she was immersed in a crowd of familiar faces.

I’ve even heard it in the wind-chime tones of her voice when she calls at 11am to see what I’m doing even though she already knows.

I see her loneliness gazing back at me everyday when I look in the mirror, and I’m comforted by the thought that if we are together in loneliness then we are never truly alone.
I’m not entirely sure what to say about this one, it’s different from what I normally write but it felt right in a way. I’m not sure if it makes sense to any of you but then again I don’t really care if it does or not.
Leighanna Dec 2018
In the canyons between the grey matter, lives something much darker.
Swimming comfortably in the river of my mind.

Her voice sounds like mine.
Her face a perfect reflection.

Invading my thoughts with whispered obscenities.
Filling my vision with clouded water.

Her presence is shifty.
Here one day and gone the next, but she never really is.

They tell you not to name your demons
But it’s hard when they already have one.

I have an intruder living inside me.
And the scariest part is that she is me.
Sometimes it feels like I have two people living inside of me. There is me and there is the Other me. The other me is cold and cruel, often overly brash. I don’t like the other me, but I suppose no one ever does.
Leighanna Dec 2018
Go on ahead without me,

I promise I’ll meet you there.

I don’t know how long I’ll be,

But I do know I’m not done here.

I have so many things to see,

So many things to do.

And with every day that passes,

I’m one step closer to you.

Go on  ahead without me,

I promise I’ll meet you soon.

I’ll miss you all the time,

But that’s just a thing we do.
Recently my mother’s father passed away, and while I was not very close with him, his death hit her quite hard. I dedicate this to my mother and anyone else who has lost a loved one. Just remember that while they are gone for now, they are not gone forever.
Leighanna Dec 2018
Why would you choose someone like me?

There are women much prettier than I,

With skin softer than mine,

Hair longer,

Bodies better,

Voices smoother,

Eyes deeper,

Personalities richer,

Hearts bigger.

Why would you choose someone like me?

You can have so much more than my low self-esteem.
The struggle with low self-esteem is a harsh and long one. It’s a ravenous cycle of taking away your own happiness before even experiencing it. A cycle of constantly asking why?
Leighanna Oct 2018
When I am alone, I am not lonely.

When I am lonely, I am not alone.

Hours spent by myself pass like minutes.

Minutes spent in company pass like hours.

Sitting in my home I feel endless.

Standing in a crowd I feel isolated.

Why does it seem like these things are reversed?
I feel like people often assume that you must be alone in order to feel lonely, but that is simply not true. I often find that it is when you are most involved that you feel most alone.
Leighanna Sep 2018
Paper tongues on the blacktops surface

Canary bulbs falling from skeletal branches

Individual sunrises growing in constellation patches

Sweetened breath blowing around our heads

Golden nests being towed along slowly

Crystal mirrors dotting the surface of peaceful windows

Frigid blankets stiffing early morning grasses
Fall has always been my favorite season. This is just a small insight on how I view this time of year ❤️
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