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Leighanna Sep 2018
Paper tongues on the blacktops surface

Canary bulbs falling from skeletal branches

Individual sunrises growing in constellation patches

Sweetened breath blowing around our heads

Golden nests being towed along slowly

Crystal mirrors dotting the surface of peaceful windows

Frigid blankets stiffing early morning grasses
Fall has always been my favorite season. This is just a small insight on how I view this time of year ❤️
Leighanna Sep 2018
I’m on the edge.
I’ve been on the edge for as long as I can remember.
Staring into a void with no end.
I’m balanced on the edge.
I don’t tip.
I don’t fall.
I won’t.
I can’t.
If I do then all of my pain was for nothing.
And if I have learned anything from my time spent here,
It’s that I am not nothing.
Everyday people teeter on the edge of giving up. I’ve been there for most of my life. It’s hard, it’s not fun. However, I don’t hate it. It has taught me many things, it’s just up to you to see those lessons.
Leighanna Aug 2018
I am like an astronaut floating in the sea
I know where I’m supposed to be
and I know it’s not here
Yet despite the creeping sense of my vindicated isolation
I still manage to revel in the wonderment that surrounds me
I may not be where I belong
But I am here none the less
So instead of trying so hard to find my place
I will accept where I have landed
For while I may not be here for a long time
I am here
And here is beautiful
I’m not really sure what to say about this one, it came to me quite quickly so I apologize that it may not be as good as some of my formers. To be simple I guess it’s just how I feel.
Leighanna Aug 2018
Don’t worry about me
My end is coming sooner than you think
I see it in my dreams
It calls to beacon me

I am not afraid
If I was it would come faster
My fate is made
And I am my own life’s master

I cannot run
So I don’t dare hide
Do not cry for me ***
I’ve enjoyed my free ride
I don’t usually rhyme in my poetry but today I decided, why not?
Leighanna Jul 2018
Your touch was like silk dripping in honey,
But now all I feel is ice shredding my flesh like broken knives.
Your breath was the only atmosphere I wanted to live in,
But now it’s the gas that gags me.
Your smile was the velveteen rabbits dancing in circles inside my mind,
But now it’s the vines choking my alabaster bones.
You were the one thing in this world that I wanted,
But now...

  I don’t know what I want.
Heartbreak can really take a toll on someone, I know it did for me. *Remember I am still pretty new at this so bear with me! Positive and constructive comments welcome!*
Leighanna Jul 2018
Sonder, a word maybe some of you have never heard. An emotion some of you have felt but were never able to name.
What is their name?
The girl walking down the sidewalk, with hair brighter than the sun and shoes darker than the night - what is her name?
The man rushing out the door, hailing for a cab, hoping that he just might make it on time - what is his name?
The people we pass by every day, the people we see get off at different stops than ours, the people we watch cry with a phone pressed to their ear, as we wonder what could have been on the other end - what are their names?
Who are they?
Who are their children?
Who are their parents?
Do they have a dog?
Are they married?
Have they lost someone?
Are they lost?
Do they own a house?
Do they walk to work everyday?
Do they pray to god every night for a miracle?
Are they hungry?
Are they trying?
Do they have a bed to sleep in?
Who do they call for help?
Do they cry themselves to sleep every night?
Who are they?!
Who are they....

Sonder; The realization that each passerby has a life just as complex, and just as vivid as your own.
I wrote this as if it were to be spoken so it helps to keep that in mind while reading. Positive and constructive criticism welcome

— The End —