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  Nov 2017 Kolko
Kaye I
she's a song
you'll never hear
because you never listened.
Kolko Sep 2015
Fighting. I cannot ******* stop fighting this.
Waking up smiling, not clutching at my chest
willing the pain to go away.
What happened to that gaping hole he left me trying to fill?
What happened to the shattered heart and
broken soul he left me with?
I don't remember fixing myself,
I don't even remember wanting to be fixed.
What have you done? What are you doing to me?
I'm smiling, dancing in the rain again.
I gotta stop this before you leave,
once again abandoning me unable to breathe.
I cannot stop fighting this.
Please just don't leave.
Kolko Aug 2015
Before there was you
There was him.

He didn't love me though,
He just shattered me.
Pieces of me still line these rust stained floors.
I never asked to be put back together,
But yet here you are
Stringing me back with your thread.

Soon you may learn
I'm not quite worth this.

Because before there was a you
There was a him.
You're worth more though you know?
  Aug 2015 Kolko
Nessa dieR
Every soccer ball is ***** and flat
the sky is always gray
at least it has been like that
since you have gone away...

I can't remember a single moon
which you have come to stay
or any bright afternoon
since you have gone away...

Any effort seems a drag
Anything they say
seems like they just wanna brag
that you have gone away....

I need a little clue
That you'll  come back someday
I haven't heard from you
since you have gone away...
Kolko Jul 2015
You're trying to save me
Baby I'm un-savable.
You're wanting me,
But God you're consuming me
You're drowning me.
Please just ******* disarm me
Trying to disentangle my thoughts
I gotta be numb for this.
My minds a hell you can't forgive
This'll lead you to leaving me
And officially unraveling me.
Kolko Jul 2015
I can't breathe.
You're drowning me
I'm crying, screaming
While you're holding me
Why are you choosing someone like me
You're branding me, but I'm chaotic
Resistance. I've given up so just leave me be,
Cause all you're doing is just
Hurting me.
Kolko Jul 2015
But I'm not hungry.
But yet I always end up
You continue to recede
I'm reaching out
But what's there to hold on to?
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