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FS Antemesaris Dec 2019
It's not about you, it never was.

It doesn't matter how cheap you're selling hugs.

You're still selling them.

And you can't buy love.
FS Antemesaris Dec 2019
In my youthful pride, I forgot how quickly death can take.
How he can come and then be done and leave destruction in his wake.

With bright eyes gleaming, I forgot how dark the night can be.
Then night came, with no stars beaming, and none could the dawn foresee.

Yet it was here, in this darkness, that the light began to shine.
A moment of clarity after a funeral
FS Antemesaris Dec 2019
I remember the look in your eyes
when you first thought of leaving me.
Perhaps I could have put the fire out then
with an "I love you."
But the naturalist inside me decided
to let it rage

I remember where I was when you
realized you were too good for me.
I was selfishly basking
in your company.
Perhaps I could have said something
to make you stay.

By now, you are probably
halfway to the place you
fantasized of being while
you were with me.

I remember when you left.
And I bid thee farewell.
FS Antemesaris Dec 2019
Out there—lost in a sea of blue.
Somewhere between dusk and dawn waiting for that golden hue.
FS Antemesaris Nov 2016
Why must we wear these masks day in and day out?
Why must we be ***** within and clean without?
Why must we be full of dead men's bones, though we shine in the light?
Why must we march in this parade and fight in this brigade with all of our might?

Perhaps the answer is not as simple as it seems.
Perhaps only false light beams.
Though I do not know, nor can I,
I will keep trusting Him.
And by and by, we shall see why
Every morning no matter how grim,
Our shiny mask wears a grin.
Inspired by Matthew 23
FS Antemesaris Oct 2016
I once was afar off but now am near
O God, have mercy on me, a sinner
My vision, once blurry, is now so clear
Through thy son I am proclaimed a winner

Perfection died and bled upon that tree
So that I may one day enter your rest
Perfection died that I may perfect be
Dear Lord, please now hold me close to thy breast

Since all the world will one day go in flame
And one day all will bow before thy Son
I should dare not trust in my own vain fame,
only boasting in Your victory won

O dear Lord, I pray for my enemy
I pray that one day he too will be free
FS Antemesaris Sep 2016
Abreast the Thames river strong,
On which boats form a throng
There is a city known to me.  
A city that's yet to be free.

Pulsing streets, and royal treats
Do the senses overwhelm, But I must entreat:
Who is it, in this city, at the helm?

Is it the people, bright and cordial with which the power reigns?
Or is it the river, majestically flowing, because she never wanes?
Is it he who sits in gaudy parliament seat with subsidized meat?
Or is it the crown who owns every meter and every beat of every poet and every street?
The church? Nay, there are no need for tithes, as the tides, the VAT is high.

The dark beauty rumbles through, not standing, she waves goodbye.
She bellows through London, intrinsically free.
Her Majesty seeks her union with the Sea.

Unbridled by pence and pound,
Thames continues down, down, down.
In London, though quite the town, she flows Eastward bound,
For she will not compete for her rightful crown.
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