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Apr 2020 · 149
Dondaycee Apr 2020
I am not the enemy, I don’t understand;
I can not pretend to be,
Virtues unnoticed like, I am not a trinity,
Soft winds sway misery, and often, in dignity,
They say simply be; extrinsic me,
My tendencies significantly endeavors;
Seeking subjects contrary to blasphemy,
I am odd, even when I tick-tock indigenously,
Im seeing reiterations, as in, what am I eliciting?

Measurements of variables that doesn’t equate;
There is no definite,
Morals and Ethics are not the same;
Conducts of reverence,
Polarity for skeptics, androgyny inherent,
Relative perspectives built from  what is objective; It is the foundations that reap benevolence,
It’s camaraderie; a league, a nation that is element,
Compartmentalizations; references, intelligence,
However, logic is a skill that killed questions when ill intentions rationalized reasonings contrary to evidence based off lack, exemplified through biased notions creating emotions that defends or challenges what is of relevance,

Here I find myself, in inception,
Aboriginal in segments, due to destinations connected;
Pondering on theories of relativity, expressing reflections.
Jun 2019 · 612
Twisted Twist It
Dondaycee Jun 2019
I was just lost in a minute,
Notability told me “finish”,
And all these things, I would trade it for an experience worth commitment,
Neglecting all the love that I’m giving,
Past trauma means you won’t listen,
And all these things are unchangeable; it is a memory cause we lived it,
Unacknowledgement towards a vision,
Reaction only leads to resentment,
And I wish I could go back to life, cause
Your reality got me missing-
Jun 2019 · 135
Dondaycee Jun 2019
I wanted to be a man,
Some idea of something supportive;
Instead, I became assertive;

Father said stretch my hand, and for some reason I advocated my ideology as if it contained some type of importance,

My song is killing her; his-tory chorus,
I apologize for believing in abundance when there is clearly a shortage...

I’ve had thoughts that were heaven sent,
I lost mom to life, nothing is relevant,
I wanted elegance, to express truth to those that were ready to jump; Although I myself was hesitant;
Heaven is this hell I’m living in,
Received the message through intelligence; two realities that were evident,
Something only the psyche and intellect can represent,
This is life, and I’m accepting it,

What is Love... if we are not Respecting appropriation,
Pain and pleasure? Guilty by association,
Why ratify a foundation if communication isn’t a consideration when we’re speaking on things like integration, relations, and revelations?

That logic is ill to me,
That arithmetic; if plugged in...
It means we **** to be,
And actions are assertive if responsive, exerting energy for purpose to ensure that your reality is one that is free,

If we know this, then why is it so hard to be?

Why is so hard breathe; believe...

I want to be a man...

Someone who’s assertive with emotion and receptive with intellect,
I don’t want to be detrimental when beauty dances with the devil and I’m brought into a reality in which I can’t protect,
I want to be one that serves and reflect,
Grow as he humbly respect,
Know as he openly accept,
Hope with faith over indulging in concepts that pertain to the term expect...

I am that, conceived it, conceded, I’ll be it.
Mar 2019 · 146
Me Now
Dondaycee Mar 2019
Where do I exist when voice is missed?
If my touch has faded, am I ever reminisced?

They placed me in time;
So it pained me when wave came,
Money is not mind,
So it pained me when Dave came,
Honey is not mine;
So she played me like Dave’s game...

He so fine, He locked eyes,
He sipped wine till she showed signs;

Are you hurting, are you in pain and looking for pleasure?
Are we flirting, am I insane; drawing illogical measures?

He’s sliding and I’m watching,
Reiteration; This happens often,
I previously said caution the common, but I’d rather endure the pain than watch the green leave before Autumn,
Personal calling, my subconscious when other has fallen, towards bottom to root; to blossom;
My love will heal her and afterwards;
I’m forgotten...

Decisions from the heart can ******* the mind,
Distraught and confused,
A conditioned perspective causing a ripple in time,
It is wise to accept, even if it means the contrary of feeling fine...

If all stay, what is mine,
If all leave, who am I,
If I’m a figment of the imagination, what is life?
If I’m resenting, being rash, impatient,
What is life?
What is purpose if not, suicide?
Why does it feel like my wants are conditions I must neutralize,
In order to experience peace, wisdom, and the truth inside;
Bound by progression,
It was never a thought to move aside,
And even though there are few who arrived,
It is I that replied,

“I love, because I am love...”
Feb 2019 · 144
Dondaycee Feb 2019
Every shred of tear; wipe away,
Pleasure in pain/hideaway,
There’s no need, for we have died before.

Projections erased him, they erased her; there is no me...

May we resurrect in the belief that we are ourself,
May we protect what we hate before we yet again damage our health I speak of poison,

-We see the same picture, the difference is in words,
Be idealistic, be a facet, be a verb;
We never created movies to be seen;
Moving pictures express terms unheard,

It started with love, it transmuted to hate, undisputed we reputed it fate, conceiving idealisms that uprooted from grave; polluted minds but in time we refuted/we changed; forgive, accept, remember, create...

Old cycles were never mistakes,
They were waves of frequencies that propelled us back straight,
Back towards a time in which all are gay.
Feb 2019 · 126
Dondaycee Feb 2019
I was king, I was great, I was different,
I was everything... now I’m something that doesn’t listen,
“I need a future, I need a purpose,”
To insist on a need means it’s the contrary I’m missing,
What is it that prohibits the spirit?
“A limited truth.”

I traded idealism for imagination, idioms, and moments,
I told my last lie and watched the domino fall; past-life points now obsolete, I’m currently projecting atonement,
There are no opponents,
If you’re fighting to belong you’ll die a communist; homeless:

We’ll build extensions of what we’re neglecting,
Project it as an idea or weapon;
Worthy of investment, detrimental in a second,
We’ll emphasize value, although we’ll never own it,
Twist empathize to divide choice,
We’ll sympathize like it defines voice,
Children/Public victimized;
But, he did send his condolences...

Enloa Gay offspring reflected a direction,
Little boy and Fat boy’s catastrophic erections;
***** with forced seeds, liberty gave birth to perception...

Must we congregate after acknowledging an imperfection, or at the sense of a disconnection?

I.e., is there ever a right time to reflect on?
Feb 2019 · 123
Dondaycee Feb 2019
Perish the world, he’s scaring the girl,
She is warm hearted when she grows,
A beauty obsession alludes the thought to attach; beauty’s possession reflects what she already has, it’s clearly neglection serving as an obstacle which it is Optic Optimum, she tends to know...

My love, why do you concern yourself with material and disaster?
Is my existence not enough to excite/evoke an ******* chapter?
I look at you like I look at me;
Heavy hearted tendencies; unintentionally,
Resentment will never see the light of day, it doesn’t exist in me;
Words can not represent me,
I’m neither here nor there, I’m currently/representing a common denominator; a piece of the math that equates to half of a problem that graphs a three dimensional shape expressing light, consciousness; you and me...

I ask time after time,
Can we focus on mind,
Can we be aware of the experience before involuntary actions lead to the terms myself and find;
Moments in which we intelligently convince ourselves we’re contrary to being fine,
Stupidity exposed when we shut our eyes to say we’re blind...

What is life if all leave?
If all stay, what is mine?

Where is the world?
“The women had grew...”
We’ll call it nothing short of paradise; a reflection of something new that has been known that transcended the seeds left behind;
Perish defined...
Feb 2019 · 424
Dondaycee Feb 2019
I want the people knowing they made Day,
If that’s the case; or no case... make another day;
-Hey, I don’t want to turn into Malcolm or Michael;
I just wanna be what I wanna be...
Kovu, Mushu, Samuel; Bruce Lee -pure mind, **** Bill, Ip Man currency;
Me and my friends are under the sea,
Ernie and Bert are on Sesame Street,
They naughty away, displaying heart break; one day they’ll say it’s egregious;
Down here, -whales
-Nobody beat us,
Deprive us from our freeness, or leave us for our weakness,
There’s no place more exquisite, diabolical; omniscient like under the sea...

I just wanna live young, fall hard, talking love; fog season...

Can I be a petitive anomaly?
Can I be condescending pompously?
Can I touch on your skin and examine your eyes like there’s no bound to thee,
Can we slowdown the time to entwine minds and be,
One with our breath before the first drop of sweat electrify our senses to heal and define divine as we activate dormant currents in spine?

You don’t notice me but in time you will,
This connection is bigger than the Wachowski’s “Red Pill”...

Girl you must understand...

I wanna be your man, like Morpheus and Carrie Anne.
Jan 2019 · 138
Depending on Tone
Dondaycee Jan 2019
We care; only when there’s an awareness of an experience,

I’m watching this movie, and even with the abundance of love and terror, the excitement seems to be absent.

I find it cliché that change takes place after the moment is no more.

I find it humiliating that we embrace what we see over what we feel.

I find it unfortunate that I have watched this movie absent of company.

I find bliss in the day that I am liberated from experiencing bodies without a consciousness.

Dec 2018 · 348
Free Merica
Dondaycee Dec 2018
Everyone is stupid.
Everyone is genius.
Observation is judgement.
Assumptions convenient.

I fell inn love with my best friend,
It’s why I decided to extend,
Mind past the thoughts that were programmed,
An extended conscious; suspend,
Consumed psychoactives; transcend,
I seen what’s objective; pre-thoughts were neglected, I can no longer “pretend”,
I will no longer contend,
I can no longer commend;
I can only amend; new perspectives to my ideology using Scientology;
Everything that I express is a biography; I can only, (Ascend),

She got potential… I hope she keep her head up,
He’s preferential... he’s sure to be fed up,
May both be light that serves as something gentle,
Harmonies instrumental.

Sometimes I wish I defined none,
I feel like I’m only defining one,
Can’t picture a time that I’d run,
Can’t picture a time that I was done,

I’m wishing today we’ll choose to breathe,
Remember, forgive, and it’s a week,
Decisions were made in liberty…

I’m wishing for days where we’re free.
Dec 2018 · 513
Dondaycee Dec 2018
I’ve enjoyed luxury to my perceptive peak. I have enjoyed both the humor and seriousness in conceptualized thoughts regarding liberation. I’ve searched for validation in wanting to pursue mutiny. It’s unsettling to think that we consciously as a collective choose not to be aware of the dread that resides in reality. We know of crime, however we do not mutually share an ear to it’s severity. I found and experienced the genius in all whom I have shared the act of conversing with; within that same breath I have discovered that it is our very gift of intelligence that bound us mutually to stupidity as well. Understandable if there’s ignorance. My alarming question is why would we settle or be content with lack residing in systems that are meant for our personal development, and yet take a stand towards each other when the byproduct from the lack is elicited. We indulge in the idealism of what’s right or wrong when it comes to the collectives that resides near or in our personal experiences. That’s understandable. It’s baffling that we may, at times aid or protect the freedoms of men the public eye never see, however the lifestyle of a brother or sister that is considered an neighbor is hardly ever an topic for discussion (neighbors is referring to border lines). I’ve studied our history countless times and what I’ve find are sequences of events that have only divided the people and have never directly affected the power, function, or foundation that resides as the causation of these events. I have yet to find any actual evidence that shows or proves or validate that humans are incapable of being self governing with themselves. In fact I’ve found endless validation that defines the contrary. With this concrete understanding, I find it almost illogical and unreasonable to believe or even entertain the dogma that is circulating from mouth to mouth. This has never been a matters of liberation from a type of system and I’ll admit that I had previously conceived the thought that the problem resided within it’s varied function. I was terribly wrong. This has been a matter of truth. We are only missing the truth; the full truth. It broke my heart when I came to the realization that we haven’t been free for centuries. To no longer believe but know that our species have showed nothing but good and love at it’s best, has activated a light of happiness that will forever burn. With that said, I say In the same breath, it is absolutely terrifying that I have lived my entire life in a society that is the most oppressed throughout the world, and the beautiful innocent people that reside in this place, have absolutely no clue what’s happening in the shadows. I no longer have the strength to argue with anyone. I no longer have the strength to weigh in disappointment or form a judgement of another individual whom is living with complete involuntary action. All I have to give is love; The hatred I have towards myself was/is only because of wishful thinking, for if I ever had the opportunity of conspiring towards the CFR, I would, and I would’ve executed every step even if it meant closing my eyes to fully welcome an infinite dream. I would’ve, just to know that the concept of liberation was for once, actually experienced.
Dec 2018 · 102
The sky Holds Home
Dondaycee Dec 2018
Home resides in a place beyond mind,
My spirit calls and calls,
Bound by the physical, I allude in time,

It’s a stretch to say I’m here or there,
Hopefully I’m somewhere near rather than in between; boundless fear,
This world don’t care,
We won’t share…
What about other creations,
The moon, the ocean;
The water…
The air…

I came here to inspire a reason for us to aspire ourself,
The final hour will reveal health,
Identity; wealth,

Up above the world so high,
Oh how I wish I’d leave with sky…
Dec 2018 · 1.5k
Earth is not my Home
Dondaycee Dec 2018
This is not my home,
Blame narcissism; what I bring to the table is balance and I’m not alluding to table salt,
Credited Shiva when fables taught;
So why am I alone?

To the left are the people I left,
I can even summarize as past,
Their decisions were based off right removing rights,
This is an act of freedom;
Feeling obligated to honor a name,
The illusion is last,
As of right now,
I exist in between,
It’s during the experience, that I wonder…

Sooo, why am I alone?

When I lay eyes on a female, I want her to feel disrespected,
It’s important that a female is aware of her insecurities,
It’s important that she sees the disconnection, impurities, her own reflection,
Buddy want his hotdog wet; thought ejects*,
Natural selection,
Buddy want the Top Dog vest,
I’m baffled, I only guide a confession,
I’m eliciting the potential,
Pushing a resurrection,
Sharing; passing lessons,
Sparking questions,
My love you’re in the box, I want you to be free; Change of perception,
They fed you food for regressions and impressions,
Polarity rings; I’m attracted to the curves, the body’s expression,
That musty smell of oppression/depression,
How could you blame me for wanting to interfere,
I hate MEN; I’m calling progressive…

FLO here,
For lovers only,

Love is what I’ve been giving since birth, and I don’t expect a return,
People show hate; universe translation (twenty years later),
“Tough love”; discerned,

I laugh daily, that is the outcome of pain,
Me wearing colors was the outcome of being plain,
I made a choice; no longer was the same,
I can honestly relate to Jane,
Feminism is misconceived these days; point was a healthy balance of both carries no shame,
It’s unknown, separate from the game,
Adiyogi Shiva; Transcendental if omming the name…

I always wonder if I’m narcissistic; I love people unconditionally, there’s no reason why I should ever feel alone.
Dondaycee Dec 2018
If I pick any archetype to validate my purpose; yes, I soon grow tired of teaching. However I’d like to think that I indulge in all therefore nothing ever grows old or become unenjoyable.
If you rid yourself free from labels, you are then signing up to be all. If you are all, people will choose your archetype. So if you essentially want to create change through love, all you have to do is express love, and whatever a person perceives your love as being for them is the role you temporarily play.
If it is wisdom someone is seeking, you’ll naturally give it.
If it is laughter, you’ll naturally give it.
If it is guidance, you’ll naturally give it.
It is when you try to become a role that you struggle to be efficient with communicating, simply because the conversation is lacking balance thus lacking a mutual understanding thus becoming a one sided conversation.
Remember there’s never a point to be made, however there is always a point existing just long enough for us become aware it.
Nov 2018 · 1.4k
Dondaycee Nov 2018
You love hearing.
You love seeing.
You love smelling.
You love feeling.
You even love the taste of life,
Bold statements arise: pentagon built pyramids; hexagram built light…

I’m speaking subtlety’s; the space between five and six,
Like that star David from CSI;
Eleven mirror, twelve depicts,

If they’re in prison, it was because of common sense,
If you’re successful, universe says you were dependent on the sixth…

We’ll acknowledge foundations as Gravity, Although they reflect;
Time as tragedy,
Too low to connect;
Space to one; a division within;
I’m thinking maybe this trinity could project a web,

Gravity is the outcome of manifestations existing;
Creativity transmuting energy that’s coexisting in a space in which polarities consisting,
Space is the frame that’s assisting;
A geometrical web full of light that infinitely splits simultaneously while it’s energy is shifting,
Time is the perception of distance between manifestations, it’s the same as predicting,
It doesn’t exist until it exists,
That’s a matter of apathetic wishing,

“He’s an oxymoron…”

We fear the unusual,
But we can’t possibly be normal,
That’s actually abnormal,
When we conform to others idealism, our realities become harmful,

Earlier I advocated that space is full,
If you’re pushing space in your own gravity, displacement will leave your mind full; time-poor,

Love yourself, because you love your five senses,
No need for senseless for it is why we sense-less before more,
That doesn’t mean closed door,
It means your time is poor;
How can you be of wealth if you’re missing idealism,
In such a situation you’re obligated to war;
Be informed, be young, belong life,
Disconform, keep ***** on your side,
Obliterate, reiterate, polarize,

You must know thyself before you know the sky.
Nov 2018 · 664
I Am That, I Am
Dondaycee Nov 2018
Imagine if any thing could bother me,
My mind would probably bloom,
If it elicits what’s inside of me; an elephants in the room,
And I can go run but if I run,
What’s under the nose concisely loops,
If I am that, then I accept,
Because it is eye whom conceptions the mood,

I can be simple if need be,
Like life; everything needs me,
Everything is me,
If I’m connected to all,
How could I ever miss me?
Don’t be silly… Wabbit,
Everything I see, I admire,
You are beyond love; if an experience with you is desired…
If it’s the moment that brings a high; dark days made us tired, our ways made the fires, and mind waves made us lighter,

I.e. if I am what bothers me,
Acceptance is how I bloom,
I find myself, what becomes evident; I’m not my current mood,
Now there’s no longer a problem in the room,
If I expressed an idiom; balance says loop,
The law of attraction and Polar Motion defines a Polarity Dispute,
This is why I advocate taking a different angle; paradox because there isn’t a difference between obtuse and acute,
If measuring for a comparison, intelligence defines a fool,
There’s no separation if it’s geometric shape expresses glue,
For what you see is truly one… until a question arises; “What Is two?”
Nov 2018 · 108
Elegant Advocate
Dondaycee Nov 2018
I speak on conscious thoughts, not consciousness,
Because life was hard knock; now common sense,

I speak on love because its understanding was something I sought,
This information came easy to me,
Over time it became apparent as to what reality would be if the state of now was commonly perceived,

I love you, you loved me,
Your understanding of time created separation,
I see me, you see me,
This space is defined by our declaration,
When I accept, the cause is respect,
So this affect is without hesitation,
Your legislation leads to interrogation; your moral implementations is the cause of devastation,
Eradication defines identification if obligations exist in observation;
If there’s fragmentation within the foundation, the revelation is far from liberation,
I’m saying, if one is all and it is all you see,
What’s perceived is constituted by classification,
Because it’s the only way we can correlate comprehension and what is experienced throughout the human civilization,
This is why we have generations and translation,
We are all experiencing the same thing,
However our education on what is, is hindering our flow of communication;
We’re reading the same book, on different pages, and expressing information in one sided conversations,
This is the explanation in why interpretations are resulting in situations with more confrontation than consideration,
It is acceptance; appreciation that gives us salvation, not justification,
It is what leads us to cultivation and congregation,
I do not speak of propagation, I speak of cooperation,
If there’s optimization in socialization,
It’s inevitable that this cause result in a happy nation,


This time will come,
Until then I’ll remain over here,
I can not indulge in the contamination of fear,

Friends disconnected,
Reality says we drift paths,
Life so fast, so furious,
Hoping I don’t miss that,
There’s two options daily,
Equations making zigzags,
Hallux playing ticktack,
Ballots; playing witchcraft,
If I’m shooting for life, Kit-Kat won’t bring me a second if my weapon got a kickback,
To dads too furious; I’m thinking which half?
Full of anger or full of energy?
Is the outcome an act of violence or intensity?
Children are the byproduct of our unconscious thoughts and actions,
We speak of density to serenity;
It’s the backspin of choice that equated to offspring seeking the experience of amenity,
We see enemies and search for entities,
When will we see identity in search of remedies, after asking the question;
“How do I discover the inner me?”

My home was this world,
As a kid I felt invited,
Bodies around me aged and became divided,
Mental wars do to external environments,
I see the selling of souls like,
Individuality must go; do to inherited obligations the trading of an expression became a requirement,
If this is the only manuscript on living; I ain’t buying it,
Call me defiant man, I personally don’t share desire in expression confinement,

I live life according to my design;
I live life supporting those who are consciously seeking alignment,
I live life exporting the distortions accumulated through time, cause be of time spent ,
I live life rewarding my mind,
That’s excitement,
I am an advocate; I speak of conscious thoughts,
Call it enlightenment.
Nov 2018 · 89
Dondaycee Nov 2018
Yesterday we were born,
We learned life by the day,
Tomorrow; started school... then we learned about slaves,
Became advocates for freedom; though freedom is paid,

Still a thought hasn’t decayed yet;
“Parents taught me words;
School taught me what to say next,”
What is safe,
This arrangement’s enslavement?

It’s been eighteen years; eighteen years and yet… James only know fear,
They were thinking he’s still young being a kid; thoughts hid, he’s resisting career,
Parents don’t understand, so he’s turning to peers,
He want a dad, they want a dab,
He took a hit; now he’s taking tabs,
It took eighteen years for him to have the freedom to experience the moment,
After losing his identity, he’ll spend the rest of his life trying to get it back…

Emma turned twenty one, the past is old news,
She’s going out every weekend and leaving with someone new,
Her body’s a gift, her mind was dismissed,
Emotions the battle she’s going through,
She told him to stay, she’d serve for life if it were possible,
She wasn’t aware; by throwing away the past, she transmuted it into another obstacle,
“Stay with me”, I’m speaking Trinity’s Particle,
That’s chronological with biological equating to psychological,
I.E. theological and philosophical defining pathological,
Daddy beating mama isn’t necessarily optimal nor optional if the variables that equate to this reality being probable is the affect from the cause being involuntarily adoptable simply because comprehending life without it is illogical,
However possibly logical if,
She confronted the past;
Relations will never last if it is the trauma that is elicited whenever the moment brings a gentle laugh,

This is general math,
Life starts and ends with Mom & Dad,

Understand the gravity of a byproduct,
It’s the affect from a thought construct,
Coincidences and serendipitous; fault conducts,
Meaning we free willingly; Not to be confused with unwillingly, brought these ideas to us,
That’s a concept or mental impression,
If you know archetypes, you know that this is the start of a disconnection,
Believe you’re a lover, a rebel, an explorer, a regular, etc…
At the end of the day you’ll circle back around and reach the mutual conclusion that that conceived belief was nothing more nor short than a misconception,

Sense the direction, avoid the projection,
Use your imagination,
Cognition knows lesson,

Yesterday belongs to slaved,
Tomorrow we gave away,
The moment now became today,
Because today was experienced by thoughts that came from graved…

They say it’s evil to live backwards,
That would make the byproduct hell,
My question is what happens if we live in the now?
As of now that space is out of time; that’s out of society’s mind,
Logic says if it is unknown, it’s impossible to fail…
Well... if that is the case…
Who wants to leave jail?
Oct 2018 · 875
Dondaycee Oct 2018
If you’re anything like me I know you to have grown past the stage of looking and seeking information externally. As beautiful as we all are, it’s ideal that we want any instant change. With liberation also comes the removal of obligations; if one is not yet ready to let go of all in order to experience all, what you seek is not liberation but peace. Free will is then a blessing, because peace is something that occurs internal rather than external; it is the coexistence of both that equates to eternal. I understand that what I experience is simply the outcome of liberation. I experienced many different styles of perceiving life, I even indulged in the idea of other species interacting with humans on a “subconscious” level. None of these things answered any of my questions, in a positive essential way it made me feel if more; trapped. I don’t think it was the journey that liberated me; I credit the opportunities of viewing myself without judgement as the cause of this current experience. This realization brought anger, because I felt foolish. Studying what other people have experienced only exploited the fact that I experienced the same thing, and it’s very silly to me that the choice of words is what credits our opinions as being valid/relevant. This realization also brought an abundance of laughter; after taking into consideration that we all know the same thing and the only difference is our health, it becomes humorous that we see ourselves as individuals when our very thoughts are thoughts that are entangled not only throughout our species but all of the living; internal and external. After seeing both sides of the table, it’s clear that the only thing that can possibly be unique and individual is our expression; it is life itself that shows us that our expressions is what we identify as eternal (the soul). I no longer can find myself infatuated with the results of what we are to become as a species, simply because we already are. The only thing time has shown me is a space in which we call history; man kind remembering themselves through documentation. There’s an obvious direct correlation between consciously evolving and Life & Death (Rebirth). After realizing that all languages and lifestyles are the same, we are now blessed to begin our experience as a collective towards one; the language of emotions/expression/music/Art. With this understanding, we move out of a time in which we conflict with validating other peoples expressions, and into a time where all expressions are valid because there’s no longer a need to be conditioned. Unconditional love is liberation to me, because you longer have to justify why you accept something; without bedevilment we have the freedom to experience anything. When living unconditioned, there’s no more resistance from the reality of being unlimited. With this knowing, I find myself more curious and fascinated with always trying new things, because that’s what history did and that brought this experience. It’s what other species have done which equated to what they have currently become. If this is the case, what we think is something we may value; however it is ideal to express what we feel rather than what we think. Thinking has only showed us that it itself is the reoccurrence of a thought; insanity can not create an experience filled with joy and happiness if joy and happiness is the outcome of a spontaneous occurrence.
Dondaycee Oct 2018
I’m a new kid,
I have a new name.
A new game?
I’m; here…
I can’t reMember My Old name-
-I’m… Here…

Why do adults live with separation?
I mean; people don’t communicate,
“Consuming assumptions so you can hate”,
But know it is only the variables that are even exchangeable when reaching solutions in mind,
Peep thee illusions of time,
If we live in the moments, it’s fine-
Until we come across a choice and we’re absent from our voice,
It’s the voices we’re fed that sides;
(“be humble”)
(“sit down”)
Now breathe…
The dreams I’m having, reiterated “I” in past;
But yet, I’m here,
Right now, my last thought is the last, last,
Cause says be; clear,
On my intentions,
I want love and affection,
That’s why I put myself sec (secondary) and,
Call me Reese Bobby;
In a world of duality,
“If you ain’t first-”
-You’re definitely not second,

What is transgression?
-If we were made to be,
Why does the resurrection of thy self only exist in make belief?
How can I indulge and embrace realities that weren’t made for me?
Especially when I was giving my own, it seems foolish to trade my ability to see,

I experienced her;
It’s a blessing, how she’d hold me tight,
I experienced him,
I never questioned who he was, inside,
I never fight… unless it’s by side,
It is beside, I fought with them; I speak of internal conflict,
Control accomplished,
The ego beyond it; we realize it’s the experience that takes us to a place in time, I speak of a space in a line that curves on a geometric plane that consists of circles intertwined that is often perceived as the fabrics of the universe but to save us the stretch of time, we see that it is the experience that defines life,
So who am I?
That question’s redundant,
It is all that resides in me;
I.e. abundance,
It is because of everyone in my reality, that I was able to see the cohesion, and it is because of that reason that I experience oneness,
I’m simply done with,
Using other people’s beliefs to constitute how I interact,
Because their realities are incompatible with what I essentially, intend to attract,
Certain interactions can remain abstract,
I can no longer take opinions on thoughts, if I’m the only one experiencing thoughts;
Your imagination shouldn’t be programed to be comprehensive with the past- extract,
There’s no math in that,
You’re just rearranging the variables, there’s no flow towards the conclusion;
Perspectives placed in fact,
And although this realization can be an impact,
We’d only turn our focus into a debate on what you did lack rather than embracing the thoughts that occurred that would only exploit one thing,
The solutions to the equations that you did have,
As the creators of our realities,
If it is problematic, the writer of the problem encodes an Easter egg that exploits how it is; it was you who did it,
How can we enjoy new thoughts, if they are the old thoughts?
We revisit.
It’s impossible to allude in digits if it is one we elicit…

People love my personality; they obviously love themselves,
Seeing myself in them is why I became an advocate for the conscious body of thought...and it’s health,
I.e. I express our extrinsic abundance of wealth;
I’ll reiterate; I.a. free man,
That’s: free thought, free love, free plan,
I’ll obliterate the mean-in; AI by using IA,
U-no reverse cards was the cause of humans comprehending backwards my friend,
We live backwards because we look back first,
So I’m confused on the AI fuss,
If an Artificial Intelligence is constructed based off our current level of intelligence, and is only responsive to our negligence because of the installment of IA (information architecture), then there’s no possible way for this room to have an elephant being that an AI is just an extension of us,

Who do you love?
-Is it enough?
-curious in, experiencing experiences other than lust…

I’m hearing some things,
“Who do I touch?”
Rhetorical questions; my love is a gift which seeded from trust,
I’m not one of them, I’m one of us,
One of a kind yet mind; innumerous,

I was born and knew nothing,
Only sure of my existence,
I experienced life and only found myself,
Time is only distorted when mind is missing,
Be mindful of your thoughts, it is the structure of your personality,
We just went through seven chakras expressing rationality;
I think we all can agree that T-B.O.P’s in another dimension,
And all she wants is for us to merge into our bodies potential extension...
Sep 2018 · 3.7k
Jedi-Flip; Crashed
Dondaycee Sep 2018
I don’t know if 1 +1 = 2,
If I had to count I’d point at you and you,
I don’t know how to subtract one but if one person leaves I’d be pointing at the one I didn’t lose,
I don’t know how to learn from a book,
I thought knowledge was attained through experience;
How did that turn into labeling kids with disorders; as if the archetypes that are non linear were mysterious,
We call our kids special,
Treat them different,
As if that type of nurturement were helpful;
Baffled, because these types of accusations exploit a misunderstanding that’s serious,
He learned about friendship through Toy Story,
He learned about friendship through war stories,
His imagination gave life to toys; they created the picture after that,
His application made a child a boy; a missing picture was aftermath,
He promised to never forget the love he gave before moving,
He had an obligation to forget the meaning of love before duty,
Friendship was movie,
Friendship was duty,
We may learn different; but are we truly?

We used to take these things slow,
We was too young, we used bowls,
Blunts only came with the shows,
High only came without goals,
Now I don’t even have bros,
And this was the life that I chose,
Love was up under the nose,
Had to let go, I couldn’t show,
Experiences hurt me the most,
What is a home, I am alone,
Finding my life in a post,
It’s cutting close…

Eyes closed; I feel uncomfortable in the physical,
**** me please; I find normal in the mystical,
I don’t mean to be dark but its the psychedelics that make life livable;
Jedi flipping with acid and molly,
The fungi was just a treat,
Confronting thoughts nowadays because earlier we didn’t meet,
Something went wrong; I.e. unbalanced,
Destiny discrete; to meet was an unbound chance,
And I couldn’t time it,
Now every word spoken is a time I didn’t speak,
I try to stretch my mind to find the other reality,
The gravity of this situation is projecting real without me;
Whatever happened to Chinese philosophy,
The time in which I was I and death was life and opportunity expressed divine in a time frame where we were destined to be...

Color me your color baby,
I know where you are,
Cover me your love is fading,
We shouldn’t have been too far,

I’m not happy with the results,
Ignorance is the reason I accept it,
Nothing’s expected, but I’m praying that I eject the next second,
I can only be respected after neglection,
I’m better off expressing a resurrection,
Left too early and life says it’s right,
Lead loaded caskets; well I’ll continue to write,
Left hand can be now, tomorrow’s my right,
Happy nation, living in a happy nation,
“where the people understand andd dream of perfect man”;
Where’s my patience; I’m living in a happy nation,
We the people understand andd dream a perfect plan,
And I keep waiting for being to become our way in…

I want to be quiet, this is a crash,
I’m lacking nutrients; that’s my validation on why I’m thinking bad,
I’m thinking pessimistic; “She’s the best I nevver hadd” or “I swear I’m always thinking sad”,
This is the illusion, and I ain’t alluding,
I never picked a side my friend.

I took a breath to channel my inner jedi,
Lili was a witness, however she’d  disagree,
I told her , “we are god”; she had a different belief,
I stopped that ****, the fun guy was keeping me head high; I told her I accepted her the moment she accepted me,
There was a sudden relief,
I was expressing a lesson and received a blessing in the form of treat,
Now I am stuck in disbelief,
Because I literally experienced my mind and became a Jedi,
Existence itself only validated one thing, and that is the existence of me.
Sep 2018 · 3.6k
Would you be me?
Dondaycee Sep 2018
Could you be me?
When disrespected, I respect,
They disconnected and in that second; thoughts as weapon I prayed to protect,
Intoxicated she threw her body,
I obviously avoided ***,
She felt ashamed and I was blamed,
Blocked after I sent support through a text,
He took from pockets, he said he didn’t,
His lie became reality; I could not assume, I had no proof, my thoughts as balloons, his words expressed became correct,

Would you be me?
Easily crucified if their day is out of alignment,
I extended hand to unify,
Words were twisted with a tool called ignorance,
I lovingly spoke myself into confinement,
Often envied, I tell them they’re perfect,
They flip it and react with violence,
I surrender my position to stand,
Suddenly there’s silence…
Kindness vibrancy,  my vibration’s vibrant,
Client climate; dependence assignment,
They united because of fear and punished me for not reacting, acting as the victims, I was labeled defiant,
Truth meant nothing in that environment because obedience was a requirement; injustice justified a victory, and that itself was excitement,
I walk the same path as their teacher Jesus,
“Daycee you’re lying!”
It’s easier to use sympathy for something you do not understand rather than empathy,
When you open the door of truth it becomes suicide to deny it,

Could you be you?
They’ll say you lost yourself when you find yourself,
They’ll call you selfish when you mind your health,
Say hurtful things to get you off track when your being is well,
You’ll endure their pain when you see that the game we play isn’t hell, but jail,
You’ll go insane when you become sane; after realizing there’s never a time in life when you actually fail,

Would you be you?
Even if it meant being attacked,
Could you take the blows and transmute them into a reaction that allows the initiator to relax,
Could you if it meant accepting all as one?
Could you deal with the hate that’ll come after separating yourself from being Hispanic, White, or Black,
Would you be you if it meant starting a journey into solitude temporarily, and after you’ve started if you chose not to finish, there is were you’ll remain because the only way out is forward after giving up the habit of looking back?

It isn’t easy being human, we dug a hole and forgot the word stop,
All we wanted was to experience life,
We buried ourselves and now wonder what the perspective is like on top,
If we’re in too deep, no one can see,
It seems as though it is memory that builds the ancestor tree; communication is seed; united is crop,
If this is the case, is it not evident that being ourselves in this lifetime is our only job?

At times I wonder... Would you be you?
Aug 2018 · 6.1k
Dondaycee Aug 2018
I want to give love like I’m leading the Queen,
I want to feel hugs; photosynthesis, aura green,
I have to hideaway to three K’s,
Kyi is a kid that shuffles when he discovers key,
He is me; youth be re- I’ll let; tea… (*sip),

I’m so I’m so gene; us,
I only show frustration when we as a species let perceptions get in between us,
As if what we expressed daily was heterogeneous,
No need for mean mugs,
Mugshots when fetus,
Jesus is needless if we see our reflection as phoenix,
I’m not saying his teachings were meaningless but they mean less if it is hindering your freeness,
That type of convenience is something we need less,

My intentions are not to provoke but invoke our potential,
I’m not Pro in anything although I’m in everything,
I voke to our attention what I believe is essential,
Call it an expression of the ego, because it’s preferential,
If defined by actions, the ego is detrimental,
If defined by conscious; choice, that’s voluntary over involuntary,
Enjoy, we would; the state of being aware of thoughts that were brought by patterns that are the most influential,

I don’t want to be a resident in a place with a president,
Take offense, you may,
If I can’t speak a wave; transmute the word thought into the word say,
I give away my name because my expression’s never hesitant,
If that was the case, I wouldn’t be relevant,
Arrogance; my ego will second this,

To live and die in the A, because that A word is two cops before,
A kid claiming **** life at core,
Interpretation; fearless to explore,
But a perception created a door,
Honoring the fathers of four, his body hit the floor,
Questions arising; were the intentions backed by this illusion of war?
Discrimination? Advanced payments? The separation between the rich and poor?
Or, was this an obligation to bigotry, a resistance to change because the fear brings about the unknown?
“What if they evened the score?”
The question I’m asking is who’s suffering more,
Those that ascend because of freedom, or those who are reacting because they closed a door?

Tore, I am, because I can not condition this heart,
I can not serve all if all are torn apart,
We sung together as one, divided we fall,
The Beetles said come; coincided free fall,

United default, America was pre thought,
The idea would’ve worked if we brought, our understanding to one before we fought,
Liberty; she walked,
The people; we watched,
Identity; we lost,
A “VICTORY”; we thought,
History distort because his story, we taught,
Now distraught; resorting to love, because it’s the only thing that remained in gene as default…
Aug 2018 · 148
Nova Gaia
Dondaycee Aug 2018
Things that are impossible are extremely fun and rewarding, just as long as there is an unknown possibility. If you are to discover such a thing, you inevitability just created freedom for the rest. Its our duty to inform the rest of this way. If expressed, others will only create more paths. Is it not now obvious how it is communication that create the roots, that waters the seed of who we are in order for the tree of love to grow. This will forever be known as the tree of life. Ancestors called this Garden of Eden. We will call it Nova Gaia.
Aug 2018 · 215
Dondaycee Aug 2018
I can show you, if you let me,
Defined as grower, if you left me,
Let’s start the journey, Shiva is protecting me,
Easter eggs; remember lead, you’re never dead, We never die, write your life now because later’s for exit scenes,
This is simply a right hand stretch,
Being present is how we discover what’s next,
What does it mean to invest?
Join me if love is your currency and uncertainty is a mentality because  neutrality certainly equates to a lifetime experience of being bless
Aug 2018 · 168
A Quantum Death
Dondaycee Aug 2018
Thought of the night:

“I left the past because the future wasn’t right; I moved into the now and now I see by existing with what is, what isn’t is a condition that can not be.”

It isn’t wrong, its simply the aftermath of a thought rather than the thought. Zero being the very frame that one occupies, The sequence equating to eight spaces followed by reiterations is no longer a constitution. If there’s no mutual eyesight, what stands before you is not a wave but a blurred line; flatlined.
Aug 2018 · 4.0k
Dondaycee Aug 2018
There are many definitions of pride,
All in which, are perceived from a side,
Notable opinions indeed when we’re addressing the dogma that arise when mind project words that express one; wise,
However, it’s all contrary to me,
Pride isn’t something relating belief,
It can’t be put aside if it’s beyond side; choice/time,
Egoist defined when declined, rejoice inclined,
I can’t respond to a situation,
There’s no resolution when living unconditional and uncertain,
I am beyond interpretation,
I do not allude in illusions and wonder why they’re certain,
Abracadabra Hocus-Pocus...
Omm, “This State Farm jingle isn’t workin,”
AHP; “Magic”; Ouroboros,
Analytical Hierarchy Perspective on Serpent,
“They have power; They influence the course of events with supernatural forces”
That’s Magic?
The law of attraction; influencing life with thoughts; Quantum Mechanics, Force is,
Say “attract it,”
Demographics defining diplomatic, power be to the tree that’s aristocratic,
Problematic if geographic determines what’s democratic,
Tragic when ethnography constitutes what’s archetypal and habitual;
A classic ritual opposite of obsolete; of course bigotries automatic,
Bring back the art of holographic,
I’m leaning back like Crack if it’s dogmatic,
I do not understand how we understand species before intelligent and acknowledge intelligence like we never had it,
As if dyslexia was a natural condition; as if this ability was somehow previously hidden so with awareness became magic,
Freedom of speech,
“But I don’t like your words, sir”
Freedom to be,
“Those are not the clothes I prefer, sir”
Being discrete,
“He’s not in my position, he must concur”
Oh, What is believed?
They’re obligated to assumptions, so they infer most-
Too much pride will **** a man,
By picking a side he’ll lose a hand,
If using his pride he’s sure to win,
If losing his mind; insane a friend,
Clueless of time; he’ll never die,
Til P take a Ride, and replace his pride with another man’s.
Jul 2018 · 5.0k
But if I never Made it;
Dondaycee Jul 2018
After I graduated, I thought about two things,
I’m certified, I am now apart of “the people”,
All I have to do is make a choice and I’ll find success,
Gave it my best, “no test?”; I had to teach,
No stress, I had to be,
The O next to the V,
The ego; “which is me”
V+V=4, it’s a six thing; you know love without the zeas,
But with the zeal; well; Overcoming Variables was never a test,
-Or a problem; I speak geometry, I took 2D, made it 3D, and that was simultaneously; how could I not be the best…
(What is a, reiteration?)
Two lovers, Zodiac signs,
Balanced is equivalent to love,
Be here, focus on now,
Now look up the meaning of dove…
If you think linear, you saw the O next to the V,
If you think like me, you saw the six steps in between,
I had to put my ego beside me or else I couldn’t teach,
That only happened because I met a woman who was a reflection of me,
It literally was a zodiac thing, that type of thing sparked protection with/in me;
There’s no uncertainty in my reality; I’m certainly certain,
I don’t see nature Changing,
I see people Loopin,
“Why” the (people) Shooting;
Their mind: This isn’t Workin;
Knowing for a fact; the solution occurs during the attempt; in working,
(Cliff Swallow); People Symbolism;
Outcome, United is; if chirping…
Well… I’m just saying (it) worked,
Because I no longer have belief; I’m a knower,
I mastered Mind, no need to grow up,
Please don’t say –“show us the-”-because the waves not for us,
If for is four, I’m removing it; not us;
Notice; Not Only That, Us…
It’s time to meditate,
Breathe and wait;
Losing all my words; like I had no say,
I’ve been a wave cause I flow with waaaves,
Change is who I am… I’ll reiterate;
By 7th grade,
I was late,
Happiness was mad; I had to elevate,
When I graduate (-ed),
Thought: “I couldn’t make “it””
Happiness was sad; that’s why I elevated,
Didn’t have a voice; that’s why I hesitated,
Now I have no voice because I -
Jul 2018 · 11.5k
Dondaycee Jul 2018
I once heard of name,
Am I death?
Because I never heard of it twice,
I never played the game,
I left it to the rest,
I don’t think it’s right that even the dead lose their life,
What is a legacy, if summarized,
Where’s the integrity if gun aside,
Hearing the melodies of summer nights,
Hennessey and jealousy mixing; some will die,
Memory was therapy, now it is Cherokee,
Longevity became cellularity, no longer a friend to prosperity because the scars attached reiterated a son cry,
This all started with a name,
If I’m escaping parliament, how is it logical to feel obligated to my last?
I tried to explain this to my class,
But I wasn’t named “teacher”,
Instead; a preacher,
And I Practiced what I expressed so that part of me; in the past,
Pardon me for showing class,
I did it because of past,
They taught me to see trash,
I taught me to see the math,
They measured success with material, to validate time,
I expressed choice, I measured it by what constituted the spiritual to validate mind,
These structures are constituted by thoughts that no longer serves a purpose,
With all this baggage, it’s inevitable to replace our self,
I feel innovative because I express what we forgot, they act like they never heard of this,
All this action and acting… it’s inevitable to mistake ourselves, un-appreciate, and deviate to a state in which we hate our self,
Personally speaking, I don’t take advice from people less successful to me,
Your thoughts aren’t medicinal if the archetypes that are habitual aren’t transmuting from distressful to a state in which you are happy to be,
That advice just isn’t attractive to me,
It’s more like I’m back tracking to find the root cause of what’s blinding your perception so that I can heal your expression by removing the thought of neglection and oppression so that you are able to think free,
And I don’t mind…
In the process, I’m judged and crucified,
I’ll reiterate; my intentions are to love and unify,
We’re stagnant because of choice,
If there’s silence in the voice, I throw a nudge to refine, that’s freedom for define, I’m bringing the awareness of choice so that it’s possible to decide on what we personally do with life,
I was stabbed in the back and forgave that,
I was stabbed again and almost resorted to my decision making tactics from way back,
Then came another stabbing that had me lying on the floor,
I got up, but couldn’t find my way back,
Then came a love, she needed an eye,
She took that and saw her way out, I let her go,
Leaning on a wall, I bumped into another,
I gave her my other because she’s a passenger; hetero,
Love comes in trinities; currently dependent on sound,
It was all I had to give; then debt arose,
The next love that came just wanted to hear her name,
I chanted Satchitanada, and that became a death note,
In trials and tribulations I resorted to love and nurturement,
I call this an understanding,
I created this path, there was no one to follow in this century,
If you can’t comprehend that then there’s no possible way for you to understand me,
I never had a plan B, I was dependent on faith,
Independent from wave, I road the waves,
I had to experience what others had experienced, and had to remember myself along the way if I ever wanted to see some type of change,
I played the game and had to retain the focus of me, when I attained the focus to see, all this weight pilling, I was losing my ability to breathe; I was getting hostile,  frustrated, thinking about choosing to lose my ability to breathe,
And it’s because I solidified the W to attract enough attention to reiterate me, if I died I’d be apart of the past with the others; they’d appreciate me, saying my name, expressing a memory lane that would bring change the moment you speak…my name and that’s change,
My arrogance seeks credit, convincing ourselves that we’re victims is easy to me,  
It was difficult for me to exist in this world,
That’s why I decided to live,
That’s how I kept my lid,
That’s why I continue to give,
If I’m bringing truth and love, then this awareness becomes easy to see,
I don’t care about no dollar *****,
I don’t care about your opinions on Donald Trump and Obama; Mister,
I care about our species and our galaxies picture,
I care about the success in reaching the state of nirvana and the help from seven sister’s ,
The Pleiades,
Believe in me,
I heard of a name once,
Does this make me dead?
If so, then my rebirth was captured in everything you just read…
Notice the name.
Jun 2018 · 714
Dondaycee Jun 2018
Why do I have a name?
Why do I feel ashamed?
My skin is darker; kind of black,
I could play the “Why” game and watch the results change into an X looking back,
That’s darker; X squared is smarter than that,
Only with a Y does he search for a trinity in a period for unity, and equate to form,
Yes, I know, I’m speaking as if this information is the norm,
I’ll break it down,
Why do I have a name? I feel obligated to last,
I’m bound by blood; big tree, big three, red ***,
Why do I feel ashamed? Discombobulated because of the past,
Cause be: past,
Effect be: last, because my first name took me away from my last,
The irony in me losing my identity and stumbling across DNA so that I could explain how me having red skin was apart of the past,
They asked for my name,
I did not answer,
I do not approve,
They tried to label me: Insane,
I did not attack,
I do not ask; this is my mood,
I do not apply the perception if intuition reply; “data not available”,
That means it does not enter the conception if the logic wasn’t of relevance,
Hesitant, if the manifestations replaceable,
My skin is darker, black,
I was embarrassed to inherit this,
My skin is darker, fact,
Merit in gene pool looping with heritage,
American, as a liability,
Arrogance, it’s sensibility,
Aye Merica, cannabis keeping lies from billy,
Narrowness with the third eye, his sense ability,
Now I could ask why for anything,
And I’ll find the answers when I look back,
Now if I lived in the moment, I would have known everything , I too smart to ever think of sticking to these structures in order to scratch my back,
And if my ego is itching, it’s time for a backpack,
Curiosity; wondering why, had to backtrack,
In third period, he saw her,
Told her back that,
They became one, had a child, another tax bag,
Stability was hard, he spent money,
It didn’t come back,
He cried for God, he was hungry for help; received a PI; this is abstract,
With H in the middle, Phi transitioned circles into spirals, indeed he snapped back,
New lid, imagine looking up and seeing green; snapback,
Did you catch that, how the man’s breakthrough was philosophy,
A philanthropist using philharmonics to express the three in blackjack,
Why play games when we know the outcome?
Like working and supporting economics,
But we all know this experience is not fun,
You’re nobody if you’re not one,
Tried solitude but it’s hard to be spiritual if you’re not one,
Afraid of a breakthrough, so he pulled the trigga,
All that pain because he was just another *****,
Trying on advance shoes won’t make him no quicker,
I’ll be ****** if he lose, we gotta fill the picture,
I’ll be ****** if we lose, we gotta feel the pictures,
Express yourself, invest in health,
We gotta divert from all these written scriptures,
We gotta desert when we see the liquor,
We got a dessert when we see the mixture,
How it’s thicker than DNA, DMT, and Trinity together,
If I relocate promise me you’ll remember me forever,
I went from X and X to X and Y a linear measure,
This androgynous way of perceiving, is how we as a species all come together,
Acceptance is dark and I had a head start,
That’s archetypal for a breakthrough,
Because I’m convinced; I’ve conceived the belief that choice is what makes you,
Choice is what make you,
Choice is what made you,
Understanding choice is the breakthrough.
Jun 2018 · 331
Aboriginal Daytime
Dondaycee Jun 2018
Aboriginal Daytime
I never understood labels… fear as well,
It all appeared as fables and if it were true I’d choose hell,
…******, why do we fall victim to a linear language?
See, look, you already; -******; Kyi!,
It’s your turn to spell,
“Day is frustrated because of the word fables,
Because of how you conceive it, based off labels,
You take it as a “fictitious tale”,
Fictitious meaning imaginary, fabricated, or not real,
Most people are insecure, they have fear,
If earth is heaven, then this is hell,
Because he knows truth,
He’d rather experience pain than have the wisdom from terms like impossible or fail”
Kyi you’re always creating ignorance, give them validation,
“Day… did you forget that “we” experienced a graduation?
That’s rhetorical though… just a little medication,
Day finds it necessary that we turn our attention back towards the word fable,
Understand that; he doesn’t understand labels,
So when he used the word fable, his intentions were stable,
But humans think linear, from past to present, so his perspective was inable,
He meant; a short story with animals as characters conveying a moral-“
-We are victims who enabled ourselves to disable our ability to enable,
Who enabled our self; to give an authority to ourselves, one that disables; to turn off our ability to enable; to be aware of choice?
If we can’t see, we can’t look ahead,
Therefore the paradox is voice,
Because it’s an illusion,
The illusion of expressing your choice,
Because truth is, you already have,
You just couldn’t see the difference because of labels,
That same difference; existed in fables,
I had to reiterate it because I’m constantly crucified,
I’m misunderstood because I validate reasons to consciously unify,
I wonder if this is what it was like to live when you know who had died,
Because I took a reach and lost a hand like I had to choose a side,
I tried to teach and lost a friend,
Like why couldn’t she be a Bonnie, I would’ve taken a shot; if she cried; and if I died; I’d come back as Clyde hoping she remained divine, because it’s a crime to love when you choose a side; you lose a side,
I fought health, she fought self, I’m talking wealth without suicide,
She became wise and intelligent,
She is light and evidence of what potential is when you abide by it,
I remembered happiness and relevance,
Ignorance and arrogance but I became narcissistic when you arrived; miss…
Missed, you will be,
If, it is Yoda I’m speaking,
Double meaning if its solitude you are seeking,
Because them shots I took earlier backfired, now I’m obviously bleeding,
Looking for air, must repair time; I’m focused; perceiving,
Somehow I went from having a home to habits alone,
The death of me is with the best of me, because the rest of me couldn’t address what’s left of me,
Context clues, it wasn’t safe when eye left; contact in alone,
If I stayed in the past my last laugh would’ve came right after my last,
I had grew, I embraced a new path, I was contacted alone,
Because nobody called, nobody talked,
I was sitting in silence,
Then came Gaia,
She said “acid”, I said “that’s it?”, and every since Ye my existence has been timeless,
I  no longer have white fever,
**** was moving to fast,
My nose was caught up in a white girl and I couldn’t even keep her ***,
I tried to keep her balanced but still she turned green,
Truth is lie and lie is truth, if you couldn’t understand I would’ve defined the mean,
How do you live, is it yin or yang?
With the love or with the fear or are they both the same thing?
Are the polarities chaotic? Are you feeling demotic?
Are you hearing the otic and making it hip?
Are you in this illusion; a state of confusion, because the options you’re choosing ain’t me,
Because the green on the paper, is making me think I hate her, because the ***** that saved us ain’t he,
Females… they want the mind,
But men belong to time,
Both will deny this is true,
Males… Material Mind,
Girl friend’s in a line wanting to take the focus of the fact that life is just you,
She was just used,
He couldn’t choose,
She was confused,
And he was abused,
We decided to live, but she was backwards,
I’m only evil cause I draw back,
Dyslexic lid, she’s was bad words,
There’s a cut off in the dab sword,
Hell low like I’m exiting to enter,
High like I’m existing in picture,
I hope she stay hot, and continue to rise,
It’s a cold world, sinking is wise,
I hope she experience the storms that’ll give her supplies,
I hope she **** me before I ever give Advice Versa,
It’s Aboriginal Daytime; twin flame gon issing as Vice Versa,
****… I wish I heard her.
Dondaycee May 2018
“I can ride my bike with no handlebars,
nooo handlebars, nooo handlebars,
I can ride my bike with no handlebars,
nooo handlebars, nooo handlebars,
Look at me, look at me,
Hands in the air like it’s good to be…”
Alive; I’m a happy Artist because songs like this make me feel so dope,
Because not only can I hit a note,
I speak into existence everything they wrote,
This makes me think of my generation: The
Because we grew up knowing we’re dope how could they possibly expect us, a collective of genius to choke?
I know I sound pessimistic, but I’m equally optimistic,
I dislike the characteristics in materialistic,
Check the statistics, it’s unrealistic,
Emphasize artistic, ambition, or even narcissistic,
Simplicity shouldn’t be complicated, it’s our form of linguistics,
For some reason, imagination is not idealistic,
So those who use the right brain are classified as autistic,
Idiocracy was an illness, it’s why we **** us,
But get this,
They said I can be anything, I picked genius,
That’ll get you killed,
It doesn’t require skill so that career is of inconvenience,
I trusted myself, I discovered the paradox of choice, and taught that,
I took the old philosophy, modernized it along with the understanding of consciousness, and promised honestly when I harnessed it that the knowing would be brought back,
Anyone who’s been following my work would have caught that,
This is potent ambition, I saw an inevitable position,
Where my peers existed; some missin,
I told God: “I understand free will and all, but it’s the reason we’re able to **** at all”
So God blessed me with another vision,
It was an opportunity based on decision,
It was one without the condition of division,
Look man, I give love, I don’t expect anything in return,
I understand respect isn’t something you earn,
You give it because you have it,
It’s not a lesson we learn,
****… I can’t form a linear thought to explain what I’m doing,
I’m just looking for ways to ensure that you win,
I studied the mental and emotional state,
Because we already have answers for the physical,
I extend my hand to heal and they pointed a gun,
Like my philosophy is something political,
“**** me if you must, regardless I’ll still love you”
Two in the chest like it was analytical,
My skin is dark, dogmatic things; it wasn’t the reason,
It’s fear in others; “I’m having a problem breathing”,
Stereotypical became sociopolitical when umbilical became mystical,
I’m talking Roots, trace it back to the tree and you’ll find intelligence,
A time where humans had elegance,
Adam fell and hit his knee,
Eve had left because she thought it was right,
I’m talking Roots, where slaves are black; whom only express negligence,
A time where hell was heaven sent,
Atoms, cells, no harmony,
We thought left like there wasn’t a right,
And these two stories happened at the same **** time,
You gotta understand that this is life,
Because these two stories is why we can’t think right,
The problem isn’t man, it’s with sight, side, sign, light,
This isn’t physical, but you see words,
Assume I am bleeding,
Resume to save me IF I am leaving,
Ignore the mistreating,
Adore the fist beating,
I’ll get to my feet and walk one day,
Maybe not, walk away,
But I’ll have just enough energy to talk one way,
One word before grave,
“Some nerve of em aye?”
Because I can say “Love” before I drop and decay,
And they’ll say “Where’s the ambition?”,
Before firing a third round…
After the sound, a laugh was missing,
Looking eye to eye; the rest cried like it was I who did this,
I, was crucified,
He, was suicide,
And they, had to decide if they would choose love, or fear bassed off the previous concision…
May 2018 · 265
PM (Poetic Melody)
Dondaycee May 2018
(Hmmm hmmm hmmm hmm, hmmm hmmm hmmm hm)
I’m looking at paradox and choice, like
“What is choice when you voice light?”, like
If I am consciousness and I’m living unconscious it seems as though it’s inevitable to feel destroyed right?
How can I operate this body and mind if I’m blind,
If I’m missing the menu? Seriously, how can you expect me to identify a sign in life?
I’m stuck in insanity, I’m doing the same **** over and over again,
Expecting different results, I’m Donkey on a coaster with friends,
Light says be calm, ego says we on, people say leave mom,
Pause, mom is a reference towards the feminine energy, it creates, the masculine manifest,
I’m talking omni, god, light, androgynous life;
This is something you can’t transgress because it doesn’t exist but do transgress, because it’s something Man possess,
Man as in mankind, which is both male and female,
Logic; being left brain idea; which means form, is why we believe in hell and punish ourselves, and why we hinder our “self” before we evolve,
Amigo told me have a “vision”, Padre dismissed me like the path was missing, ***** I’m tiptoeing, doing everything in my power; avoiding rash decisions,
And I recently just found out my path was missing because my half was splitting, that’s everything look…
I’mm juust trynna finnd myy “self”...
I understand that it’s destiny to experience this life,
The difficulty in I committing and finding a wife,
9 times out of 10 I see I before U,
Ask yourself: “Did I see I 9 times out of 10 because my focus was on locating the letter I 9 times before U?”
That’s crazy huh? Welcome to Mind,
Understand, this is because of the English language,
We have no linguistic forms which is why it’s difficult to decrypt the ancient,
They’re us, we documented this information in everything, you name it,
Of course through ignorance, which is the cause to the effect of us learning about the stories that were fabricated and famous;
It requires that verbs and action words be associated with nouns,
Because of this, there’s NO LINGUISTIC FORM to figure **** out,
We’re talking aboriginal, the beginning where archetypal concepts were pure,
This is why imaginations important, if you haven’t yet, please read my poem Einstein’s Recipe, because imagination is the cure; treat insanity, look,
All I’m saying is, use the muscle in your right brain,
Because these forms/ideas cannot be perceived by the senses,
Only pure reason alone,
If you want to discover home; yourself, and elsewhere you must relieve yourself from senses,
That means, let go of the material world, what has manifested to vision,
Turn your attention towards your inner eye to create a vision,
And understand thought and its position,
How it's the quantum world; creation, before decision,
The best description; it happens before you’re even aware it, listen,
That means you are experiencing reality from a different vision,
“Awareness” is what’s missin,
With it, we’re able to access our genius and learn how to  navigate reality,
At that point we’d conquer mortality,
It’s both religion and spirituality, a neutrality,
Theoretically speaking this would lead to physical, mental, and emotional totality,
Reincarnation isn’t a belief, it is law; and these universal  laws express modality,
We are the seeds of vitality,
Wake up, wake up, wake up, because the "sleep" you is killing me, killing us, killing everything man Imm juust saaying I neeed help…
I feel uncomfortable, talking about a being I never met,
Because I believe we would’ve married if she never left,
And it pained me when she came in dream,
Because this was a reality,
one that's not commonly seen to respect,
one that society deem as a strech to accept,
Yet, still, what I felt was very real,
This experience varied feel and real because this was a sense of knowing,
A sense I couldn’t detect,
I guess what I’m saying is that there’s no such thing as death,
Well, at least in my reality because I met her in a different way and feel equally blessed,
Trying to possess the ability to confess, to simply contest the I in invest,
Lady, save me,
Ii waant you annd noo onee else…
Imm juust saaying I neeed help…
I’mm juust trynna finnd myy “self”...
(Hmmm hmmm hmmm hmm, hmmm hmmm hmmm hm)
Apr 2018 · 149
My Love
Dondaycee Apr 2018
I’m not in pain, these aren’t sad words being expressed,
These are loving terms, a spoken vibration I never got to confess,
Let’s regress back to a time I never got to quest,
Before my dime ejected and never made it to nest,
I had no home, but I had a heart,
Every time I moved a story would start
I was good at saying bye, and every time a friend would cry, inside I’d fall apart,
I told myself, one day I’ll find a love,
I’ll fall inn love and she’ll convince me to stay,
We’d indulge in philosophy, talking about what’s possibly above,
And in her lap my head would lay,
She’d do that smile and I’d gasp out loud and in that moment a feeling would express the sound of safe,
My love… it hurt me when I found out you were seeing the same,
I’ve experienced you in dreams until you revealed your name,
In that moment everything changed,
Because you were real and this chase lead me to grave,
You sent me many pieces and just recent, it all came clear,
I’m sorry I was far away when you needed me near,
I’m sorry he got sick and placed intentions in fear,
I promise to finish what you started because you’re the reason I’m here,
My dear, it’s just not fair,
I begged for you, I trusted faith and that lead to you,
My dear, it’s just not fair,
They said you didn’t exist, that you were impossible, but you were just missed,
I’ll take psychedelics just to find you,
Study mathematics to guide you here with me,
I’ll increase my vibrations,
Explore dimensions and variations fearlessly…
It hurt me when I found out our opportunity was stripped,
I can’t lie, I had rage, I was truly ******,
I kept thinking of ways to fix this situation,
But the only answer available is patience, and waiting for you will be the reason I live,
Something told me that this reality wasn’t planned,
Because I kept searching for ways to commit suicide, and I’d reference Romeo and Juliet because their love is something I finally understand,
All my life, I’ve prayed for someone like you,
And I thank God that I finally found you,
And these are the words that never made it to ear,
I hope you’re able to hear,
My dear… my dear… you’re the reason I’m here,
I love you, I miss you, stay with me a little longer,
Lay with me, let your presence be known so that I am stronger,
My love, look at what the grave did,
Guided me to enlightenment so that I was able to see you,
My dear… we almost made it,
I’ll be counting down the days, embracing death because I’m excited to meet you…
My love…
Apr 2018 · 235
Trinity Please
Dondaycee Apr 2018
No need to address the unknown,
My baby, my lady awaits,
I’ve met many and it’s adding up,
It’s her who has no face,
I mean, the Goddesses I’ve met,
Along with the promises I’ve kept,
Created an experience, one I’ll protect,
Because I learned the value of a woman without having ***,
Captivated by beauty, I’ll give into temptation if you let me,
Fabricated profusely, I’d live in meditation if you left me,
That’s in space, a river of time,
Be aware, my love, share,
A blunt to ease the mind,
Before dinner and red wine,
Define what defines a line,
Is it the curves below your spine,
Or the ones above the waste that are often confined,
Another possible choice could’ve been the lips,
In general I credit the soul that shines beyond the eye for manifesting a figure; a design that express divine the moment sight experience the light from chakras aligned,
A work of art indeed, which is why I believe,
It is the memories that never leave,
The laughter shared by she,
A collective that flipped the W in we,
Experiences with women that reflected me,
Love was a mirror, this picture was clear,
The image was H and E,
In that moment I wondered what silenced the S,
A thought occurred that was defining an ex,
An experience that was temporary but it taught me to confess the conflict within me,
Yes, it is all the above that lead me to believe the woman I love has yet to be seen,
“But what about the one that gave you air?”
The one who taught me how to properly breathe?
She’ll find another, they always do,
“Then you’ll write about how life isn’t fair?”
Wait, what do you mean?
“It is she who removed herself from dream,
That very reason is why you’re able to see,
And yet, it is fear that leads you to the thought of extreme,
You wouldn’t let go if you truly believe,”
That’s hypocritical, you’re the one that constantly scream-
“-I would never talk to you that way, that’s a different energy,
When you avoid a calm state, a void allows a dense vibrations,
I’m sending you love, but some days you’re just not hearing me,
Understand an illusion, understand the situation,
It is you who has concentration on intoxicating thoughts, a manifestation; a generation of an oxidative cause, this hallucination destination is delegating loss,
Basically the oxygen she gave you is decreasing,
Because you’re pulling electrons from iron, an ego,
This compound is why you’re rusting, deceiving,
You are the cause of the effect meho”
So any thought that’s dense is, in theory, harmful to me?
“what I’m saying is, be watchful for I am only love, a parcel of light who’s state of being is harmonious, artful, and free”
Okay okay, I understand that she’s a goddess,
And this is me being modest,
And this love will remain with thee, for this is a promise,
But with that said that is all, anything else would be dishonest,
The woman I’ve grown to love wouldn’t leave me to think,
She wouldn’t remove herself from space,
She may journey across the 7 seas,
She may Indulge in a quest, I mean, who am I to disagree?
And even then she’ll stand with grace,
What is hope in return when there’s an undeniable link,
Look, I’ve lusted for many years,
And it took many years to realize the physical was a distraction,
Because her being on top of me brought a thought to me, “Where’s the satisfaction?”
After this marinated I realized she was just practice,
Then came another, she brought me to passion,
My chest burned to see her smile,
Her happiness became essential after premonition,
I learned life, to evolve her perceptions and vision,
But apart of me feel like she’s only pretending,
We shared many conversations but not once has she asked or passed a topic concerning my ways, how or why I'm living,
Don't get me wrong, this is true love, I will always be there by her side,
I never want our experience to grow distant,
Yet, There’s still no satisfaction, there’s one more thing missing,
So again, she was more practice,  because the woman I love will not only create lust and passion but a term that’ll erase the term deficient,
This is something I’ve never experienced,
This is the last stop, because love is a trinity,
Affinity that’s infinity with the traits of divinity,
Femininity with masculinity creating Omnipotence/Omniscience,
They say two is better than one...but I never let separate define me, understand, this wisdom is proficient,
Cognition is needed if you truly want to understand,
This is a merge of two separate realities, two experiences, two conscious beings,
This doesn’t mean that they’re no longer separate, just together in the state of being,
This means whenever I’m in pain, she would feel it to,
It’s a telepathic link, an instant reading,
It’s agreement between two individuals,
To paint a better picture, it’s something like marriage I’m seeing,
See, passion is a connection through dreaming,
Commitment is a connection through being,
The difference is validation, knowing,
The thin line between conscious and unconscious,
Because of who I am, I will always stay true to a promise,
But I’m ready for my Pocahontas,
Many people live for God, and the rest for legacy,
Call me different but I’ve always lived for she, this thought never got ahead of me,
An experience of the love trinity with the woman from the dream,
I hope she comes soon, lately I’ve been losing strength,
I pray that the force send her my way, before the thought of me decay, and I become an expression of words that are sounds from a thought that never solidified to be seen.
Mar 2018 · 191
Dondaycee Mar 2018
In the AM I find myself feeling helpless,
Because of premonition,
Yes I credit this condition being the reason I’m in this position,
A vision of a woman who’s… reckless,
The extension of my friendship neglected,
Understand me, that choice was respected,
So from a distance she stands protected,
Let me reiterate, she could love another and I wouldn’t feel jealous,
But breathless, indeed because I’m restless,
True love is selfless; the cause of sending energy that isn’t returned is a decrease in wellness,
Such a sacrifice says over zealous,
If defined by actions, this attachment would reiterate selfish,
Soooo… should I help less?
An illogical choice; says an audible voice, “With awareness comes responsibility”; consequently  I’m optimally responsible for her well being, credited to my embryonic ability; psychic dreaming, I feel obligated to protect her from those that care less,
I happily embrace the cause of being connected,
The effects I experience were expected,
The benefits in feeling; source detected,
A guide to where the energy should be directed but still,
I feel helpless,
Because I cant force this ****,
Keeping calm,
Because divorce isn’t it,
Separation is my last resort, no need to abort, we had a kid,
And it wasn’t a *******,
Despite the games she thrown, she isn’t evil,
I just find it hard to understand how she live backwards,
In those exact words I’m thinking how she act first, like she pass words and catch worse,
Rash words, scratching my head like “ Re-Act, first?”
As if living abstract dictates the fundamentals of motion,
“It does.”
As if her mentality is physical because of emotions,
“Is love?”
This trilogy, it manifested after devotions,
Be real with me, this friendship rested when tested between time invested and emotions chosen that would motion an experience with oxytocin,
THERE! There’s the vision,
Lately I’ve been feeling like somethings missing,
But this vision foreshadowed a decision,
For what I saw was this description,
Blonde hair, red eyes; because you smoke a lot,
Aged me, red eyes, because I hoped and got,
A daughter, but I thought it was a boy,
You supported my thoughts because we learned it’s better to build than destroy,
And you knew what she’d be, how she’d look, how fast she’d grow,
Still unhappy, you left, completely booked, I was right there to love you both, like I was frozen, bounded by our creation and couldn’t let it go,
Your actions no longer affected me, for we made a home for she,
A body that housed a soul that would shine and never leave,
My side that is,
Premonition says we had a kid,
And it wasn’t a *******,
A vivid dream that needs to be dissected,
Either it happened or it didn’t ,
I need more clarity in this vision,
I need you, but you’re somewhere off being reckless,
Completely headless, heart restless,
I can’t help but feel… helpless.
Mar 2018 · 2.3k
OMM (Oxy-Made Morons)
Dondaycee Mar 2018
When I was a child, I asked the question, “what is life?”
Mama said: “A journey back towards heaven.”
I asked Granma, “what is heaven?”
She said: “A place with love-“
Okay look, that’s all I heard; the rest was above my level of comprehending for at the time I was only seven,
But love… love… that’s the one thing I never questioned,
That was the one thing that gave me unlimited lessons,
Because “What is love?” became the daily question,
Which gave me this experience of putting one before me,
After promising myself I’ll never put my “self” second,
If you’ve been reading my work, tranquilizarse,
If you’re new, this may seem foreign,
This is where I give a side note,
A quick lesson to help the reader recognize the tools needed to decipher the message before we go on,
There was a trinity,
If you missed it, don’t worry, here’s where the cycle is reborn,
If you noticed, then you know that the trinity is a oxymoron,
And this is a lie, because it’s the only word that fits,
A journey back towards heaven isn’t a contradiction,
It’s just a mission to remember the things we normally forget,
Like how we’re god, we’re created out of love, and before this incarnation, previously exist,
I didn’t say existed because we’re only a piece of our true self, another part some missed,
Because I promised my true self we’d never be second,
Which is why I put one before me,
Because if I see myself as individual, I would only ignore me,
If I’m only a piece, then there must be a collective that make up the one, whole, true me,
Again there’s no contradiction, because the meanings are not separate but simultaneously existing,
It’s like time, I’m only selecting a space, part, section that’s existing to explore me,
So if heaven is where god is, and I am a part of god, which is love,
Then myself is never in question, because “who am I?” is love,
A discoverment that happened after I questioned the meaning of love,
Because it’s a word recognized endlessly throughout the world by all whom theoretically propose it’s something that exists above,
I blame looking up being the reason we look down on ourselves,
We love god so much that there’s no room to give each other help,
Selfishness is the reason we can’t accept self reflect and frown on others,
If able, we’d see that we’re a reflection of one another and that we’re response able, to be responsible for each other; in order for our self to propel, all must remember ourselves,
We’re the trinity, God (Divine Mother and Father simultaneously existing) Omni,
We’re the trinity, Jesus (The children of the Mother and Father, Christ Consciousness) Godly,
We’re the trinity, Holy Spirit (Divine soul body that’s physical and non-physical (astral)) embodied,
We’re the trinity that we worship, another oxymoron that defines we,
Story time:
When I was seven I prayed for love, and that prayer lead me to the central coast,
I asked for someone who was a reflection, so that myself is evoked,
A coincidence that I will not speak of guided this story from hope,
This was a dream, but it was real, because now it’s reality and some of the details invoked my attention to note,
To write down these experiences so that others can understand how we write the songs we sing , and that it is practice that allows us to hit every note,
Again we create our journeys on how we get back in harmony,
There’s no auto tune, if out of tune it’s practice you need,
Have faith, remember the joy in being a kid, how you felt, how you gave before speech,
Lucky for me, being in the right place at the right time,
I laid eyes upon she,
It was love at first sight, because it wasn’t a moment of lust but a moment of us that displayed as an image of I, I mean what life, this experience, could be if I gave it my best shot, my best thought, and regardless of the outcome, had her by my side to magnify the experience of being me, and growing to a peak where we would live in this bliss filled state of being,
And after seeing, stood two thoughts that sparked all my curiosity;
“How do we get there? Does she feel this too?”, for these are the unknowns that lead to precocity,
It’s not that I couldn’t see,
It itself was just another experience for we,
I was very certain, which is why preparing was urgent,
I urgently needed patience for our realities to merge and,
Start a new unknown experience, a quest that’s divergent,
Those last two lines are for the *****’s observant serpents,
You’re not dumb for missing the clues,
All you have to do is use the tools you now have to solve the problems that you previously, unintentionally, unconsciously, created like an excuse,
It’s never too late to reflect on why and how you became you,
Because that type of questioning will only lead to discovering the truth,
And how you’re the lie you told yourself to keep life borin,
Because you’re everything you are and everything you’re not, and that’s an oxymoron.
Life love choice experience knowledge you self
Dondaycee Feb 2018
In this “time”, this “journey”,
This experience of:  “knowing myself”,
I take time; appreciating how “I” remembered my wealth and was a king-
“- I am a king”
“I am a soul evolving after involution because my intuitions fully “well””
I said I, there was another…
Another meaning…
I credit she, that was a queen,
“She is a queen, who gave love”,
She is a soul functioning as a higher self, in a higher dimensional state,
Time reflected me, which evoked self, that then gave self-awareness of my current space, which erased, the limited concept of time,
Then came more opportunities to see my,
Many ways of thinking, that molds my many ways of seeing thyself, my personality that reflects the many physical manifestations of my inner health,
Which brought me to my inner self,
And that brought recognition in understanding the difference between the body and the mental health,
Which brought dreams where I’d journey as a different self,
Then came the understanding of life, an experience,
It’s creating a journey in the environment you’re in,
Then experiencing it to get back to happiness; again,
Look, when I speak, understand,
What you see are the many thoughts in a vibration that manifest into, “myself”,
I’m only giving you wisdom, using ancient philosophy that we all know,
Understand well being, a human’s true wealth,
This is knowledge that I’ve learned from the theory,
“As above, so below”
That’s Hermeticsm... Wait… Greek mythology in Rome?
Hermes and Mercury?
I thought the Romans burnt down the library of Alexandria and all the knowledge,
Welllll, if money is power, go to college,
But I believe it’s knowledge; experience, that builds these universities,
Just like the universe-
“Hush, you have to properly navigate them home”
Oh yeah, you gotta know the yin and yang,
It’s the same thing as As above, So below,
This is Chinese philosophy,
WAIT! ...
Wait, please tell me you see the connection between politics and society,
Countries and History,
“How” we were divided and “why” it was a mystery,
How religions are stories and philosophy, and things that gods would teach,
And it still isn’t clear that the people we praise, are what we can be if we aspire to be,
And that the experience we’re experiencing as a human species is only prophecy, because we forgot our roots, the biology, on how our thoughts assembled the body consciously,
And how to be a king, become a god, it’s all philosophy?
Its like Star Wars and Star Trek, this whole awakening slash conscious thing,
This means theory is life,
Theoretically speaking, if metaphysics and fantasy; that’s Sci-Fi , were looked at as religion; by that I mean held with faith and a grain of salt,
Again theoretically speaking, movies would be life,
Again I emphasize that theory, it is life,
So what is life?
I say life is a consciousness that creates and experience itself,
In many dimensions which is why it’s understandable we’re living many lives at once and time doesn’t exist,
We’re constantly extending ourselves, if that’s hard to conceive then perceive, just look at how many times in this poem I extended the self,
Next is the “Big Crunch”, evolution,
After “The Big Bang” which was involution,
The experience of individuality, devolution,
Which is why we focus on this illusion,
Everything existing above and below are connected,
It’s just an extension of our true self,
This type of awareness came from true love,
A queen that was ensorcelled and devalued,
The pleasures of a female are so, De-Valued,
I mean, there’s a decrease in the chakra Sacral,
A decrease in DV (Direct Voltage), there’s no balance, no DV (Disparity Vector),  which is why D&V (DcK & Vgina) ends in DV (Dark Vengeance) which leads to DV (Domestic Violence) or a decrease in DV (Daily Values) which leads to DV (Decreasing Value) which are DT, (Dark Thoughts), DV’s (Decoy Vehicles) that creates DV (Dense Vibrations), decreasing the concept of DV (Diversification Value) which is why we be DV (Disabled Vehicles), and physically manifest a DV (Dark Vision), this virtual reality where a species is DV (Divided),
DT (Define Time) because I’m convinced it’s a combination of IUDT,
(Individuals Unconscious Direct Thoughts),
It means I, You; Depicting Things, and that’s enough VD (validation), a quick C&E (Cause and Effect) on how D&V can lead to the pleasures of a female being Devalued,
But that’s another story, I learned that by observing me,
After observing she,
I just appreciated how she smiled when she was unable to see,
If there truly was a light, which enable belief,
I call it faith, others say create because she created relief,
Truly in me, so I relentlessly searched for knowledge to attain and arrange a way for her to be free because again I’m truly grateful that she,
Gave love, a true reflection that was dormant but naval to me,
I learned so that I can serve her, but that quickly turned towards others which awoke clairvoyance in me,
Jesus is what I aspire to be but there’s still this burning desire to be,
In the arms of this lady, this queen that cyphers in dreams until I wake and such love still remains to be seen,
But that’s another story, I’m inn love, I give love without expecting a thing,
It’s a way of life, which is why I’m constantly responsibly subjecting this awareness, this consciousness thing,
Because I honestly; at least modestly believe in this concomitantly,
And that previously, I am a king, and she is a queen,
I didn’t say “was” because in this “time”, this “journey”,
This experience of: “knowing myself”,
The previously conceived concept of time is no longer a thing.
#Day #me #life #love
Feb 2018 · 302
Dondaycee Feb 2018
Man, back in the day...  I was a lost kid,
I wanted a home,
I got banished from a land,
Then came a day,
Facing myself, I had to gauntlet,
I  saw I, and I stood alone,
That advantage brought bandage to a man,
The ability to see yourself, that’s Popeye with spinach,
The fragility in “see yourself”, that’s madness, schizophrenic,
How to manage personal and personnel?
It’s damage,
Because if I understand myself, I’m crazy, it’s an incoherent reality,
Also, If I under plan my wealth, I’m lazy, a mockery of individuality because my morals have vanished,
Say… let’s bring back that word Mock,
I have an acronym,
Millennials or Creative Kids,
I said imagine Tim,
Understand me, understand you,
We’re the same, see attraction in,
You and I learning ourselves,
No need to shackle him,
We’d be burning ourselves just to captain them,
I’m pointing fingers at individuals,
Interactions in,
Directly affecting one another,
Another traffic jam,
It’s inconsiderate to intentionally be a distraction in,
Someone’s unconsciously known contracted plan,
That’s karma, theoretically speaking, our plans,
We wrote it,
Don’t forget the script, we’re our harshest critics,
We know it,
Unsatisfied with an outcome, so we rewrite it,
If we died and saw how many people we hurt and had the option to do it all over again we’d be delighted,
My philosophy is currently repetitive,
I have more to say, trust that,
I said I love all, and with all I’ll suffer,
If I reneged on my word my truth would be suspect,
Now I’m a healthy skeptic and I suspected an awakening happening globally,
So I took the time to research and know the beast,
And I’m thankful for those that notice me,
Living my life to serve, I service each,
I’m not here to change your perception,
I’m here to appreciate it, to help you voice it,
I lived my whole life in neglection,
Wrote that movie to understand what choice meant,
I cut myself to understand what choice is,
Understand, I couldn’t see who I was affecting,
I thought my decisions were controlled,
I saw lines of blood and it all started connecting,
My thoughts affect my physical experience,
It’s the inner me my life is reflecting,
Like, it’s a physical projection,
And that’s a critical conception,
Because a movie was a thought before the characters developed the setting,
I looked in the mirror and told myself,
“*****, tonight you’re getting love and affection,”
Then looked at my arm and thought
“Body I love you, but you’re weak if this ends with an infection,”
Because it’s mind of matter right,
That’s consciousness and body, light,
If I’m composed of matter, than there has to be something that hold me together,
I figured this system is operated by thoughts,
That’s conscious and unconscious cite,
Earlier I said light because that’s what you find when you break down an atom,
That’s energy, a vibration, a frequency,
Pun time, everything is made up of Adams,
Eve is in everything, but in secrecy,
Where’s the best place to hide,
That’s correct, in plain sight,
Sometimes we’re too attached to details,
The cure is to change the angle and height,
Everyone mind is a perception, we need all to see the bigger picture,
No one is right or wrong, but their realities are true,
Picture our species as one mind, accepting all is how you see it clearer,
Many call it nirvana, you get there by accepting you for you,
They say if we make change within ourselves, the world becomes a better place,
I found out I couldn’t live without directly affecting someone else because of my existence,
And if this is the world I live in,
It wouldn’t make sense to choose hate over love,
Like I **** gold, **** oil, and I’m the only being with a face,
It’s simple to awake, it’s just being aware of how we carry ourselves,
That’s something we all can do,
Understand exactly what a choice is,
It’s an experience, an experience is life,
That’s something we all choose.
Feb 2018 · 163
Lost Letter Part 2
Dondaycee Feb 2018
If this reality is a ticking bomb,
I want to attend an event or two,
Invest in some psychedelics and ignore the fact that the rent is due,
Because I’d rather be dancing with strangers when the news alerts are stressing danger,
Anger building, what’s stranger,
How we Millennials are living?
Or how our species is killing one another because of the problems we’re giving?
Give in, some do,
Energy failed to transmute,
Give give, we all win,
Sharing is something we can do,
A positive wave increasing happiness,
A happening that can’t lose,
This is a culture in the electric land with crowds you gotta dance through,
Where different journeys are happening and strangers become friends to,
People stumble across these golden tickets for a reason,
Coincidence is another word for festival season,
I call it magic, energies throughout the universe uniting souls, there’s meaning,
In meeting a person and together you’re leaving,
Enjoying the company of one another in an intended set,
Screaming, releasing a burst of energy that emerged when you first met,
A soul that was a perfect mate, enjoying the moment, feeling the words that are never said,
Thankful for the problems that pushed you to a time in space that may or may not result in regret,
Far from home,
Hard alone because the energy of love feels like ***,
A thought occurs, “what’s next?”
And you tell yourself regardless you’re giving it your best,
Afterwards you forget this promise,
Until a few months later you’re under the lights again remembering that everything was a test,
And you hold your chest because you want it to last,
The feeling just feels right,
For me a tear may shed,
Because everyday I feel dead, and it takes two nights to reiterate real life,
That’s real light, I occasionally need healing after dealing with my people’s illness,
Putting myself in harms way, so that my loved ones are safe, and our potential as a species is unraveling it’s brilliance,
Resilience, a natural cycle bringing forth dormant abilities,
Because we forgot our connection,
This species and it’s hostility, must change in the name of love, must provide more service and protection,
Pretty woman, pretty woman, that danced in the dark,
I pray that you’re never neglected,
Me being a man, I understand what it’s like to be rejected,
I hope my love insures a shield that falls when respected,
This energy is constantly directed, I just hope you accept it,
So that your feet are never affected, I just hope you’re accepted,
When you reflected it was two I detected, a cognitive thing,
Whatever I expected, it was that and the opposite thing,
Evocative name, because this feels familiar,
If life is a bootleg movie, this scene is clearer, clarity,
On a higher level of consciousness we scripted this picture, familiarity is validation for conspiracy,
A plot in time as a sign that the divine is near,
On this conscious level I constructed a gift at the end of time to ensure that your Chakras are cleared and that there’s nothing to fear,
Because you freed me from anger, in fact you made me feel free,
I felt like Mario, because I was hesitant to kiss,
That thought I’ll dismiss, because it’s probably just me,
I came to escape, you taught me somethings are just hard to digest,
Twenty-four hours later: On shrooms
I’m trying to escape, these thoughts are killing me, I’m going to die next,
I had to let go of love again,
It’s not healthy to love a friend,
Loving never gave me a home,
But I found peace in this climate,
I found me in silence, and a dream in your eyes Miss,
It seem like surprises when my eye’s lift,
They call it an awakening,
Thankful for my intuition persuading me,
To take chances, ***** dances that I decided,
I’m holding on to a memory of a vision,
I know I’m in a perfect position,
For it to manifest into reality if I listen,
I have to make a decision and finish the mission,
I know I’ll soon be with my love, before time ticks out, and I shift into the fifth dimension.
Dondaycee Jan 2018
If life is an experience, what does it mean to be human?
Are we defined by actions, if so which one’s?
The ones that create, or the ones that  ruin?
Loyalty and obedience guided by an outdated constitution,
Does judgment of character pass from a cognitive mind,
Or the opposite side where ignorance is the conclusion?
If not defined by involuntary and voluntary,
It is perception that manifest an illusion we allude in,
And if this lack exist, what happens to the opportunities missed?
Much confusion in this conceived concept, an institution we unconsciously created that operates as an exclusion,
Is then, a revolution a physical manifestation of a battle within?
If so, it is the wisdom of Confucian that shines as a positive solution,
Again I’m only asking… what does it mean to be human,
Does the law of balance play a role in our existence?
Is it Yin and Yang that construct these systems,
With men as power and women as assistant,
Currency and towers for the honorable and brave,
Away from cowards, criminals, and ****** that serve from a distance,
Voiceless as backbone, leader’s writing history,
Truth is mystery because to lie means difference,
And an ego will assist it, for different is division,
One may divide into to many, but the outcome is resistant,
Their will always be a piece of that one in all, the appearance is consistent,
If there’s faith in wrong and right,
And justification becomes an excuse to fight,
Was it prophesied the moment we erased one as an act of riddance and,
Pretended the reward of pittance would equate to the state of well being?
Because what I’m seeing are twisted truths as cut roots from the tree of aboriginal ancestors with brilliance resisting a nonexistent position,
Which we’re currently living in…
Ironic isn’t it? But I ask what does it mean to be human?
Surely there’s an explanations for our potential, and why it is ideal,
We possess the abilities to create timeless art,
And if accessed the ability to self heal,
There’s something more to reveal than miracles,
Maybe the dormant abilities scripted are possibly real,
Is it possible that we’re just now discovering what it means to be human,
What it means to be, because we know what it means to not be,
Experiencing a potential that’s essential,
Because clairvoyance came after knowing what it was like to not see,
And now, the Millennials are experiencing a reality opposite of those who did not speak,
Did not give, did not love, did not live, did not shelter each other, did not seek,
Their purpose on this planet which is constantly unconsciously taken for granted,
The men she’ll abandon forgot we,
They thought me, and were of service to self… then family,
How can we, ignore others when we look in the mirror and they are what we see?
That’s a question for now, because we’re shifting, we’re blooming in this time of confusion,
Ask yourself, as I ask myself and those in the mirror before me,
What does it mean to be human?
Wrote during Moonlight Sonata by Ludwig Van Beethoven
Dondaycee Jan 2018
There’s a word that’s a sound that doesn’t exist,
Or, hasn’t manifested to, consciously shift,
What it means to be inn love, why our minds tend to drift,
Off into the future like, yesterday is still happening and today reminisced a prediction of what’ll happen if my spirit continues to lift,
This thought I couldn’t dismissed, for there’s validation in imagination projecting a reality where these three time structures coexist,
A possibility I couldn’t resist,
A space where I know happiness will sit,
Decayed the  memories of pain when I saw a kiss,
Replayed the memory again because my understanding didn’t fit,
A second turned into a lifetime, time... it was time I had previously missed,
Rubbing my head because my intentions were missed,
By time I meant mind and lips, a tick I couldn’t forget,
She will be loved, she will be such,
A simple but difficult thought to brush,
Because I’m always like “So this is what the force brought to us”,
Thankful for the ego that fought for trust,
That taught me much,
And the broken barbies who were lost in lust,
Because they pushed me to walk when touched,
Zombie apocalypse, I can’t cough enough,
Too much snot, too many bugs that mental illness can’t fall on crush, -hush…
Let me hush, because I say too many words and I should say less,
Paying attention, and it has been wondering like I should pay less,
I feel like Romeo, because I’m running Juliet’s way next,
Like “My bounty is as boundless as the sea,
My love is as deep, the more I give to thee,
The more I have, for both are infinite”,
And then I’ll stand with nothing more to confess,
Hoping it’s my intentions she somehow digest,
If I fail to express the hell in invest,
It’s the tragedy of young love that’ll be reassessed,
To be or not to be will be the final thought I contest,
I need rest… because I enjoy that existence, where I’m able to create in an instance,
A reality where we’re no longer separated by distance, or the laws in a dimension,
Where I’m no longer an anarchist and can say ***** the resistance because fighting for freedom is no longer vital than assistance,
In that space I believe we’d stop pretending, and stop and listen,
Find time to analyze you and I and understand what we have before the aftermath lead us to separate paths searching for what’s currently existing,
A server condition, I admire ambition,
Cleared all my wishing, because I finished the mission,
I only ask for permission, to experience a handful of experiences on your journey,
And for a warning, warn me,
Before you fly and enjoy the freedoms in the sky,
So that I’m able to give a proper goodbye and maintain a kingdom built for you and I,
This home would remain open, and if my soul is chosen for another script,
I would be sure to leave a word on the walls to explain what love is,
Or a poem like this,
To explain a word that’s a sound that doesn’t exist.
Nov 2017 · 6.9k
To be or not to be?
Dondaycee Nov 2017
Next lifetime just let me be,
All lost souls that noticed me,
Over killed the hope in me,
Helpful hands unnoticed, feet,
Blistering I’m growing weak.
I have questions for the runaways,
How did your feet get so strong?
Why couldn’t I tag along?
Did you leave home to be alone or vice versa, got cold and was searching for warmer days in the week?
What is life without a friend dependent on I,
Is trust nonexistent when there’s a mention of side,
Is it not selfish to love yourself before mind,
A system that houses a light linked throughout time,
“-What do you want?”
For you to love me like you love all.
Look in the mirror, what about this person,
“I’m always here, all you have to do is call”
Where’s the assertion? I’m looking for words because the ones I’m using aren’t working.
Never felt too good in crowds, because there’s folks around, and they’re always thinking,
Never felt too good or proud, when joyful sounds touch my heart before they’re leaving,
“-Loving others isn’t a bad thing, lose the fear, it’s a state of being.
Don’t hate yourself for seeing a reality that others aren’t capable of seeing.”
But, Am I dreaming?
“Do not confuse yourself, you don’t want to lose yourself for dreams are other realities, you are currently in a state of being.”
But what is being?
“To be or not to be is the question.”
… Give me clarity
“Everything is being, it’s all existing, everything existing is living.”
Is this another lesson?
“Is death to exist and not be, or to be and not exist?
That is my suggestion-”
-How can you be and not exist?
“To exist is to have objective reality, a reality that exist independent from our minds.
Consciousness construct realities through imagination in space, which is time,
So, does the world end when we die,
Or does the experience of this reality end and our consciousness move into another reality beyond the human mind?
Would the state of being then not exist after existences?”
Let me go the distance with an analogy to make sure there’s nothing I’m missing.
Is it pain to love in a world that perceive it with ignorance, or to fully understand it and not have the experience?
“A little personal but the balance is understood.”
I just needed some clarity to be reassured,
Because sometimes I’m insecure,
There’s never been a life that’s “similar”,
And I see things in my life that will occur,
Pretty lady, baby don’t you close the door,
With other opportunities of loving me more,
Arkyi, Dondaycee, keep my knees from the ground,
In times I forget to stand, and am feeling less than a man should when his woman’s aroused,
By another… that feeling’s profound.
“-Jealousy found, that energy is not allowed when there’s confusion around.”
Where’s that soothing sound that moved me in dreams,
That had me chasing angels confusing chicken with wings,
Searching for permission in missing some things,
Like the giggle or a touch that slowly faded through change,
Like that love at first sight that never made it to name,
Those “unspoken” relationships that never made it to name,
Those misunderstood moments I forgave and delayed an encounter because I couldn’t forget the feeling she gave before  pain.
Those hideaway hearts is where my shelter remained,
Because they kept the love pure when it was easy to drain.
It isn’t easy to contain let alone obtain a power source linked to the brain and refrain from allowing an equivalent vibration; being fear, creep into the domain and create a disease of insane.
“-Insanity is just as contagious as stupidity-”
-Please explain how to maintain love’s stability when hostility is blurred into a thin line.
Inhumane is humane when the word justify emerges in a reign of ignorance which solidifies the moment the sane become repetitive credited to an infection that dried the terrain of perception,
Unreceptive the brain becomes when love is trying to sustain which leads to strain that results in pain and fear burst as a supernova leading to actions in vain again and again,
Oh lord, the power of a woman.
If men could be before doing, we wouldn’t often do things we “shouldn’t”,
“It’s not a matter of wrong or right but evolving into light.”
Is it odd that I acknowledge you, voice inside my head?
“Just as odd as the words left unsaid before night.”
This solitude thing, it isn’t enough anymore, I need something new.
I learned to love myself from red to blue,
And I just reached purple, now all I see is white,
May that energy continue to heal and rise,
Frequency, continue to create shorter and steeper hills, so that I am able to write,
Documentations of this experience  discovering love that’s unforgettable,
Because self hate should never be unforgivable.
That illness is always hospitable,
The existence of love is aboriginal,
Individually being is medicinal and additional if traditional.
Through ourselves is how we connect to all, an adventure to,
Dive within thyself but too many times I forget myself.
Every time I learn to stand, I project and fall like I forget my shell,
Because it’s easier to live life as light than with the body, odd of me to dismiss my health,
Physical problems; wanting love, a senseless touch; tempted to rush a manifestation of her beside me.
That’s the biggest lie when all I need is I and the being inside me.
If this is a human experience, neglecting the body is a serious condition, mysterious as if ID.O.M and 3D have been misspelled,
Then what is hell?
I thought death doesn’t exist?
“It doesn’t, it’s a reality when the state of being is no longer well.”
To be… or not to be…
“That is a question of wealth.”
Oct 2017 · 178
Saved Me
Dondaycee Oct 2017
Miss you,
I don’t know if I’m allowed to say that, but, I miss you,
I know it’s not healthy to playback,
The memories of karma I paid back,
But I’m thankful for the balance that made that,
A light in the darkness that dates back,
That stayed in the shadows when faith cracked,
I guess I’m looking for the words to say that, it’s you,
Who saved me,
Hope was the final thought worth saving,
Grave me,
Manifest a death because they hate me,
Am I disgusting, awful thoughts filling the mind lately,
Because beauty be slipping as a daydream,
And daily,
I think about the times I went crazy,
Can’t repeat these actions to a lady,
I promised that I’ll love my baby safely,
Without expectations or a maybe,
Loving from a distance, because labels could end this, it’d be wrong to pretend the trips I took in your eyes aren’t what saved me,
I tried to convince myself that this idea is make belief,
But the thought of you gave a solid view that only fate could see,
So I followed faith, somehow someway and it disagreed with make belief,
Hope, it gave me
Believe, it made me.
If timing is everything, it’s patience I seek,
There are times when I want to be under your arms,
Times when I want to talk about life,
Times when I want to let you in,
Growing colder because, every encounter with you is warm,
Ensorcelled muchacha, shine your divine light,
My lady, my love, my lifetime friend,
I’m looking forward to the days,
Where we’re no longer separated by choices,
To the days when,
I can send whispers in the wind, you’ll receive my voice and,
Feel the warmth of my last breath,
Doing its best to protect you from the surrounding noises,
The days where I’ll be able to give you the best of me,
Even now I do my best to give you what’s left of me,
I know pain is temporary, but I refuse to let you experience it,
If such a tragedy is deemed right, Romeo and Juliet will define the rest of me,
My whole life I’ve been without love, and the moment I find it, I have to let it be,
Because her experiencing her experience is more important to me, so, I let her be,
Everyday I adore this situation, to allow free will while loving a soul,
Whom roars like I, and shines green and gold,
A love story happening, before a shift in consciousness,
With the life I live, in a time like this,
This appreciation took confidence,
Promising, this love story is,
Competence because of Providence,
Divine mother and father uniting for an Omni sense,
This is all I have, all that this world had gave me,
I know that life is bigger than the parents that made me,
But lately,
I’ve been thinking gravely,
I only want to exist in this reality, if the force duality construct a totality gallery,
For memories distant of I and the woman that saved me
Sep 2017 · 4.6k
Millennials or Creative Kids
Dondaycee Sep 2017
I just wanted freedom,
I’m not talking about rights, that’s irrelevant.
We just wanted freedom,
As in the youth wanting better ways for development.
I’m speaking on the behalf of those unaware of their intelligence,
Those who discovered their element but kept the closet shut.
Afraid to offer the clothes on their back,
They’ll say it’s confidence we lack,
But here’s the ugliest fact,
We don’t open doors with skeletons.
Unless it’s Halloween, where dark and light are in resonance,
Yin and Yang, beauty is ugly and ugly is beauty, humorous medicine.
I have a testament, that if the morals in this holiday were a measurement of 365 days, it would be evident according to my estimate, that unity and love would be proper etiquette, excellent because even the dark would be perceived as heaven-sent.
The terms evil and hell would then be indefinite allowing a person to open a door with a skeleton as a cause without the effect being bedevilment.
That’s freedom.
Some have it in the day, most find it at night.
It could be with family or with friends.
A celebration of a season, or a reason to escape a thing we call life.
A venting conversation after empty bottles,
A sleep over when home is hostile,
They say happiness is in the moment,
I say that moment occurs when you’re no longer in a position to fight,
For a home, a place of comfort and acceptance,
A place where your company is appreciated,
We all need love, that warm feeling we get when standing in light,
Or the uplifting vibrations when the environment opens up, and you’re no longer forced to sit tight but now have the opportunity of standing up to take flight.
We deserve some freedom.
I used to feel alone,
With awareness that term became solitude,
I can’t crave attention after joining the mission,
I had to look in the mirror,
“Keep it together” said Kyi,
“Because this is a solid move”
But but, I’m losing my friends.
“You’re choosing your men.”
“A positive team,
Because that’s what knowledge do”
“Here’s a time reference using latitude.”
“Move forward, chase the rabbit food,
Clear vision with a positive attitude.”
“Moving West to east may feel like you’re leaving things behind,
But understand earth and understand time,
We circle back around, think of a birthday, there will always be a time when you're gonna look back at you.”
“That’s a rapid move.
These are states of Matter, going from solid to gas,
A caged bird ready to fly, that’s a cockatoo.”
“Atoms aren’t alone, eventually they meet others,
There’s a bigger picture, that’s a molecule.”
“Don’t feel alone, atoms go through solitude when there’s a column move, solid to gas-”
-a solid move-
“- but in our case, a change in longitude,
Because we’re shifting our consciousness from 3rd to 5th dimension.”
I understand the magnitude of the mission, that’s why we made this decision,
No need to crave attention when acting with promptitude,
Like minded people will act as a molecule and help constitute  a solid move in longitude, breaking the physical is an important attribute, analytical travel route, an atom moving towards freedom in its absolute-
“Knowledge acting as carrots, erasing ignorance, clearing the vision for an Omni move.”
The conscious battles to become the subconscious, the freedom to be all of me instead of part of me, that’s a body move.
Freedom is all I wanted,
Freedom is all we wanted,
Being labeled Millennials was the outcome,
It’s not life but these systems we’re trying to out run.
They look at suicide like, “What went wrong?”
“She looked so happy…”
Or “How did he feel alone.”
Freedom is when you have a home,
If I’m talking and you’re listening, that’s being heard,
But if you can’t understand it, there’s no meaning in the word,
That’s a failure in communication, standing without a herd I’d still be on my own.
If anything, the previous generations don’t understand emotions,
Feeling empty is indeed a deep feeling.
They say there’s not much in the bottom of the ocean,
I say dive,
“But Daycee we can’t the pressure will crush us.”
Now you see why suicide is chosen,
We dive, looking for something we know is there, unaware of the pressure, we get crushed by our own emotions.
These are powerful feelings and thoughts,
We see the insanity and what was lost in erosion.
Try to understand us, don’t try to change us, just like those whom predates emphasize, “Don’t blame us.” We must change a system that caused the previous generations to be broken, if anything our generation is bringing hope in, refusing to be above or below one, our words if anything are the greatest ever spoken,
We need people to understand us, not just listen, because these systems aren’t working,
Einstein said “A problem can’t be solved with the same consciousness that created it”, so don’t point fingers at us saying “Millennials” and that we were always given ****, when we’re the group that gave a **** about the world and the people that hated it and attempted change by not doing the same thing over and over again, innovative because we’re some creative kids,
I hope this is provoking because ****** we are special, specifically chosen,
To bring back balance and unity in consciousness that the ignorant and insane broken,
I am here to bring freedom,
Because freedom is something we all need,
The millennials are here to bring freedom,
Because it’s the one thing we all see,
The brothers and sisters we lost heard it call from the bottom of the sea,
Our ancestors want us to bring back freedom that was lost in waters but remained in gene,
Freedom is a kingdom we’re bringing where all is free.
Aug 2017 · 314
Einstein's Recipe
Dondaycee Aug 2017
Questions… if I don’t ask them they’ll get the best of me,
If I ask them at the wrong time, I’ll lose the answers,
Time itself will fail to digest in me.
Einstein said if such a thing existed it would be simultaneously,
So why did the past constipate me? Right now things are hard to swallow,
Because what I see is ahead, and, this **** is cutting me off from the rest of me.
“The important thing is not to stop questioning, curiosity has its own reason for existing.”
****** Albert, if this is food for thought, what’s the recipe?
And don’t say imagina… wait, if imagination is everything, then I’ll use it to remove the crap from yestereve.
Why did Arkyi have meaning? I mean, it’s palindrome did.
Maybe Iykra had an acronym for a reason.
I looked for the publisher but there was no trace or date, who ever did this wanted to remain hid.
I know it has some type of meaning,
Numerology says one, Astrology says Sun,
Horoscope says Attractive personality with a magnetic charm,
Why is Symbolism for rarity repeating?
Unity of one; structure of pride, purpose, and determination,
This raps into a kingdom in Israel and the culture of Hebrew,
That’s odd but I see the cohesion.
Odd because it goes back to a man named Abraham, the one that left Mesopotamia.
Crazy because Mesopotamia was linked with Atlantis, a global civilizations that fell after its main island suffered a sinking.
Now this is just my imagination guiding me, I’m not stating anything.
But, imagination is the tool to create, and I’m creating a line that’s linked in...
-Well at least that’s what I’m thinking,
Understand that I’ve reached a level of decoding messages many can’t comprehend,
It’s not me but it’s me, haha I’ll let that sink in.
Back to Abraham, Abraham means the father of many,
He died at one hundred and seventy-five years old.
Now get this, Noah died at nine hundred and fifty,
According to my research, reaching almost a thousand years of living was more than possible during the times of Atlantis, now that’s old.
Wait, before you give up on me, hear me out, I’m just looking for answers,
If it makes you feel better, assume that I’m thinking out loud with a different perspective that was never told.
Now I’m warning you these next few lines are gonna either make you question some things,
Or view me as a crazy man expressing opinions that are bold.
We’ve (meaning humans) have been in contact with 3 different extra terrestrial species,
You don’t have to believe me, but
They’ve been here for at least two hundred and seventy million years,
Don’t ask me how I know, ask yourself, why is this information being controlled?
These are 3 groups that have been competing before earth, understand as below, so above and as above, so below.
One of these groups created the dinosaurs which was an eighty-five million year experiment,
They later allowed the meteor to hit the earth because it was time for a new project,
If you noticed the mammal species on earth flourished immediately after, this is something to know,
God is very much in the picture, if anything, this shows its true power and infinite structures of life.
This isn’t new, it’s been foretold.
Our bodies were celled, yes, humans are about forty thousand years of age and counting,
But our souls are directly from the source, God, and we are not the body but a soul,
Whom inhabits a body for a physical experience,
Call it a matrix, call it a game, call it a school, call it whatever you want but the reality is after physical existence, there’s another place we go.
Now this is what makes us special, why we have so much support and why earth is currently the center of attention,
Because after Atlantis fell, we were given only thirteen thousand years to be ready to shift into the fifth dimension.
It took Atlantis twenty plus thousands of years to reach such ascension,
Thus explaining abductions, one of the reasons is for comprehension,
They’re trying to understand how humans have the ability to ascend past their extension.
As I said before, darkness is a limit, hatred, envy, greed; these are doors blocking the light.
Boundaries blocking the acceptance of all is why many can’t see or experience the same visions.
I’m trying to provide knowledge to those with ignorance, so that we are all able to achieve our true potential,
This opportunity is monumental, don’t blow it by making cowardly decisions.
Let’s not forget to mention, many died for this,
Many lied for this, many put their goals aside for this.
Many hide from this, voices rise for this, so that all instead of few are able to revive and arrive in bliss.
If the sunrise is missed, I hope that the deprived survive the sunset and deny divide and apply divine inside for flight in sight of demise, a device structure to contrive a goodbye when the next opportunity scripts.
Is Arkyi the future me showing the past me Iykra so that I am able to connect the dots and unite all before the me now becomes apart of a myth?
Einstein said, “No problem can be solved by the same level of consciousness that created it.”
After researching, imagination activates the cognitive mind, an intuitive shift,
Asking myself questions, and using imagination presented me answers that demodulated ****.
Albert: “The only source of knowledge is experience.”
This is me using  knowledge to educate how to experience knowledge from  within for the times we get discombobulated and quit.
Jul 2017 · 188
Lost Letter Part 1
Dondaycee Jul 2017
I haven’t had Mary Jane in a bit,
But I’m feeling the blues,
MJ mentality,
Because I’m wondering who’s loving you,
I know it’s not my place,
But that image of your face,
What would get me through the day if it wasn’t you?
I learned that five heartbeats create a house of love,
And it doesn’t take much to break,
But for goodness sake, I’ll find the blueprint or at least a plug-in clue,
A journey to being inn love can’t stop because a few,
I went searching for you,
This world… it’s this world I was trying to escape,
This love is building,
The man in me wants it to stop, he’s searching for a mistake,
Bumping into pretty girls in an enchanted land, followed by a blurred face,
Am I crazy or is it the drugs?
Me being a fun guy I did consume fungi by an eighth,
Pretending I’m inn love, wondering why it isn’t enough,
To explain why the thought of you I can’t replace,
Insanity, because I’m seeing the same thing over and over again,
Missa… wait no, Missa? Hey Missaa!,
Females: “Sorry Mr. You’ve made a mistake.”
“****… Daycee why do we keep seeing Missa face?”
We gotta go to the medical tent-
“-No ***** you gotta stop approaching people”
I just want these thoughts to catch a  break,
Moments later I managed to let go of these emotions,
But that was only half of the batter,
How will I handle the disappointment cake, the outcome of an expectation,
How could I forget that my wants are thoughts that doesn’t matter?
Why would I continue to express myself and expect a happy ending after?
“Daycee you’re ******* up”
“You know when a glass crack-“
It’ll soon shatter…
I’m too young to be feeling this way,
I’ve been through too much to give this away,
It feels so good to be inn love,
I only feel this way when raving at night,
Galantis was the first roll,
I wanna runaway… just U and I,
I used to dream about this,
I watched a dream manifest into life,
She said no one is perfect,
When you start to wake up, it’s common that the vision is temporarily blind,
Because perfection is in the mirror, an imperfection is a thought conceived over time,
Through comparing perfection in it’s physical, and cutting the soul from the equation, imperfection is the line through an equal sign,
It doesn’t exist, she is bliss, she is missed,
She is a thought that is constantly remembered,
Someday we’ll leave this world behind,
So everyday I love her like memories in December,
**** this world, and by that I mean the society,
Love this world, referring to the souls that resonate with the energy inside me,
I don’t have enough clarity,
And daily, this is something that’s scaring me,
Because I believe she is the one,
Opened arms for others to come,
But it’s not the same, stressing a rarity,
Because my tongue twist without the acid when she stare at me,
I hate that, I wish she made it easy and didn’t care, or acted carelessly,
So I can be a Patrick, crawl under a rock as a fallen star,
And occasionally come out when a supernova accumulates energy zealously,
To give me another opportunity to gain light before a black hole emerges with jealously,
****… love is a wild thing,
We’re just two kids trying to find ourselves,
Adults forget, it’s a child thing,
I don’t want to fake it with someone,
That’s the mild thing,
I like it spicy, extra hot,
A constant smile thing,
I’m inn love… I’ll just share it with everyone,
If I don’t release this feeling, I’ll forever have the blues,
“She’s so beautiful”
I know… I’ll love for her,
… I hope you accept me, forever wondering who’s loving you

— The End —