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Austin Reed Dec 2020
Hold onto good friends,
welcome them like they’re family,
their love’s a blessing.
Austin Reed Mar 2020
Rustling leafs & chimes
play through my head

In Central Park I lie alone
Enjoying the fall day
watching clouds drift along

Finding solace in every gust
Austin Reed May 2020
Since you left
I have little to say;
I just think about you everyday
Austin Reed Jan 17
Had I never left,
would we still have ended up,
in separate beds?
Austin Reed Nov 2020
Constantly rushing,
always procrastinating,
I once was young too.
Austin Reed Jun 2020
I can dance in public,
parade myself down city streets,
sliding, and twirling through crowds;
Sundays I rollerblade,
Give the DJ a few request,
Snake walking my way to you,
Anything to be slick in my gesture;
You make me sing songs.
I hop around all too much,
my neighbors must hate me
I can’t help this feeling;
Fun and lighthearted
Austin Reed Nov 2020
Days have grown tiresome,
life’s become cumbersome,
oh how we’ve succumb
Had a long day but here’s a little haiku
Austin Reed Dec 2020
Our timing is off,
I long for that day to come,
until then, my love...
Austin Reed Dec 2020
I’m on a mission,
dodging every distraction,
I won’t “lighten up”.
Austin Reed Sep 2020
I romanticize a thought:
My work is done, my constant trembling and anguish fades from my head.
All my “what if’s” have withered.
The camera slowly zooms upon my weeping face.
Laughing in an uncontrollable fit of tears.
My epic has come to its end; Joyously happy
Austin Reed Nov 2020
Maybe I’m too proud,
but I just can’t go for that,
I loath your pity.
Austin Reed Nov 2020
My disappointment,
will hollow my ready heart,
leaving me silent.
Austin Reed Mar 2020
Crippling fright
Restless nights
Envious thoughts
Endless haunts
Petrified of lonely
Austin Reed Nov 2020
You look for outlets,
hoping for something anew,
yet your feet stay dry.
Austin Reed Nov 2020
Go take sometime off,
look at today’s forecast,
take a walk outside,
see the gray and the wrinkles,
son, don’t be like your father.
Austin Reed Jun 2020
I have this recurring dream,
there’s someone familiar,
she’s wearing a silk red dress,
and we sit at a little round table,
neither of us share a word,
we just smile in each other’s company.
Austin Reed Jan 27
There she was again,
in the same yellow sundress
feet burrowed in sand,
staring off at the ocean,
joyous in all its splendor.
Austin Reed Apr 2020
In the cold dark
I won’t tremble
I’ll arise like morning sun
And ever so daring
No longer in the shadows of yesterday
For today is the first day of the rest of my life
Austin Reed Mar 2020
I saw myself
An overcast sky
Skipping on a sidewalk
A drunk thought.
Austin Reed Dec 2020
Find your inner joy,
carry it like an old toy,
don’t ever let go
Austin Reed Feb 10
She caressed his face,
speaking softly unto him,
bearing all his tears.
Austin Reed Mar 2020
Every morning she’d complain
“I never get any sleep”
“He tosses and turns all night”
“Always up early too”

She’d warn friends,
“He’s a bit much sometimes”
“He means well; really”
“He just don’t know better”

Oh she’d groan,
“Why you always want my food”
“Don’t... Don’t look at me like that”
“Ok but just one bite”

There’s a picture of them on her visor
She slides it out
Looking upon the empty seat
Tearfully chuckling; “I miss that **** dog
Austin Reed Feb 27
I walked past your old house.
I stared at the dark windows,
wishing I could turn back time.

Your bedroom light would flick on and I’d call you.
Asking you out for ice cream.
You’d run to the window and there I’d be.
You’d run out of that house all giddy like,
wearing an old flannel of mine.
We’d hold hands as we walked down the block.
You’d start to ramble on about nothing.
We’d admire our neighborhood
as the leaves rustle across the street.
admitting this was our favorite time of year.

You’d find us a table while I stood in line
I’d ask for two Oreo shakes.
Your eyes getting big when I brought them over.
We’d sip away and talk more about nothing
and I’d be so happy.

The night would get cooler
And we’d snuggle each other walking back.
Squeezing me tighter
the closer you were from home.
We’d stand under that light
in your front yard.
Saying nothing but
feeling everything.
Both tired and cold,
refusing to let go.

Tonight, I stood there again.
begging to be that kid again.
Inspired By Kacey Johansing
“Let Me Walk Right In”
Austin Reed Jan 22
This was so foolish,
I thought I’d be different,
dreamt we’d be anew,
but I can’t escape the gloom,
in your arms of this ballroom.
Austin Reed Dec 2020
I dwell on failures,
drowning in embarrassment,
forever sorry.
Austin Reed Jun 2020
Being a man;
Hell even a person.
Is over played
day to day struggle; one day at time
I pray on it; may it be good
Our legs are tired,
burning wicks at both ends.
Still.... Still....
we press on;
Managing our scrambled desk
but hey... at least I know where everything is.
I pray on it though; for you, for everybody
May it be good; keep us in good graces
For life is a job in its own
Austin Reed Nov 2020
There’s no great reward,
striving countlessly each day,
so buckle up kids.
Austin Reed Nov 2020
Get it together,
you’re more frantic than ever,
never say never!
Austin Reed Dec 2020
The sudden outbursts,
Your unearthing demeanor,
irregular tone.
Steve, you’re scaring the whole room.
Relax, it’s just a board game...
Austin Reed May 2020
Locking up a U-Haul
He glances around the cul-de-sac
Admiring manicured lawns,
Reminiscent to bicycles on the curbside,
And scoffing at all the white minivans

Hoisting himself into the truck
Out rings a voice
In glides a frisbee scraping across the pavement
Three boys stand a few houses down
“Toss it back”
He holds the disc, brushing his fingers along the plastic
“Cmon man toss it back”
With a quick flick of the wrist the frisbee soars high & fast
He’s overwhelmed with joy
While the kids scramble to catch it
“Ya know I got time to spare, wanna play jackpot“
Faces light up
And time passes

But alas he must go
He approaches the stop sign
taking one last look in the mirror
Running children and a setting sun
How picturesque
Austin Reed Apr 3
Bright and colorful,
optimistic of today,
how I envy that
Austin Reed Nov 2020
I try to forget
the thoughts of how we once were,
but I’ve grown too fond.
Austin Reed Sep 2020
Autumn air;
How you steady me.

Dewy overcast;
Where have you hid the sun?

Swayful trees;
I bought this sweater for you.

Mirrored puddle;
You can’t fool these boots.

Crowding pigeons;
Find your own bagel!

Taxi driver,
Over here! Hey! Over here!
Austin Reed Oct 2020
I watch people with distain,
I hate smiling faces
I hate couples holding hands
I hate friends laughing
I hate all their cute attires
I hate that I envy them
I hate that I’m unhappy
I hate that I’m undesirable
I hate my misery
I hate that I took a wrong turn somewhere
I hate that I don’t love myself
Austin Reed Mar 2020
It’s an early March morning
There’s an overcast sky
Winds whipping through the pines

A man stands hillside
Alone & afraid
Accompanied by clattering chains
Theres a distant wagon in the valley
Each gallop growing closer
He begins to weep

He prays for a miracle
Maybe the wagon will crash
Just anything he begs

A crowd can be heard near
desperately he thrashes around
Kicking the cage  
Over & over
Surveying for help
All can be seen are the roaring pines

He grips the cage tightly
As it creaks open
Two men drag him out
Pulling him through the streets,
Brought down to his knees
He pleas, screams, mercy please

Everythings exhausted
He feels numb & defeated
As the Warden marches forward

Reaching for his big axe
The Warden overlooks the man
Raising his blade
The air becomes still
A small thud echoes through the town,
The wardens lip quivering to sight beneath his feet
Austin Reed Feb 2019
It’s all manifested
I can trace back to then
I was just a boy
Trusting my heart
Stumbling upon life’s hards truth
This parasite burrowed, deeper and deeper as I aged
Living in the dark corners of my mind
Somehow I found it to be a friend
It was solid
My whole life happiness was borrowed
Time would run its course for the things I cherished
youth, loved ones, crushes, anything that made me smile
Where did I go wrong?

this little buddy though
I still had him
We shared loss,
We learned from it

Laughter, voices, embraces
All Pigments of fading memories.
Everything just leaves
Scrambling through grieve to make sense of it all but i just can’t.
Love must never die.
We must.
To celebrate old times is a toast to a funeral.
When does right and wrong become apparent in these states
When does insanity and normality become neighbors
Fearful, reflection and complexion go their separate ways
Weak and fragile I weigh my knees
Cold and motionless
My friend had reached my heart.
Feeding off everything I had left.
I became numb.
Every day was yesterday and tomorrow was today.
Slowly, I lifted myself
I kept falling
In a hot sweat
I lost what was most important
I lost myself

This is my life, embedded pain.
A screech rings through my head.
In the hazy fog I hear a feint scream
Begging and pleading for me.
There’s a flickering light
I feel my heart begin to pound
I can almost touch it.

Until the screech echoes again

I’m living in a war
hiding under the beautiful eyes I’ve been gifted

Sleepless nights have restitched my tone
I hide the agonizing sorrow like a gun

Truly listen
You may just find me
Austin Reed Dec 2020
I gaze upon her,
fantasizing what I’d say,
given she said hey.
Austin Reed Oct 2020
Little locus tree
It now just occurred to me
Just how big you’ll be
Austin Reed Feb 2020
Blow out your candles kid
While my dandelion dissipates
Upon coins dipping
eyes tight,
wishes fill the air
A genie is close
I’ll wait here till 11:11 PM
Just for some fortuity
Of happiness
Austin Reed Nov 2020
My beautiful love,
I’d never betray your trust,
your love is a must.
Austin Reed Feb 2020
On this somber night
I hide under blankets
Safe and sound
Dreaming of home
The place where I can weep
Screaming under water
As the angels carry me away
Humming to everlasting horns
Washed in good graces
Reborn in salvation
Free of blistering evil
In the sweet surrender
Of Zion
Austin Reed Oct 2020
Don’t look so shocked kid,
victory awaits you too,
patience is virtue.
Austin Reed Jun 2020
Suppress my feelings.
I stuff it down.
I’m less full now.
Funny how that works.
Something inside has faded into the black.
A fragmentation of yesteryear
whisked away
Now this...
This is solitude.
Austin Reed Feb 2020
A little a day
Paves the way
A little a day
Won’t leave me astray
A little today
Leaves everything okay
Austin Reed Feb 2020
I’m too kind
A little timid
As I just let things slide
Maybe to quick to forgive
That would attribute for the scars along my back

Unfortunately I don’t mind
For I’m too kind
To say what’s on my mind
Austin Reed Dec 2020
You’ve become so vague,
I can’t even remember,
the back of your neck.
A lazy haiku
Austin Reed Dec 2020
He’s not listening,
you whisper in tongues of love,
afraid to be bold.
Austin Reed Mar 2020
I’ve tried for years
Every synonym
Similes, metaphors
It’s just a feeling
Indescribable to me
Austin Reed Nov 2020
She’s such  a cutie,
blue jeans and a thrifty tee,
lost in the city.
Austin Reed Feb 2020
As I looked upon the bare trees
I could feel it all at once
Clear as day
Branches full and green
Driving with the windows down
Singing with your summer girl
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