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Apr 2021 · 64
Glass Half Full
Austin Reed Apr 2021
Bright and colorful,
optimistic of today,
how I envy that
Mar 2021 · 80
The First Move
Austin Reed Mar 2021
Is it hot in here?
It feels awfully warm right?
Maybe it’s the room
Either way I need a drink.
A few minutes… just SOMETHING.
Mar 2021 · 558
Austin Reed Mar 2021
You’re a safe haven,
blessing me with great vastness,
Feb 2021 · 82
Dear, Macy
Austin Reed Feb 2021
I walked past your old house.
I stared at the dark windows,
wishing I could turn back time.

Your bedroom light would flick on and I’d call you.
Asking you out for ice cream.
You’d run to the window and there I’d be.
You’d run out of that house all giddy like,
wearing an old flannel of mine.
We’d hold hands as we walked down the block.
You’d start to ramble on about nothing.
We’d admire our neighborhood
as the leaves rustle across the street.
admitting this was our favorite time of year.

You’d find us a table while I stood in line
I’d ask for two Oreo shakes.
Your eyes getting big when I brought them over.
We’d sip away and talk more about nothing
and I’d be so happy.

The night would get cooler
And we’d snuggle each other walking back.
Squeezing me tighter
the closer you were from home.
We’d stand under that light
in your front yard.
Saying nothing but
feeling everything.
Both tired and cold,
refusing to let go.

Tonight, I stood there again.
begging to be that kid again.
Inspired By Kacey Johansing
“Let Me Walk Right In”
Feb 2021 · 270
Austin Reed Feb 2021
He got excited,
almost thought to kiss her then,
but he fought the urge,
knowing she wouldn’t feel the same,
and God, it was heartbreaking.
Feb 2021 · 67
Austin Reed Feb 2021
She caressed his face,
speaking softly unto him,
bearing all his tears.
Jan 2021 · 140
Beach house
Austin Reed Jan 2021
There she was again,
in the same yellow sundress
feet burrowed in sand,
staring off at the ocean,
joyous in all its splendor.
Jan 2021 · 75
Austin Reed Jan 2021
This was so foolish,
I thought I’d be different,
dreamt we’d be anew,
but I can’t escape the gloom,
in your arms of this ballroom.
Jan 2021 · 92
Austin Reed Jan 2021
Had I never left,
would we still have ended up,
in separate beds?
Jan 2021 · 87
Austin Reed Jan 2021
You’re barely focused,
pressed about uncertainty,
you’ve forgotten me.
Dec 2020 · 200
Game Night
Austin Reed Dec 2020
The sudden outbursts,
Your unearthing demeanor,
irregular tone.
Steve, you’re scaring the whole room.
Relax, it’s just a board game...
Dec 2020 · 80
Austin Reed Dec 2020
rarely is it ever shown,
just your short comings.
Dec 2020 · 105
Austin Reed Dec 2020
I try reaching out,
though, I’m waved off or dismissed,
it’s embarrassing
Sometimes you just need a friend
Dec 2020 · 132
Austin Reed Dec 2020
I gaze upon her,
fantasizing what I’d say,
given she said hey.
Dec 2020 · 89
Austin Reed Dec 2020
Find your inner joy,
carry it like an old toy,
don’t ever let go
Dec 2020 · 297
Austin Reed Dec 2020
He doesn’t speak a word,
worried he’s too annoying,
so he stares blankly.
Dec 2020 · 61
Austin Reed Dec 2020
Fear is only the unfamiliarity of uncertainty.
Just a thought
Dec 2020 · 107
Lost Time
Austin Reed Dec 2020
You’ve become so vague,
I can’t even remember,
the back of your neck.
A lazy haiku
Dec 2020 · 281
Austin Reed Dec 2020
I dwell on failures,
drowning in embarrassment,
forever sorry.
Dec 2020 · 100
Austin Reed Dec 2020
Our timing is off,
I long for that day to come,
until then, my love...
Dec 2020 · 94
Austin Reed Dec 2020
I’m on a mission,
dodging every distraction,
I won’t “lighten up”.
Dec 2020 · 236
Austin Reed Dec 2020
He’s not listening,
you whisper in tongues of love,
afraid to be bold.
Dec 2020 · 73
Austin Reed Dec 2020
I struggle daily,
juggling sobriety nightly,
trapped inside my mind.
Dec 2020 · 142
Austin Reed Dec 2020
Hold onto good friends,
welcome them like they’re family,
their love’s a blessing.
Nov 2020 · 203
Austin Reed Nov 2020
There’s no great reward,
striving countlessly each day,
so buckle up kids.
Nov 2020 · 92
Austin Reed Nov 2020
Constantly rushing,
always procrastinating,
I once was young too.
Nov 2020 · 71
Austin Reed Nov 2020
I try to forget
the thoughts of how we once were,
but I’ve grown too fond.
Nov 2020 · 63
Austin Reed Nov 2020
My disappointment,
will hollow my ready heart,
leaving me silent.
Nov 2020 · 150
Austin Reed Nov 2020
My beautiful love,
I’d never betray your trust,
your love is a must.
Nov 2020 · 75
Austin Reed Nov 2020
Oh disparity,
my heart has left me astray,
in all my dismay.
Nov 2020 · 85
Austin Reed Nov 2020
You look for outlets,
hoping for something anew,
yet your feet stay dry.
Nov 2020 · 72
Austin Reed Nov 2020
Days have grown tiresome,
life’s become cumbersome,
oh how we’ve succumb
Had a long day but here’s a little haiku
Nov 2020 · 209
Austin Reed Nov 2020
Get it together,
you’re more frantic than ever,
never say never!
Nov 2020 · 218
Austin Reed Nov 2020
She’s such  a cutie,
blue jeans and a thrifty tee,
lost in the city.
Nov 2020 · 165
A word of Advice
Austin Reed Nov 2020
Go take sometime off,
look at today’s forecast,
take a walk outside,
see the gray and the wrinkles,
son, don’t be like your father.
Nov 2020 · 85
An Offer
Austin Reed Nov 2020
Maybe I’m too proud,
but I just can’t go for that,
I loath your pity.
Nov 2020 · 203
Austin Reed Nov 2020
Ain’t no fear in me,
I’ve walked with every phantom,
never have I frayed.
Oct 2020 · 400
Austin Reed Oct 2020
I long approval,
from people I barely know,
how silly is that?
Oct 2020 · 135
Austin Reed Oct 2020
Don’t look so shocked kid,
victory awaits you too,
patience is virtue.
Oct 2020 · 482
Ohio Oct. 26
Austin Reed Oct 2020
I can see my breathe,
my fingertips are frozen,
and my notes are damp.
Oct 2020 · 165
Austin Reed Oct 2020
Little locus tree
It now just occurred to me
Just how big you’ll be
Oct 2020 · 270
The Newsstand
Austin Reed Oct 2020
Hello my fellow,
Today’s news has made me woe,
With nowhere to go.
Oct 2020 · 45
Study Hall
Austin Reed Oct 2020
There was once a time,
my heart would start to flutter
from things she’d mutter
Oct 2020 · 56
Austin Reed Oct 2020
I watch people with distain,
I hate smiling faces
I hate couples holding hands
I hate friends laughing
I hate all their cute attires
I hate that I envy them
I hate that I’m unhappy
I hate that I’m undesirable
I hate my misery
I hate that I took a wrong turn somewhere
I hate that I don’t love myself
Sep 2020 · 199
American Dream
Austin Reed Sep 2020
I romanticize a thought:
My work is done, my constant trembling and anguish fades from my head.
All my “what if’s” have withered.
The camera slowly zooms upon my weeping face.
Laughing in an uncontrollable fit of tears.
My epic has come to its end; Joyously happy
Sep 2020 · 1.3k
Good Morning New York
Austin Reed Sep 2020
Autumn air;
How you steady me.

Dewy overcast;
Where have you hid the sun?

Swayful trees;
I bought this sweater for you.

Mirrored puddle;
You can’t fool these boots.

Crowding pigeons;
Find your own bagel!

Taxi driver,
Over here! Hey! Over here!
Aug 2020 · 295
Austin Reed Aug 2020
Give me undying love
My selfishness wants your time
Listen to my words;
They’re more important than what you’re doing

Fill my void
Be something I can’t conflict
Welcome me like I do my self-indulgent thoughts
Jul 2020 · 117
Austin Reed Jul 2020
Lying in the dewy grass
Happy and cool,
unphased by buzzing flies.
Unaware of the rising sun he dozes back to sleep

Few hours pass  
The air has grown dry, and still.
grass has withered and become brittle
Not a cloud in sight

Birds flock to a neighboring pond
Bothered by chirps he awakens, panicked and wide eyed.
He’s drowsy and growing warm,
his stomach rumbles.
He takes a stroll around, ready to ****** some quick grub.

Unsuccessful in his venture, he’s parched and famished
The sun sits at 12 with little shade.
All he can muster up is getting over to that pond.
He find his path,
it’s black and waves hover above it.
He puts his digits on it,
refraining immediately.
It’s too hot... even for me, he thinks.

Few hours pass,
he still lies close to the pavement, sun bleached and dry, staring blankly at the pond...
His heart beats softer and softer with every minute.
A shadow over comes him, light escapes his eyelids.
Too weak to jump he just lays limp.

Light slowly creeps back in upon his lids as he feels a warm refreshing sensation.
His eyes open, a tall figure hovers above.
“Yea, now that’s better isn’t it little buddy“
Jun 2020 · 124
Move Along
Austin Reed Jun 2020
Drums beat a little harder on Mondays,
So I keep a pep in my step,
Can’t be swallowed up
Not gonna let it.
So I keep a pep in my step.
Jun 2020 · 94
Austin Reed Jun 2020
I can dance in public,
parade myself down city streets,
sliding, and twirling through crowds;
Sundays I rollerblade,
Give the DJ a few request,
Snake walking my way to you,
Anything to be slick in my gesture;
You make me sing songs.
I hop around all too much,
my neighbors must hate me
I can’t help this feeling;
Fun and lighthearted
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