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Austin Reed Apr 2021
Bright and colorful,
optimistic of today,
how I envy that
Austin Reed Mar 2021
Is it hot in here?
It feels awfully warm right?
Maybe it’s the room
Either way I need a drink.
A few minutes… just SOMETHING.
Austin Reed Mar 2021
You’re a safe haven,
blessing me with great vastness,
Austin Reed Feb 2021
I walked past your old house.
I stared at the dark windows,
wishing I could turn back time.

Your bedroom light would flick on and I’d call you.
Asking you out for ice cream.
You’d run to the window and there I’d be.
You’d run out of that house all giddy like,
wearing an old flannel of mine.
We’d hold hands as we walked down the block.
You’d start to ramble on about nothing.
We’d admire our neighborhood
as the leaves rustle across the street.
admitting this was our favorite time of year.

You’d find us a table while I stood in line
I’d ask for two Oreo shakes.
Your eyes getting big when I brought them over.
We’d sip away and talk more about nothing
and I’d be so happy.

The night would get cooler
And we’d snuggle each other walking back.
Squeezing me tighter
the closer you were from home.
We’d stand under that light
in your front yard.
Saying nothing but
feeling everything.
Both tired and cold,
refusing to let go.

Tonight, I stood there again.
begging to be that kid again.
Inspired By Kacey Johansing
“Let Me Walk Right In”
Austin Reed Feb 2021
He got excited,
almost thought to kiss her then,
but he fought the urge,
knowing she wouldn’t feel the same,
and God, it was heartbreaking.
Austin Reed Feb 2021
She caressed his face,
speaking softly unto him,
bearing all his tears.
Austin Reed Jan 2021
There she was again,
in the same yellow sundress
feet burrowed in sand,
staring off at the ocean,
joyous in all its splendor.
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