Oct 28, 2012

I saw an old couple today holding hands

and smiled.

I loved the way they still craved one anothers touch, it made me smile
glass can
glass can
Jul 19, 2013

I want to touch my finger to the tip of your nose
then I'll get a spark from knowing all you know

A touch is enough for a rush to send me reeling.
I've been wheeling and dealing my way through chaos only to have found Myself knee-deep in it.
I'm dying to get out,
Lying to try to save myself,
And fighting to get to you.
A touch is enough of a rush to send me to Heaven,
Enough of a rush to render me utterly speechless.

All you watch so Touching
Cheryl Lizka Yovita

All you watch so Touching
And mine is Touching too...
All you feel was Touching
And I'm feel was Touching too...
All you touch was Touching
All I touch was Touching too...

Everything...Touching me...
Every day...Toucing too...
What isn't Touching us?
If every day and everythink
So Touching realy much

But not making water under eyes


bsp;      Touching.
Michael S Davis
Michael S Davis
Apr 4, 2013

I take your hand in mine and it belongs there.
I nuzzle at your neck and feel your silken hair
And I know we belong together.
When I feel you touch me like a feather
Or I trace your smile with my finger tips,
Or we touch with just our lips;
When the very skin and hair and fragrance
Of our bodies declare it, there’s no denial;
We belong . . .
     Together . . .
           Forever . . .

©2013 Michael S Davis

touching mine gently
jeremy wyatt
jeremy wyatt
Mar 4, 2011

Thought I could feel
your hand last night
touching mine gently
it felt so right
lasted the hours
till  I went to sleep
a memory that
I'll want to keep

To touching happiness...
Circa 1994

And that's as close as any of us get
To touching happiness...

But it's never enough to satisfy us.
Only enough to make us miserable.

Jack Singer
Dec 15, 2011

There are secrets
whispered all around us,
the earth speaks
through her gentle fingers;
the grass
waves in the wind.

We are made
of the same stuff
as mud!
Yet something else
is happening here…

Show me the key
to our consciousness!

Humanity can observe
and pick at the cell,
we can stare at the atom,
the vibrating center
of the universe,
we are getting closer
it would seem,
but we aren’t
going to reach

What if
I told you
It’s all around you,
Just breathing gently.

inhale It,
let your consciousness expand
and contract,
all at once.

Set your soul free,
let it wander
gently through the darkness,
towards the light,

See It now?
Glowing in front of your being?

Go ahead and touch
Rub noses with
Put your hands inside of


You are

You are touching me, babe
Chris Smith Dark Poet Soul

You are touching me, babe
Making me your willing slave
You are undressing me slow
Telling me what I want to know

I watch you strip and tease
I will do whatever you please
I love those things you will do
What you do to me, I will do to you

I taste you there, and you sigh
I am kissing you there, and you cry
Around my neck you move your hips
For you know where my tongue slips

You are sitting on me, taking me fast
You are moving on me, making it last
You know exactly what I am begging for
Because you know I can not take any more

I feel the sensation your body sends
You want some more, the loving never ends
Making me want you all through the night
Come make love to me babe, it feels so right

copyright Chris Smith 2010
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