Aug 3, 2014

When you touched my hand and I smiled.

©2014 copyright Michael Cross
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***poetry is touching souls***
a sky full of stars
a sky full of stars
May 11      May 11

although we may not

physically reach out

and feel , hand to hand ,

  across far distant horizons
- -

poetry is touching souls

Sky ✩✩✩ 5.11.2015

though I have not been publishing much...I have greatly enjoyed the intimate sense, imbibed through quietly reading some amazing work in the conscious moment

Thank You !
Touching my skin
Nov 12, 2014


Dreaming past snow drifts
Framing the distance
Starlight reflections
Closer than tomorrow
Touching my skin

                              Through soft woolen mittens
                              Ski jacket hugs, turtleneck wishes
                              Snow angel dreams and icicle kisses
                              Slipping my heart inside of your pocket
                              Where it is warm, safe and secure

­Calling in echoes
Across the white valley
Listen to the wind
Feel the wintry whispers
Touching your skin

All you watch so Touching
Cheryl Lizka
Cheryl Lizka
Aug 14, 2013

All you watch so Touching
And mine is Touching too...
All you feel was Touching
And I'm feel was Touching too...
All you touch was Touching
All I touch was Touching too...

Everything...Touching me...
Every day...Toucing too...
What isn't Touching us?
If every day and everythink
So Touching realy much

But not making water under eyes


glass can
glass can
Jul 19, 2013

I want to touch my finger to the tip of your nose
then I'll get a spark from knowing all you know

Oct 28, 2012

I saw an old couple today holding hands

and smiled.

I loved the way they still craved one anothers touch, it made me smile
Jul 18

Casements to the soul
Lovers find reaching in dark
O what hands can hold

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A touch is enough for a rush to send me reeling.
I've been wheeling and dealing my way through chaos only to have found Myself knee-deep in it.
I'm dying to get out,
Lying to try to save myself,
And fighting to get to you.
A touch is enough of a rush to send me to Heaven,
Enough of a rush to render me utterly speechless.

Nov 22, 2014

I have touched and been felt
up the one side
around another
fed grapes by naked nymphs on
Mount Vesuvius , well, almost, it
is in my head along with Sunflowers
painted by Van Gogh,
Poems varying from Dylan to
telephone calls to home
from Vietnam,
or memories of a log cabin
on Silver Lake in the middle of Michigan.

Or is it all made up?
Funny looking back through so many years,
it is all so clear,
or is it?

I touched your hand and never knew
I would suddenly fall in love with you
I never realized in a single moment
My dream would finally come true

I did not anticipate the serenity
Which falling in love would bring
Yet when I embrace you in my arms
I felt the joy that makes one sing

Every moment when you are next to me
My heart feels it has found heaven  
I never thought I would feel this way
As many amazing feelings would begin

I never knew after kissing your lips
My heart would come to know such pain
I never thought I would be sad and happy
When my heart would speak your name

When I find myself waiting for you
So anxious are the times embracing me
But all is made to become much better
By the joy in your smile I always see

I never imagined when I embraced you
My heart would be quickly swept away
Yet I found that magic moment to happen
As I received your gift of love today.

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