5 hours ago

A kiss on the cheek
A kiss on bare lips
A kiss on the nose
A kiss on bare hips

One kiss to a girl
One kiss to a boy
One kiss to a dog
One kiss to a stuffed toy

Kisses on rooftops
Kisses on beds
Kisses on tiptoes
Kisses thought out in heads

An addict for sure
Is what I must be
For I love me some kisses
And some kisses love me

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3 days ago

drops of honeydew melon,
and soft summer kisses
powdered lemon pastries,
and late evening embraces

autumn breezes,
and gingerbread spices
midnight whispers,
and stories exchanged

frostbitten winter,
and silent nights
cider that burns,  
and the eyes of a stranger

did feelings fade,
are you letting go
tell me my love,
for only you know.


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Mar 8, 2014

Save for the few stars peaking through there is no more light in the room.
We are clothed only by the night now. Touching is the only way to see you.
Your back moves in a rhythm I try to follow. I tilt my head down to smell your hair.
I find an ear and start to bite. You halt everything your are doing.

Butt pushing hard against my hips. Shoulders pressing harder into my chest.
Nails raking my thighs. Legs writhing. Constricting. A moan painfully breaks out.
Your hand guides me in with near urgency, and precision. We lay still together.
I begin to follow your rhythm now, completely in tune with your movements.

A hand presses on my face turning it to face you. Unbroken kisses and bites.
Your other hand lacing on top of the hand holding your breast. You press firmly.
My other hand snakes all the way down to what must be a garden like Eden's.
"I love how you move." A barely breathed whisper confesses into my ear.

With your legs on the outside of mine I can keep my hand free to move.
Your first hand moves from my face to my wrist holding on for dear life it feels.
You breath is shaking going in and comes with force when you exhale.
I try to keep up with your hips.. your tempo seems interrupted. Distracted.

Kisses go away for now as we both are just trying to breathe. Keep breathing..
Our bodies seize up. Muscles twitching erratically everywhere. I see colours..
Eventually you turn statuesque, holding this pose for I don't know how long.
I start to fear you are not breathing anymore, you're so still. Heat radiates off of you.

Eventually you return to Earth from some out of body experience. Breathing too.
Muscle's slowly relax and eventually your whole body lays quietly on mine.
Both our breathing is slow and drawn out, are pulses still pound through our ears.
I kiss the tears standing on your cheeks. I realize I can see now here in the dark.

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Mar 8, 2014

Sipping red wine is new to me, I enjoy it nonetheless
I find myself sitting in the nook of the couch
Laying in between my legs and on my chest you sip your wine
I love feeling your weight resting on me, our bodies coming together

The channels flick by as we both look for something to watch this evening.
I'm looking out the window. The sun has sunk below the horizon.
Without second guessing myself I reach for the remote in your hand
The tv snaps off and I wait to meet your eyes. Eventually you turn around.

Your look is a curious one; eyes open waiting for me to say something.
Then your head tips back and your eyelids drop as I see a smirk escape.
Both glasses make their way to the table before you turn to straddle me.
Now my eyes look at you with curiosity. Your skin glowing in the light.

Leaning forward almost laying your chest on my face I smell your perfume.
Before you can turn the light off I could see you were wearing a white bra tonight.
The view disappears and I feel you rocking slowly back on top of my lap.
Your silhouette sits in front of the window, with all the orange, pinks, greens, and blues.

Your waist narrows a bit as your arms fold in to take your shirt off.
There's just enough light. The smile on your face, so lovely, so.... happy.
One arm reaches behind and your white bra, that's a dim blue now, slips off.
This half naked woman in the shadows, forever ingrained in my memoury.

You make your way to my waist, lips hovering over the skin exposed on my hips.
I enjoy your many growls as you playfully gnash your teeth on my skin
Making your way back up to eye level with me my shirt comes off by your sweet graces.
While you slip my arms through the sleeves I kiss your shapely breasts under wild giggles.

The light is all but gone in the room and from the sky. I can still see you though.
Leaning back, then regaining posture, a wine glass finds its way in your hand.
A long sip and inhale- glass down- you spread yourself evenly on top of me.
I suddenly feel intoxicated as wine enters my mouth when we kiss- not from the wine though..

This is what it must feel like to be drunk..

It was fifty four degrees inside last night since there was no electricity. Conjuring up this poem kept me a little warmer. Had trouble falling back to sleep.
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Feb 17, 2016

Another quiet evening spent on the couch. We lay facing opposite of each other.
Your watching one of your shows with attention. I lay here massaging your foot.
I take my time to feel out all the kinks and knots. Rolling my thumbs between joints.
Every now and then I see a wincing blink. You've never been massaged this much.

After making sure there were no more points of stress I take a moment.
I lean my head down and kiss the top of each toe; a small pucker at the end.
I remember you stubbed your pinky toe, again, that one gets two kisses.
I could feel you were looking at me as I was switching to your other foot in my lap.

Paused I look up to meet your gaze. You seem inquisitive. A brow cocked.
I return with a simple smile, and a raised brow myself waiting for you to speak.
Nothing is said. You point your chin, look down at my hands, and shake
Your foot up and down. 'Keep going.' was what you told me without telling me.

Looking back up I see a curled index finger placed between your teeth; thumb under your chin.
Could barely make out the ends of your lips picking up. I smile to myself over it.
A look back at me, this time, with something on your mind. I don't stop working.
"I think this should be a nightly ritual from now on. Just feels right." You concluded.

Dec 27, 2016

Looking at your sleeping figure for the last time
Sprawled across the comfiest couch we have ever slept on
I smile as softly as your snores that barely fill the room
Give your left cheek a swift kiss
As my silent goodbye you'll never know I gave

I slowly tuck the blanket around your hips and chest
Knowing how much you need to be held on to
Then walk out the familiar door I will never see again
Turning off my hurting heart the same way
I am forced to turn that golden, squeaky doorknob closed

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Dec 25, 2016

Mistle toe doorway
Bashful kisses lip to lip
With a stranger boy

i blushed so hard... merry xmas
Mar 29, 2016

I still remember the first time you held my hand... i don't know if it was the night or the moonlight, or the coldness in my hands but fuck, i felt the whole entire world rushing through my veins, i felt meteorites and galaxys bursting out of my heart, i felt millions of butterflies dancing inside of my stomach, i felt the glow of the stars shining us above and even our halos as they touched. I saw the world blurry and i felt it fade slowly as i realized how every little thing fit perfectly: my hands in his, and my lips against his.

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Audrey Maday
Audrey Maday
Dec 10, 2016

Snowflake kisses
Are almost as good
As the real thing.

#love   #kiss   #sad   #heart   #kisses   #winter   #snow   #cold   #snowflake   #december  
Nathan A
Nathan A
Dec 4, 2016

I felt the pulse of her heartbeat
Through her quivering lips
As we kissed for the first time
Under the constellations

#love   #kisses   #romance   #stars   #night   #romantic   #uk   #heartwarming  
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