Broody Badger
Broody Badger
1 day ago

The skyline is a range of mountains that surround us on all sides they reach about the same height all the way across and resemble a wall.
I am at the bottom of a fish bowl.
Just above that dark structure the sky is a hazy green which transitions into hazy blue as it ascends vertically. Overcrowding the first two layers: long and lazy clouds, they turn from black to grey, to purple then to a bright salmon orange as your eyes follow them sideways— closer to the sun. Above that the sky is blue, lighter, still all clean and unbreathed. Above that pink clouds, stretch their limbs like sleepy housecats, fur splashed purple like bruises and wine stains. The neon mass conceals the rest of the sky until the blue steadies-out, turning nighttime, resting like the ocean from afar.
The moon is a curved grin on the bottom, a perfect crooked smirk from my position here above the murky pool, resting on the fake rock mass— Orange like expired oxygen.
Inside the house Jim tells Wendy he will clean the pool. The Cheshire Cat is laughing at me as I look up.
There is one star directly above the moon, their distance apart from each other is the precise length of my forefinger if I hold it up to my eye and close the other. I don't know if it's the North Star, but it's so far the only one bright enough to shine-out through this thick veil of SOCAL fumes and advertisements.
By the time I finish writing this the clouds have turned a sickly brown, then all a smoky grey. The skyline still shines; greener more toxic and honest, like the body of water below me.
The colors all die down, one shade at a time.
Like whoever is editing this picture simply dragged a decisive finger on the brightness setting backward to reveal the darkness. The curtain is now lowered not raised: the contrast cranked to full. Full-dressed I light a cigarette and step off. The water takes me in with open arms and wet kisses.

1 day ago

You spake words that had no meaning.
You gave kisses that had no feeling.
You gave love with no heart or soul.

#words   #kisses   #had   #you   #no   #meaning   #that   #gave   #spake  
mitch green
mitch green
2 days ago

sometimes I bite at my lip
so hard that this little
not scab, but

dent forms

I bite at my lip because I miss the way you used to kiss me.

your tender lips between mine

and every so often, you’d give me just a little
tug with your teeth,

and thats all it took to send me over the edge.

#love   #kiss   #kisses   #lips   #missingyou   #bittenlips  
Melisa Bernards
Melisa Bernards
6 days ago

Your eyes hold me captive
Your arms hold me steady
I'm falling in love
I've fallen already
I give you my heart
I give you breath
I give you my kisses
Till we're parted in death
I thought I was alive
How wrong I had been
You opened my eyes
And made me see again
If this is how it feels
When two become one
Then I give you my all
Until my life is done

#love   #heart   #kisses   #alive  
Amalizz Lydia
5 days ago

Forehead kisses in the night
Right before I cling to you,

Tucking my nose in the warmth
of your neck as I breathe in your

I don't want to escape.

I know what will happen next.

I get lost in thoughts of us.

Here you are breathing in my ear, you know how to weaken me.

I try to pull away, but I submit to you.

I've become addicted to this moment.

Then there's forehead kisses in the morning.

                                           -Amalizz Lydia

#love   #kisses   #dreams   #happiness  
Sophia Lynne
Sophia Lynne
6 days ago

I wake up with the feeling of a million kisses now
and I just feel like nothing can top the original
and your smile compensates for every tear I feel like shedding in a day
the chemistry doesn't lie and I was right this whole time

#kiss   #lies   #original   #tears   #kisses   #smile   #you   #feeling   #nothing   #chemistry  

Valentine's day for me is like any other day.
I'm not good with relationships, always trying to discover something in others,
but I always try to find myself.
And whenever I tried to make everything beautiful,
I ended up alone.
The last time I kissed someone my heart felt alone
and I never thought I would recover
but I hate drama.
And this day never has meaning,
and will never have because,
I'm a lonely soul.

#love   #girl   #passion   #sadness   #kisses   #drama   #boy   #day   #soul   #valentine  

Hearts and Stars and Love,
a sky full of happiness,
Hugs and Kisses, too

Happy Valentine's Day :)

#love   #kisses   #stars   #day   #hearts   #valentines   #hugs  

Deep red kisses
leave you breathless

Compelled to make
you just like me

Forever young
and coldly deathless

Together in blood
for eternity

©LadyofRavenhill 2/8/17
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