1 day ago

With thoughts of you and I
Drifting through time.
We search and hope
To find each other
In our endless dreams.
We find an open field
Speckled with wild flowers,
None like we ever seen.
For this is how our love blooms.
To feel the warmth of the sun
As we kiss and make love.
Exploring and tasting,
Sighing and moaning.
Coming together as one.
Just as we always do
In each other’s arms.
Always and forever
Just like in our dreams.

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T      A
1 day ago

this must be what space tastes like
talking in de-oxygenated tongues,
but behind your smile is a sight
I'm left  lovestung.

#love   #kiss   #space  
Sophie Hartl
Sophie Hartl
3 days ago

A sad man sits in front of me in the library
He seems generic;
A used sketchbook, modern glasses, and a Banksy sticker on his MacBook.

His arms are filled with marks
black ink solemnly attempts to cover up what is underneath
But they are beautiful
An abstraction of two people kissing, entwined like the style of the art
Further up is his star sign;

Honest, courageous, passionate
Impatient, impulsive, intrusive
I don’t know if this is him;
All I know is his art, encompassing his every stroke
and carve

His left arm has a different mark
What happened to you?

sad sad sad i don't know what else to say
#kiss   #self   #harm   #man   #sad   #selfharm   #courageous   #library   #aries  
Kevin M Ryan
Kevin M Ryan
4 days ago

Red, wrinckled and balmed
Your shaky thigh, my sweaty palms.

#love   #kiss   #short   #life   #fun   #lips  
Lynn Al-Abiad
Lynn Al-Abiad
4 days ago

Kiss my mouth
I am youth I am beauty
I am a bass song in the midst of a cruise
I am lost between being here, being in my mind, being on the sun, being on a cloud, being with you
Kiss my mouth
I am a Goddess
Zeus or Jupiter
Riding a storm
Raining on your garden.
Kiss my mouth

- LynnAA

Nothing ever makes sense. Smile.

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5 days ago

I'd do anything
In the golden haze of the night
Surreal and forgettable

Bright lights, strange people
It's all so unpredictable
So lucid, it's all a dream

Crowded, the feel of people
It's thrillingly comfortable
Gentle touch of a stranger
Lips locked tight
Lack of meaning allows a strange focus on the physical
Hands through hair
Hands on skin
Seeking always for the spark of an instantaneous attraction

Breaking apart,
You say farewell
Lost in an eternal search for something you don't quite comprehend
It goes on like this too long to tell
Yet the night seems so short
I'd do anything
Anything to feel that temporary connection, floating above the city
Anything to forget the dawn
To forget the apocalypse that is love

From night till dawn
#kiss   #night   #stranger  

I am godless,
a 2am drunk soul barely conscious,
suffocating under the nicotine dust,
not completely faultless.
I’ll stay awake until dawn,
a dirty bottle of scotch my accomplice,
my eyes heavy under the orange dusk
and my lips drooping from your last kiss.
I’m waiting for the sun
but I’m not sure when it’ll rise,
I’m not sure if it will rise,
but if it does
I’ll compare the size of the sun
to the size of my heart
and then I will call you a liar
for ever saying
that you loved me more.

#love   #kiss   #sun   #sunrise   #godless  
6 days ago

i woke up with my head on your chest
i will treasure that moment the very best
i'm craving with your touch and kiss
i dream of you full of bliss
and that's the only thing i miss
could you just stay like forever, please?

#love   #kiss   #longing  
Vincent JFA
Vincent JFA
6 days ago

I think it was that moment
between the look and the kiss
that triggered the highlight reel
of a thousand seconds
broken up between some years,
filtered through a kaleidoscope,
vaguely narrating familiar tales of one
of the world's strangest phenomenons
by language of wet mouths,
pools of dead stars swallowing our irises,
and the sensations left behind from
the brushing of hands so subtle,
you could never tell whether it really happened,
or if it was just the anticipation;
and I guess the best excuse I got
for why I can't remember any of it,
is because I never really forgot about it.

Sometimes I find that my love for video games makes its way into my poetry one way or another. I had written this a little over a year ago, reflecting on a moment I had with an old flame the night before I penned it.

Ihadurca/Ihadulca Il Imella is the main antagonist of the 1999 PlayStation game, Evil Zone, an all-time favorite of mine to this day. Episode 9 in her story-arc was titled "Memory is Like a Kaleidoscope", and it was always something that stuck with me as I grew up. Some years back, I started to really grasp on what it meant to me; how memories sometimes have this way of shifting every time you reflect on them as time passes.

You sometimes remember one detail, maybe forget another, but the feeling of the moment is always there, it just presents itself differently while essentially staying unchanged at its core. Much like how a kaleidoscope, as different as every shape is each time you peek in and turn or shake it, still uses the same beads and gems to make the shapes you see.

And well, that's kind of what it was like sharing that tender moment with that old flame last year, like observing a kaleidoscope of all the moments from six years ago, up to that night.
#love   #kiss   #romance   #remember   #memory   #personal  

The girl I love
smiles like it’s her job,
for the benefit of others,
because happiness to her
is like a t-shirt that doesn’t fit.
Her heart is a minefield,
a bomb zone, a civil war
cold and blue
from too much oxygen-thirsty blood.
Her cheeks are stained with tears.

Her cheeks are stained with tears.

Her lips are coated with pink honey,
her words are tattooed with the feeling of dysphoria.
They’re blue when she speaks;
almost everything about the girl I love is blue.
She is everything to me,
my world is a blue moon
over a blue fog,
my world is blue rain
and blue puddles,
it's a scene from a movie,
an abandoned battlefield,
it's soggy blue eyes
under a soggy blue sky
behind cold white hair,

This blue girl is my everything.
This blue girl calls me
baby, she calls me honey,
her letter in scarlet,
her eyes wide open
and her night time darling.
But really, to the blue girl,
I’m just another warm mouth to kiss.

#love   #kiss   #depression   #girl   #lust   #smile   #dysphoria   #blue   #pink   #mouth  
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