Timothy hill
2 days ago

The blanket of space, where never rased so "placees after hours" you listen the blank taste settles there hate.

Conflate, the reams of the varibles.

Disagree, with the hammer of dawn.

Dust mist the area.

Immunity, was parched the thrist it needed a pass to enter with grain on hands you go to your converters.

The build began, its safety features include "secrete safe" house concepts.

So don't be silly or nodding because the scale use there own grips.

The yard puzzles most as Un seen.

Cars pass by yet no one sees the area.

How was this able to occur none will know.

Many men and women, praise there skills made in full detail.

Don't look away as the sun will change its pace more than just metaphorically.

Day after day the music, was played to the person of high grade, sheilds.

As shadow's came we light his path or aura enegy.

Disburst there attempts with tricky special ops.

Codes were recited, to open the plasma coil and the power was as is.

Above* the words read Care Is To Be Used!

Misinformation, spell to Earth, as Kings and Knight, change there views and faces.

Here as rain starts pain grew and Plains redone.

Illicit, there plains where yet with grim details Un masked.

Poker hands faces look easy.

Oh, dear lord it is that of pity.

Black ships and twister of reality.

Shade there (Egos) and stain there display.

Decate, as we go to the other room he begins his home made craft.

Shoulder, heavy as made precession, was resized for the purpose of matter displacement.

This is of course a novel.
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3 days ago

For the years I’ve been alive
How am I just now seeing the truth
Did I deny simply because I was terrified
Why didn’t I notice it sooner
Why are so many who look like me dying for senseless reasons
Did that cop forget to protect and serve
That American was screaming for an important reason
Is it red, white, and blue
And everything that makes our nation seem less wrong
And more right
Or has it been Black vs. White
This whole time
Was I shielding my eyes from the truth
From the terrifying fact that
Murderers have left this nation in pieces
But despite their weapons of discrimination
We must continue to fight
For a simple reason
That reason being why I was growled at
Like an animal as I held the door freely
For those my ancestors hid from
Why a little girl was taught to hate me
Simply because her parents believed my skin should be corrected
Why a customer felt the urge to get a confirmation from me
That she wasn’t another racist
Don’t they know I’m not a disease
I don’t need a cure
My skin is my skin
If you cut me open
You will see my blood is also red
And my heart beats like your own
And every beat matches hundreds of unspoken words
That carry a devotion to love, justice, and equality
Or as I would like to say
Red, white, and blue
Those who look like me have become an
And those with lighter skin, and brighter eyes
And everyone else like them are all categorized into
Don’t they know that there is no us and they
It’s we the people
Not they the people
And for those who still mock my skin
For those who believe there’s a correction
For those who growl and shout at me
Know that my complexion is everything worthy of perfection
My Blackness will forever be louder
And all because
Will never know that when I am cut open
My blood bleeds
Red, white, and blue

Don't add to the division in our growth.
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Dark Delusion
Dark Delusion
3 days ago

Breathing in one last breath of air.
Laying with a smile painted on my lips.
Humming the melody of my favorite song,
and finally closing my eyes for the last time.

The dark is devouring the light,
keeping the shadows away.
Rain pouring down,
taking away my last flame of life.
The wind with it’s cold touch,
making my whole body shiver.

Looking at the stars
before moving my eyes to the moon.
Reaching after the light I couldn’t have.
The beautiful scenery that lasts a lifetime,
And the last glance I got before leaving.

Never looked at the night sky again.
The final hours before drifting away.
Too dark to see, too pretty to ignore.
Black was my colourful colour.

#life   #death   #moon   #dark   #beautiful   #stars   #black   #night   #sky   #light  
4 days ago

Damned is the life,
The burns and blemishes.
Heart aflame,
Quivers and fame,
The chilling beasts wavering,
Kills and screams.
Hallucinations and some tints,
The shades are not grey.
The ghettos I'm breaking.

An abstract. Slam.
#broken   #peace   #hell   #life   #dark   #black   #abstract   #damn   #darn   #err1585  

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Tyler Castro
Tyler Castro
7 days ago

Doth drinketh thine darkest drink
No cream no sugar
And thine legs make haste
No wait no niceties
For if not, the poison shall leak from thine rectum
But at least you'll be awake through it all

Tyler Castro

Coffee Run
#poem   #coffee   #black   #run   #diarrhea  

I'm so damn scared of the future
with death's vast scythe circling
'round my throats about to
slice the stamina right out of me.
I'm so damn afraid of the next step
of what's coming for me which is
completely unknown and foreign.
Death's black cloak resembles a cover shrouding me in darkness
dismantling my sense of safety
threatening to suffocate me.
I'm so damn frightened of finding out how you truly feel about me
deep inside past all this bullshit.
It's going to be okay but I'm swallowing my tongue because death's cold skull stare is beating my brain to submission and I'm about to topple over from all the weight even though I know

you care about me.

But I'm still terrified

of the truth

whatever it could be.

But I'm still terrified

of venturing forth into

unknown territory

without a plan or a structure
without direction or control
without truly knowing

I'm so damn scared of the future
that it might tear my skin away
to reveal that I'm only made of
flesh and blood and bone and guts
and not the thick metal and steel that I thought I was made of.

I'm so damn scared of what's coming of finding out something of communicating my feeling to you

because it could change


And Death's shiny sycthe
still glints

at my quivering throat

and I gulp as I try to be brave
but bravery is not my strong suit.

#fear   #future   #death   #darkness   #ending   #change   #black   #struggle   #cloak   #sycthe  
Mar 12

There  Are  Poems
Inside  Of  You

#love   #poem   #sad   #hate   #betrayal   #dark   #black   #white   #quote   #quite  


so much blood leaked into
my eyes
as you took apart the
pieces in my head.

i don't know when it started:
but i was four, maybe
the first time i remember
you taking a big chunk out of me:

i was sweet, rosy red,
and stuffed in a dress,
and you were black,
a pale shadow in
dark clothing as you grabbed
my legs when i tried to run....

and did again,
every night
from then on out.

i was
seated on a couch each time,
i felt as though
my eye bags
touched the floor
every second and all i really
was for you not to be angry...

i hate that stupid couch.
i lied so many times.

if i could remember everything id ever seen, i would've died a long time ago. i was just a little girl.
#abuse   #shadow   #black   #night   #blood   #sweet   #angry   #lied  
Mar 9

my face-wash is a whitening cream
but what if i don't want to be white?
what if i just want my skin to be clean
since when did white and clean begin to come in the same package?
are white people the poster-children of cleanliness
because they've washed their hands
with the blood of my ancestors?

am i dirty
because i have not?

it bothers me when my grandmother tells me
that i am lucky
because i was born the fairer one of the two sisters
she says she fears for what i would have looked like
had my colored mother not fallen in love with a white man
mixing her dirty genes with his pure ones
to create a mix-bred child, who, in any case
was better than being born brown.

it would have been a sin
for me to have colored skin

i am still dealing with the remnants of my colonial past
because i am still afraid of telling my mother
that i am in love with a colored man
she will accept him because he is loving and kind
but in the back of her mind
there will be a little voice that whispers
wouldn't it have been better if he was white instead?

and i've heard a lot of people tell me
"thank God your hair is the right kind of curly
not the frizzy, afro-like hair
wild and free
thank God your hair is tame
thank God your hair falls in neat little curls
(you got your dad’s genes!)
thank God
we can hold it
and mold it
into what we like
thank God your hair is the right
kind of curly."

you see my mom escaped by marrying a man with white skin
but with me the cycle begins again
because he's two shades darker
and my children will be too
the white genes of their grandfather
among the dark genes of their father-
with chocolate eyes and hazel skin

i am still struggling to see at my father
as one of "us" and not one of "them"

struggles of a bi-racial child
#love   #black   #white   #family   #race   #identity   #struggle   #brown   #biracial   #colonial  
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