12 minutes ago

The great fear
that I have is,

that one day
my loneliness

#alone   #leave   #night   #me  

I'd gaze at  the moon
Shut my door
Stare at the four walls
Drifting  of to sleep

3 hours ago

I want to sleep.
But my eyes are burning,
From too many un-cried tears.

I can feel my headache,
Rolling in,

I was already,

But now I'll wake up,
With a depressed hangover.

It's 3AM someone save me
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Chloe Helton
Chloe Helton
7 hours ago

You're always there, when I smile.
But not right now.
I can't stop myself from frowning now.
Smiling mouth with my deadened eyes
and quivering all alone in my mind.
I remember when you said
that if I need you, you'll be right there.

Why don't you love me
anymore? Was I sickening to the touch?
Why don't you love me
anymore? Did I scare your love away?
I need you back. You won't come back.
You won't return my love.
How can I obtain the love that you hold in your heart?

You're always there, when I laugh.
But you're gone now.
Screaming, crying in a storm of feelings.
Smiling until I get home,
is this some kind of sick joke?
I miss the ways you held my hand.
I love you and it hurts to see you.

How could it be, that I've fallen
for you, even though you
walked away? You should have stayed by my side.
After all you said you would.
Please don't leave. Why did you leave?
You promised you would always be there.
I'll be waiting if you want to return.

#love   #heartbreak   #sad   #pain   #sadness   #alone   #loss   #hurt   #romance   #her  
Heather Hertzler
12 hours ago

Months have gone by, but the pain remains

They said it’ll take time before it fades

Harder and harder I try not to think of you

But thoughts come back of you leaving on that plane

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to love again

You have my heart, you took it away

I feel empty and lonely inside

Every hope and dream is shattered within

I don’t understand how you continue to hurt me

We haven’t had communication since

You would think I’d be ready to move on

The thought of you- us will never let me be

I wanted so badly to end up with a ring

To live together happy for eternity

You made me believe this could be real

You took it all from me, my everything

My family took you in as theirs

My brothers looked up to you, though they shouldn’t

It wasn’t more but false hope you gave

You took for granted all their care

You aren’t the same as you once were

But that’s what happens with time

Or is it because you hid the true you

Your mind was a mess, you were never sure

Now I’m the one feeling this way

You’re in my thoughts, my prayers, my dreams

I can’t escape the reality

You’ve done nothing but betray

I've gotten my heart broken by someone I completely trusted and fell in love with. Some how it's been several months and I can't get over him. There has been no contact or communication but my hopes is to use this poem as an outreach of my emotion to him.
13 hours ago

Trapped in a mind so grey, so dark
Too empty, it leaves a trail of numb
In a shadow under emotions thumb

Waiting to be found
Spinning and caged
Down on the ground

Hot fire burning out by a skin so cold
Waiting, waiting to grow old

Alchemist of scenarios and doubts
Your happiness is no longer visible through the pool of misery through which you view the world and it's shouts

All night
And at every sight

Shell of immovable clouds
You wanted more
A thousand hours
And here you lie
Lacking your usual shroud

Stitched soul
Sinking sun
Cast your rays
Your story is told


and now let the empty be full
#alone   #anxiety   #empty   #trapped  
Luna Marie
Luna Marie
18 hours ago

I'm broken.
I'm alone.
I'm nobody's token,
I'm a dog without a bone.

Two broken souls will find each other,
Hang on for life,
And find their lover.
But there will always be strife.

If broken recognizes broken,
And I am alone,
Will there be a time when,
I find my broken clone?

There's nobody around.
Is he someone I've already met?
Or have I just not found
Someone as broken as me yet?

Will my prince ever come?
#love   #broken   #pain   #alone  
Erin Nicole
Erin Nicole
19 hours ago

Tears rolling down my face.
The emptiness is too much to handle.
I am alone in this terrible hurtful world.
No one cares about me as I once thought they did.
I am nothing to anyone, even to myself.
I have never despised myself so much.
I have never wanted everything to end so much.

#sad   #death   #alone   #emptiness   #killme  
Joanne Heraghty
Joanne Heraghty
22 hours ago

This time, when I say it,
I want you to know it will not just be for attention.
The world has finally shut its doors,
And I stand outside, alone in the darkness, yearning for affection.

The gatekeepers snarl and snigger each time I get close,
And my mind races, it's roaring above my heart.
Instead of attempting to regain entry, it spits out hatred,
And pulls itself apart..

"I can do this on my own", it speaks out,
"Who needs love, care.... hope?"
"I don't need your pity, your crummy hands to hold me.
I can do this, I don't need anyone .. I can cope!"

And when my minds' voice bounces into the airy silence,
My heart grabs an opportunity to say:
"Hear me instead of these lies that my mind's feeding!
I've never truly wanted to be out here all alone.. I want to go home where loving arms take the darkness away.."

22 - March - 2017

Copyright © All Rights Reserved Joanne Heraghty
#truth   #heart   #alone   #hope   #denial   #care  
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