1 hour ago

The moon is tired
of looking upon
two foolish dreamers
wishing for a love
that was already
long granted.
The wind finally decided
to whisper that they are
each other's wish,
but they missed.
And the stars
just sighed in unison
for such a stupid scene.

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David P Carroll
David P Carroll
7 hours ago

I will give you the love
Inside of my heart
When time is wright
And then you come into
My life with happiness
And pure love
Our special love together all our love
True our special lives
We take care of our love together
With all the love inside our hearts
And it will be the forever
Together our pure special
Love always together
Forever in our special lives.

David P Carroll
Special Lives
10 hours ago

kissing your lips, saying: morning- lover, hairs, fresh bedroom- messy, sleepy. Every day seeing your picture makes my day, it's meeting you for the first time, that I am so afraid

drinking coffee ..a ritual so look forward to with you, reading papers, plays... and you stubbornly fixing things around the house, manly hands, only break porcelain.  

I'm testing your patience, interrupt your focus, wrinkles of seriousness...inspect your baldness ... certain, it's a sign of wisdom, kissing those chestnuts, on top of nose... day begins. I'm brave, and happy- to be.  

Smile- I barely move lips to show my appreciation, you...pull down by my shirt, before I head out and conquer my demons...  feel your strong hand grab my nakedness underneath,  

Touch-delicately converging fingers, palpate deeply fleshy folds...I lose myself in you...relax to a symphony I barely discovered all the notes to ...we are not rushed...and have what we wanted for so long...future together..i love your favorite of them
Vea De Vera
Vea De Vera
12 hours ago

i open my mouth to speak
but there is nothing but silence.
you hold my hand
under the moonlight
and the cacophony of thunder
rumbles in my mind,

there are words inside of me
trying to claw its way
out of my mouth.
still, there is silence.

but the moon was my witness,
she has watched the way
your hand had slipped inside mine,
and had seen how i'd open my mouth
to say the words that i have
been keeping inside me.

i wanted to tell you
how i know you're a mess
but when the moonlight shines
on every broken piece of you
i still think you're wonderful

i wanted to tell you
that your mind is beautiful
how i wanted to know
about everything
that made you who you are

i wanted to tell you
how i have been jealous
of sippy cups and pacifiers,
how i wished it were my lips
trapped between yours

i wanted to tell you
how i would have waited
to unravel the poems inside of you
that i would have wanted
to be so much more for you

but time couldn't permit me that luxury
and the stars have been our reprieve.
they have watched the way
we tried not to buckle
but each kiss still tasted more
and more like goodbye

i open my mouth to speak
but there is nothing but silence.
you let my hand go
under the moonlight
and the cacophony of thunder
rumbles in my mind,

there are words inside of me
trying to claw its way
out of my mouth.
still, there is silence.

but in this reticence,
know that you are more
than the metaphors i find
in the moonlight

#love   #heartbreak   #past   #lovers   #old   #moonlight  
17 hours ago

She put her hair up
All night I imagined its fall
Breathlessly waiting

#love   #haiku   #beauty   #lovers   #erotic   #youth   #joyous   #arousal  
David P Carroll
David P Carroll
21 hours ago

My love
For you
Is true
I'm deeply in
Love with you
I'm truly
I'm love
I shall always
In love

In Love
1 day ago

Your lips are boiling raindrops
falling on my skin,
tearing off three layers
and burning my bare shoulders.
But I'm in love with the rain
just as much as pain.

#love   #kiss   #poem   #poetry   #rain   #lips   #lovers   #literizzature  
Samuel Fox
Samuel Fox
2 days ago

you were the lacunar bolt the part
of a life spent wishing on stars
if stars had ever granted anything but light

chatoyant the yellow pilot lamp
down the street trembles weakly
wanting to burn out it flickers like a sun
struggling long past its expiration date

I was an absquatulate scholar
of wrinkled bedsheets and the way
the light ineffable shone around us
as though we were the goddamn center of it all

a slow-motion salvation is better
than instant gratification behind words
like I believe I can’t accept this
I will give you back

your left behind particulars: your lingerie
your photographs the calligraphy in your letters
the blanket I have slept under for three years
dreaming you might give me back the ring

I willfully saved for you in the abditory
between these walls I was building
for us broken promises refract sanguine light
and shape future homes into abandonment

Apollo Hayden
Apollo Hayden
2 days ago

Wash me off your skin before you sin.
For your face will tell it all if ever you should lie down with him.
Wolves will morn as the blackened sky is torn, and pour out a warth if you should ever let him pass.
Pleasurable things can sting and hearts can deceive the mind, making it believe that we need a stranger in our beds to keep us warm at night.
And I'll be the one with chills on my skin if ever you let him in.
Even your body will reject, knowing that we were more than just our flesh.
You'd be causing the cracks if you're ever in the act, they'll appear on my heart just to know that you gave up all hope and our souls will drift apart.
I'm not one for collecting so I'll keep this vessel clean, in hopes that one day you'll wake up and feel and know how you're the only one for me.
A curse you'll put upon whomever you look in the eyes that isn't me, and time will tell the truth, that you let him in only to realize you're still so empty.
But if you still choose to proceed, first, wash me off of your skin.
So that the heavens do not cry from such an abominable sin.

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