1 day ago

Games lovers play (part 2)

Lemon drop hair, full firm breast
See through top, hands on her hips
She’s ready for love, she’s ready to play
She wants what she wants, she’ll get her way

She stops me in my tracks and grabs my hair
“You've been a real bad boy, my big grizzly bear”
“Now down on your knees, do as I say”
“Mind your manners; you may get your way”

A night of passion started with fun
It sparked our love till the morning sun
No matter the games we choose to play
She gets what she wants and I get my way

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Luiz Syphre
Luiz Syphre
1 day ago

Fed up!

I'll chew you up
and spit out!

Get out!

Go find a route
kick some rocks
A thousand blocks
Go fucken drop!

Stay out!

I was a true devout
No need to scout
You'd never pout
To you I'd shout:
"You Im about"

Bitch you sleep out!

Give me no face,
Taunt and fake
Pretend to chase
Need me some space
But never put out!

Put up!

All your smoke and clouds
You sleep around
Ive got no doubt
Theres no way out
Bitch you so proud
Pick up that stout
there from the crowd and

Smoke out!

You cant keep pace
Your mind a haze
Go out and play
Just fuck and blaze
Who's up today?
Dont care they pay!

All night long you stay up!

Once my thunder,
now just blunder
Front page ponder:
"k-9 found her"
fighting biting
begging to be
six feet under!

Glad she's on her way out!

- Luiz Syphre

Just messing around with lyrics....
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Lynn Al-Abiad
Lynn Al-Abiad
5 days ago

Kiss my mouth
I am youth I am beauty
I am a bass song in the midst of a cruise
I am lost between being here, being in my mind, being on the sun, being on a cloud, being with you
Kiss my mouth
I am a Goddess
Zeus or Jupiter
Riding a storm
Raining on your garden.
Kiss my mouth

- LynnAA

Nothing ever makes sense. Smile.

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Amanda Shelton
Amanda Shelton
5 days ago

"Lover's collide with stars crossing their sky's."  © By Amanda D Shelton

#love   #stars   #lovers  
Amanda Shelton
Amanda Shelton
5 days ago

Sweet dreams, my love.
May your night drift you
on cloud nine.
As you collide with the stars
may they fall
and awaken your wishes
to all possibilities of coming true.

I blow you a wish
with my true loves kiss.
May your dreams
be sweeter than honey or wine.

Goodnight my love.

© By Amanda D Shelton

" A night to remember, a night of delight, a night for moonlight lovers, traveling on a blanket of stars and the moons light is their covers."

"Lover's collide with stars crossing their sky's."  © By Amanda D Shelton you can find this quote in my poems.
#love   #kisses   #dreams   #stars   #sweet   #lovers   #wishes  
Jodie LindaMae
Jodie LindaMae
6 days ago

How old were you
When you realized
That your friends
Were slowly disappearing?
Tracing the moon across their fingertips
As they dissolved into stardust?

I am twenty one years old
And I am the loneliest
I have ever been.

#love   #friends   #depression   #life   #lovers  

As we sat there on that worn white lifeguard’s tower,
chill breeze, I looked deep into your brown eyes.
The feeling it gave struck deep.
The surf worn beach which throbbed and eroded
with no rhythm, not like we had,
over millions of years. What a privilege it was to witness it then.
What a privilege it was to witness you there,
in that moonlight reflection.
The tide receded, we dressed.
Brass buckles, white cotton and denim.
We slept in the car
‘til the birds woke us.

#love   #young   #sex   #lovers   #imagery   #beach  

Is love a fancy or a feeling or a fascination?
You tell me
Although my mind is already made
And made up like the corners of my bed sheets

Your grandparents will tell you one thing, your parents another
And the youth amidst the feeling will tell you something else entirely

You know what I think?
Do you even care?
Will anyone even hear this little thing?
That love is a decision made every day
To let go, to hold on, to cut loose, and to cat's cradle string

The same old yarn or balers twine
Which you first used to tightly wind
The cord around your loving life

You picked your husband
You chose your wife
Now chose whether or not you'll live
In an ever loving daily life

Holy cow - 200 poems here - Meaning lifetime I'm over 500 poems now
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i am so terrified
my feelings for you are so strong in such a short period of time
but not like what im used to
i love you
and this time it didnt stem from lust
its the type of love that grows after being around someone so long and gradually noticing their quirks and having the eventual epiphany
oh god ive fallen
and fallen hard

im terrified because you are leaving me so soon
how is it that you are leaving me but refuse to leave my thoughts
day and night
since the time we have is limited it makes it all the more valuable
there could never be enough time
i cant resist the force that is pulling us closer together

im so scared
my trust issues seem to have melted away with you
i trust you with my everything
you are just so warm and gentle with me
im a puzzle with bent pieces and im giving the box to you
please dont dent them more
please dont break me
i love you so much
be kind please

#love   #hopeless   #lovers   #moving  
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