Aaron La Lux
Aaron La Lux
4 hours ago

Amnesia Deja Vu

Amnesia Deja Vu,
or Deja Va Amnesia,
don’t remember to remember to,
but I do remember repeating,

remind me why we’re alive,
what Star are you that’s fallen,
and how have you survived,

no lie,
no woman,
no cry,

remind me why we are alive,

remind me,
why I continue to right,

right now,
designated as a scribe,
to help us remember the memories,

help me help you,
so cliche and still totally true,


∆ Aaron LA Lux ∆

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1 day ago

We made love as strangers—
Do when they eye each other
Separately intimate in a rush,
Our bed was a rack we made
Tortuous and flesh— revealed
As it gave into itself, the moon
Conspired in our dominations,
As we suffocated in the breaths,
Way down sips, of earthy heavens.

#love   #lovers   #sensual   #erotic  
Mio Seanachaidh
Mio Seanachaidh
2 days ago

The rush of adrenalin courses through me
Whenever we touch or kiss
It's the utmost bliss
Aren't our souls intertwined?

Eros is passionate and vibrant
When I can feel you inside of me

Aria transcends into bel canto ascending soprano
Heavenly music fills the air composed of body heat and skin
If this is living in pure sin, then gladly I play the role of sinner!

Good sex
#sex   #lovers   #erotic   #adrenalin  
Mio Seanachaidh
Mio Seanachaidh
2 days ago

Skin on skin
Sweet caresses and whispers of love
A blissful sensation; an alien feeling unknown

The strange energy coursing through the veins
The mind begins to enter euphoria while the body vibrates anticipating what it awaits

It all feels just right

Can we pretend we're lovers if only for just one night
Pretend that we were distant but just reunited
Let's pretend and play along with this lie

Can I say you loved me too?
Please say that you loved me as I loved you!
If only for a moment, can we pretend we never parted?

I've grown fond of you
I think I love you

One night stand
Mio Seanachaidh
Mio Seanachaidh
2 days ago

Warm and spent
We are one

Morning After.....
#lovers   #moment  
4 days ago

I hate you

I hate you for making me catch feelings

I hate you for telling me nice things

I hate you for making me think I was healing

I hate you for playing with my heart strings

I hate you for leaving so soon

I hate you for finding someone else so fast

I hate you for telling me I was your moon

I hate you for telling me to forget my past

I hate you for making pinky promises

I hate you for showing me your favorite songs

I hate you for telling me to give more people chances

I hate you mostly for just stringing me along

You didn't even really matter that much to me
#love   #depression   #lust   #lost   #his   #lovers   #she   #he   #playing   #hers  
brandon nagley
brandon nagley
5 days ago

Beloved of the sultry ness,
Half wight, fully light;
dayspring of the morn.

Heaven's spark at night;
Mine rainbow in
Fiersome storms.

Bedight me with thy
Comfort, quench me
In the dusk, lancinate
This anxious soul,
Kiss me with a

Quiet i'll stay,
I'll sit quite still;
To put mine soul
Inside thee, struck
By love so real.

©Brandon nagley
©lonesome poets poetry
©earl jane nagley dedication.

Beloved: dearly loved.
Sultry: hot and humid.
Ness; a strip of land projecting into a body of water.
wight : archaic word for (human being)'.
Bedight; decorate.
Thy: your
Mine means my.
Thee means you

If the world my oyster be...
Then, my love, the pearl is thee.
Without you my world would be
Just a shell; would be empty

#love   #poetry   #life   #world   #empty   #thoughts   #precious   #you   #lovers   #soulmate  

No one will love you more than I do,
you’ll probably realise in a month or two,
but by then it will be much to late,
for the lovers of this world hardly wait,
they search for souls that shine like theirs,
put on this planet to find their pairs,
soon I’ll find someone that appreciates me,
for you clearly never did, and one day you’ll see,
that you made a mistake, and gave up something truly great,
but by then my dear, it will be too late.

Jill can see them
in the garden kissing:
her mother and the man
she has brought home
with her just now.

Father has left,
gone off
with the skinny woman,
who Jill saw with him
at the theatre,
whom he said
was a friend
from work.

She stares at them
in the garden
kissing and holding,
she smiling and he
standing smug
and satisfied.

Her mother had
the man to her;
he had looked at her,
smiled, spoke trifles,
then looked
at her mother
and spoke
of other things,
leaving her alone
as he and her mother
walked off
into the garden.

He'll probably
stayed the night,
probably share
her mother's bed,
as her father used to do.

She turns away
from the window
and sits
on the edge
of her bed.

She feels
out of it all,
feels put aside,
put out of mind.

Her father brought
his friend home
while her mother
was away.

She stayed
the night too,
in her father's room,
in his bed.

She heard
their laughter,
the friend's giggles.

She had crept
to her father's room
that night,
listened at the door.

By sounds she heard
she pictured,
she never saw.

#girl   #lovers   #parents  
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