Julia Aubrey
Julia Aubrey
5 hours ago

The song we sing together is quite out of tune, yet as it's stuck in our minds we chose to sing along every moment our lips part.

It's a dreadful tune, like ring-around the rosie, we think it's something we can dance and laugh to even though it's a song of death and torture.

Please change the record.

- Julia Aubrey Rhodes -

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Run away, my love. Just run away
with me. We are animals, lost
in bite marks and desperate visions
of bleak futures where you are no
longer here to light up my skies
with your starlight. My limbs are lost
to your touch, my mouth empty
as you breathe me in. I am
human only when you observe me.
There are no skull shaped prisons
or cries of terror, only
the sound of laughter ringing
like the songs of lost
birds in the night,
longing and true.

~~ I can sing with the birds if it will make you smile. ~~
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Ceyhun Mahi
Ceyhun Mahi
1 day ago

Selamını al, gider o,
Gezer o derviş, gezer o,
Verir ve verir, eder o,
Sever o derviş, sever o.

Anadolu yüz, tanımış,
Tebessüm etmiş, ağlamış,
Çaba göstermiş, dağılmış,
Bekler o derviş, bekler o.

Yollar uzun, hep devam,
Bir neşe var, ve de gam,
Yola çıkar: vesselam,
Söyler o Yunus, söyler o.

A Şarkı (song) written for the Turkish poet Yunus Emre in traditional Turkish Meter.


Greet him back, he'll go,
That dervish travels, he travels,
He'll give and give, he does that,
That dervish loves, he loves.

The face of Anatolia, he knew,
He laughed, he cried,
He was patient, he crumbled,
That dervish waits, he'll wait.

The paths are long, always continuing,
There is joy and there is woe,
He'll be on his way: goodbye!
That Yunus will say, he'll say.
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Mio Seanachaidh
Mio Seanachaidh
2 days ago

A baby awake
lulled and rocked gently to sleep
by mother's heartbeat

A baby's first song
#first   #mother   #music   #heartbeat   #song   #baby  
Martin Narrod
Martin Narrod
2 days ago

Make me cum and I'll come for you, until they pull me down and make me cough out loud. I'm a street named Chance and I'm awful loud, I read right to left. I hear colors not sounds. I'm a maniac, maniac, for Empire Carpet. I've been hospitalized for being honest, and condescended to for living life on the edge, with a knife in my bed, a pillow under my head. Where I've pollinated my sheets with the easements of sleep, and circumvented my best friends just to shake up the news. I've been used, I've been lied to, I've been amused, I've survived abuse, I've been bruised, I've leaned toward the obtuse, I've leant forward for truth, and I've written down my upsides and foretold my mishaps, I'm a backwards commando for import and export of hazmat, and especially bath mats, CB2 or IKEA, Bed, Bath, and Beyond, or just farther beyond. I remain calm, while the adverbs stack in my palms, it's the trick of word pimping to work verbs into adjectives, articles attached to their nouns, an ellipsis or eroteme, a period or comma. I said I am cumming, so now won't you come. I've evolved what I've said into parts of a song. So push back on me and I'll push back in you, I'll take your words and re-dedicate them into consonants and vowels. Hang up your heraldry, and never put down your sex. Keep your habits to bedrooms, and your words to never forget.

2 days ago

I want you
to be my love
My friend
My sister
My brother
And everyting

But if you don't
Want to be
My Mama also
You will lose me

Because I am
your whole family.

For the love of writing
Always Ally
Always Ally
3 days ago

It haunts me.
It haunts me.
The way you breathe my name.
Your touch still lingers on my, and oh my I can't believe you stayed sane.
I grow old with the cold, but at least that I know I can find you now.
I breathe you out.
I breathe you out.
I see you now.
I breathe you out.
I breathe you out.
I can win.

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3 days ago

( Song )

Eight hours of work, eight hours must I sleep,
I can only weep, I realize my life is passing by,
Oh O O O Om . . .
My life gets in the way of living.

Creative people try and lonely people sigh,
I can only weep, I realize my life is passing by,
Oh O O O Om . . .
My life gets in the way of living.

    Travels I would make, cause my heart to break,
    For misery and ecstasy are one.
    Tibetan book of the dead, red rivers I have bled
    And temple walls, they speak of—

My life gets in the way of living.

Years spent in school, we learn but never do
And if you have a woman, or a man,
Your life is spent, by a factor of ten,
Oh O O O Om . . .
My life gets in the way of living.

#life   #song  
4 days ago

tears and screams and laughter
are but song --
then there is no tune without life,
no life
without tune.

Am I so deaf
that I cannot hear your melody?
Am I so cold?

When I sing
will you listen?

Hello! Compass here. I write poems sometimes. If you like this let me know, okay? Thanks!
#tears   #scream   #melody   #song   #cold   #sing   #laughter  

Did he get you
on that slow boat
to China?

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