It’s like an echo off a cliff
Quiet as the hissing wind
Which hums over the wingtips of a gull
Lost in a sea of sand
Beneath the feet of a Castaway
Are the memories of bygone times and days gone by
They are washed away
As is every hope and happiness
Which once was brought upon, by the comforting rain
Though the trees connect his head and hands
To the barren sky above his head
No firelight can catch a glimpse of the looking glass
Or signal back, beyond the reef and its crooked back
For his is only in his heart inland
That survived the falling flights decent
Out of the sky above his head
Where the wings of changes could carry him back
Home to her arms, at loving last

0:27 - 1:00 ish

Been on my instrumental CD for some time... Such a classic.
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ruined my favorite song,
the one I played for you
the night we (I?)

listened to my song and said
you knew it

You lied.
You're a liar.

crinkled the fragile paper of
my heart,
already thin from
ruined songs passed.

When I hear it now
I hear
the drumbeat in your chest
blood rushing through my ears
the breaking of a glass
staccato breath between--

Your voice
A phone call
LinkedIn notification.  

ruined my favorite song.

6 days ago

The bird sings into the silent night
And puts all the frogs to shame.
The crickets lower their violins
To be able to hear the echo of names.
The names of all the beautiful things
That makes up this little world.
The names of every flower,
Twinkling star,
And little girl.

The bird resonates into the silent night
A solo opera for open ears,
It bleeds its soul into the darkened sky
Only audible for a few to hear.
The creatures wait on baited breath
To listen to its song.
To hear the melancholy tune
Stretch out all night long.

The bird coons in its little tree
With eyes only half closed,
It sings a sweet soft melody
To nature down below.
It sings of tomorrow’s promises,
Of all the laughter and the joy,
The bird sings us a lullaby
To help our dreams come alive.
ALC March 17, 2016

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WJ Thompson
WJ Thompson
6 days ago

Words etched into the wall (above)
by the augmented fifth
Merely (below) displaced fifth
Blistering drywall
Voweling (in) out the love song
Caramelizing (out) paint
German Shepherd tilts
his (between) her head
Doesn't quite like (around)
The augmented fifth

What an awkward chord.
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Zoë Lamaze
Zoë Lamaze
6 days ago

The song
It's notes make you feel at peace with you mind,
and at war with every cell on your body.
It's lyrics make you want to laugh,
and scream.
It's beat makes you want to stay completely still,
let it overwhelm you,
It also makes you want to run a thousand miles.
You want to show it off to everyone,
you want them to feel how you feel,
You feel great.
But you also want to keep it for yourself,
You don't want anybody to hear it.
You don't want anyone to feel how you feel.
It's selfish, but it's true.
You want to tattoo the lyrics all over your body,
Tattoo the lyrics into your mind
Beautifully permanent damage.
What an amazing song.

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Don't hold on just let go,
let your feelings flow
There's a bigger world to see
Your heart is young and free
I have opened up the door
so spread your wings and soar

(You can do anything
for I believe in you
Dreams are made to be chased
catching them is what to do
Always follow your heart
for it sings your own song
What seems to be a lifetime
is never really long)

Dance to the beat of your own drum
the best is yet to come
Your mind is your beautiful place
thoughts shine through your face
try to cheer all those you pass
give them a hand if they are last

(Don't hold on just let go,
let your feelings flow
There's a bigger world to see
Your heart is young and free
I have opened up the door
so spread your wings and soar


Shes the song thats constantly written
then revised in my head.
Only then is she able to come alive and be herself.
Accented in beautiful curve.
Revised in the moments shared in thought.
The slightest touch ; her voice truly heard.
Perfectly arranged in broken prose to unseen eyes.
Beautifully composed; the way that she gives.
Finding purpose.
Constantly singing in my head

#love   #music   #song   #forher  

Ocean currents flowing from the upper twilight of,
The flowing unending seascape.
To depths and darkest abyssal zones,
Where beasts of fancy and fantasy fight for survival.
Places where time exists almost halted,
Upon husks of great ships, and caverns of ancient animals.
Preserved by the lack of man and mother nature's intervention.
Evolution stays stagnant-slowed.
The ocean depths preserving things of man and beast.
Even whole societies, islands, and villages sucked into the icy depths.
Marked now "property of Davey Jones".
In his treasure-filled, and soul filled locker.

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7 days ago

Cover your eyes. Cover your eyes.
You there.You're better off here.

The world is spinning far faster than you can comprehend.
Coloured streaks race past you.
Keep your hands to yourself, don't reach for them.
They're dangerous.

Surely you'll be better off where you are,
With your eyes covered by scarred hands.
Surely you'll be better off where you are,
where you can't see how out of place you are.

Inspired by You There by Aquilo
#song   #isolation   #danger   #aquilo  
Mar 14

I will paint the dawn
with our long lost song,
and cry to the moon
that we've moved along.
I'll sit beneath her
all night long,
and tell her our story
how we didn't belong.
I'll sing to her softly,
a sweet little birdsong,
about a love story
meant to be lifelong.
I'll tell her we were strong,
but couldn't hold on.
We were too headstrong,
just stringing along.
We couldn't see ourselves
being in the wrong.
I remember crying
all day long,
trying to shove myself along
to see the difference
between right and wrong.
I couldn't prolong
the end of our love song.
I remember singing
this same little birdsong,
when you heard me
you played along,
but trying to rush me
for you couldn't stay long.
I remember your eyes
tearing with goodbyes,
as I sang the last note
of my loving little song.
I watched you walk away
feet scraping along,
and that was the end
of our loving little birdsong.

~ for an ex I never gave closure too.
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