Randy Johnson
Randy Johnson
13 hours ago

God wants us to turn our enemies into friends.
Let the hatred for your enemies come to an end.
We should try to turn foes into friends even if we fail to succeed.
God will bless us if we try and that is exactly what people need.
When you talk to your enemies, please make an effort to be kind.
Even if they loathe you, it's possible for them to change their minds.
It may be hard to do, especially if you avoid your foes like they're diseased.
Turning an enemy into a friend will warm God's heart and he will be pleased.

Tashea Young
Tashea Young
13 hours ago

Im a Sapiosexual
Im attracted to The intelligence of the individual.
Lets get undressed
Let show each other Our Subconscious Nakedness.
Your Dialect had me finessed
While your psyche I delicately caressed

I don't want a few inches of deep stroke penetration
Id rather have you treat me with some mental stimulation
I gave you a Chance
And you made my soul dance
With just one glance
We have entered a spiritual romance.

You have Massged my intellect and now my  heart wants to follow.
You have quenched my thirst with the sweetest words I will ever swallow
Every time we Converse
You touch the center of my universe
Even though our relationship is strictly Platonic
I find Your heart, mind, and soul so Erotic
We have so much Chemistry
Cant you tell by our Energy
Our Eyes speak thier own lingo
They are Beautiful Words silently spoken that  only you and I have learned to know.

Crash! Bang! Boom! As we collide like a car causing multiple wrecks
This is what is sounds like when we have sex and not the kind you had with your ex.
But its everytime we go back and fourth with our emojis, hearts, kisses, and I love you Texts.

Your mind has the greastest allure
Its as fathomless as the ocean floor
Its a beautiful sight to expore
You leave me gasping for air and begging you to let me taste just a little more
I never Felt like this before
I had a cancerous disease and you became My cure.
my souls feels like its deeply connected to yours.
As we take a look into deepest depths of our poetic souls
we try desparately to maintain self control.

Now that I let you come inside and you we're as Joshua's Israelite army you made my walls come tumbling down.
You made me your Queen and I Shined your precious crown.
When Im in your prescence My feet don't even hit the ground.
Its like was lost in the woods alone and then you search high and low until now that I have been found.
Its our frequency kissing passionately
I think its Spiritual Intimacy.

20 hours ago

Wide awake, though I was sure I was going to slip into the dark of unconsciousness the moment I reached the mattress

Lying there, I listened to the sound of other people dreaming

My own mind wandering around today, tomorrow, and the unknown

I felt strangely calm, as if knowing somehow that everything I ever worried about, whether it happened or not, was purely irrelevant

Because, whatever tomorrow or the next day may bring, I know I will walk through whatever awaits me

I know I will face joy and pain and that we will laugh and cry and argue, just as we always have

My life is changing, but I will not desperately attempt to keep what is not mine

Some things and some people we are only borrowing for a while

I feel, in my heart, that this is not the end of my reality, just a reality

And I'm perfectly alright with that

20 hours ago

You were there for me in the only way you knew how

Don't worry, it's my turn now

I will be strong
21 hours ago

my dream is to go on a long ride
with my bestie before we become bride

my dream is to forever cherish her smile
even when she is walking alone in the aisle

my dream is to never let my bestie forget me
for that i can pay any fee

my dream is to keep your hand along and walk miles and miles
even sometimes rolling and chilling in the aisles

my dream is to stay in your heart
till we have to again put our life into the mode of restart

my dream is to be your best friend
even if many others join you in your life

my dream is to be the reason
behind your 24 carat smile

my dream is to get 100% from your side
even if we stay far apart

my dream is not just a fantasy
my bestie would definitely make it a reality

This poem I have written as a sign of mutual love for my best friend.... Without whom I just can't imagine any fun in my life
1 day ago

You said that loved me

But do you love me?

How can you love me when you don't even know me

You only knew me for such a short time

You only knew my pretty side

You didn't know that I can get so difficult

You didn't know that sometimes I get so afraid

You didn't know that I like dancing around by myself

You didn't know that I'm scared of heights

There's so much you didn't know about me

And yet you went and said that word

But, you could only love me if you had met my dark

And I was too afraid to show you anything but light

I was too afraid you'd run away after seeing how bad I get sometimes

I was too afraid you would run away after hearing the things I sometimes say

I was too afraid, too afraid...

You love the mask that I wore, that's what you love

But that's not really me

You're in love with what I pretend to be

Not how I really am

Not the horribly imperfect person that I am

Just the perfect girl I wish I was

#love   #sad   #friendship  
1 day ago

It's just the same as it's always been

We both roll our eyes and laugh and sigh

Each stuck in our own thoughts

In our own lives, which just happened to intersect

Was it by chance? Oh but you know I don't believe in that

Your laugh could only be brought to my ears by fate

I wonder if we'll still talk like this years from now

Silently, I think about my life before you and how I never knew what I was missing until I found it

Please don't let this fade away with all the things that have

You're the only one who truly understands the days my heart cries and the days I can't help but burst into song

Precious person, you don't know how dear you are to me

This is what true friendship means, through the good and bad

Whether happy or sad

Even if we get mad sometimes, I will never say goodbye to the one who's been there for me through the worst of myself

How did I ever live without you? No wonder I have been miserable

So much was missing from my life

#love   #hope   #friendship  
1 day ago

I find myself saying things

About how stupid it all was

But I'd be lying if I said I really believed so

#love   #life   #drama   #friendship  
1 day ago

Oh friend of mine I think of you
Beneath the shadow of the dew.
While the nightlings creak by the silver moon.
I ponder all the times we've known.

In a sense of moments wrought,  
I dream a dream of distant thought.
I think of you in silent peace
While the sun sleeps it's gentle sleep.

You're always here in my plan,
For you have made who I am.
And I have made you who you are.
We live on together near and far.

Carry on my friend wherever you be.
You'll always be the best of me.
You bring me pain just to know
We may never in the twilight glow.

I would like another chance,
A chance to bid a proper goodbye to my loved ones,
So I can bury their sweet memories, the memories that have been weighing on me so heavily, high up between the white clouds
I want a chance to share their stories with the blue birds,
I want to send my longing tears into the clouds, I pray that the midnight rain will wash this aching pain away.

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