Brandon Harmon
Brandon Harmon
17 minutes ago

{Set I: Brandon}
The season must turn, turn, and turn
Our pain and love will turn, turn, and turn
There's a time to heal
There's a time to feel
The pain is not everlasting
But to build up
We must break down
So take my hand and rise up
Let me wipe those tears and frown
We shall not kill and not even seal
We will gain
But for that we must lose
We will make peace
I promise you it is not too late

If you're ever feeling down, then just read this poem and think of the things that make you happy and be grateful that your life isn't worse than it could be!
Nishu Mathur
Nishu Mathur
27 minutes ago

Not knowing - you and I,
Beyond the planes of physical realm,
An unsaid bond, a baffling tie,
Holds hearts close, overwhelms.

Magnetic pull, an iron hold,
Spanning several seasons,
A bond strong, love in it's folds
Defying logic and reason.
In your hands I place my hand,
Of yours but a reflection,
Writ beyond the laws of land,
The tug of Karmic connection.

Not and I,
Beyond tangible reality,
Unanswered how, unanswered why,
Unfathomable affinity.
Spanning distance, spanning time,
Across the universe,
Like hearts, like minds,
That quietly converse.

In your thoughts I see my own,
Of my mind a reflection,
Knowing  I was never alone -
The pull of a Karmic connection.

#love   #life   #friendship   #bond   #soulmate  
Andrew Kelly
Andrew Kelly
20 hours ago

Nothing says adolescence
More than underage drinking.
Veiled by chitters of nocturnal critters,
Surrounded by a maze of maple trees.

There is nothing more pure
Than youthful rebellion.
Newfound free will questioning rules and religion,
Causes the creation of confused hellions.

Faint echoes of laughter and Kid Cudi,
Bring comrades ever closer,
Until they are friends no longer.
They become family.

I will love my friends until the day I die

I miss you once, twice and thrice as you remain away.
I know I am difficult and won't tell you to understand..
I wish I could let you inside my mind that
how much it has been through..
I can't blame you for treating me too well
But understand that I hardly get treated well.
I am accustomed to roughness, quite opposite to my nature.
Sweetness makes me doubt,
I was once tender but now I have lost of all me to depart.
I won't tell you to understand,
As I too can't understand myself too well!
You remain away, that's okay but come back once you are calm..
Its been a while that I have spoken with you well.
Hoping that you will bury your anger beneath the land,
And be back with your ever cherishing smile.

A friend of mine, treats me too well which I'm unable to digest. In this rough world sweetness becomes a matter of doubt. somehow I stay away from them not knowing what to do.
#anger   #doubt   #friendship   #away   #smile   #understand   #calm  
1 day ago

Back when,
My converse were brand new,
I had starry nights,
With you,
Back when,
Holding hands,
Wasn't taboo.
I long to go,
Back with you

I was looking through old Instagram pictures.. And well.... @damiminator
#love   #short   #pictures   #life   #friendship   #cute   #night   #photos   #instagram  
Pat Adams
Pat Adams
1 day ago

We were two objects of no value flowing down a river.
We bumped into each other and the experience was jarring but unlike anything either of us could explain in words that fit on the two dimensional space in our minds.
That was okay, I didn't need to say anything and neither did you.
So that's how it was.
Two objects of no value that clung to each other and flow down a river and for a long while it seemed we would never need to find the words to explain how we felt.
Then that storm came and the waters of the tributary flooded the land between rivers and we were washed around with all the debris.
Before I could come to an understanding of these events the river had become unfamiliar and large and wild and I was afraid.
I turned to you to say something but couldn't think of the words.
As I struggled in the waves and searched for the words I noticed we had been separated just a moment before and you were clinging to a branch that had floated too close.
As the river flowed ever forward we grew further and further apart.
As I looked around in my panic the river seemed to never end in any direction.
I thought we may float so far apart that I would never see you again.
I had been looking silently in the direction you floated for so long that, were I too unfix my gaze I would become hopelessly lost.
You, or the dot you had become, were my horizon. all I could see.
Too scared to look away from the comfort of your memory, I gave up.
Motionless, I was on shore. I had been for some time.
I stood up, because it was only then I realized I had feet, which is something of value, and it was as if a third dimension unfolded before me.
I walked out of a river, lost and alone and in awe of this wonderful world which had just been uncovered. Free.
I sometimes think about those days when I was subject to the current of a river and how you made it bearable. Now that I am out of the water and with two feet, stand confidently on land, I wonder,

would I have felt the same about you if we bumped into each other here.

#love   #poem   #life   #friendship   #story   #freestyle   #improv  
2 days ago

I can't feel bad for you,
this is your own fault,
you let this happen.
You never wanted to
change your life
for the better,
and now here
you are,
and alone.

#love   #friends   #sad   #heart   #alone   #friendship   #bad   #change   #unhappy   #heartbroken  
2 days ago

I hope you find who you are
                            what you are looking for
                            your happiness
                    and true love.

2 days ago

I wanted to text you
to see how you are
because being who I am,
I always care,
but I know if I do so
I'll fall back down that
hole of trying to be in
your life again.

#love   #life   #heart   #fall   #friendship   #falling   #heartbroken   #old   #caring   #care  
2 days ago

You're hiding who you are
and I hope you realize
that once you show everyone
the real you, they will love you
even more.

#friends   #fake   #friendship   #real   #hiding   #you   #old  
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