I don’t want to go out,
not trying to be negative,
nor am I trying to hang out,
with people who are negative,

which is why I don’t want to go out,


no way,
you’re not getting me out today,
don’t care what you do,
or what you say,

I’m perfectly fine here,
with my nostalgia and insecurities,
and I’m paranoid enough already,
so please I don’t need any one or thing else to worry me,

I’m fine in my own mind,
in my own home in my own room,
where I spin these stories,
which makes this room more of a cocoon,

but if this room is a cocoon,
then does that make me a butterfly,
or better yet a catepillar,
my mind’s drifting again whatever never mind,

just forget it,
it’s easier to just not care,
no need to pretend you want to attend to my wounded heart,
believe me you don’t want to mess with the mess that’s in here,

I’m a troubled soul,
we both are,
so what good would two troubled souls be together,
that’d just be double trouble for sure,

I might seem popular if you read my Facebook posts,
and sure from the outside looking in,
I might look like I’m living life the most,

a lot of people even call me a Player,
but I’m not a Player I don’t even play,
at least not anymore,

and I’m writing this like it matters,
like this poem will be the one that the world shares with itself,
like I haven’t written enough already,
like three #1’s in a row isn’t enough,

it’s never enough,
nothing ever is,
that’s why I’m not going out,
before I even get into anything I’m already over it,

not sober with,
my anxieties getting the best of me,
yeah I guess it’s a natural high,
if you consider a natural high EMF’s and caffeine,

and I don’t even think you know what I mean,
and if you do you probably don’t care,
and if you care I probably don’t notice,
and that’s exactly why I’m staying right here,

I’ll save us both the trouble,
so we don’t have to go out and you don’t have to feel awkwards,
because if we go out I won’t be able to let loose,
because I’ll just be thinking about how our society is so perverse,

how we party away,
having drinks that cost more than most people make,
see it seems the only way to have a good time is to be in denial,
and I am a lot of things but one thing I’m not is fake,

I can’t pretend,
don’t even want to,
I’m not your Arm Candy or your Sugar Daddy,
we are already even so I don’t owe you,

nope not a thing,
and no I’m not going out,
so please stop asking,

as if,
any one is even asking though,
it’s Friday night and the phone doesn’t even ring,
oh well I guess I’m better off alone,

so no I don’t want to go out,
not trying to be negative,
nor am I trying to hang out,
with people who are negative,

which is why I don’t want to go out,



∆ Aaron LA Lux ∆

Oh boy, Friday night.
What to do on a Friday night.
Friday night.
What to do indeed.

What on earth-
could a woman-
who lives alone-

I could go out-
drink myself silly-
stumble home in a torn dress and one high heel-
and wake up with no recollection whatsoever of what happened the night before.

I could go to the swimming pool
midnight swim, seems nice.
Meet someone by the poolside?
and never see the light of day again?

I could walk through the park
knife in hand
only to find my body buried in a plot of land
many miles away

Jees, being a woman is hard.
If only I had a penis, eh?

#fear   #social   #night   #murder   #rape   #friday   #commentary  

I'm one of yer life
there's this feeling in yore
again where I go to sleep.

Why blow a scene hidden there
if she is to share her wife
and no more to be done
lest she get awake and be sick,

she'd let me dance back
only double time shares allow
and when treasures stem there
I'm home again with my sweet pea
alas, with Romeo and Juliet in hd.

An opera of Romeo and Juliet and live from the Metropolitan stage in New York.
#happy   #friday   #ball   #bell   #obamatrump   #inaugural  

The spark of fire
in your eyes
a series of
in mine

#poetry   #fire   #fun   #thoughts   #sign   #friday   #random   #fireworks   #spontaneous  
Jan 13

Early clumsiness
Spilled coffee on my white shirt
Friday the 13th

Associating my clumsiness with Friday the 13th. Lol xD
#haiku   #friday  
Mark Ipil
Mark Ipil
Dec 23, 2016

Buti nalang Sabado bukas,
Isang pinto ang magbubukas,
Upang sa wakas ay makatakas,
Gamit ang natitira pang lakas.

Matitigil na ang pagdalusdos,
Ng mga kahoy na dos por dos,
Na tiyak ang paghagupit,
Sa balat niyang may lupit.

Isa, dalawa hanggang lima,
Ang binilang na pagtalima,
Upang tuluyang makawala,
Sa mga leong nagwawala.

Ngunit sa oras nang pagtakas,
Naiwan ang mahalagang bakas,
Kaya’t ‘di naabutan ng bukas,
Ang biyernes ay naging wakas.

(Esperanza's Last Friday)
#freedom   #last   #friday   #kalayaan   #huli   #biyernes  
C'est Nous
C'est Nous
Nov 21, 2016

Cold rain it arrived
I'll ignore your late night calls
Leaving me alone


More play with haiku :)
#done   #friday   #cotton   #cramps  
Nov 18, 2016

snaking leafless trees
windy moans of sweet nothings
wet trunks grow more rings

slaves to carnal desire
body notes climb leaf-black smoke
eyes reflect hot fire

bulbs in autumn sunk
warm rush mingling stiff breeze
secrets in dirt deep

the moon hangs awake
dew-fed soil bereaving sun
drinks sweet dusky love.

loose haikus
mark john junor
mark john junor
Sep 27, 2016

a child's delight in
her grown woman's eyes
lightened the room
brought back the sunshine to our
friday night leasure......
love my sweetheart
so dearly and clearly......
she giggles with finesse
and reassure with gentle good words
faster than magic
she is the bright star
that warms all our souls......
love my sweetheart so dearly and clearly......
an old rock 'n' roll song begins to play
with a beautiful voice she sings along
while holding me close......
we all tell stories of our long ago far away's
terrible ex's and grande old times
happiness and laughter.....
love my lover so dearly and clearly all the time....
she whispers in my ear about naughty
things she wants to do with me
when its just the two of us
after friends have disappeared one by one
we will collapse on the bed all giggles and joy
giggles and joy

#love   #friends   #lover   #friday   #giggle  
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