18 hours ago

scratch my skin it's a lively wire
with absent eyes pulsating bodies
like a newborn teal tarnishing raw devour
because cinder you faux fire
choking ridges like concrete luxury
that cryptic junctures glow exterior
innocence because the nerves in my organs
are burning , intriguing scotch
to observe my 1960's theme

*Goddess of War*
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Lingua Franca
Lingua Franca
4 days ago

She is deep and coloured with story
she was picked accordingly by God like every other
she steals any peak of brightness and stores it in her warmth
she constantly desires the light that looks down on her
she is fed and enriched when she meets the sun
she glows and thrives once she meets him.
She is loved by many but hated much too,
she is a symbol of my culture
she will live with me forever

My skin is Dark and lovely

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our spindly legs carry us far
and brittle bones make for light cargo,
with sweeping steps and toppling grace
who cares if the skin sinks deep in our face.
you're all pigs, rolling in mud
and here we tower, watch from above
sure bones are sickly and skin translucent
what a small price to pay to rise above your dirt.

been in a rut. idk how to write anymore. bleh.
#weak   #skin   #bones  
Jan 12

Your touch felt like fire against my skin
Igniting me as if i was kerosene
But now the spark has dulled me
And i know that this isn't love

I can't make myself love you
#love   #fire   #skin   #touch   #dull   #spark  
Jan 11

Sun-dried it was, with freckles and pimples each individual size and cause
Mixed with strange colors from the blue UV
A canvas for sweat, where I’d sleep, drink and eat
The surface I treat like a marble dream I walked upon without slipping
Like those shoulders I gripped when you made me feel little
And I begged you for more

Was I cinnamon to you, not perfect all the time like her
The vanilla that she is, pure and classic
She is the real porcelain inside and out while I am ceramic
My cracks don’t show at all, then all at once
But the scariest part is that I haven’t fallen yet, I live on
And you’re on the other fucking side

#love   #broken   #yearning   #fall   #skin   #body   #cinnamon   #vanilla   #depresso  

Maybe home,
is not a place
not even a person
but instead a feeling

It is a feeling
where you can finally
adapt to your society
and be comfortable
to walk in your skin
without being afraid
or scared anymore

And now I'm homesick

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If only your skin was a lighter shade
Here, this bleach might come to your aid
If only your lips weren't so full
Maybe the boys would like you at school
If only your hair wasn't so kinky
Here's some caustic chemicals to make it more slinky
If only your breasts weren't so large
Here's the number to a surgeon, call and see what they charge
If only your waist was smaller (just a few inches)
Here's a corset, see how tiny it cinches?
If only your ass wasn't so round
How 'bout you run some laps to lose a few pounds?
If only you'd get your nose out of books
I bet you'd garner more stares for your looks
If only you'd change your curious personality
I hear the masses prefer banality

If only you'd see me for me
Do you know how content I'd be?
If you can't do that
Then leave me be.

A collection of things people have said to me over the years. I have developed a cynical complex because of it.

You remind me of a Simpson fellow,
No wonder I colour you bright yellow,
Too cowardly to confront your ex,
Without bourbon, and packs of cigarettes,
Thank God you are not my ex,
Your exes must be in bed with a Bex,
A souvenir of a Simpson fellow,
Colour him bright vivid yellow.......

Feedback welcome.
#skin   #yellow  

Such beauty glowing with the sun set,
The last rays of light lingering through the skin,
As her beauty slips along these jagged heart.
Almost as if a sweater was worn covering arms but its just hot as ever to wear those types,
She just wore it because it's comfortable.
Just a few feet away from her,
Yet I couldn't sound a single word,
As if watching a sun setting with no words needed to express the feelings.
I dare not to look long as I'm scared it will only hurt myself.
Why does such beauty exist yet I'm still unable to express it?


#feelings   #scared   #beauty   #thoughts   #skin   #light   #numb   #sunset   #hiy   #yusofasnan  
Mar 8, 2014

Save for the few stars peaking through there is no more light in the room.
We are clothed only by the night now. Touching is the only way to see you.
Your back moves in a rhythm I try to follow. I tilt my head down to smell your hair.
I find an ear and start to bite. You halt everything your are doing.

Butt pushing hard against my hips. Shoulders pressing harder into my chest.
Nails raking my thighs. Legs writhing. Constricting. A moan painfully breaks out.
Your hand guides me in with near urgency, and precision. We lay still together.
I begin to follow your rhythm now, completely in tune with your movements.

A hand presses on my face turning it to face you. Unbroken kisses and bites.
Your other hand lacing on top of the hand holding your breast. You press firmly.
My other hand snakes all the way down to what must be a garden like Eden's.
"I love how you move." A barely breathed whisper confesses into my ear.

With your legs on the outside of mine I can keep my hand free to move.
Your first hand moves from my face to my wrist holding on for dear life it feels.
You breath is shaking going in and comes with force when you exhale.
I try to keep up with your hips.. your tempo seems interrupted. Distracted.

Kisses go away for now as we both are just trying to breathe. Keep breathing..
Our bodies seize up. Muscles twitching erratically everywhere. I see colours..
Eventually you turn statuesque, holding this pose for I don't know how long.
I start to fear you are not breathing anymore, you're so still. Heat radiates off of you.

Eventually you return to Earth from some out of body experience. Breathing too.
Muscle's slowly relax and eventually your whole body lays quietly on mine.
Both our breathing is slow and drawn out, are pulses still pound through our ears.
I kiss the tears standing on your cheeks. I realize I can see now here in the dark.

#wine   #desire   #kisses   #night   #skin   #sensual   #carnal   #earthly   #intoxication  
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