Sean Scribbles
Sean Scribbles
20 hours ago

It's not there untill it is proven
            I create the unrest inside

Yes... Me... I'll own to it... Always, be it in time
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Sean Scribbles
Sean Scribbles
20 hours ago

There is an innocence about it
A sensation which slightly glows
And illuminates, the half of it
But does not act out of cluelessness
Or carelessness

No, it's a state of care free thoughtfulness
In which this kind of being exists

It hates the plow
It hates the system
It simply is
It simply lives

It connects itself to many things
And many people
With a genuine and expressive tone
And an innate sweetness inside of it

And when this sensation sleeps
The small corners of the world as they are
In one way or another
Are at peace

And when I am near
It is the same as when I am not
Behaving with steadfastness

And as it listens quietly
It puts me at ease
As I see it now, for what it is, in its innocence

And when given the opportunity to speak
I care for it
And yet, I cannot understand it's simplicity

In sight
It is a twist of hair in the seamless breeze
How it wavers without want or will

It simply is
A mess, yet controlled
And always in its own way, and by its own will

Deep water can be cold and treacherous
But shallow water can break, be seen and is warm
I love the water, but not like this
And not to submerge
That's not for me

Though these purveyors of sensation are incredibly
Unimaginably sweet

Little fragments of the past... Are embedded in my mind like pieces of glass. But not all of them are bad. Some of them are meant to last.
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Sean Scribbles
Sean Scribbles
2 days ago

Back when I was in love with things or so I thought
I was far too agreeable to everyone
And I often tasted the bitter sting when someone else forgot who I was
But really what I didn't understand was the impermanence of things
How my opportunities were limited
And how I shouldn't care so much about what other people think
I should've just breathed in and been exactly as I was meant to be
How I should've savored the moments back then
Before the truth of life could find me
And sink my feet into reality

Though it sounds like regret... It's really just retrospection. All is well. I did my best. I am at peace. But this was fun to write. LOL!
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Sean Scribbles
Sean Scribbles
3 days ago

When my thoughts run away with me
And I don't know which way I should go

Once I receive the insignificance I so badly wanted
And all I want, is to be left alone

When every corner of my existence is thick with dust
Having flooded my mind, this temporary home

I find his words alive again, and I am reminded
That I must decide once more to go home

Who says you can't? Not him. For he answers all questions. And cleans more perfectly than I ever could. (:
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3 days ago

Little girl with wide blue eyes
Dreams as boundless as the skies
Surrounded by dust and dead ends
Waltzing in a land of make pretend

Freckled, fervent and coy
Twirling past the neighbor boys
When she moves, she slips away
Lost in a smile and a happy place

Left to wander the desert dry
Alone and forgotten no matter what she tries
Looking for affection in an empty well
Fading echoes of forgotten church bells

With her reveries she swiftly dropped
A leap of faith and the whole world stopped
Warm blood and dampened grass,
A mangled foot and a binding cast

In dark days she prayed for help
Wanting to step and perform
Not ready to give up her last chance
To take the stage by way of dance

Ten years later, she's swaying
and twice as stunning as before
Sculpted cheekbones and brooding eyes
Grabbing audiences by surprise

She's reborn a star of the movies,
With a new name and tiny waist
Pretty young flapper with a striking face
The little girl has finally found her place

Happy birthday, Joan Crawford (1906-1977). You are sorely missed and your legacy continues to live on. <3
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Sean Scribbles
Sean Scribbles
3 days ago

It’s like an echo off a cliff
Quiet as the hissing wind
Which hums over the wingtips of a gull
Lost in a sea of sand
Beneath the feet of a Castaway
Are the memories of bygone times and days gone by
They are washed away
As is every hope and happiness
Which once was brought upon, by the comforting rain
Though the trees connect his head and hands
To the barren sky above his head
No firelight can catch a glimpse of the looking glass
Or signal back, beyond the reef and its crooked back
For his is only in his heart inland
That survived the falling flights decent
Out of the sky above his head
Where the wings of changes could carry him back
Home to her arms, at loving last

0:27 - 1:00 ish

Been on my instrumental CD for some time... Such a classic.
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Sean Scribbles
Sean Scribbles
4 days ago

The steel inside my forearm
Has bent beneath the tremendous heat
Of the forest fire burning in me

How it roars and screams a passionate plea
Not of agony but of fury
Both in might and out of sight

With hands outstretched
Over top the sea of burning trees
And temperatures boiling over uproariously

You’ll hear the howl of this wolverine
As it drowns out the earthly screams
Of a forest fire

Insurmountable and unquenchable by any stream

This is how I viewed the scene Mr. Logan
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Sean Scribbles
Sean Scribbles
5 days ago

The point of realization is a scary cliff to overlook
Higher than you've ever felt and lower than the lowest of lows
There is no telling which way you should venture
Or in which direction you should go
Because the fear is what makes the venture an adventure
And only at the bottom of the jump will you know
That the fear which you were feeling
Was only fear of the unknown

But after the jump... After the splash.... You are free at last!
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Jonathan Finch
Jonathan Finch
5 days ago

yellow like honey,
become peculiar sweets
towards the sea
-line where I sit
slighting the grey.

Stars, bubble-topped,
in champagne rise
the firelight of this beaded day.

Blow the blue swallows,
loops of the air,
whose south and southern fragrance
sow the summer day down to the –
say of nowhere newly made somewhere.

Lift all the wheat
the harvester the combine
combining to bind
binding the bound the golden.

Slip all the day
down to the throat
the ear stray
for the sea terns’ splash
or the noise of the stoat.

Graft till the grip
is the tight of crowded lines,
and the seaward trip
whitely stars
as phosphorescence drips
pleasure-presents, those
lips on lips.

from"Poems People Liked (2)", an anthology of previously published poems available on Amazon.books
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