chasing vapors
chasing vapors
1 hour ago

healing takes time.
it could take several weeks,
or months or even years.
we are uncertain.
but the only certainty is that,
we will heal.
we will grow again.
we will be whole again.
we just have to be patient, love.
yes, there would still be nights
that you'd cry over what had happened,
there would still be times
that they'd pop up in your mind,
but, love, you will get through it.
the road is rough
and everything seems tough,
because heartbreak is not a joke.
yes, it is never a joke.
but let me tell you that
He, who created you---
fearfully and wonderfully---
has a purpose.
and sometimes,
His grace comes not in what He gives,
but what He takes away.
everything will get better.
keep fighting, love.
keep fighting.

In love purely with a fancy
a delusion
provoking emotion and confusion

aching goodbyes
a struggle to face freedom
accepting to abandon a bond
between us two

dreading you will glide over your memory of me
within a blink of my drowning eyes
lead by desire, desperation and fear of dependance

dreading your actions will be parallel to mine
a route i am ashamed to admit to
a journey of freedom

leaving behind a bitter ending
losing the chance for another beginning

facing the near future of ending a relationship
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3 hours ago

never trade relationship for friendship
friendship gets broken but gets stronger than before
relationship gets broken and continues to get broken even more

Luiz Syphre
Luiz Syphre
5 hours ago

Could you please look in your purse?

You see....I gave you all my love and left none for me.
I'm sure I gave you plenty, but I soo desperately need some now.
Please, could you return a bit of that love I filled you with?
Because I still have none for me,
as you throw it all away into an abyss.

Could you look again?, I'm sure my love is spilling with it!

- Luiz Syphre

Luiz Syphre
Luiz Syphre
5 hours ago

For your love:
I'm willing to risk an eternity in agony if I should ever fail you.

I would cry for you night and day,
The brave and strong defender forgotten.
Pitty would be measured by my tears as I would be the definition thereof!

For your love:
I would exist as a shell of my former,
loose all material possessions and be a transient til death,
for I would loose the slightest interest in life without you.  I would endure this existence eternal if you not returned to me.

For your love:
I don't offer you my best or any promise of it...those things are obviously given and trivial.

Instead, I offer you what nobody else will...

My slow death in a meager existence of depression and pain if I should ever fail you.

I risk all this once and again for a chance at your returning love.

Is this not the cost for your love?

Sit there and answer, as I pay it!

- Luiz Syphre

Thomas Rex
Thomas Rex
14 hours ago

Don't go
I need you here so I don't get cold
Or else I'll shiver and shake until the sun awakes
Even then I can still see my breath take shape

Don't leave
I've never felt bliss like this
Every moment, every squeeze, every kiss
Tastes like everything I've been begging for

Please stay
These blankets aren't warm enough
Sometimes I imagine your body heat, it helps me fall asleep
I'm no better than when you're alone, but you fill the empty presence in my home

Zenab Rehman
Zenab Rehman
1 day ago

When the whole world sleeps.

I stay awake in my bed.

Every night comes with dark.

Every morning shines its way.

Counting the days,
When will you return to me?

I know we are meant to be together.

Be that as it may, what to do with my heart.

Who is single and needs a company.

"True love has a habit of coming back."
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A Tango
A Tango
1 day ago

He is a prose
she's about to write

She is an art
he's imagining to draw

1 day ago


I've buried origins in foreign soil,
I've buried me in all my turmoil,
but you are the shovel
digging deeper into me,
and I don't mind.
I don't mind feeling the love,
but I mind the sick -
the sick feels like all
the reasons to die.

When absence
becomes a metronome,
I know we've been too far apart,
even hearts cannot force
a beat to leap when
souls grow cold and
hands become ashtrays
in the dark.

And though this world may decay,
my love for you will never fade;
darling you make me feel
as if I'm coming home,
darling, you're dripping
all the colours of the rainbow
all over my heart's monochrome.

A/N: Utter  nonsense...but anyways here's a new poem. Have been very busy with school - a week full of assessments one after the other.
Please comment your thoughts on this poem (: Thankyou for reading! ♡♡

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Angela Punch
Angela Punch
2 days ago

Your wild announcement made my shit turn black,
diarrhea is a welcomed release.
Your cheap knock of billboards don't even sell crack to a junkie.
The term wolf in sheep's clothing can't apply when your carcass is decomposed to the stench beyond revival stage you're at.
Vultures are setting down their dinnerware

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