Mar 10

Bring on the adventure,
Bring on the pain,
Bring on the laughter,
Bring on the games!

Lets go wild,
Lets just feel free,
Let the wind rush threw us
As we stand tall as trees.

I want my muscles to ache,
I want my back to sweat,
I want to be covered in dirt,
And to be out of breathe.

I want to stare at the precipice
And look straight down.
I want to fall into the abyss
And laugh the whole way down.

I want an adventure
That thrills me to the core.
That leaves me tired and exhausted,
Yet always wanting more.
-ALC March 9, 2017

#adventure   #fun   #places   #hiking  
Mar 7

up so high
and back so high
Maybe that's how life is
We are high in places we see
We're high in places ,we can't even see

Might delete this, but thought I needed to share
#life   #high   #see   #places   #swing  

We all have happy places,
Where evil never rears it’s ugly head.
A garden of eden,
Or perhaps a summer camp in the Berkshires.
Or maybe it’s an island with sunsets made of gold,
Or a market with food that tastes like friends, like laughter.
Maybe it is the place you call home,
Or maybe it’s the fear you call death.
We all live life for now.
We laugh, we cry and then we die,
Those we’ve left behind clinging to our pale corpses.
Or maybe they’re clinging to their own memories of us,
The things that they won’t forget until they join us in the void.
Life ends, and then our loved ones end, and so do our happy places.
That summer camp you love?
It’s a filthy landfill.
Your sweet island?
It’s been buried in the waters of former ice caps.
The market that was your refuge?
It’s been nuked, just like New York, Moscow, Paris.
All things end.
All things end.

#happy   #ending   #places   #nuke  
my cup overflows
my cup overflows
Aug 7, 2015

the wet coconut leaves
glistened in the moonlight
Telling stories of the life
I once lived
the sea calls me
To the deep
The wind sings me to sleep
only to dance under the moonlight in blissful dreams

i dove in the glistening ocean
alive at night
breath in deep, the salty air
oh what precious  delight

down to where the clams open
and glowing fishes live
i find my home now
i finish my trip

#death #of #a #star

i live in the tropics .....
#unknown   #me   #to   #take   #places  

a calm darkened room, curtains drawn
outside, the sky is crying-- its tears
slamming white noise on our rooftop
there is a mattress and blue cotton sheets,
a cloud for a comforter and two bodies
clasped together like refrigerator magnets
as icons dance on the screen of our
static television minds

here we are again, hands intertwined within
the streets of Rome, ivy crawling across
yellow edifice recollections, Italian
sun scorching her liquid tongue upon
our baking shoulders-- home
is across the Atlantic, a plane in the sky,
my head on your chest as a passport
to a place forever engraved on our eyelids
and in photographs where love
never fades with time

our hometown has our hearts memorized,
the coffee shop at the corner where past
Augusts had melted our whipped drinks
into fumbling infatuation, the trees
we kiss madly against, the empty grass fields
that know the shape of our spines as
we gaze up, fingers tracing wispy trails
of our blue sky canvas

do you see that cloud? the giant one near the sun;
what does it look like to you?
like you, like you,
like proof that God adores me.

#dream   #poet   #future   #lover   #longing   #travel   #places   #aspirations   #goals  

By Arcassin Burnham

You could have been everything and anything I was always dreaming
Of but that stubborn attitude had it all misconstrued in so many ways that
I couldn't think,
When life was already bad enough , you just seemed to make it worse,
I think you were on the verge of meeting you another,
When I loved you first  , Adored you first , you were my first,

I Hate you even more everyday when your birthday comes, and as you
Smile and kiss another man , I hope your day comes,
When you finally realize that love will stab you in the back,
Everything you do to someone, it comes back, so remember that,
I'm glad I'm not there to tell you that,
I use to think of you as someone I came to when I got bullied,
You used me for all I was, you really thought you knew me.

#love   #friends   #words   #loss   #forget   #thought   #bullying   #places   #worse   #thepast  

I held a pencil
the other day
and the magic of passion
took my hand to paper
and my mind
to places
that I wish
to share
with you

#passion   #imagination   #mind   #paper   #writer   #places  

While I'm not at work or at rest,
What's the one thing I can do to feel at my best?
How can I renew myself and my mind?
Where do I go? What places must I find ?

Monotony, will this ever break?
Enjoying in clubs and restaurants how long  must I fake?
The city so big, but so little things to do,
To find my mind space , take me someplace I can go

So far , are the places of rock,water and sand
In the city , is it possible to find my Neverland?

This poem is a summary of my questions and thoughts on my thesis topic which is third places
Dec 29, 2016

I don't see you anymore,
but I feel you in all the places I go.

I don't hear you anymore,
and I'm forgetting the sound of your voice.

And I miss you, yet I wonder how that can be, because we have yet to truly meet.


#love   #heartbreak   #forget   #wonder   #miss   #voice   #places   #meet   #df   #dfpoetry  
Paul R Hensley
Paul R Hensley
Dec 20, 2016

McDonald's not the place
That miserable place,
The place I  work at,

Don't get me wrong,
It puts bread on the table,

This drama that people throw at you,
It's really just poppycock,

The job is too easy,
Just press a button,

like the easy button
Wish I had a mute button
So I can silence the clicking of these buttons..

-Paul R Hensley |||

#drama   #sign   #work   #job   #places   #deadend   #sigh   #buttons  
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