By Arcassin Burnham

You could have been everything and anything I was always dreaming
Of but that stubborn attitude had it all misconstrued in so many ways that
I couldn't think,
When life was already bad enough , you just seemed to make it worse,
I think you were on the verge of meeting you another,
When I loved you first  , Adored you first , you were my first,

I Hate you even more everyday when your birthday comes, and as you
Smile and kiss another man , I hope your day comes,
When you finally realize that love will stab you in the back,
Everything you do to someone, it comes back, so remember that,
I'm glad I'm not there to tell you that,
I use to think of you as someone I came to when I got bullied,
You used me for all I was, you really thought you knew me.

#love   #friends   #words   #loss   #forget   #thought   #bullying   #places   #worse   #thepast  

I held a pencil
the other day
and the magic of passion
took my hand to paper
and my mind
to places
that I wish
to share
with you

#passion   #imagination   #mind   #paper   #writer   #places  

While I'm not at work or at rest,
What's the one thing I can do to feel at my best?
How can I renew myself and my mind?
Where do I go? What places must I find ?

Monotony, will this ever break?
Enjoying in clubs and restaurants how long  must I fake?
The city so big, but so little things to do,
To find my mind space , take me someplace I can go

So far , are the places of rock,water and sand
In the city , is it possible to find my Neverland?

This poem is a summary of my questions and thoughts on my thesis topic which is third places
Dec 29, 2016

I don't see you anymore,
but I feel you in all the places I go.

I don't hear you anymore,
and I'm forgetting the sound of your voice.

And I miss you, yet I wonder how that can be, because we have yet to truly meet.


#love   #heartbreak   #forget   #wonder   #miss   #voice   #places   #meet   #df   #dfpoetry  
Paul R Hensley
Paul R Hensley
Dec 20, 2016

McDonald's not the place
That miserable place,
The place I  work at,

Don't get me wrong,
It puts bread on the table,

This drama that people throw at you,
It's really just poppycock,

The job is too easy,
Just press a button,

like the easy button
Wish I had a mute button
So I can silence the clicking of these buttons..

-Paul R Hensley |||

#drama   #sign   #work   #job   #places   #deadend   #sigh   #buttons  
Dec 7, 2016

Once, I fell for a traveler
whose eyes sought the beautiful.
But even those who were simply mundane
didn't even have to worry a thing,
for he always saw the best within.

Never have I ever been a destination.
More like ruins that give the illusion
that abandon could exhibit beauty.
But his map was never way too full
for more pushpins on places he'd rule
with polaroid films and blank canvasses,
that only his eyes and hands can caress.

But little did I know that he was
more on an adventure than just a petty tour.
That when time came for him to move on,
I'm sure I forgot, here wasn't his home.

At least, in the roster, I exist.
One of the places he chose to visit.

I have written this some time after I thought I've had moved on from someone.
#love   #beauty   #wonder   #travel   #places  
Jasmin A
Jasmin A
Nov 1, 2016

You're the Ballet en Pointe;
difficult yet graceful and magnificent.

You're winter; touching my roots
and removing the orange anger
hanging from the fragile tips of
my branches after autumn weather.

You're Easter; every secret I find
hidden in your life's bushes is an egg
left by that gracious holiday creature and
I'm triumphant and I love you more.

You're California; hot and fun.
Every corner. Every turn
something new to discover and

You're mine. Stay mine, baby.

#sad   #life   #dance   #stay   #iloveyou   #forever   #seasons   #places   #mine   #holiday  
Victoria Wyatt
Victoria Wyatt
Nov 1, 2016

I dream of cities I have never been to,
And I dream of faces I have never seen.
I dream of memories I've never made,
And I dream of words I have never heard.
I dream of feelings I've never felt,
And I dream of foods I've never tasted.

I dream of adventures I've never had,
And I dream of you.

#dreams   #people   #places   #cities   #smells  
Oct 13, 2016

in a city of shifting faces
we become forgetful about life in different places
succumbed to a world within a world.
construction and history
poverty and misogyny;
the city is lost within me and i am lost within the city

we all suffer the internal blackholes of everyday life

in a city of anonymous faces,
we take no notice
succumbed to a world within a world where only our world matters
and we wonder what's for lunch whilst thousands live homeless and the irony of wondering why so many go hungry
in a city of greed

consumers consumed by consumerist propaganda

all the shifting faces we walk past on a daily basis
bigots, fascists, racists
and we are wrapped up
too engulfed by our own lives to care about others
but selflessness is only selfless if not done for self, but i was told
"no good deed goes unpunished"
but we should do good anyway
because in a city of shifting faces
be the face-shifter who stops turning pages and pauses --
take in the scenery
and be alive for every moment;
it is okay to be a passer-by in a city of nameless strangers
but never in your own life

#life   #happy   #thoughtful   #rhyme   #city   #places   #brood   #faces   #retrospect   #sonder  
Oct 11, 2016

questions pose themselves wherever you wander
seldom will you find the answers
you'll seach aimlessly in people, places, and things
the only thing you will discover is that you never knew what you were looking for

#life   #lost   #people   #questions   #wander   #discover   #things   #places   #stability   #stable  
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