Devin Ortiz
Devin Ortiz
4 hours ago

I rarely hear the Trumpets now
The singing bellows of quelling sound
Which tame the Beast, I fear inside
His hypnotic trance, is a Demon's cry

I cannot see the Painter's wrath
Brushstrokes raging down forbidden path
Long forgotten, but forever known
His sinister smile breaks day when shown

I know not the Cinder's smell
The Kindling Madness of an ancient spell
Ash inhaled of perfect ruin,
His incantation of evil is brewing

I dare not taste the Wicked's Cuisine
Dark nectars twist the tongue of Fiends
Bellies full of Nightmare's tears
His fruition comes through pain and jeers

I reach to touch the Devil's Hand
Three of a kind and a master plan
To call the bluff or submit and fold
His reign begins, free will already sold

#self   #senses   #hear   #demons   #devil   #touch   #see   #smell   #beast   #taste  

When they ask you why you love the rain, the ocean, the river, tell them it is because unlike the people who should  have  loved  you  better, the water was never  afraid to touch  you; even when you were at your most damaged and broken.

#love   #broken   #water   #touch   #damaged  
Sienna Luna
Sienna Luna
2 days ago

Sometimes when I

briefly touch you

I want to sink into

the warmness of your skin

all toasty from that internal heater

you call a body an it's wonderful

how so much heat can come

from such a delicate frame

or maybe  you are my delicacy

to be deliciously eaten

during times of crisis

I only have to think of

the slight curve

of your pink smile

to find warmth.

2 days ago

So finally I have found you ,
just a like a dawn to it’s dew,
I don’t know where do you live or
what you do ,
but I have hopes that together in life we’ll glue .

You have came just when the movie has started ,
so you never would miss a scene or gleans ,
you’ll know me all someday and
if it seem worthy , maybe just stay .

I don’t ask for much
but just a soul’s touch ,
I promise I won’t try to clutch
rather I would I be glad I came across you in this lively search .

These letters that no one else will ever read
I hope you will with creed ,
be free and welcome to this unusual breed,
Together we are planting a seed .

This poem was originally a on spot written poem I wrote for the people that are subscribed to my poetry newsletter .  It was kinda based on idea that thank you for tuning in and I hope we just grow together here and along in life . The poem name was seed because I felt that I was developing and nurturing something .  I hope you enjoy reading this and make sure you leave  a feedback it's the best thing to read and if you would like to receive a letter just message me .
#first   #time   #together   #touch   #letter   #search   #promise   #welcome   #seed   #dew  
2 days ago

train wreak you diffused specks of hazel
that nude lipsticks were rigid romances
shriveling moans of moon light
slurring sequences with bold touches
like poetry smearing against slender ankles
humming cherry
"let your hands linger by my thighs"

#metaphor   #romance   #emotion   #lipstick   #touch   #cherry   #explicit   #nude   #thighs   #hazel  
Amy H A
Amy H A
Jan 14

like a melody he moves
the rhythm of his mood
reflecting clouds;
grey turns to silver
shone on his head,
and a smile
so soft across his face
brings my mind
and longing to his space.
the dance of a rag in hand
smooth like jazz
caressing every surface.
nothing is neglected
by long legato strokes
along a smooth, pale canvas
cleared for his next composition
to do it all again.
I am jealous of his kitchen.

the guy I love at home

Energy flows like magic
Through my whole body
Everytime we touch.
Feels like our bodies are connected
In perfect synchrony
Like we were made for each other.
I think we were born
From the same stars
And the universe conspired
For us to be together.

T      A
Jan 13

playing piano
along your arms
is somehow my
sweetest tune

#10w   #piano   #touch   #play  
Jan 12

Your touch felt like fire against my skin
Igniting me as if i was kerosene
But now the spark has dulled me
And i know that this isn't love

I can't make myself love you
#love   #fire   #skin   #touch   #dull   #spark  
Helena B
Helena B
Jan 11

When I think about you,
it doesn't give me butterflies like it used to.
Instead I feel like I swallowed a dozen knives.
Looking through old photographs of us used to bring a smile to my face,
Now I get nauseous.
I once thought I would grow old with you
But the thought of you now makes me cringe.
I gave you my trust
And you tore me apart, bit by bit.
My eyes avoid all the reminisce and fingerprints you left in my home and on my skin.
I have tried to purge you out of my head
because the thought of you makes me disgusted
But its difficult.
You spread yourself thinly through all of my favorite things.
The only thing you never touched was my poetry.

My ex was very emotionally abusive and its been hard to live knowing he touched me when I didn't want him to.
#ex   #trust   #heart   #tears   #touch   #abusive   #emotional   #purge  
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