30 minutes ago

Seduce my eyes
They are the windows to my soul
Share with me your beauty
All the things that make you grow
Seduce me with your eyes
My eyes like what they see
Share with me your weakness
And I'll see you're just like me
Seduce me

Seduce me with your scent
A heady fragrance reaches far
Etch a trigger in my brain that
Reaches memories when we part
Seduce me with your scent
The sweetness is divine
Like cherry blossom blooming
Or a coastal sunset night
Seduce me

Seduce my ears with what I hear
As the gentle whispers of a warm breeze
Speaks to the grass
As cheerful song is heard from the sky larks laugh
Seduce my ears with what I hear
With your soft voice speaking of fond childhood memories ambition and dreams
Telling me lovely stories of what you believe
Seduce me

Seduce my touch
With the electricity of your body
Strong and broad like the most beautiful landscape I long to explore
Walking every path and learning more
Seduce my touch
Hold my hand in yours
We'll climb the highest mountain
Reaching breathtaking views
Guide my hands from toe to tip
Running my hands over your every inch not missing one bit
Seduce me

Seduce me with your taste
I may have saved the best till last
One taste of your lips and I'll be yearning  fast
One sip doesn't quench my thirst
Im greedy I want more
Like a vino rosso you've let my tastebuds soar
Sweet fruit notes and smooth caramel
I sip you seductively and savour each delicate drop
Grounded by your earthy tones just like my fine wine
I taste your many layers which are perfectly sublime
Seduce me

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Jon Po Dom
Jon Po Dom
2 days ago

Winter lips cool to the touch
Crystal eyes frosty much
Enduring gaze, beauty and such
A touch of class for my crush

Silhouette of diamond blush
Sweet temptation a constant rush
Tender body sweet and flush
Escaping breathe makes me hush

Hair is gathered looking plush
Forbidden fruit delectable and lush
An aphrodisiac in the cultch
Beast and Beauty dance to singing thrush

Taking hold of the clutch
Through the gears until she's ablush
Night of passion leaves her slush
Until the night time ends in shush

JM 10/12/16

#love   #senses   #eyes   #passion   #breath   #sex   #skin   #touch   #fruit   #pleasure  
2 days ago

I found a new shade of lipstick
that looked perfect for my pout.
So I bought it and took it home.
I was dying to try it out.
As I put it on, it brought out
the glow in my complexion,
because the thought of something
devious put a smile on my reflection.
I would love to see this color
leave a stain across your lips,
but I'd really rather see it
smeared below your hips.

#love   #kiss   #lust   #lips   #him   #sex   #sexy   #touch   #perv  
Maggie Rowen
Maggie Rowen
4 days ago

Your arms might be the only
I will ever feel at home in

Your arms might be the only
I will ever be alone in

Your heart might be the only
that will ever keep me lonely

Your heart might be the only
that will ever keep me going

Your heart, your arms,
your love, your touch
you leave, I weep
I see you sleep
Peaceful and sound,
not another moment to be found
You've torn me apart
and dream as though
you don't hear the sounds
of my tears on the floor

Your arms were the only I will ever feel at home in

But you left
#love   #dream   #peace   #heart   #sleep   #touch   #torn   #weep   #arms  
Lady Bird
Lady Bird
6 days ago

sunshine lingers land
over receding tides
seashells on the sand
carring the ocean within
with a warm gentle touch
there silent whispers unfold
held to my ear I listen
as a beautiful story is told

#sunshine   #ocean   #warm   #touch   #sand   #tides   #land   #lingers   #receding  

I’m quiet.
I’m afraid if I say anything I’ll start crying,
Maybe all three. That would be something to see.

Sometimes I wonder if there is something wrong with me,
Something fundamentally wrong in my brain.
Why don’t I like people touching me?
It’s not like I was abused,
Or raped,
Sexually harassed.
I don’t have an excuse off the top of my head,
I just don’t like it.

I’ve asked before,
Asked for this one boundary.
She uses every part of me.
I am a tool,
Something to show off.
I get it.
I just hoped that maybe,
Just maybe,
Touch could be my one thing.
Just please don’t touch me.

I feel bad for you,
My Mother said as she grabbed my face,
No one will ever love you.
She’s probably right.
How could anyone love what they couldn’t touch?
Still I had to ask,
Just please don’t touch me.

We are in a small, confined booth now.
She wraps her arm around me to take a picture,
Even makes a big show of prefacing it with an apology.
I know you don’t like being touched,
I’m going to touch you for this picture.
This picture I will show off to all my facebook friends,
I’ll show off my happy family,
My successful daughter.
Look how happy we all are.

Her bracelet caught on my sweater.
She leaned close,
I could feel her breath on my neck and I panicked,
She was so close.
I jerked away,
My body slammed into the wall of the booth.

I could see an apology on her lips,
I could see the maternal instinct starting to kick in,
Just to watch it be drowned by the hurt in her eyes.

Being hurt,
It can look like many things.
To me it looks like My Mother lashing out,
Verbal knives pinning me against a wall.
This is the look that drowned out any maternal instinct in her eyes.
She excused herself to the bathroom.
I knew I should’ve gone to apologize.
Say that I didn’t mean to,
Blame it on a headache.

But I was scared.
Fear gripped me and held me in that booth seat.
I knew if I got up,
Went to that bathroom,
She would only scream false lies at me.
She wouldn’t mean them.
They’d still hurt.

So later that night,
When my Mother was crying and crying in the hotel room next to mine,
My Dad texted me
Asked me to meet him in the lobby.
I got down there and the look on his face said it all,
I had failed.
I burst into tears.

He dragged me into a conference room,
Looking around to make sure no attendants or workers noticed.
Asked why I had done it,
Informed me of all the pain, and suffering my Mother is now going through,
Because of me.
Because I couldn’t withstand her touching me for more than 15 seconds,
For a stupid God forsaken picture.

When I found a space between my tears and his accusations,
I plead that I had tried.
I tried my best to be okay with it.

I couldn’t explain to him that it was more than just dislike.
It was invasive,
Whatever instinctual fight or flight switch I had,
Touch triggered it.
How could I tell him it made me feel repulsed,
It tore my insides to pieces trying to hold myself together for a picture.
How could I tell him any of this?

So I cried and cried and cried.
And when I got back upstairs,
Saw the notifications on my phone,
And checked on facebook to see that happy picture,
Of a happy daughter,
A happy mother,
And a happy family,
I felt ashamed

I felt guilty,
I felt wrong.
They all wanted this,
They wanted this picture to be true,
And I didn’t know how to give it to them.

I'm sitting on my bed, wrapped up in a red, fluffy blanket and I'm thinking about how touch confuses me
Any touch, between the shoulders of friends, a soft punch at your sibling, an arm wound tightly around you by someone who doesn't want to let go-
It's all so intimate
Yet it lacks intention, direction
I mean, is it a touch of compassion? Is it playfulness, or something with much more gravity, emotions too powerful to wear a name?
Sometimes the situation lends itself to interpretation, but most of the times it is more like the way the clouds seem to caress the moon at night
And I don't comprehend
I freeze.
I find myself looking out of the corners of my eyes more often
Other people never seem to react this way, but even with the simplicity of physical connection, I can't help but look for an ulterior meaning
Fearing the untamed world of touch almost as much as I crave to be a part of it

And maybe that's why I don't understand it

Maybe I'm confusing touch with my desire to feel something, anything at all
Maybe I'm confusing touch with the feel of someone noticing I'm slipping away and anchoring me to the ground
Maybe I'm thinking that every touch I gather is another rung on the ladder to climbing out of this hellish land titled depression, where the silver glimmers of light cut almost as deep as the darkness itself, and where only once a year you remember to love yourself
I know that touch can't do that, but

Somewhere between my ears, a voice tells me it can.
It tells me to hold very, very still, holding my breath until stars explode before my sight,
Until I am kneeling before the boy with endless eyes
He smiles, wrapped in the cloak of the night and reaches between my ribs to stroke away the beating of my heart
It silences
And Death reaches down to wrap me in his arms, cradling my soul into eternity...

I abruptly climb off my bed, unwinding myself from the suffocating grip of my red blanket
The touch of its fabric against my skin too much right now
Too much right now
I think I've done enough thinking for tonight.

once again
I am in my head
thoughts of me naked
in your bed
how did your hand
turn a fire like me
into an ocean
you asked if I get that wet for everyone
filled with emotion
I only let another touch me
if they really look inside and see
please get out of my head
I'm not sure if it is you
or the thought of love that I dread

#love   #drama   #lost   #romance   #thoughts   #me   #sex   #touch   #dreamer  

Ive been told im loosing my touch,
Im afraid ive taken too much,
Does all love fade from lust,
Does my soul gather dust,

Ive been thinkin quite a while,
Ive been rollin past the pile,
Of reckless wrecks in denial,
Am i next in line for the fire?

#love   #lust   #soul   #touch  
Feb 9

Like the insect to the light, quite the opposite here.
In this duskless place, in this non shadow realm, they find the new shade beautiful.  
But why?
More and more of them were filling the room.  
Seeking out the darkest of dark.
The shadow of shadows.
The shade of shades.   I then realize that these little beautiful creatures are looking for the source.  They are looking for me.

I run about the room from corner to corner.  The little pattern shaped insect like creatures were getting closer and closer to me.  I did not want to touch such a beautiful being made of infinite light.  I don't know what my shadow touch would do to them. Would it kill them? Would it hurt them?  But then I find myself feeling as though they want to be touched. As if my darkness is their salvation.  The former light room now looked as if a bucket of black paint exploded inside of a white room.  There was shadow steps everywhere as well as shadow marks on the walls. It was not long after that The room was almost completly black with darkness.  The light insect like creatures looked like stars in space. I was the darkness they rolled on.   It soon got to the point where I was cornered.  The room was now filled with these beautiful creatures.  All of which knew I was in the corner of the room.  It was the only corner where light was left. As soon as that part of the room dimmed they all flew into me.  They swirled and spiraled around me.  It was amazing! It reminded me of a galaxy.  I opened my hand and one of them landed on it. There was then a beautiful shine and sound.  Then a voice uttered two words.  " Thank you."   The creature was gone.  Then I felt someone hold my hand!

It shows that true light here does not exist.
#paint   #shadow   #you   #light   #touch   #hand   #thank  
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