3 days ago

I wonder if she feel the fire when she close 2 me
I try 2 keep 2 the shadows so they don't notice me
We always texting n chatting but she don't go wit Me
She still in love wit that nigga, so she don't notice me
Like baby who do u hit up whenever yo rage is pent up
I say n u should get rid of the old, forget that hoe nigga
But he yo 1st so I get it, he own yo soul so I face it
I gotta buy u from buddy or let my burner cremate'em

I hope in time u will c
How much n love we can b
Maybe if I get mo famous
Maybe if I got mo cheese
Maybe if I got u jewelry my love a enter yo soul
Baby wit u Imma sona, without im 'deslant n cold

I think I'll never ever make this right
Cuz cupid gave me bad advice
He told me she will love u back but all she do is fake n fight
He told me id c heaven's gates n all I saw was vacant eyes
Would hurt her if it helped me cope but that means nothing in my life
(I ran outta shit 2 say, but I love u girl. Stop fuckin around n let me have u.....heh heh.......)

My love is an inextinguishable black fire...
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5 days ago

some days I miss my layups
people break my ankles
some times I miss my cuts
and lose all of my respect

Most days I'm kind of trash
so go ahead and laugh
you should do it while you can
I'm about to come back

I will train my best
until theres pain in my chest
fight for that ball
until the very end.

And in my wake
quietly I will wait
to shoot in your face
in front of all your friends.

so watch out for you shall see
theres nobody better than me
for i am the queen of the court.
and winning is my game.

Mar 22

Country Girl

Up in the sticks, back in the holler
Is a pretty sweet thing, the farmer’s daughter
Just to let you, when it comes to girls
It’s the country ones that rock my world
The farmer’s daughter has spunk and sass
Not to mention country girl class
She is by no means a Barbie doll clone
This country bumpkin has meat on her bones
She is so hot in her boots and leathers
She’ll skinny dip in almost any weather

Down in the meadow late Saturday night
We snuggled together in the moonlight
Drinking some of her grand daddy’s hooch
We began to relax then started to smooch
She rocked my world, country girl style
She did things that made this country boy smile
I reckon y’all have your say about the ladies you like
But I’ll take me a country girl any day or night

I enjoy writing silly poetry
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Mar 18

The princess poem
Daddy's Girls

With my sword and trusty steed
I shall rescue the damsels in need

I shall slay the fiercest of beast
I shall protect the princesses you see

The evil will come, on his drum he’ll play
I will destroy his army and seize the day

The beast is dead, the princesses are safe
Off to the castle to celebrate

Dancing and singing, laughing with glee
Eating a feast, drinking of tea

Then comes dear the reward that I seek
They say “I love you daddy” then kiss my cheek

You my girls put me in a wig then painted my face
Put me in granny's dress and made me bake

Laughing at daddy because he looked funny
The brightest of times and the sun was most sunny

If a chance to go back ever came to pass
To wear make-up and curlers and hear you laugh

I would not miss it for even the world
Because I am your dad and I love my girls.

For my girls, you’re grown up now
You always had such Pure Imagination, my little princesses

Mar 18

do you remember how we decided
to write our fate on the constellations,
how each end met each end with
no spaces between them

i was mistaken to think
that these bonds would last for eternities
because now, i’m met by the truth
and it’s telling me that
the images of our constellations have faded

my stars make up another image from yours,
they no longer flow together like
a seamless blanket over the sky

it is as if you’re attempting to
defy the laws of physics by
trying not to gravitate toward me

but no matter how far you get,
no matter how weak my pull may seem

i still feel the laws of attraction working
because you’re still pulling me to you
and i don’t know what to do

i’ve tried not to notice you anymore
but how could i when no star
could outshine you,
no comet could shoot as fast
as you made my heart beat,
when none of the phases of the moon
could compare to your face?

it’s incredulous to think that in a universe
as large and vast and encompassing as ours,
where there are several earth-like planets
and identical galaxies and similar asteroids
and possibly tens of billions of life forms,
that there could only be one you

it’s unfair how you could be
so special to me whilst
i seem to be replaceable to you


one day, i hope you find
some new stars for you to bind with

and i know that no matter how much
shooting stars i wish upon,
i’d never be a part of your galaxy again

haven't written in so long so this is absolute shit but i'm trying to write again (also yet another poem abt stars and galaxies. when do i learn how to stop)
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or varicose veins
to those doctors definitists with or without them
me i call mine “disconcerting” and “homely” they are not
the result of poor diet
lack of exercise a weak heart
or a passive cardiovascular system
but of heritage and pedigree and
a genetic lottery i did not win
up the inside of my thighs crawl pale distorted crags
and newborn ruddy lightning
a bloodied patchwork of stretch marks that drag
themselves up to the cradle of my pelvis
and wrap clumsy arms around my hips
my legs await the distortion and corruption of time
yet at seventeen have already begun their heady work
long twisting and sickly a grotesque lace
of my veins pushes through bland mole speckled skin
to emerge disgusting and putrid
like the terrors of children’s nightmares
terrifying not for tooth and nail
but the rotten repulsive pelt
my mental soliloquy before my audience (the mirror)
is a series of silent pleas and malcontented muttering
would that i were slimmer there thinner here
more graceful and pleasing to the idle eye
smooth skinned and dewy eyed
not thick and tired and slow
a little more color and vigor to sallow white skin
more beauty more beauty more beauty more beauty more beauty
i tell myself my self conscious vanity my self disgust
is a product of patriarchy and objectification
that i am and always will be a mind not a body
that if i let myself be this way i am shallow
and conceited and vain and no amount of arguing with myself
will decrease my superficial nature if i care about appearances
dressing up is a way of making myself externally attractive
and hiding the internal eternal abyss
the eyeliner attempts
are only a way to draw eyes to mine because i want them to look
into these innervated wastelands and see something attractive
but i am falling into that abyss of shallow
existence and slipping into a weak and meaningless soul
that can be washed away in the flood of the masses
read jung and freud tear through sun tzu and nietzsche and forget
about the poor player who struts and frets their hours upon the stage of life
who wanted to be pretty
wanted to know beauty
wanted to dig into themselves
and come up with fistfuls of worth

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The stars shine bright in the sky
We travel full of wanderlust
The light will guide you and I
Her eyes remind me of stardust

She is quiet like the moon
She keeps her secrets bottled
Her heart is warm like a day in June
Soon her walls will topple

Her happiness is the sun
Her garden is full of roses
Her smile is my favourite one
Her door never closes

She is more than the stars, the moon, and the sun to me
She is the entire galaxy

I wrote this for an english assignment last year.  I believe this was the first poem I ever wrote that I was proud of.
#love   #moon   #romance   #summer   #stars   #galaxy   #night   #sky   #girls   #light  

the stars don't shine for us.
they shine for themselves.

women own themselves. they are their own. they do things for themselves. mind blowing information, i know.

My Yoga Girls

My yoga girls are over fifty;
Nifty, flexible and strong.
They’ll live a long, long life, I’m sure,
All striving to discover who they are,
Where, what their star,
Their own par-
And special star.

They’re wonderful, their aim my aim.
My yoga girls are reaching
And a reason for my teaching,
It so satisfying and exciting,
Dare I say delighting
And delightful.

We don’t bother with the Sanskrit names,
A game I used to be involved in.
It is yoga in the everyday,
With tools around to play around with
Everywhere, even while watching Wednesday’s matinee.

Table, chair, each surface in the house:
Tub, floor, door, bed -
No jot can stop the focus
For a body use:
All excuses to expand the head,  
Find mind in muscle, skin and bone,
Synapse, neuron, hormone.
All alive and full of jive.

When I speak of yoga,
My technique and yoga,
And my little clique of yoga girls
Nothing makes me happier.

My Yoga Girls 3.4.2017
Circling Round Baths II; Circling Round Yoga II; Circling Round Woman II;
Arlene Corwin

#girls   #my   #over   #yoga   #fifty  

Thinking of love
completely irrelevant
to young to worry
seeing it makes me ache

I know I'm not cut out for relationships
for I don't open up about anything
And to love you;
I have to trust
I can't do it
I'm not ready for that

#love   #trust   #hope   #faith   #relationship   #girls   #dating   #respect   #guys   #pineapple  
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