Nov 24, 2011

Chills are running down my back,
Eyes are flitting everywhere;
Breath is shallow as I run,
I'm not afraid,
Nor am I done.

Feet are pounding solid earth,
Arms are pumping through the air;
Jaw is clenched as if in pain,
I've made the end,
Now I am done.

Kristi Marie
Kristi Marie
Apr 10, 2013

I'm not an athlete
but all I do is run
I'm not into sports
and this isn't for fun

I run from my problems
especially from fears
I could never face them
and it brings me to tears

I leave when I shouldn't
just hoping it's right
I bet you'd never guess
that I cry every night

I wake with a smile
they'll never see through
but the whole truth is
I'm not me without you

I'm not an athlete
but all I do is run
I'm not into sports
and this isn't for fun

Maybe I am a runner

Maybe I am a runner…
Stretched out as a wet canvas,
waiting for the stroke of the brush
While drops of rain splatter slowly,
spreading me  into a sea,
overflowing off the edges onto the ocean floor…
I rise up swimming,
in a pool of colors, for a breath,
a taste, a lick
Water beaded on my skin…
I am a green lizard climbing into my papaya cave,
Sticky moist and sweet
I wish I could wear all the shades of blue,
in the sea, diluting all that is not me
Onto a canvas, to believe
Blueness of eternity…running

Ashley Morrissey
Jun 25, 2010

Spent her last 3 dollars on two plastic rings.
She always spends her last pennies on pointless things.
Checks under her bed to make sure there's nothing there.
Through her bedroom window she sits and just stares.
She's alone in her room while everyone's in the sun.
They ask her to play and all she can do is run.

Down her stairs and through her doors.
She can run for miles, maybe more.

Lost her voice talking to her dog.
Took a shower and regained it in the fog.
Her mom always said, "Warm water heals all."
And she remembers those words as the water falls.
Her dad knocks on the door to check if she's okay.
She threw on her clothes and ran away.

Down the stairs, into the room with the dolls.
She sat on the floor and became one of them all.

The radio was blaring an acoustic of words,
she sang so loud she forgot the chords.
She spun her arms out wide and twirled around.
When a rock hit the window it made a clinking sound.
She switched off the radio and slipped on her shoes,
she took her steps in variables of two.

Down her stairs and out the back door-way.
She kept running as a young man begged her to stay.

Fell asleep on her desk doing math in her head,
she dreamt she was in someone's bed.
With arms around her that clung so tight,
she heard a voice and everything went white.
A gasp escapes her breath, the room turns to look at her,
but all that's left is a pile of books on the floor.

Down the stairs and past her peers,
her throat goes tight and her eyes fill with tears.

When to her side she saw a blur,
a young man was trying to keep up with her.
Breathless and frightened, she saw a tree.
She fell to the ground and laid underneath.
Her eyes were tightly closed but she felt two hands,
she raises her eyelids and sees the young man.

Down the hill, she tried to run away,
but something inside her told her to stay.

In a field on her back,
she laid on a blanket filled of random knick-knacks.
Mixing them around and admiring them all,
she was interrupted by a familiar call.
A flower in her hair of curls,
she looked up to smile at the young man whom was hers.

Down the field and up to the skies,
they laid together and watched the sun rise.

Spent his last year worth of paychecks on two diamond rings,
he always likes to buy her things.
But this one's special and she'll know it soon,
he'll tell her why this afternoon.
Underneath a tree as he asks for her hand,
he'll soon be husband and not just a young man.

Down past their new house and all across the land,
you can hear whispers of a story of the girl who no longer ran.

Mar 6

she runs
to escape

the monsters
that have made a home
in her mind

they appear
at every corner

her attempts to run
are in vain
the monsters
that eat at her soul
will never disappear
they will catch up with her

one day
they will get the best of her

one day
she will stop running

Apr 16

I often sit and wish
That I would have let myself
Experience more of you
Because you are not my regret
And you are not my pain
You were my fear of losing myself
In someone I loved too much
So I ran

By C.E.F

For the boy whose heart I broke one year and nine months ago. His name started with an H.
#love   #fear   #regret   #run  

I fell too hard
Too fast.
Now I'm left with this haunting emptiness.
You filled every crack in my bones
And every dark corner of my being
Until I was finally whole.
For the first time in my life.
And that has terrified me to no end.
I won't let myself be fooled by your
Unforgiving love.
So I'll throw it away
Before you can take it back.
It seems illogical
But to hurt myself won't be nearly as bad
As you hurting me.
Maybe I just need distance
Maybe I just need time.
Because I've never had a love like this
So true and terrifying.
My head doesn't know what to think.
The only thing I can do is

The runner
Christian DeBuys
Christian DeBuys
Oct 26, 2011

The runner
sprinted on
the rubber

of the track
now the heel
of the shoe

slamming down
to the roll
of his foot

to the toe
then the leap
through the air.

The runner lives until that night
Emma N Boyer
Emma N Boyer
Apr 4, 2013

Sweat glistens on her brow
She’s ready
The sun shines behind her head
She’s ready
Her shadow dances on the track
She’s ready
Her teammates’ eyes are on her back
She’s ready
The starter’s arm brings up the gun
She’s ready
Her muscles loose; prepared to run
She’s ready
She hears a whisper to her right
She’s ready
The gun goes off with blinding light
She’s ready
Nothing at all can stop her now
She’s ready
Blood slips slowly down her brow
She’s ready
She breaks the ribbon; wins the race
She’s ready
A reddened mask covers her face
She’s ready
The starting gun had shot no blank
She’s ready
The crowd’s cheers died and their hearts sank
She’s ready
The finish line is painted white
She’s ready
The runner lives until that night

My sweet southern runner.
David Zito
Oct 2, 2011

Your enslaving smile,
Your beautiful eyes,
Your soft golden hair,
Your jaw-dropping body,
Your gentle voice,
Your overwhelming touch,
All of these things you possess,
Haunt me day and night,
As you flee from my love,
And deny my affections,
My sweet southern runner.

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