Jun 6, 2016

Life is in shambles.
Everything is in ruin.
We all wish for peace.

A haiku poem I wrote inspired by James Dashner, the author of
"The Maze Runner" series.
Clarice Alvarez
Clarice Alvarez
Nov 15, 2014

Don't leave me
biting the dust
as you speed away.

10w. Don't get attracted to runners.
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Jun 6, 2016

It was
terror in its
physicality. Raining
the horrifying needles
of death. Breaking away at peace
and calm, eating away at life.Plaguing
the living by burning away at sanity. Enslaving
the innocent like zombies. Will someone make a sacrifice
for the world?

A concrete poem of the WICKED logo from "The Maze Runner" series, created by James Dashner.
Will Rogers III
Will Rogers III
Jun 7, 2014

They run and run and run
It seems, with little time to feel the sun
And yet, what they have begun
Is something that can easily be undone.

Dodging the trees here and there
They run through this thick and heavy air.
An end to this overgrown forest do they give silent prayer
But little do they know that they’re on the path to despair.

They hide from the sun’s bright
For they know not of its delight,
And instead they run to the darkness on the right
Thinking they will find some light.

However, their path is crooked and steep
As they run through the forest deep.
They are like lost sheep
Not realizing they need to awake from their sleep.

They see others running passed the trees
Dodging them with ease.
They wonder what makes the others so pleased
To be running through this breeze.

The others also fall down,
But they get back up and help those around.
While they run through darkness abound,
The others run through bright clearings round.

[composed on April 28, 2012]
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Like a careful runner
May 20, 2016

Like a careful runner
enjoys the race
You make me breathless
at the sight of your face

And as the runner
collapses in the end
I realize we
Will always be
Just friends

#love   #pain   #runner  
I am a runner.
Carolyn Cagnon
Carolyn Cagnon
Dec 26, 2016

I am a runner.
I run from the truth,
I run from the lies.
I run from possibilities,
I run towards my demise.
I run from the chances,
I run from any and all.
I run from my pain,
I run from happiness...
I just hope that I can keep
From running from you.
I am a runner...
In the past that's all I knew,
Now I have a chance at staying too.

I've always been a runner it's true;
But maybe I can be a fighter too.

Jun 23, 2015

Two runners meet;
The lonesome path
On which they both do tread
Is shadowed by the maple trees
Which guide them in their stead.

#running   #run   #fragment   #runners  
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