Emily Austin
8 hours ago




Devin Ortiz
Devin Ortiz
10 hours ago

Reason has returned; such a feat!
Due to the great philospher's tome.
Ever violent nature now, sedated.
What magic, of wise words & rthymes.

To understand, this is man's mortal sin.
Yet here, this draught of knowledge rings.
Archaic tongues riddle at the gait.
Bending words to dance to the summoners's song

The taste of vitality on curled lips, is the elixir of life.
Transformation ethereal in lifted spirits from common ground to sacred plains.
Open the book of spellbound fear, recite, repeat be freed.

Sarah Elaine
Sarah Elaine
15 hours ago

Shackled to my thoughts,
Glimpse of light flickers..
Brightly fading...
Grasping at its final moments.

Shackled to my emotions,
Pushed aside.
Not gone, nor forgotten.

Shackled to the everyday,
Desperate to break free,
Run, dance, sing, fly..
Dodging obstacles.

Shackled to society's normal,
Fighting each step,
Rebelling until the end,
Outside the lines.

Today I stand up... I scream and shout from the rooftops...

Shackled no more,
I will not be prisoner to me.
I will fight for me.
Blood, sweat and tears for me.
Nobody left to do it but me.
My promise to me.

Mark Robins
Mark Robins
2 days ago

She whips me down
And drags me round
She roars like thunder
And my freedom is plunder
She spits and seethes
And still nothing pleases

And so I’ll leave
For she will not relieve
The torrid strain I am under
In this oh so monstrous dismal blunder
I’ll succumb to a sweet sleep
And I know you won’t weep
As I end my stay
Besides, who could dismay?

#love   #suicide   #freedom   #depression   #life   #pain   #death   #loss   #help   #agony  
3 days ago

I don't want to be alone,
But I know I'm better on my own.
So I'll keep walking down this road,
to a place I've never known.

But I can reach success,
because baby, I am blessed.
With my own determination,
my own motivation.

And I'll keep elevating,
to new things that are awaiting.
My life will keep upgrading;
Trust me, it'll be amazing

I know I can do it,
there's no way in shit I'm quitting.
I hated how you twisted
everything I had admitted.

Almost like it was a game,
well baby, now it's not the same.
Because you lost me,
and you're the only one to blame.

You're to claim me no more,
I ain't nobody's whore.
You had me in chains,
back when I had alcohol in my veins,
and bitch was my name.

Now I am strong.
There's no way I'm going wrong.
With this new life, that God has given me;
I can finally say, I am finally free.

Timmy Shanti
Timmy Shanti
3 days ago

Below the hanging tree I wept
Remembering the past.
There was a secret I still kept
Or – it kept me aghast.
A secret so ingrained in me,
An ache, a pain so deep,
A nightmare all day long for years
I could not fall asleep.

Beside the hanging tree I crept
My world – a shrunken hiss…
That fateful night I found the cure
Was in the air I kissed.

Beneath the hanging tree I dreamt
Of stranger things to come.
But all my dreams were swiftly swept
With shafts of morning sun.

Behind the hanging tree I stepped
And took the leap of faith.
And now I know you are to come
To this most sacred place.

The memory of ones we lost
Will never fade away
And neither will our love for them –
Not for a single day.

We might seem peaceful, fair enough,
But we have shown our teeth.
When freedom cried and duty called
We chose to clench our fists.

With every step along the way,
With every drop of blood
We learnt there was a price to pay.
We hardened our hearts.

With every cut and every bruise
And every shot we took
Our numbers grew, so long the queues
That everywhere you looked
You’d see the mothers and the sons,
The daughters and the dads,
Their fiery eyes, their daring hearts,
Their disregard for death.

With every blast and every hit
And every shrapnel piece,
The hopes went high, the dreams grew big –
Our dreams of lasting peace.

But first there was a war to win,
An ego to submit,
Old gods to cast aside for good
And fears to defeat.

A score of scores to be paid off,
A destiny to meet,
Old shackles to be shaken off,
A brave new world to greet.

And long and hard the battle went,
The toll is still unknown…
But to this day we reap the fruit
Of seeds of love we’ve sown.

And now, around the hanging tree
We join our hands
As we recall what made us free,
What brought peace to our lands.

I smile as I linger on –
A minute, maybe five
As I recall the war we fought,
The sacrifice, the lives.

I weep no more, so wild and free,
And all I ask of thee:
Are you, are you
Coming to the tree?

If we burnz you burnz with we!
23-24 Feb '17
5 days ago

consumes her heart.
She longs for lands
she has never walked,
and for people
she has never met.
Her gypsy soul is free,
and so it follows,
the colors of the wind.

#love   #freedom   #life   #happiness   #soul   #wanderlust   #gypsy  
5 days ago

angry man wearing a denim blouse,
such a beautiful way to shut down your mouth.

nothing much to say, there's no one left to shout,
I'd like for you to stay unless you want to kill the mouse.

the bodies are kept warm sleeping in the oven,
everybody was left weeping empty pages for a question.

cats have nine lives, must be so cruel when they want erosion,
can they still sue sides if they need any emotions ?

bla bla, bla bla- don't you answer me as if you're my child,
i've learned so many things but not any worth-while.

ha-ha, ha-ha..keep bringing me more organs to pile,
it won't stop killing itself until the forest is old and wild.

stop making sense I don't love you enough to agree,
I revel in non-sense, so get far away from me as you can be.

you'll find the scars hanging by a noose in the closet,
take this axe and match it with whoever's standing the closest.

so don't ask me why I broke in today to put you in doubt,
there's sweet music in the background which keeps getting loud.

such a beautiful day to burn down the house.

#love   #freedom   #pain   #dark   #cryptic   #society   #author   #rebel  
Luka D
Luka D
5 days ago

in city park a crow laughs,
while a girl scatters
rhinestones and crumbs.

the bird hops childlike
over the warm cement,
offering coins
from his beak.

a frowning man
at the bus stop
probes the folds
of his wallet
for a bus token.

deft fingers
meet softness-
pinches of
and crumbs.

he smiles,

"fair trade
for some,"
he says.

#freedom   #nature   #equality   #memory   #childhood   #money   #park   #bird   #crow   #fairness  

It is not that I do not agree with you,
I always agree with freedom of choice,
but this is a road to ruin.

When they give you BACK,
wonder why?

You can do drugs now,
you can fuck now,
you can gamble now,
are they giving you something,
you do not already possess?


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