Temporal Fugue
Temporal Fugue
6 hours ago

The love for humanity
The love of a flower bloom
The love of discovery
the light, within a room

Love for a life of choice
Love of poetry and prose
Love for a singer's, voice
and for, a perfect rose

Lust is not true love
Lust is momentary heat
Lust cannot rise above
or sweep you, off your feet

For guys, it's sometimes hard to tell the difference (personally speaking) but when it hits, it's like a diamond found among the stones...
#love   #lust   #men   #women  
Z Trista Davis
Z Trista Davis
16 hours ago

I was a whore
When they told me that I “needed” to wear a bra in the third grade
like my eight-year-old body was too sexy
And they would want things that they shouldn’t
Like it was my fault for being this way

I was a whore
The kind that got sent to the office for too short skirts and too much cleavage
Already guilty because I had hips and thighs and boobs
And I was guilty of making them look of being big of taking up space
My body was an ugly indecent thing

I was a whore.
Not the blowjob in the bathroom kind of whore.
Although, given the chance I might have been.
I was the kind of whore that loved them seeing my body.
The kind of whore that was great at phone sex and better at stripping.

I was a whore.
I was the kind of whore who faked orgasms with the best of them.
Because watching them when they heard me, saw me, felt me coming.
Was unbelievable.
It was empowering.

I was a whore.
I did what they asked because it made me feel like I was worthwhile.
It made me feel like I was valuable.
It made me feel like the pits in my heart had finally been filled.
It made me feel like he didn’t leave me when I was eight months old.

I was a whore.
I pawned myself out like answers to the history test.
Because he smiled.
Because he was the kind of boy that made you want to say yes, yes, YES
And I did what I wanted.

I was a whore because I couldn't say no,
Yell no
Scream no
Whisper no
When his hands twinned around my wrists like handcuffs keeping me there in the silence

I was a whore
Because even though his hands were touching me
I was too afraid to say so
Too afraid of it all falling apart
Too afraid of being the thing that broke it

I am a whore.
Because you don’t stop being one.
Just because you learn that sex is more than a strategic move.
Because you see the scars it’s leaving.
Because you finally start to hear your broken heart.

I am a proud whore.
I refuse to be ashamed.
My “number” is a badge of honor I wear right above my pussy.
Because being a whore takes refinement

I’m taking it back one word at a time.

Daddy Issues.

I am a whore.
But now I’m the kind of whore that backs away when it starts to hurt.
When they get rough.
When they bite too hard.
When I can’t hold back the tears anymore.

I am the kind of whore, who stopped giving.
Giving blowjobs,
Giving it up,
Giving little pieces of myself,
Giving a fuck what you think

I am a whore,
My vagina is singing rally songs and yelling protest chants
It’s wearing a sticker that says “I voted”
It running around barefoot in a sundress with nothing holding it down
And it’s backing me up in every fight

So call me a whore,
Because I’m the kind of whore who won’t stop fighting until rape is always, always, always a crime.
The kind of whore who will never be afraid to say no again.
I’m the kind of whore that’s going to tear down your patriarchy one fucking brick at a time.
And I won’t stop until I am bloody and aching on the ground where it once stood.

This started out as my personal vagina monologue (which I was challenged to write around the time I performed in the show), but I realized that it read more like a poem than a monologue.
#freedom   #sex   #women   #rape   #vagina  
Z Trista Davis
Z Trista Davis
17 hours ago

They say Cover it up now
Make it look the same as all the other manufactured bodies,
Being pumped into this assembly line world,
But my body is not the same as those,
It is soft and made of silk in an iron factory,
And the cold metal burns my skin.

Because I have the right to bear arms but not to bare arms,
Telling me that the guns that murder are the only thing I am allowed to have,
And even though my body is hot hot hot, it will never be killer.

And you tell me that I am like the guns sitting in a shop waiting to be picked out, grabbed, paid for,
Except I'm worth less and and worthless and more disposable
Telling me I'm all hormones and whore moans
Telling me that I am yours.

But I am not yours,
I am the little schoolgirls with battery acid thrown in their faces
Touched by hands that harm not help
Little schoolgirls that get you big angry penis shoved into them
Ripping apart their hearts and bodies.

But I am not yours,
I am not even mine,
I am in the freedom,
And that freedom is not in your guns or your yells or your stars,
That freedom is in the plant pushing out the iron girls, girls, girls,

Pushing them out into your world
The world that belongs to you because you claim it
But you're no match for the iron girls and their metal hearts
Taking everything you have and have had
And making it theirs, theirs, theirs

I wrote this poem from a prompt that asked me to take a line from a poem I wrote awhile ago that I wasn't necessarily thrilled with and write it into a new poem. So I used "hormones and whore moans" which is from "To My Fellow Young Women".
Allesha Eman
Allesha Eman
2 days ago

When they saw her walking on the streets,
They saw oppression, dehumanization, and inequality.
Whilst they oppressed her with their vision
She wore her cape of grace, her drapes of black chiffon
Which also covered her face
free from all the judgment regarding beauty and ideals

the world was threatened by her walk
Although her posture was humble
She still walked with queen like grace
For she was super women and her Abaya was her cape
Her Niqaab was her shield form the worlds disgrace
And her Hijab was the crown she wore with all her grace
And she was a true woman
A woman oppressed not by her faith
But by society's obligations
She IS a woman empowered,
Empowered by her faith.

#truth   #sad   #vs   #oppression   #culture   #women   #modesty   #rights   #covering   #hijab  
Temporal Fugue
Temporal Fugue
3 days ago

Like mist upon the mountains
or twinkling stars at twilight
the silky touch of skin
gentleness, of bite

A woman has desires and wants
a man can only really, guess
what she wants, or needs
beautifully, a mess

The night moves, in mysterious ways
most of all, a woman's eyes
pools of sultry innocence
even if, their lies

I think most guys feel this way, maybe, maybe not :D
The last stanza was a reply to one Petal's masterpieces :
#passion   #sexy   #women   #temptress   #sultry  

Embrace the Right Wing
Embrace your Rapist
Throw your unwanted child
Onto the Streets.

4 days ago

You faint and fawn over pretty faces
A person who can buy you nice things
A sociopath with sic six pack abs
Who places passion over common sense
A perfect prince charming to make you swoon
Who will sweep you off your feet
Fly you to the moon and all those other
Outdated overrated simplistic bullshit
Fairytale dreams
And you wonder why the world sucks
Why it’s getting worse
Because your desire is tied to your Gucci purse
Because if sociopaths are what you want
Then every other guy will strive to fit that bill
Will hollow himself out to live up to that deal
Cause you are the best reinforcement for bad behavior

#humanity   #men   #women  

I am a lot of sensations in one,
a lot of taste, of storms.
of colors you've never seen before.

I am the myth you've never heard,
and the ode you never wrote.
I am the song that you don't know the lyrics of,
but you keep on singing anyway.

I was born to be the impossible,
out of the millions of possibilities.

And no,
I won't change for you.

#love   #girl   #power   #women  

She was made of a million scattered pieces
and particles of dust
she fell too hard
and loved too much
Her soul deeper than the ocean
and her heart was a war
Love was soul food
sheathed with trust
She was a woman everyone loved
only to leave behind and walk upon
She never grew tired of the pain left behind
Instead embraced them as her own
But that never deterred her spirit
For she only picked herself up again
Finding someone
to heal with all the love that remained...

There are some women you'll meet in your life who'll change your perspective about love. They are the ones who'll heal you of the pain others have left behind, they are the ones who will give you a part of their beautiful soul, the ones who will make you their world. And most often than not, you won't realize that they are the ones in dire need of love - because they are the ones who've been walked upon a million times, they are the ones constantly healing people, forever overlooking their needs.
#love   #poem   #poetry   #sad   #pain   #relationships   #strength   #strong   #heartache   #women  

There once was a man who lived in a tower
He had orange skin and fools gave him power
His hands shook with fury at every critique
While his family's obligations were to remain chic
His head began to swell while his eyes grew smaller
But his silly little brain it began to falter
This was a man who thought sexual assault was a joke
Until Women around the world began to hope that he'd choke
Women gathered and rallied and screamed for their rights
They took to the streets in pussy hats and tights
The man did not like this, how dare they disagree!
With the world he was trying to create
Full of misogyny

#women   #feminist   #pussy   #grabthem  
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