Trevor Blevins
Trevor Blevins
13 hours ago

Millions of brave women take to the streets
To defy the government's tendencies,
The head of the serpent the main oppressor
Set to be severed by those who bring life into the world
Suffering for the other half of humanity,
As they think freely,
Create art,
Dream in philosophy
And sit lonely in scarlet clouds of disdain for the political system ripping out their hearts.

Emma Griffin
Emma Griffin
15 hours ago

I am always on display.
Mere arrival sculpted me in this affliction and
appointed me this unsought role:
A modern-day artefact in a museum of
clubs and bars and too-quiet streets.
From their vans; walking far too close;
sometimes in-step with defeated wives,
they watch with ravenous eyes,
although they are not hungry.
Fattened up by society, with
guilt-free snacks of seedy temptation,
they devour every bit, but are never full.
I know they would not look away,
in shame and shock
at my met gaze, if they were truly

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20 hours ago

home is where the heart resides.
tears are what the brain prescribes,
as a heart that breaks forms a lake,
and the body is out of control.
death is the ultimate goal.
everyone is always the centre of their own world.
triggered teens with wristarts and no skin—
thirteen year olds girls calling boys honey—
lonely ladies with cats that don't speak—
old corrupt men who think life is money—
everyone is always at the centre of their own world,
that's where you are born,  
and that's where you shall die,
in a journey to the end of the earth,
you're getting nowhere.

Sometimes I confuse myself trying to collect the complications of my overthought hours.
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Crystal June
Crystal June
22 hours ago

Don't fantasize,
Close your eyes.
Your prying lies
Will surely lead to my demise,
For I was born
To be more
Than just a simple wife.

I'm not a trophy by any means,
But I see marriage in your eyes --
Two rings staring right at who you think I am,
The one you want, but I never can
Be the girl that you desire.
You've been confusing my cold shoulder
For an igniting fire.
I'm not trying to call you a liar,
If anything, I'm the one concealing the truth.

I will never be just a wife,
I will lead my own fantastic life.
I'll never wear an apron, curls, or pearls.
I will never be your one and only girl.
I will live for myself and my daughters,
For all those women to come
Who think
All they can ever be is a housewife
Clad in pink.
Honey, there's so much more to this
Than a life in which you depend on a man
For your happiness.

Be your own other half,
Fall in love with your own smile.

I wrote this about a month ago, but it seems relevant now more than ever.
#desire   #happy   #happiness   #mom   #mother   #woman   #feminism   #women   #trophy   #housewife  
Sophia Trejo
Sophia Trejo
2 days ago

She longed for more than what she got
More than these tears and a heart so distraught
She longed to be held, loved and cared for
Not to be abused and neglected even more
Now she's older, alone and no one loves her
But she was used to it, her life was a blur

#love   #sad   #women  
Temporal Fugue
Temporal Fugue
4 days ago

She cries, in sheer joy, and pain
she laughs, when she is happy, or sad
she talks to confound, and clarify
she's coy when teasing, or when mad

Complexities of women
that men try to understand
an angel, or a demon?
a suggestion, or command?

No maps and no guides
no roads and faint signs
the heart, and soul, of woman
is nowhere, well defined

I will never understand, but I can empathize.
Even though comprehension slips past my logic and knowledge. :D

We must've spun around about 78 times
The morning was a majestic disaster
Broken glass on the floor,
Paired with fallen curtains,
Scattered reading material,
Chocolate wrappers all over the rug

There was a sense of expired enjoyment
All over the living room
My eyes were all beat up
And the pain laid quietly beneath them

There was a tremble in my hands
All I could think about was
The window that doesn't open
Sean Daley's depression as a happy mess
Knowing today needed a mute button

Nishu Mathur
Nishu Mathur
7 days ago

She seems strong - so she speaks,
She seems alive with life complete.
She shrugs a shoulder, couldn't care,
Love is war, a life's  dare,
She has loved and seen it go,
Love wilt in the midst of snow...
But say goodbye, gently, if you will,
Her heart is warm, fragile still.

She has laughed and she has smiled,
Dreamed enchantment on an isle.
She has risen,  heights soared,
She has seen closed doors.
She has fallen, again, to stand,
Dreamed a dream in never land...
But tread softly, on her, if you will,
Her dreams are young, fragile still.

She has seen loss and pain,
Prayers lost,  hopes slain.
Her heart in hands, she has wept,
Tired and weary, troubled, slept.
Transience is eternal, well she knows,
But her heart stronger never grows...
Break her  gently, if you will.
Her heart is tender and fragile still.

#life   #heart   #sadness   #dreams   #ache   #women  

Or should I call you the absent man from my life. I may choose to miss your calls but in a way you're making the choice, you have never ever put down the bottle for your children. Ever because you're a selfish man. Your absence in my life have made growing into a independent women harder. My mindset is shit because of you, I've rebuilt myself up countless of times because of the damage you have caused. I've pushed out people I love because I feel the need to distrust everyone I have ever been introduced to. Whether the intentions of theres are the same or even good. I will misbelieve words of truth because of you. Because the amount of times you have let me down as a daughter is countless. People will never have power over me, I will have power over myself and others. I have the power to push people away just like you and that brings me comfort knowing I will never have to face the feelings that you have caused me to feel again. I may be young but it is so unnormal for a young women to be so incapable of letting a boy into her life. It's unnormal that I feel more content being alone. Since the day I was born I've been let down by men. And that man is you. So don't blame mom from my absence from your life. Because it's time to blame yourself for your own actions and stop blaming it on the alchol because people that love you have tried many times to help you, but you don't want it enough to say no to alcohol and you never will. You tell me you miss me and you want me in your life but if my absence hurt you so bad you'd let go of your addiction. I'm done blaming myself for your addiction because I have my whole life and its destroyed me. This is your fault this is your issues and not mine. I will work on fixing myself I'll get there. That is the difference between you and me I will work on the issues you have caused.

Sincerely your absent daughter

Jan 13

tell me can you love my black
even when it's about to crack
falling through gates of hell
your black don't crack but mine did
after too many lies and too many wounds that never healed before others grew
your black don't crack but mine did
after too many burns by kind actions with ill intent and too many souls that came but did not stay
your black don't crack but mine did
after too many cries of help that went unanswered and too many words that went unsaid
-Mena W.

#hurt   #black   #power   #women   #lives   #matter   #melanin   #coco  
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