you say the word bad enough and it loses its meaning. Bad. Bad. Bad. & so on; people may think your crazy, but really you are just exercising your right of free speech and
                                                             ­ ever present weirdness to follow the voices command...
What voices? you ask
                  the ones external and internal; to your own head.
 ­         so here we are, the stars at the glorious freckles of the night sky, where the sun kills itself every night to let the moon breathe.
      first true love story.
      forgotten because
                               repetition makes things lose its meaning and I assure you that this story had been repeated many times.
                                           one morning it may not and the sun may have done a Romeo (but that day had not come so don't dwell).
       it might do, though, so maybe dwell a tad: your choice really!

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-extract from script.

she lays upon the dusty bed
laughs because she knows he's dead
he won't come back to break her heart
knife in hand, split him apart
his life force flowing crimson red
her whisper echoing

"you're dead, you're dead"

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4 days ago

It waits for me atop the stair
An eerie presence from I know not where
I cannot feel it, when the sun shines bright
but I sense it as sunsets, It becomes the night

It shares the same space
the same air that I breathe
It's been here since childhood
It will never leave

I feel it behind me
I am seldom alone
Hot breath on my neck
It chills to the bone

I try to escape it
But It's become part of me
I created this demon
Now I cannot break free

#fear   #imagination   #dark   #evil   #darkness   #monster   #horror   #scary   #bogeyman  
G Reaper
G Reaper
4 days ago

Demons in the night
Scaring you to the bone
Taking away the light
Forcing you to be alone

Praying on their victims
Who were peacefully sleeping
Leaving them sicken
And no longer in dreamland

A fire is crackling
The flames  dancing
Your bravery is melting
You are alone

No longer able to remember
Your body is on autopilot
Hope is a fleeting ember
Fading away into the night

#alone   #demons   #darkness   #horror  
The Trumpoet
The Trumpoet
4 days ago

Mine eyes hath seen the horror of the rise of Donald Trump.
Mine ears hath heard his vitriol he spews from on the stump.
If you believed his ramblings, he took you for a chump.
His "truth's" near always wrong.

Lordy, lordy did he fool ya?
With his con job did he school ya?
Now you'll have to let him rule ya.
Now that your chance has gone.

He swept past sixteen wannabes and claimed the G.O.P.
Surrounded now by sycophants, and yes-men who'll agree
with whatever harmful, hateful, hurtful law that he'll decree.
His ego marches on

Sorry, sorry, such an awful lesson learned.
By protest through the ballot box, the whole world has been burned.
A tyrant's come to power, with the facts and truth adjourned.
His tyranny goes on.

But I say there is hope my friend to right this wrong, you see.
Will you rise in righteous protest and recite this rhyme with me?
And let it help remind you of the past when you were free.
With hope, we shall move on!

Glory, glory when we weather this dark storm,
glory for us once again, when love becomes the norm.
When we have ousted ignorance in every evil form.
And truth goes marching on.

This poem can be sung to the tune of "The Battle Hymn of the Republic".
You can also see this and my other Trump poems at:
Link to video of this poem:
Written January 18, 2017
#truth   #battle   #song   #horror   #protest   #fooled   #tyrant   #hymn   #donald   #trump  
Dead Lock
Dead Lock
5 days ago

Stink bugs sit on the toilet seat

Their fat bodies hide in the shadow cast by a bar of soap

Thumping against the mirror, the light bulb

Hiding in cabinets

Waiting for me, dead on counters

#sleep   #angst   #insomnia   #tired   #gross   #horror   #sleepless   #bathroom   #bugs  
7 days ago

Darkness consumes the room;
time is running out, the end is coming soon.

The moon grins wickedly,
waiting silently for the story to unfold.

Alone she stood in the corner,
eyes closed, but face plastered with horror
feeling the presence of the man who dared enter the house,
the house that blinded her soul.

The intruder observed her cautiously,
as she whispered ominously,
"It's coming, it's coming."

Turn back, warned a voice in the man's head,
but he stood there frozen like ice instead.

Suddenly, her pupilless eyes snapped open wide
as the wails from inside
escaped her mouth and shook the world.

Overwhelming malicious power surge through her
while her black-and-white vision began to blur.

Her hands clamped onto her head
as she collided with the ground.

With that, the man held his heart as she fell,
his lifeless body helping increase the pile of other dead souls.

"Hear the screams of death!" the female spirit proclaimed,
with a voice the sound of broken glass.

Then the banshee went to rest until the time came again.

This was an old assignment early in the school year. I rediscovered it and decided to share it with you (though I found an embarrassing error).
#poem   #death   #ghost   #spirit   #horror   #scary   #creepy   #banshee  

Waking abruptly, The man was sweating
His heart pounding in his cranium.
Reaching for a light switch,
the room illuminated,
By electronic pinpoints of colored light.
Thick shadows and darkness enveloping my being.
The light switch was flicked, yet no lights appeared.
Anxiety rising as the ocean tide,
Dashing madly up the staircase.
The room my parents once were in,
Now empty at dawn, Odd to me.
Even a bit more fear inducing than I expected.
The shadows were chasing me
through the house into this room.
I know the dark had claimed them,
Now a whirlpool opens up its maw,
Thousands of round ivory, bloodshot eyes burst forth from the shaded twisting pool. Unblinking.
The pool moved more and more, two stick-like arms grabbed the carpeted floor with curled blackened fingers, that stuck deep into the carpeted ground.
Standing, gazing at the pool feeling an uncanny combination of awe, and fear. The eyes made contact with mine. Sweating now, it spotted me in the dark.
Erupting from the pool with a great motion like the wind billowing through the oak trees it reached out for me a great long pair of arms coming towards me, letting out a silent scream for my parents, The last thing I could do was accept this new fate handed to me. Sucked into the abyss now, the beast becomes me.

#love   #fear   #hate   #alone   #dreams   #dark   #macabre   #cold   #feel   #horror  

Once I was innocent

A dreamer, I loved you
I stepped so blindly in karmic labyrinth created
I followed your breadcrumbs
Life was perfect and the world reborn
The Empire you've built was seemingly perfect by design is flawed and cracked - how could I be blind?
All this time I've played like a puppet
This empire is no more a pile of cards - card and fragile

It must fall!

Now I wake up to the fire, tripping through ashes and decay
What do you see when you look at me wither away?
Do have feelings for me anymore?
Love me (yet)?
Our love story was blossoming
If only it were true ...
You gave me an adventure I lost my voice (and freedom)

Our love was just an illusion
All this time we were fucking

We were hollow shells without souls
Machines without programming
We were nothing
I am a ghost whenever I am with you

Now that you are gone, I am reborn
I disintegrate into nothing but ashes, may the wind carry me away

At least, I am finally free........

Amore è cieco

A cautionary tale of lust vs. love

Amore e cieco - Italian for love is blind
#fire   #ghost   #tragedy   #horror   #cautionary  
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