31 minutes ago

Many moons pass by as i walk toward the edge of the earth-
the sun shines hard
my eyes squint for a shade
a strong salty breeze twirls my stance for a dance
as my eyes stare at rocks with unfamiliar faces sail towards me
and a door swifts open- a gentle cloud welcomes me to see what this world has left me to be


caption for painting i made
#life   #moon   #cycles   #memovithana  
Mihir Kulkarni
Mihir Kulkarni
8 hours ago

I was sharing my dreams with her that evening,
Never realized when the stars started blinking...
With moonlit eyes she whispered without thinking,
"Our dreams are so cute even the stars are winking!"

We went on a night hike. Under that moonless sky lit by a million stars, we had the most wonderful conversation of our lives.
#love   #dream   #moon   #imagination   #romance   #stars   #cute   #night   #wink   #hike  
Rochelle R
Rochelle R
8 hours ago

I look up to the moon
Smile a hello
Ask how you're doing
Just to let you know
Here we aren't together
But I never let you go

#love   #life   #sadness   #death   #moon   #eternal   #stars   #heaven   #earth   #fate  

Listening as the
Sea hears the moon--
                           Cascading flow or
Pulling away
                               Melded in
                            Tortured ecstasy.
                             A thousand words
For every birds
                                Eye picture--
My body giving
                                 In to my mind.
My soul somewhere
Silent worlds
                               Of unseen eyes and  
Inward  probing.

                               This neurotic moon
Swaying visceral waters.  
                                 Deeper currents not
Complying  as yet in
                                   This cosmic
                                   Light & matter      
Darkness & void
                      Affecting only the surface--
Pulling back
                          Only waves.
Pushing them back
                                 To the ever-changing
                             When affecting
Only the surface  
                                   It appears to
Be dull monotony
                             At the beck and call of the
Moon's every whim...
And other orbs play
                           Their part with her.

But infinitely deeper
                            Dramatic ebb and flow
Cannot be witnessed
                           By the seagull's gaze.
The thoughts of the soul
                                Are faint or nil
In the patterns of
Our bodies
                         Listening to this galactic
Dialogue seethe
                            In stagnant waters
When the mind like the
                             Moon is all she hears
Or whatever brings
                                In a stronger signal.

We have taken her away
                            Kept her estranged as
Mutated cells eating away
                                  Conformed to the
Image of an empty shell
                                  Of a neutral network
Caught in a degenerative loop--
                                    A dense
Gravitational pull slowly
                                Leading her along
Into the vortex of the
                                        Absence of light.

Yet something our minds
                               Cannot understand as
Yet is developing
                          Out of sight-mind   after
The imploding of her
                                  Beautiful mass.
                             The burning-out of
Countless worlds.
Even the farthest reach
                                   Of the poetic eye--
A genesis beyond Eden
                                      Attempting with
Greater resolve to
                            Orchestrate the divine
Purpose of the
                              Primeval garden
                            And tuned to higher
Orgasmic harmony
                                           The new
Birth of soul leading
                                        Body & mind--
Her voice
                   Being the gravitational orb
Swaying visceral
                     Waters and deeper currents
Complying this
                                 Time around.

Copyright 2016 Daniel Irwin Tucker

#moon   #soul   #sea   #spirit   #tide   #void   #visceral   #cosmic  
16 hours ago

My heart is pockmarked
Like the face of the moon
Oh, from loving you
And you and you

The craters on my heart
Left, from the massive destruction
Of giving so much
In return, receiving nothing

From a distance
My love appears whole
But those pieces have been lost
Oh, to you
And you and you

Are hearts really pink?
Mine feels black and blue
Oh, from you
And you and you

My heart's fire
Burns passionately around the blackened craters
Oh, not for you
And you and you.

#love   #life   #heart   #moon   #thoughts   #you  
Nicholas Slater
Nicholas Slater
17 hours ago

I woke
to half a moon in the sky
and thought of her
lips slightly pursed
under half a moon
in the sky
skin glowing
touching mine
under half a moon
in the sky

#love   #moon  
Crystal June
Crystal June
1 day ago

You and me set out to sea to chase the setting sun --
But it set too soon, so we caught the moon
(Still a great prize to be won).
Though, it changed the rhythm of the tides,
And all the waves they churned.
It came that you and me soon learned
We never could return.

Do the risks outweigh the reward?
#sun   #moon   #ocean   #sea   #waves   #learn   #sail   #risk   #consequences   #reward  
1 day ago

The Moon,
It gracefully sits.
Stoic in its positioning.
Waiting for a lover that may never come,
and waiting for a night that may not seem like one.
Then I wonder if, I am alone like the moon.

#love   #first   #moon   #alone   #night   #lover   #grace   #magic   #lone   #stoic  
Nic Sutcliffe
Nic Sutcliffe
1 day ago

It was then that the universe decided to play
Out a sequence of events that would lead to this day
She conspired with the sun
    with the earth and the moon
With the rest of the cosmos
    to create enough room
For elegant curiosity to bloom

Opportunity presented herself to his door
She gestured,
  and smiled,
   And said "wait no more"
He knew in an instant it was time to act,
Because chances are few, such a plain simple fact.
And so our protagonist seized that one chance,
For his soul to experience a new kind of dance.  

It was all for a girl,
  what if?
She moved with such grace, she sparked up a spliff
In the garden of dreams,
     bathed in glorious sunlight
Her hair, face and smile
     it all felt so right
And watching her glow and feeling her lust,
He knew it was time,
   he knew that he must.
He leaned in closer for a taste of her lips,
She turned in towards him,
    she shuffled her hips
And then when at last they shared that first kiss,
His soul was ignited and smothered in bliss.

And that was the moment that everything changed,
A shift in perspective, a life re-arranged.
For what then ensued through that day and that night,
Was nothing short or pure cosmic delight.

Moments come and moments go
Memories fade over time's forward flow
But the feelings remain, they are timeless and true
And no-one and nothing can take them from you.

So if you're attentive to universe's song,
   and seize opportunity,
you can never go wrong.
For you might one day find where you truly belong

Another poem centered around love but the focus here is seizing opportunities when they present themselves. Peace and love my fellow poets
Chris Neilson
Chris Neilson
1 day ago

As I lay gazing at a star filled sky
in the throes of my woe in the dead of night
a full moon came with such beautiful healing
through my bedroom blinds into my line of sight

Healing moon please visit again soon
may clouds of rain not diminish your powers
I need your sorrowful serene beauty
to offer it's sympathy in the scary small hours

credit to Cherie Nolan for smoothing and soothing this piece
#moon   #beauty   #night   #healing   #panic  
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