Stan Patty
Stan Patty
1 day ago

A nearly full moon
Rests on a shelf of cold air.
Deep quiet of dusk.

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The sun loved the moon

so much he died

every night

to let her breathe.

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You are the sun and you are the moon;
I hold you to the highest regard
at every wake and at every sleep.
I miss you on the days I don’t rise,
but you always rise,
regardless of the weather.
I solely like rain.
I like the way your condensation
pours over me
when we are in between the sheets,
the madness of the storm between your pelvis,
thrusting thunder and lightning bolts into my bones
and I’m ignited with the blaze
you course through my body.
Your touch leaves me with
burn marks
trailing my thighs
to follow back into the bed
where we lay together
and it reminds me
I need the rain to so desperately put me out
when you set over the hills
and run away from me again.
You’re so different at night.
You’re cool and quiet, but you’re so cool.
You have the stars
and the comets
and the constellations
and the Milky Way,
but you choose my terrestrial body
every single time
you come out.
You remove clouds
and whisper through the stillness in the sunset
to bask in your luminescence with you,
just one more time,
the last time,
With a sliver under my nose and above my chin,
I watch
the stars dance on you,
the comets open their legs for you,
the constellations bend over for you,
the Milky Way wrap her arms around you,
but you,
you are a constant and never move.
We hold our stare like the lights will go out
and I stand in the moon light with you
just to cringe in the sun with you
the next day
and the next day
and the next day
and the next day.
And we do this
and I keep a part of you
hanging on my lips,
the crescent that never fades.

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Mike Porter
2 days ago

In the hush before the curtains rise,
I wait for her,
enamored of the fruit
long cultivated patience provides.

Coy as always,
glimpsed fleetingly at first;
she walks in amber beauty,
stately and serene.

Aria begun,
she sings her silver song and
paints the audience in
diamond dust once more.

2 days ago

He was the moon
So glorious and majestic,
Extravagant and eccentric.

I am the (night) sky
Full of dreams and stories
Etched within the stars
That beautifies me

Without them
Without him,
I am nothing
But a void.
No reason to look up
No reason to care at all.

He is hidden
Behind the dark clouds
I don't know
Where they came from.

He wouldn't let me see
Himself in his great beauty.
Only a half, a crescent, or a quarter
Is what he gives.

But there are also times
When he shows himself
All his imperfections
And shines within
The vast stretch of darkness
I only care to give.

And people slowly
Starts to see
How we became a beautiful pair.

How he shines for me
And how I
Let them see
How beautiful he is.

And the stars,
My dreams,
Comes dancing and shining.

It was a sight to behold.
We were extraordinary.

But I was afraid
Too much will break our bond.
And so I ran away
When he so beautifully
Shined and glowed.

I always make a mistake everynight.
I let my darkness go
I let the stars kept under my blanket.

For I make way to someone
Who is more beautiful
Just like him
Shining and glowing
Just like him.

When combined both
They make up the universe
They make up the whole existence of us.

I am just a mere foreground
Changing my course
And watching them
Chase for each other
Until eternity.

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2 days ago

The sun is what you are to me.
You shine brightly and radiantly.
With a radiance that fills my heart with joy and light.
That light that fills my heart and life with smiles.
Making the world of mine turn, the seasons change, with the tides,
Of your heart and soul.
Great waves of extasy overtake me.
When my hand and heart are in your caring hands.
My love for you is like the moon.
For without the sun, It would be covered in darkness
Never to share its light with anyone.

#love   #peace   #hate   #sun   #moon   #happy   #dark   #reality   #night   #cold  
Pamela Rae
Pamela Rae
2 days ago

just sometimes
I want to just float away--
hop on the nearest fluffy cloud
and ride it til the end of day
and greet the moon and stars
with the love I feel inside of me
and join them as they shine so bright
and perhaps they'll allow me to see
why they twinkle and glow
and while I'm there,
I'm going to ask them quite sincerely
if they will allow me to know
what it is that makes our world so bleak
so dark and sad and gray--
when all we need to do is look up
at the end of each and every day
and see the beautiful stars, the moon
shining so very bright...
Ahhh...if only, only I could ride this cloud
into the beauty of the night...
©Pamela Rae 02.23.2017

#love   #moon   #nature   #stars   #escape   #night   #clouds   #fantasy  
2 days ago

some days
it just starts to feel
like the girl has finally decided
to pack her bags and leave your mind


eleven haircuts
and many moons later,
you will feel as though she's throwing right hooks
straight to your heart,
laughing at you for ever thinking that you can get rid of her
any time soon.

silly you.
#love   #heartbreak   #life   #girl   #pain   #moon   #reality  
2 days ago

I hate you here
I hate you there
I wish not to hate
because I am not one to hate,
but I think about you
way too much
for someone that no longer cares

I think how you were,
the things you asked of me

The things that were said,
the things you screamed,
the pain you charged at me

I still walk by that picnic table
and think of that night
you chased me down
when I wanted to leave

I still look at that park
and think of those nights
full of tears and anguish

The stars we walked under,
barely visible
as if even they knew,
the end was near
the moon shined down a perfect light
for our shadows to leap on

I still drive by that path we walked,
the time you told me things you've
not admitted to others before me

I remember thinking then
that you were a complete mess,
and not mine to fix,
but still,
it was so very hard to let go

It still is,
and after the time that has gone by
I saw your car just the other day
It just set me ablaze

You ruined so many things for me,
you laid out these lies
that I was supposed to trust
you laid out your fear,
your anger
that you held onto deeply
the past,
ours and yours
it rang inside of you like a bell
billowing out like a nuclear blast

I wasn't sure of you at first,
you were adamant
you were misleading
you were comforting,
but the things you became
riveted me in such a way
that I haven't been able to overcome

I'm guilty of a lot things,
but with you I was better

I needed time to become that way
I needed time to heal from the loss I had before you

I wasn't given that time,
and we see the results now

We see the results of two people,
claiming honesty
and getting lies

This is garbage, but I wanted to share it anyhow.
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Mysidian Bard
Mysidian Bard
2 days ago

You are my moonlight,
the darker that my life gets,
the brighter you shine.

#love   #haiku   #moon   #dark   #light   #reliance  
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