The Dybbuk
The Dybbuk
1 day ago

I am the sun.
I am atom against atom,
In open warfare
Thousands of miles away.
I am the moon,
I walk in the night
Among the dark ones
The creatures you want to forget.
I am the sun,
I am light and life and good weather.
No cloud to obliterate,
No ocean to extinguish.
I am the moon,
I am master of the ebb and flow,
I am water,
Deep and dark and hidden below the raging waves.
I am black light,
Fiery water,
Living death,
and Master of None.
And yet...
I am only me.

#fire   #sun   #moon   #dark   #water   #me   #light  
Ravanna Dee
Ravanna Dee
2 days ago

A burning light has embedded itself into your mended heart.
It glows off your milky skin and brightens up your smile.
It twinkles out your eyes like specks of stardust.
And blazes itself from the inside out, illuminating your profile.
It puts a bounce to your step and crinkles by your eyes.
And it seems to brush it's glorious glow to each passerby.
One day you were asked, "Why does your eyes hold the sunrise?"
And you spoke with a million rays of light as you replied,
"The world has gotten darker like midnight without stars.
As each and everyone of you demoralize yourself.
So, because I see my worth, a moon you think that I've become.
When really I'm just a star that knows my worth comes from within."

#moon   #night   #star   #worth   #love-yourself  

Friends asked me
What does sky mean to you?
What about Stars? Shooting star?
And moon?
I smiled  and started whispering
That afternoon
You see the sky
They said yeah!
I said: the sky too sees me
I see the stars
And stars see me
I see the Moon
And the Moon sees me
Do you know why?
They seemed understand nothing
I continued...
It is simply because
Sky is my World;
Star is my Soul;
And the Moon is
My beauty, is my smile,
Moon is my heart...
Star and Moon
Are my Wings
To keep flying
Fly in my beautiful

#heart   #moon   #world   #beautiful   #soul   #sky   #star   #fly   #wings  
Timothy hill
2 days ago

Beyond the moon your soul recites.

Cold space bright sun limitless from current place.

Zooming all ways forward.

Your beauty is so great.

Words can't describe the beauty you dictate

Sun space moon life galaxies stars plants
#love   #sun   #moon   #world   #stars   #earth   #planets  
3 days ago

dancing are all the stars in the midnight sky
as the shining moon looks upon with a smile
and I'm lost in a dream of dancing with you
you love only you, dancing the night away

my dream,  a lovely dream, a beautiful dream
a sweet, sweet dream, sweetheart of my dreams
a dream of dancing one dance on a summer's night
with you, dancing stars and a shining moon

#love   #dance   #moon   #dreams   #stars  
Zan Balmore
Zan Balmore
3 days ago

"You will not defeat me,"
from the summit of your lungs
arterial winter
is all over and all done
I want the rain to smother us,
one nose to another
sharing the air
at the corner of Fifth and Couch
I want the silence between us
sinking heavily
while enjoying
the rare absence of spoken word
I want you filling my chest
with the bumps that were
lost to view some time ago,
like we share phantom sensations
from before we knew love
"Return my youth to me,"
acid dripping from your tongue
We can sing in song

Is this the end or the beginning?
Probably both.
#love   #moon   #winter   #scream   #is   #over   #defeat   #moonshine   #pdx  
3 days ago

The moon rises
pulling tides,
laughing at
my hearts
sweet demise.

~ laughing ~
#love   #life   #sadness   #moon  
4 days ago

Every so often,
Grab the abyss by the neck.
Stare deeply into her eyes, and let your heart shout its life giving war-cry.

Hear it echo within the Hallows of Death -
In the spaces that can never be filled by the life
It engulfs.

Feel the raging thunderstorm
That you so profusely call a body,
Cracking and whipping the
Silence apart.

With every coruscating breath
You draw past your lips
You feed an ancient fire
That you've held within
So effortlessly..
For an eternity.

I hope you understand
That you are woven together
By the deaths of a thousand galaxies -
And that you recognize
The countless faces of The Mother
As your own.

For you are the children
of the Sun,
The Moon,
The Truth.

#truth   #sun   #moon   #silence   #storm   #abyss   #eternity  
Katjie Raath
Katjie Raath
4 days ago

Come! Dance for the Moon in an unclad,
howling circle shimmering with freedom

Let's amuse ourselves with revelry as we frolic around in the Moon's transcendent light.

Come! Dance and sing for the Moon in celebration of her existence as she watches over us from her star lit throne.

#love   #moon   #festival  

Pave me a path to the moon
I'll walk the whole way
Encouraged by the silver dust craters
and white light.

It looks to be a gentle place
A place to go to close your eyes
and exhale.
A place to go
to have your face touched
and heart filled.

On the moon
I will be peaceful.
I will revel in the
weightlessness of it all
and store that feeling in my heart
Remembering it in moments
when I am feeling
crushed by the heavy earth.

In the meantime
while my path is being paved
I'll keep my moon dream alive
by late night star gazing
and keeping
silver dust in my pocket.

March 23rd 2017
#love   #moon   #hope   #stars   #escape   #tired   #dreamer  
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