Collapse, bed
sound increasing.
Tired, so tired...
crash, roof.
Oak, -snapped.

Rain pouring
showers, showers
Python chest
ink pours
into heart.

Vines unfurl
flies, strange
flowers heart
sounds, nature.
Ocean nearby.

Storm again!
Scattered, clothes...
...breathe mourns.
Eyes trail.


Cindered heart
pages, fear
Awake! Awaken!
Creature's breath.
Searing heat,

Open! Eyes!
is, -there
ancient tale
translated? See?
Apollo a serpent...

...and me.

A fountain,


George Francis
George Francis
3 days ago

with the weight of the world on my shoulders,
hands scrabbling at my back,
i wonder when i stopped being icarus
and took on the role of atlas
and if it was foolish of me to wear wings of wax
and expect them not to melt

i miss that flying freedom.
feeling on top of the world, soaring through a blue sky
with you, my apollo, a guiding light;
an enveloping warmth,
it felt like nothing could touch me
even on the coldest nights

i knew enough of science and mythology
to know i'd fall hard,
that candles drip and melt
and when they melt, your skin burns;
i knew that looking into the sun
would surely make me blind

it didn't feel like such a hazard at the time
i've never had 20:20 eyesight.
the blindest man is the one that refuses to see
and why see when i could feel?
throw caution to the wind, take flight...
i flew and i fell and i loved so i drowned

B Condon
B Condon
6 days ago

Through silky grass and waters blue
Do the joints click into
Shapes of knowing wing or bone
Stretching, enchanted
And nerve and vein hums, pulses
An ancient tune between
Breathless heaves
The trembles of heartbeats
For a simple reflex of a finger to lips

#nature   #the   #mythology   #welsh   #bach   #mabinogi   #gwion   #taliesin   #cerridwen  
MP Martinez
MP Martinez
7 days ago

She wears the golden ray of sun on her dress
Her laugh so sweet any man can't resist
Flowers bloom on her every step
As she smile the world celebrates
Oh daughter of spring
You even melted Hades heart of solid ice
His monochrome kingdom burst into colorful hue
And because of that he won't let you go
Your disappearance payed a price
Now that you were gone
The world turned frozen and dry desert

Beloved daughter of Spring, Hailed queen of Underwold
Dedicated to one of my favorite greek goddess, Persephone. Worth a try
7 days ago

Stardust and lust
Lie behind her blue eyes
Her lips moist raise a voice
Like songbirds in morn skies
With her grace and her face
She enchants all in her way
She needs no weapon when she's gettin'
All the wishes she'll say

A little bit of morning mythology.

I’ve been writing an unending melody
About a woman whose countenance could set ships a-sailing
Just to crash on the shore at her feet
Porcelain skin, Eyes of jade, and hair of gold
The rival to Helen of troy, to be mine but were I more bold

A goddess of perfection sublime, in her absence the world is but gray
Her beauty must Venus abide and abhor to this very day

So now I’ve been plotting and scheming
I’ve got a ship set to sail in the harbor; at dawn we are leaving
To steal her away from a king and his land
And she’ll be mine if she’ll take my hand

Ten thousand women could never change my mind
A harem fit for a king’
Tender, supple, and kind,
Could never draw my hand nor heart from her embrace
I’d give to her all of my days for a chance but to relish her gaze

And now I’ve been plotting and scheming
I’ve got to have her for mine; and no, I won’t settle for dreaming.
So like a thief in the night I’ve come to steal her away
And she’ll be mine by the break of day

When I was younger
Not a child
Just after
I named a man my god.

He breathed into me a swirling swell of madness
And generous with his kindness he filled me with the sun.
He spoke a tongue that promised of forever
A softness that swept along my spine
A voice, rich as mulled wine
A heart overflowing
A love ever growing
We swelled without abandon
And at random I would say
To this man
You are my god.

It was the future that did tempt us
But a god such as Asclepius
Needed not to be wounded
By a sinner of the world.
Had I been a healer
And in my god, a true believer
Soothed the pain
Met fire with rain
And doused the darkness might I retrieve her
The mortal woman that I stole
From a god.

Noble and broken
This man was awoken
Delivered to the ground
Where he found
A demon in disguise.
And as ichor pooled from the excavation my temptation had created in his heart, my god became a mortal man doomed to wander in the deepening tresses of my mind.

When I was older
Not as now
Slightly colder
I saw the man I once named my god.

Out of the corner of my eye
I faced a lie
Told many years before
About a man who made me tremble
My hands quaked
Heart ached
I blanched and ran from the power of his soul
Soothed my head against a wall and beat the thoughts away just as my heart did beat and thud and rumble and pound against my ears-
For my fears were all coming true
That I would see you
But not talk
Or touch
Or gaze upon
For your love you cast on another
And I, the bother, shook in your presence
Truly terrified
Yet drawn to the essence
Of a god.

When I was younger
Not a child
Just after
Full of spirit and laughter
And a future with one
When the world tasted sweeter
And our love, never finer
Invincible as the sun
I named a man my god.

Now my god caresses another
And to her he gave the moon.
#love   #heartbreak   #broken   #sad   #pain   #young   #memory   #mythology   #greek  

Her soft pale goddess skin
Had not been sun kissed
In six harsh months
While earth above
Also suffered much
Demeter’s sorrow was shared
By godly men
A starving child
Ate one pomegranate
Now her captor demanded
She must suffer in this hellish cave
It’s always the gods
That come up with
The strangest harshest ways

Check out the lights
Let transcend the heights
Of my own imagination
Past garbled salt water
Part boiling mermaid daughters
Asinine aliens
Magic beings
Mystics and monks
Praying to
Diaphanous demons
A Virile and vain vampire
Dating a sparkling tree spirit
A wretched wizard
Hanging with Witty Warlocks
And Witches in weird wardrobes
A Wicked werewolf
Alluring angels
Naughty Gnomes
Teasing tiny
Pretty pixies and
Frightened fairies
An Unlucky unicorn
Being chased by
Dangerously daring dark dragon
Greedy goblins grabbing gleaming gold
Goofy Gargoyles
Glad handing
Gorgeous goddesses
And a cranky Kraken
Staring at a sickeningly sultry siren
Sitting on a salty sea stone
Trying to eat an enlightened elf
A leprechaun laughing
At a horny hobbit
Who is trying to hump
A hairy and hostile dwarf
All stream lined in time
Put on a perfect pause
Cause they don’t do anything
They are just fake figurines
Cardboard cutouts
Pretty poems and portrait
Painting in my mysterious mind

I hear the Siren's cry.
A bittersweet laughing ruse
full of a life fulfilled
just out of earshot.

Here I stand restrained.
A mute with perfect hearing,
A rigid, fettered meat husk.
Jutte Bristles feast upon the flesh of my wrists-
Vegetative vampiric cord.
It holds me to my main sail in a sea of
Violent storms.

My ship tosses and bucks, riding the bull of Poseidon
while phantoms of light dance on crests of oblivion.
My sailors, ears plugged with wax
Shift and sway on legs accustomed to rough waters.
I Alone, Hear the call and strain to act.

And what do these Goddesses of Lies offer,
(for deep down I know what they are)
these voices of fell winds wrapped in painful beauty.
Riches or Aires?
Sweet coupled love?
Secrets of the Green Mirror?

No, an end to loneliness.
Become one with the sweet horror and chaos.
Come dance over the waters with erotic abandon.
Feast on the tripe of torn souls.
I long to follow, but will not.

Rope against bone and sinew.
Blood pools at my ships rain-drenched trunk.
The song it calls, it calls…
Vile once-men, future minstrel demons,
Abominations that haunt my ghost ship.
Listen to your commander and allow me to follow
these kisses of spectral wanton lust.

Screams of anguish echo--
and then realization!
It is my own voice that parts
the waves of the storm soaked sea.
It is my own voice that
parts from the divine.

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