Early morning, eyes start wonder , mind starts to ponder, about what does and dosnt really matter , a distraction to the pain and all the words that are knocking on my ear drums. My foot steps further down as I listen to sound of the 6 cylinder engine he continues to mention. All the problems and heart ake its enough to keep me awake. So I slowly put my dose of caffeine down and think what am I going to do now. I snap out of it the light turns red ,foots on the brake ,life is giving me another choice to make . I take a deep breath and answer back with the strength I have left. He needs more I guess its time for another job,  a reality check in the form of his wisdom his problems become mine his sorrow because mine his sadness and anger fules mine. So I sit up straight and look towards the sunrise eyes burning souls still learning. I blink to find a tear escaping the prison I have set in my eyes. So I let it go to run free to dream and hope so fearless,  that I envy it.

Mane Omsy
Mane Omsy
1 day ago

Right click,
A moment of freshness
Clean up and blurr
Even, it won't heal

A wrong surgery
Vicodin prescription
To freshen up,
To forget the pain
Even, it won't fade

II - Poem Collection
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4 days ago

You must kill the Beast,
That's what I've been told,
Bring your blade 'tween its eyes,
Like in the days of old.

I must beat It and break It,
That's what I'd been told,
I must bruise It and make Its
Blood run cold.

But I would rather have It go
to some foreign land,
Or else hide with the fish in the sea,
Have It go and sleep
beneath those soft sands,
And stay far away from me.

Yet I know this Beast
would haunt me even then,
Would return and rear Its ugly head,
It doesn't matter what has been
And I don't care what the others said,
I'm putting this matter to bed!

I wrestle the beast in my arms,
Howling how I forever vow
That this beast will do no more harm,
For I am its master now.

Defeat the Beast.
6 days ago

Lately, I have been suffering
From being slightly absent-minded,
Forgot to flush the Lav last night
Which almost left our lass blinded?

You dirty old sod!
You’ve forgotten to flush the chain,
Staring into the pan, she says
Looks like the remnants of your brain,

A genuine mistake possibly,
Fear will always be reminded of my error,
Her normally very passive tongue
Was now raging words of terror?

Yet I can see an escape route,
Or shall we say a viable excuse,
To explain my left deposits
Which were a little loose?

I know it has been a while my dear
Since you last visited the traps,
So I thought I would leave you a reminder
Then maybe just perhaps,

As it is over a week,
Since you last had a show,
I also detect a hint of jealousy,
Cos at least I can go!

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By Arcassin Burnham

Left with past reminders like should i go back to the moment
when everyone was civilized?
The butterfly effect had nothing on the causes and tragedies
that opened up the peoples eyes,
choose better friends , keep your enemies closer than two mountains
slouching in the Himalayas,
like a stone brick wall filled with dead bodies even towards the top
where the satanists will dead hate ya,
stealing and killing is a motto for the young people that see chaos
in a troubled child's eyes,
Problems create problems in society when the people that we care
about the most tell us lies,
we're leaning towards the end of the road with a new set of toys and
the propaganda just grows stronger,
what happen to the unity and peace and the freedom of speech when
the troubles in the world gets darker,

As The waves crash down , i could see the future of a new age,
the children that'll grow up in a good home of good people and will
never take a break,
that will have all the teachings and serving the god that they praise,

we're all gonna die anyway , we're all gonna die anyway,
until we see the pearly gates.

©ABPoetry:RisenLP2017 ©ABPoetry2017.

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Tomorrow I and all the world condemn
That I am only, of a person, half.
I might’ve had a life tho’ I’ve missed them,
My maze of memories’ crannies worsens:
The afternoons that should be clear and strong,
A distant haze, forgotten roads - but soft!
Is there a place I have not gotten wrong?
Remembrance catches me so badly oft …
To keep a journal, to keep a diary,
To try and lock the day within my brain -
Will I lose it all?  Yes, no past for me.
Watch all my yesterdays down gutter drain.
             Worthless, my poetry I write today
             In hopes that it will yield a better way.

Mar 11

There are bigger problems this world is facing
than the inconvenience and issues that I face
Then why am I so self-conceited?

I ignore the real news on the telly
Skip all the  horrifying headlines on paper
And believe that world is unfair to me
When I am luckier than half the population of world
I do not have to sleep hungry at night
I have a place to call my home
As well as opportunity to go to school
And a chance to write my on future .

you know the time is right when the light strikes with a couple of  bite  you knew u couldn't  do anything right  until u had to go fight all night  to make everything  alright.

but next time  the cats are gonna bite, so get used to the time being right  everytime .

because i just found a dime  after my friend solved  a crime  from a person stealing a baby dime, I couldn't describe why I had the    feeling to cry, after  my best friend  was very kind to   figure out  why .

#sad   #problems   #solving  

You are so fucked for not seeing the trap
For not paying heed to the warnings your heart keeps giving
Don't worry -- it will stop. But so will you
And I only want you to not die a mess.

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