11 hours ago

Running around on the beach
and wading into the blue sea to
try and get off the coarse
sand clinging to her body
My strawberry girl looks like
she is queen of the ocean.
When she is in the water,
the fish follow her every step
and when she is on the shore,
the crabs scurry between her feet.
She says it feels like she's floating
in space when she is in the water
She says the sand feels like
velvet on her skin
I never liked the sand,
but in the water I feel at home.
To her, they are one and the same.
I throw water in the air
and she grabs at it trying to
harvest the rainbows that form.
I make castles in the sand
and she decorates the walls
with pink and yellow shells.
I've never seen someone look
at me the way she does when I smile.
I look right back at her and
make a funny face.
Then she giggles and I smile harder.

#love   #poem   #girl   #water   #ocean   #beach   #sand   #queen   #rainbows  
Marco Buschini
Marco Buschini
Jun 20, 2016

She shrilled like a screaming siren,
My love for you was desire.
Way up high.
Into the alpine forest.
The steely stare
Of a desert of silence.
Echoing from the sky,
Raging fire of thunder,
And rebelling
From the dead-still pacifiers.
The twisted corpse
Awakens to delight the crowd.
A promise to those who commit forever in a kiss,
To always produce the sweetest sounding bliss.
To distil the bitterness.
From the ocean of the subconscious.
Forever losing the social shackles.
Piecing together visions in dreams.
Undying revelations of laughter,
Bellowing from the underworld.
Soaring above the ravaged terrain,
Fire and torturous disdain.
The murderous and imperious,
Lecturing the intense desire of the lustfully distasteful.
Seen into sinful disguises and guided down
The slippery spiral of ignominy.
Out of the desolate outskirts, into her arms I cry!
Magic in loving slow motion.
Stealing the sound as if to feed from the bosom.
The feeling infectious.
I drink your words like water
And they will always ignite me from the dormancy.
A reoccurring reverie,
With you I rest.

Zan Balmore
Zan Balmore
1 day ago

I thought you were my friend
we shared herb and spirits
with an addict in recovery
I've never really left this town like you
I broke my new tablet
while watching ducks from rocks
This dirty river bank
This dirty city may
Be the only ocean for me

2 days ago

Tears and tequila sloshing in her stomach
She’s a turbulent maelstrom, violently
Pulling and pushing people in and out
Of her suffocating grasp

The ocean calls out to her, whispering
“We are one of the same;"
Tugging and strumming the strings of her heart
As they wail to the violins

Shattered glass and swirling gales
Lure her to moon white sands
Her body moves unconsciously,
Gliding smoothly toward the tides

The waves crash at her feet and
She is salt water -- the teasing temptress,
Singing siren, luring men to certain death,
Spitting limp bodies back to shore like seaweed

Foggy eyes drip brine into the ocean
Essence fading with each step forward
Shallow waters embrace and murmur
“Welcome home,” her last moments
Preserved in the crashing sea foam

Insp. by Humoresque (1946)
#love   #suicide   #sad   #death   #sorrow   #drowning   #imagery   #ocean   #essence   #cinema  
Amanda S
Amanda S
3 days ago

kisses turn into monsters my
mind can't conjure up
they leave an ocean of pinks, purples, and blues,
yet I say nothing

this sharp - teethed demon
comes after me as fast as
a bullet can go

in my head,
i run rapidly, to the edge of the world,
but physically,
i stay as still as the sea

if I move,
he will come after me at supersonic speed
and i'll drown deeper
under these pink sheets

*for all of those whos consent has been violated*
#abuse   #dark   #ocean   #sea   #pink   #sheets   #assault   #foreboding   #consent  
Rebecca Lynn
Rebecca Lynn
3 days ago

How can you look at me and say that we are best friends,
when you know that you never have time for me anymore.
We were the best of friends, the ones that would pink promise and say,
"I promise that we will be besties until the very end."
everything has changed,
we're not the same.
You're not there like you were before.
You chased me out of the house and you locked the door;
but it wasn't just that.
It was raining outside when you decided to lock me out.
I was stranded for what seemed like years,
standing soaked and wet in my tears.

Yet, it wasn't just that...

You stopped talking to me months ago.
Now you're saying that I am losing hope.
Oh no, darling, you let go of the rope.
The rope that held our friendship from sinking.
Yet, you cut the rope that held us together.

But it wasn't just that...

You ignored me for months and months.
You never wanted to hangout anymore.
I guess this is where our friendships sinks.
Lost in the middle of the ocean, stranded.

I wrote this one about someone that I shared all my secrets with. Now she doesn't seem to care about me anymore.
#tears   #crying   #lost   #friend   #best   #ocean   #sink   #ignore   #stand   #stranded  
Zan Balmore
Zan Balmore
3 days ago

In the orange cream dying sun's half light
swaddled by blankets wrapped in dirty clothes
I open my lips wanting your taste
eye to eye, mons pubis, warm fragrance
To offer myself and soul over completely
When we were young did you ever think
we'd drown in the ocean of flesh between legs?
She smiled brightly, made noises
overjoyed much more than confused,
though that's not the story now, is it?
In an instant passion rises up with steam
gone again before I wipe the mirror and
brush my teeth, and once again I see
blackened debris, they're rotting out
from misspoke verbs
All that's sweet now is the imagining
of diabetic what once was
Two closed eyes reach back with a breathy sigh
withheld truths and well meant half lies,
cannot inspire lift again that left me,
but that doesn't stop the faithful
Has the tide this whole time been sending
waves of false hope, on which I'm floating?
Daydreaming, heating oil, she wants dinner,
and I hunger for satisfaction in new pictures
A hand for a finger, a tongue from both mouths
comforting by grabbing hungrily
until heads get thrown back, abs tighten
when pressed to relax, on the rack
stretched but both floating
Why does she want to drink my blood?
I don't ask just imbibe in return
Those days are long gone
Times when the worst thoughts could not undo
whatever flicker remains in the waning brazier's ember

I can't stop slinging filth
Peddling chrome plated items of refuse
#the   #longing   #about   #ocean   #songs   #oral   #refuse   #legs   #cum   #fragrance  
Violet Markey
Violet Markey
6 days ago

She had a whirling hurricane
Raging inside her

He was as still
As a ship on a peaceful ocean

Their worlds collided
And never had there been a better match
For he was the calm to her storm

Only three more days of torture xx
#blue   #her   #him   #storm   #ocean   #waves   #calm  
Erin Suurkoivu
Erin Suurkoivu
6 days ago

This is no citrus sunrise.

And this is no ocean, but forest,
stretching into its own infinity.

I received
the news of your death this morning.

Black crows cry
and cross & stitch the sky.

The first morning I met you,
it was a blue heron that flew over our heads,

a perfect silence.

This poem came to me when I stood outside the morning I learned of a friend's death.
#death   #friend   #silence   #ocean   #morning   #sunrise   #forest   #crow   #heron   #citrus  
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