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mt May 2019
you are blood and bone but you are love
i feel it when you touch me,
if i touch myself i'll feel ur heart
the heart is in ur fingertips,
the way they make me feel
the heart is in ur eyes,
all the thoughts that they reveal
mt Jun 2018
i have a mole on my right shoulder and an always swollen heart,
i often feel lonely, i have eyes that see art.
at night i'll think i'm pretty, like when my hair falls in rings
i say the word love often so i guess i love many things
i like myself better at night so this is about that
mt Jun 2018
u don't believe in God but u tell me i'm an angel.
i hear the devil when u speak to me,
when i see the curve of a hip or soft skin between thighs.
your nails painted the colour of your core, your lashes long and wispy.
i think it's too much, you tell me i think too much
and i think you think of kissing me too much.
two girls but only one of them is in love
mt Apr 2018
i don't really know what it feels like to be in love but i think the clouds look nice about an hour before sunset when it seems like everything is submerged underneath a blanket of cotton
or maybe in the morning, when the sky is so blue but the clouds are so sad and so soft like the froth that sits on top of my soda in the summertime when its hot
or right before a sunset when the clouds are dripping gold and the sky seems to soak up all of their honey, honey like the bottles tucked away in the pantry, honey like the eyes of the spiral-haired boy living across the street
and i sit and watch how beautiful the sky is from the sweet-smelling sheets of my bed or the lonely window in my classroom or the passenger seat of my father's car and think of how beautiful it must be to be in love
mt Apr 2018
u used to like the way i listen u liked it more when i'd speak
i'd fall asleep to ur voice and find heaven in ur heartbeats
missing u hurts my core, makes me think feel and cry
tell me if my hands didn't still shake when i see u would u allow urs in mine
  Mar 2018 mt
in the waves
of your gaze
    my ship
  bursts into
                                as my mouth
                           watering for yours
                                fills me with
                                                          ­              endlessly
                                         ­                                longing
                                                         ­             to permeate
                                                        ­           on your reverie
                                                         ­                  steam
                                    to dim
                                 the lights
                            of your sirenic
                                                          ­           to undress
                                                         ­        the complexity
                                                      ­            of your mind
                                                            ­           scheme

                                        i solemnly live
                                     to hear your name
                                  that even the silences
a poem for someone who will never read it
  Mar 2018 mt
I hope to drown in your thoughts and sink to your heart.
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