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Tins Nox Nov 2015
a line divides us
on one side stands
       stacked all steadily
the things to which
    I hold close to heart
                     to myself
       to others

and I can see you
watching me across the way
a mess around your feet
and fire
           climbing to the sky
heat embracing you
just as you like it

chaos                  calm
             to       my

opposites don’t attract
sometimes they explode

I won’t ask you to freeze in my arms
and you know I’ll never melt in yours

a line divides us
           so little
                    so long
Tins Nox Nov 2015
You said you’d die for me
protect me with your life.
I cried.
I begged.
I pleaded.
How could you?
Why would you?
I won’t let you!
My life is nothing without you.
Words you reflected back at me.

Live for me.
Live for me.

You said you’d die for me
But no.
No that could never happen.
No force on Heaven, Hell, or Earth
could take you from me.
I will not let them.

I would not let you.

My life is mine to save.
My chances are mine to take,
and I am no damsel.

You will not leave me behind,
dying in the cold
of your absence.


You told me that you’d die for me.
And so to stop you
I died instead.
Tins Nox Apr 2015
How much debt can a father build?
Oh, as much as his daughter's heart can carry.
Tins Nox Feb 2015
they always tell you
"reach for the moon -
if you miss,
you'll land among stars."

what they fail to mention is that
the moon needs light from
the sun
          to shine.
and the light from the stars
takes billions of years
to reach us;
but first
                  they must implode.
Tins Nox Oct 2014
she was always told to dance
like nobody was watching

for the first few years,
she was too young
to understand what it meant

when she finally understood,
she was too afraid to listen
to the music in her head

when she got over her fear
and took that first step,
a dance began
but nobody cared

she danced
and nobody watched

but e v e r y o n e noticed
when she stopped
Tins Nox Apr 2014
They say the day the Earth stood Still;
the Heavens split in two.
And then He walked among the Land -
and then He created You.

But in Dark another lies in wait;
His vengeance soon to be.
Patience is His greatest Power;
His greatest Creation - Me.
Tins Nox Mar 2014
How do you accept someone's
when the one offering it is the
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