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Yume Blade
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Yumiko Sakata
24/F/California    I am just another soul wandering this planet's surface on what I am meant to be.


nvinn fonia  Apr 2020
nvinn fonia Apr 2020
whiskey yum yum yum cigarettes yum yum yum food yum yum yum internet movies dramas yum yum yum rocking in a free   world yum yum yum yes  sire e bob
She stands outside the convenience store
always with a big smile on her sweet face
she offers sweets to the passers bys
with a twinkle in her piercing green eyes

I always stop to have a chat with her
and inevitably you end up with a sweet
that girls out here in all weathers
giving her yum yums away on the street

I call her my sweet yum yum girl
and now that name sticky sticks
five minutes of chat is enough with her
as too many sweets shoved in your mouth
boy oh boy, can that make you sick

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris