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Fatimah Noor Jun 2019
Let's just rewind
How beautiful were those seconds
When our paths crossed
I don't know how it happened,
Where it started
But it began all of a sudden
And turned into never ending
Isn't it strange?
Do you feel the same?
Fatimah Noor Jun 2019
A fine morning
With clouds wandering
A cup of strong coffee
And rose fragrance
I sat to start a new beginning
All focused and determined
Escaping from all the apprehensions
And capturing valour for the days to come
No longer writing about the past grievances
But the goals to accomplish
And praising every little thing I have.
Fatimah Noor May 2019
The breeze sings to me
The flowers bloom in glee
The unreal sky in plea
In the balcony I've come to see
The vibrant colours of the tree
The little bird comes to me
Asking if the sorrows are ready to flee
I tell him sipping my coffee
They're not my cup of tea
Better throw kindness around like confetti
And just stay low key!
Fatimah Noor May 2019
Didn't the sea tell you how much I missed you while seeing the sunset on the shore with despair in my eyes?
Fatimah Noor May 2019
In the golden hour enlivening
With some dreams twirling
Fiery eyes stood waiting
With some emotions drowning
She could not stop thinking
Her heart was clouding
The wilderness was calming
To the soul mystifying
Fatimah Noor May 2019
I wander lonely in the streets
To find the piece of my soul
I left somewhere in the journey of life
The lively part which was the real me
And I think you can help me find it
Cause I lost it in search of 'you '
Fatimah Noor May 2019
Cherish the moments you spend with your loved ones

Cherish the person who brings a smile on your face whenever you are sad

Cherish the books that taught you what no one else did

Cherish the person who is always there to listen to you

Cherish the last sip of tea you drink with your family

Cherish everything because everything is meant for your betterment in a way that you might not apprehend  now but you will realise that it is a blessing in disguise soon.
#love #cherish #moments #sweet #memories
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