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Ginelle Nov 2016
they say the scariest things are
witches, werewolves, ghosts and ghouls;
but they never discuss the demons
that crawl into your mind just 3 hours after midnight.
so what should really scare me on hallowseve?
Mike Porter Oct 2016

Trijan Refrain
Ma Cherie Oct 2016
The house is quiet, only my whisper is heard...

oh, I guess I'm such a nerd,
are you hanging on my every word?

OK good, come on, let's go,

Shadows drifting, so discreet,
fowl breath, a cut out sheet,
  hard to move these trembling feet
a waiting guest, for me to greet?
not a trick, I hope a treat!?!

Perhaps the reaper comes this way
he knows of this, a game I play?
waking Crowley, where he lay,

I grab ahold the banister,
and step around the stair valute,
the air grows dark and thick again,
as everything is put in mute,
until a bell, I pause to think,
perhaps a playing flute?

Prolly not & that's real cute,
or maybe
inquiries of  candied loot?

True that,

I wait to hear again, a ding,
the joy of laughter it will bring,
the songs again my heart will sing,

I grip the rail, I'm petrified
a ghostly ghoul,
me, has spied
I move away,
from where I hide,

Shhhhhh be quiet,

My legs are heavy,
I slowly stepped,
you escorted,
up I crept
tears I wish,
that I had wept,
I move my hand,
away are swept,
no way for me to leave, get out,
they'd never hear me scream & shout
trudging on with wary doubt,
I bite my lip,
I moan & pout,
in every step, as I grow brave,
climbing up, a darkened grave,
with every step, my soul to save,

Very dramatic poet,
emmmm thanks, read on,

I reach the top in my suspense,
ahead I say, in my defense,
sorry if you're feeling tense,

It's alright,

I open up the door ahead,
filling me & you with dread,
dragging knuckles, telluric bed,
I look, in horror, shrilling,
a glowing face, chilling,
peeking, must be the one,
that I,
... am seeking!

I chuckle at the sounds of creaking,
bones & boards beneath my feet
they tell,
so sneaking up?
you lived in hell?
so I give up
hey, where's the bell?

Oh hear it is, that's just swell,
I know right?
Thanks for finding it though,

Look out!?!

Jumping out, you give a start,
I feel it pump inside my heart,
looks as if I need black art,


Your not afraid?
you silly girl, let me give
another whirl
a bony hand, sweeps & swirls
tattered sheets they creep & twirl

You do your best
to discourage guests
I'm prepared for any scary test
Yes I'm different from the rest,
& by the way,
you mustn't know that I am blessed
I'm not leaving, you may have guessed

Some pumpkins happy
some are scary
the children here,
they shan't be wary
I am not, no I am nary
this may be a fateful twist
but by the gods I have been kissed
sorry but your aim, it missed

I know that I look a witch
as I move my nose & give a twitch
but my dear, I pulled a switch

I raise my hands, I curse your words
as spirits cry, my voice, is heard
I bind you here, your soul I gird,
I cast a spell, hogtie your feet
take a bite, it's really sweet
yes my dear please have a treat
do you mind, if I have a seat?

I call my spoon, my kettle stirring,
as he speaks,
the words are spurring,
I laugh aloud, as kitty's purring,
supernatural events, occurring,
as caldrons bubble, broomsticks fly,
& Frankenstein went walking by,
his Mummy gives a wistful sigh,

Your look of shock, a priceless one,
like someone just removed the sun,
I dare not say, a silly pun?

No it's very good,
Oh hey thanks friend,

As breaking glass of aged pane's
& your attempts to stop me,
all in vain,

In  rattlin' of my heavy chains
relieving bones,
from what they weigh
as my skeleton comes out to play
protecting children as you prey,
wave a wand, a hand & down I slay,

Too much?

No, go on...

The werewolf howling at the moon
growling baying, softly croons,
a clown I think might be a goon,
the wicked hour coming soon,
cackling witches laugh &  snicker
spirits run & candles flicker
demons plot, giggle...
... snicker,
rubbing hands,
they fight & bicker,


I must admit their kinda spooky
Some are cute and kinda kooky,
To me look like a bunch of groupies,

Ha ha, good one poet!
Oh, well thanks!

I give my stick another flick,
I guess I gotta few more tricks!?
as fires dance in flaming licks,

Ewwww, I like it...

Halloween no time for fools,
the banshee comes with gaurding ghoul,
we're taking him to scaring school

Oh very cool,
yeah I made some room,

You can ride with banshee there,
the one with all the crazy hair,
you'll be alright just don't stare,
It's not as if I just don't care,

Huh!?! Great,

The unwanted speaks,

Well my dear, I'd say we're even
but temporary guess I'm leavin'
and your magic I might believin
pretty good, you think you won
congrats again, it's been real fun
a spell like yours can be undone


Oh I see, you think my best?
wait a sec, I'll get undressed
something here I must confess

Most these monsters are my friends
on whom my back I can depend
do your thing, with time you spend

That's okay, you go ahead
I don't wanna end up dead
and now I see, an empty bed
& your face is just filled with dread
boy you're really turning red
must be all the ink I bled

Careful now,
is this just a story?
filled with rhymes,
& kinda gory,
finding out is mandatory,

Now I jump out,
- I just say BOO
I guess, you see-
the tricks on you!

Happy Halloween!

Great ending,

Awww thanks for the love,
yeah sure do love this time of year,
lotsa fun, this one,

Enjoy a candy,
& thanks for coming!

Cherie Nolan © 2016
Halloween, ooooo...
Spooky fun!?! Does it make any sense!
Oh I love monsters Inc, must be I remembered!
SøułSurvivør Jun 2016
Lovely elves and charming witches
Wizards with great power
Sorcerers and dragons
I've read of these for hours.

Woodland imps and fairies
Their faces may seem pure
But these creatures are spirits
And they are meant to lure

Spirit guides and shamans
Fetishes and feathers
Burning sage and totums
Beating drums together

Werewolves and vampires
Voodoo dolls with porcelain faces
These creatures are monsters!
They have no redeeming graces!


Yet it is for SALE!
Kids dressed up as GOULIES

The devil  isn't CUTE!
Yet we dress KIDS in his SUIT!

Yes, they are romanticized
The source of tons of ink
I've even written of them
A fact from which I shrink!

I repent of doing this
And as popular as they are
I will now delete them
I will no longer share.

I will not praise this "beauty"
Or perpetrate a lie
I've had some trouble reading
Now I know the reason why

These deceptions grieve The Spirit
My holy heart. My SOURCE.
These ideas are of evil
I will not endorse.

I could have done so quietly
Never made a show
But you need to read this
You really need to know!

I may seem a fool for writing this
You won't like this share
But if I'm now unpopular

And, Christians, be ye HOLY!
Think on something nice!
Think on God the Father

And The Lord Jesus Christ!

(C) 6/27/2016
I am the Survivor of a terrible spiritual experience. It was brought on by my belief in Spirit guides of sorts. I almost didn't get out of it alive. I am sorry if this seems a little harsh. The only reason that I posted this is because I am very concerned for this community. It is meant out of love and not some judgmental sense of self-righteous superiority. I've been there. I know what I'm saying is true. Please believe me!

If you write about these things I cannot "like" them. I cannot and I will not apologize for it. I have to stand up as a Believer. AND YOU FOLKS NEED TO KNOW.


♡ Catherine
Down in the bayou where the mangroves grow
There's talk of black voodoo, like Marie Leveau
The Swamp Witch, is legend, she has magic so black
That those who have seen her, have never come back
There;s tales of the noises that come from the dark
Of werewolves and zombies as rough as the bark
The mangroves are sentinels, to where the magic resides
Where even a longboat has no room to glide
Bodies go missing from the graveyards most nights
And there's always a fog shading the fireflies lights
The Swamp Witch is ruler and Queen of this world
Where souls are all taken and spines can be curled
They say that she came here from Canadian lands
She was a metis they say, from the Western Tar Sands
A mystic by nature, a dark witch by blood
She lives deep in the swamp, protected by gators and mud
The gators respect her, they do as she bids
They keep watch on the waters, they're her reptillian kids
She keeps zombies as gendarmes, collecting bodies to turn
Just how black is her magic, no one can discern
The Swamp Witch is legend, she is as old as all time
The air in the bayou is as thick as the slime
The cajuns say voodoo is the core of her heart
They avoid fishing where the mangrove trees start
The Swamp Witch, a legend ? or is she truly the Queen
She's the Louisiana Witch, no one survives once she's seen.....
The demons come in darkest night
To take your soul away.
They keep your body locked up tight
And then they start to play.
The vampires dance, the monsters fight
The werewolves howl ‘til day,
And your soul is left in shiv’ring fright.
At least, that’s what they say.

When demons come in blackest moon
To steal you from your home.
It’s always best to lock your room
And stay at home alone.
Who knows what horrid creatures’ tomb
May come for you and your bones?
So, lock your door and pray for noon,
For night’s when monsters roam.

If demons come when moonlight beams
And you aren’t quite home yet,
Oh traveler, beware the screams;
It’s you they’ve come to get.
And pray that nothing’s as it seems
And that it’s still sunset.
For, when moon is out all horrid things
Walk freely, as they’re let.
Lia Sep 2015
he sniffed her out
she fell for his charm
she fell into his bed
too fast
too fast
or frenzy?

over & over
again & again
he pinned her down
red ribbons,
red dress on the floor

it wasn't sweet
it wasn't sweet
my, what big
teeth you have
what big marks they leave

the sun rose
the moon set
he slept fitfully

bruised, ****** & sore,
she waited

finally he woke &
he ate her for lunch
Lia Feb 2015
you can feel his teeth scrape on your bones
your flesh tears & your sinews  s t r e t c h  and snap apart
& your blood runs down his face in rivers ;
it drips on the cement to be washed away by the rain
& soon there is no trace of you left behind
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