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Jay M Oct 2020
Excitement trembles
Coursing through tiny veins
Until the day arrives
For the fun to begin

Sweet high school memories
Riding in the backseat
One friend at the wheel
The other in the passenger side
Calm, rippling breeze

Smooth leather seats
Music for every mile
Never a dull moment

Places to go
Adventures to be had
Traveling arm in arm
Across the sandy stone
Over the curious cliffs
To see the wondrous waves
Crash against a well-worn shore

Together we go
Together we see
Here, in this time,
We are free

We are adventurers
Going places one or the others
Haven't been before
Breathing in the salty sea
Content as the sea lions
Basking in the evening glow

Walking the narrow dirt path
Happy as we can be
Sun gently upon our backs
Legs tired as we collapse
Back into the comfort of the car

The day almost at it's end
Making a turn, just around the bend
One dropped safely home
Just a bit longer until it's my turn

Talk of life
Of the past and possibility
And of the future
Getting used to things that just might be
One day I could be behind the wheel
Now that's a thought
That's just so real

Thank you,
My dearest friends
One like a little sibling
The other like an older brother
They are my family
My family of soul

Five, ten years from now
I'll remember how
We rode the day away
On our own little adventure
Just us high school kids

- Jay M
October 19th, 2020
These are the days I just won't forget. Thank you guys for an amazing weekend, and I hope we'll make some more memories soon. When I'm older, I know I'm going to miss these days.
Dave Robertson Oct 2020
faux finish line it may be,
but colour me happy
as my knackered toe to tip
crosses it
Poetic T Sep 2020
I wish every day was a Friday,
that seven-day repetition that
        I no your walking through
my door, no looking back...

Were here all night a 2.5 fraction
of a week where theres just me
             and you, just us....

Runing a 4.5 day missing you
    to a weekend of just us
through the minutes to hours
            to the where did this
                                    weekend go.

The alram sounds, then the race
             to the end of the weekned
starts,finishing as we count mistakes
     of days that we catch on to a friday.

Your here now, were sorry I missed you,
              but the weekend is ours..
  no leaving, were just us, me and you.

            I've missed more than just your body,
           missing your breath on me,
                but now were here in this moment,

long live every weekend when your next to me.
reyftamayo Jul 2020
Ang ilaw sa tabi ko
Sa gilid sa harap paikot
Naghalo sa kisameng kasama
Ang antok-hilo kong ulirat
Bingi na ako sa tunog
Ng patagilid-pakalat na musika
Habang pinapaypayan ako
Ng higanteng bentilador
Naisip ko
Mas mainam siguro
Nasa bahay lang ako
Maniacal Escape Jun 2020
Dripping weekend wrist marks
Dance in the happy rain
Booming base and bleeding
Let it rush down your face
Feel it trickle down your tights
It’ll all be over now.
Lu Wilson Jun 2020
Thursday you've finally arrived
Work is over and I'm ready to imbibe

You've become my favorite day of week
Most of my jobs done and giving Saturday a wink

Late enough in the week to relax a little more
While Friday's shadow lurks closely under the door

Early enough to fantasize about Sunday
Yet still so far away from Monday

Pour me a glass, or two or three
Unplug my brain and help me let it be

Since I only have one more day of work
Will one more hour really hurt?

So sweet Thursday you may not be part of the weekend
But since the quarantine, it's upon you I've come to depend
Cheers to Thursday - the under rated day of the week
Amanda Kay Burke Apr 2020
Another long lonely weekend
Nothing at all to do
I waste countless hours
Thinking about me and you
An oldie I posted on Facebook years ago
Dave Robertson Mar 2020
To the average working stiff
the mouth feel of Saturday
always popped and fizzed

a day to get on with the business
of being
without being defined by your business
(shout out to all in retail and shift work
your heartache is saved for other verse)

This Saturday has come
with revised terms and conditions
that seem to have rather stunted
the former purpose
like a PC revision
gutting all the cheeky dirt
for contemporary sensibilities

Fine, but understand
that from behind closed doors
a million folk are figuring
how to **** about in a myriad
of new ways

Ye can take our pubs,
but ye cannae take
our shenanigans!
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