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Kanishk Kandoi Aug 2020
I know you care for me
And i care for you too

Even in hard times and
The good times we’ve been through

You’ve always been there
And I’ll be there too

Will never leave your side
Till the last day I’ll bide
Ma Cherie Mar 2017
I was born a writer see,
an I feel it like a bone,
an I have so many stories yet,
and some skills I've yet to hone,

An I intend on writing long,
until my eyes no longer see,
an I intend to tell you here,
until my soul is free,

I am but a poet true,
with a story yet to live,
an so I will tell in words I share,
an my everything I give,

To the craft that we all
share in here,
in the Poetry an lines,
an for the faces of a people here,
in a light that ever-shines,

From those lovely shiny silver souls,
with such understanding hearts,
and yes such very brilliant minds,
an like poetry in flesh you know,
well it really takes all kinds,

Of such different types of people,
in those "classes" so they say,
yeah I am but a poet true,
and I'm glad I am today.

Ma Cherie © 2017
Just thoughts. ; ) ❤❤❤ x -Ma love you all muah! Still in moving chaos ;/ LOL
We Are Stories Jan 2016
Because when my mind finds the time
to sit back and stare blankly at white paper,
I can never find the right opening words,
something about the ocean
or the sunsets
or the cool breeze occasionally blowing in the summer,
that would be able to fully express
the way my eyes tear up
at the vapor like thought
of being able to sit here on the couch
and watch you smile for one more second.
Ambika Jois Nov 2015
The book was opened years ago
The story was always a blur
The author’s still unidentified
The plot holds a gift, not a curse

When you’re feeling lonely,
Take a walk and think of me.
Breathe in all that is pretty
As though you’ve little to carry.

My dear, hold your chin up
The sky’s clear at last
The stars are your audience
You’re the hero, the leading cast

You’re never alone
I’ve left the crew behind
The story must go on
You’re the hero till the end

Walking by those trees
Past those walls
Over those roads
Across those fences
Just like we were floatin’

Summer breeze kissing us
Through our hair
On our skin
On our illusive faces
Just like we were imaginin’

All was captured in the walk
We were there through every blink
“Lonely” could never be you
Even after this story ends

You’re never alone
I’ve left the crew behind
The story must go on coz
You’re the hero till the end
NanaJustice Sep 2015
Irregular Irregular just an irregular emotion it comes every month I'll call it my period.
Some times it change some times it stays the same but must of the time it has me feeling so much pain; pain killers are my drugs and in this case *** is my love to get it off my mind I politely take my time and choice my next line to ****** you to come over cause baby its prime time.
Irregular Irregular just an irregular emotion it plays with the mind and most of the time it have me feeling drake with you on my mind past event that I can erase!! first two days are the worst cause it has me all upset thinking thing that god himself will not approve , but baby some times I wish you die so I wouldn't  have to encounter another you in my life .
I wish you would get sick but not just sick; sick that you cant do nothing just a dead weight .I wish so bad that as you walk on the street someone will just come take your life in a blink of an eye I'll be the first to cry cause then I would wish I hadn't  wish all the bad things I did when I was upset
Irregular Irregular just an irregular emotion thank you  god am on my last day the final days to ketch my step and realize am finally courageous enough to say I had enough and I thank her for taking you off my hands. It may sound like my period but its not its the three days out of every month I sit back and think about
the first guy I loved
glad to say that's in the pass here is your application am looking for a new man!!!!
I do miss my ex but things happen for a reason

— The End —