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hayley Leeds Sep 4
There are times it's a struggle to reach me,
Theres a light on but no ones home.
Its difficult to explain, hard for others to see
I know I'm not but there are times I feel so lost, so alone.

I want to live by the rule you have nothing to prove, I try to make myself not care.
But it seems that part of me is stronger,
A losing battle which isn't going anywhere.

Tried to draw a new line, then crossed that one too. My heart rules my head,
Though when it comes to generosity these 2 are best friends.

In the moments where I feel relaxed & happy
I cling to them knowing I'll have to wait for more.  I know there has to be an end,
Yet its other people/ other matters which now have me floored.
Starfire Aug 2018
It's not wanting to get out of bed on the morning
It's not wanting to do anything that once made you happy
It's caring about things that you shouldn't care about

It's expecting too much from people who don't deserve it
It's about pleasing others instead of yourself
It's apologising for things you didn't do
It's about putting others first

And when you put yourself first, for once
People have a lot to say

Don't worry about what other people say
Rather focus on yourself first then worry about the other people
Blurryface Aug 2015
I'm just a girl,
Who cares way too much about a guy
Who doesn't care at all.

He told me he cared about me but it wasn't the first time he lied to me.

— The End —