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Orategile Aug 31
Your love is the greatest feeling you give to me
Never will I compare
Never will I despair
It is home to my sanity
The common place for my tranquillity
The high to my low of which I can call my Mary Jane
Nonchalantly, away you take the pain
My wish is for it to take most of it away
But these are the unspoken words I wish to hear
Making you happy
Driving you insane to the sight of seeing me
Not feeling ashamed
And most of all loving me without a doubt
I know I'm too far from being perfect
Too far from being perfect for you
But these are the unspoken words I wish to hear from you

B-J Aug 2018
I'll tell you
i’m incapable of being loved
because in-fact
i don’t love myself
quite enough
to be loved
by you
Starfire Aug 2018
It's not wanting to get out of bed on the morning
It's not wanting to do anything that once made you happy
It's caring about things that you shouldn't care about

It's expecting too much from people who don't deserve it
It's about pleasing others instead of yourself
It's apologising for things you didn't do
It's about putting others first

And when you put yourself first, for once
People have a lot to say

Don't worry about what other people say
Rather focus on yourself first then worry about the other people

— The End —