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  Oct 2020 Rylee
It's okay for someone to make
you feel happier
But your happiness shouldn't be
hinged on them.
You need to master self-love. Whether someone loves you or not, it shouldn't tamper with the love you have for yourself.
  Oct 2020 Rylee
shake it off? ive tried but it hasn’t gone too well. you see, in my wildest dreams i’m clean and he does not belong with me but we all love a good love story and i think she knew that when she wrote fearless. we dream of the white horse but it doesn’t come around it never. ever. does. and i think she knew that too. which is good because to be honest i’m sick of waiting. one of the Kardashian's called my girl a snake so it goes but she can do no wrong she really cant. even when she says she did something bad she cant do no wrong. she’s the queen of my heart to be honest so dont blame me, her love makes me crazy. i think she would understand.
inspired by taylor's new single, "ME!" :)
  Oct 2020 Rylee
im still in daze
are you my love story?
or just
another picture to burn?
Rylee Oct 2020
Known for obsession with heartbreak,
Turning sounds of heartbroken tears into anthems,
The words we all feel
But could never produce turned into a karaoke song
Volume as loud as it can go,
Trying to drown out memories of the high you gave me
The naive girl in the songs sounds more like me,
As I replay the red flags
With each heartbreak had
there’s a song to be played
  Oct 2020 Rylee
Cassandra Stevenson
You are my drug and I’m addicted
Whenever you are gone; withdrawal.
Every chance I get, I need a hit.
It is no longer a question of want.
For you make my fantasy reality,
You are my eternal happy pills
And I can’t lose that.
You are what keeps me living
Even as you **** me -
I shall love you forever.
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