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Teressia Sep 2017
months after months
years after years, and it never faded
love! you can't command it
to go or to stay
Teressia May 2017
"To be or not to be, that is the question". Shake spear
  Feb 2017 Teressia
Angela Moreno
I do not mean to be so difficult.
I do not mean to be irrational.
I do not mean to hide away from you,
And lie when you ask about my feelings.
It's not me.
It's you.
It's entirely you.
Because all I care about is you.
I pray for your well being
Far beyond my own.
You are my every waking thought.
You are my every peaceful dream.
You are every light I have ever seen
Since the day you vanished my darkness.
You are every perfect lovely thing
That not even in a hundred years
Could all the finest poets think up.
You are peace and perfection
And beauty incarnate.
You are my world.
But you are also every worry
That I have ever had.
You are every tear
That has ever fallen from my eye.
You are every heartache
I have ever endured.
You are every sleepless night
That has ever plagued me.
And yet I can not let you go.
For how could I let
Heaven's most beautiful creation
Slip through my fingers
As if I did not know what I had??
As if I did not know
That you are the miracle I saught.
As if I did not know
That I am blessed beyond all blessings.
I'm sorry I'm an *******.
Teressia Feb 2017
we both have something in the care of our hands
but we will never share,
because somebody is a little too selfish,
It's either you or i,
and am not close to sure who?
if only that river kiss becomes nothing in that dream
and becomes something in this reality we are so fearful off
somebody got to be responsible for breaking this wall,
that we both had part in building,
I don't know about you, but i want it down
I'm grateful for the sunshine,
but i am waiting to enjoy it with you
the flowers are still blooming in my heart,
and I'm not ready to let them wither,
but when time decides later, they will wither on their own
Its been too long and nothing seemed to change,
just more sleepless nights and more day time fantasies,
midnight and daytime fantasies that are too good for reality
I'm curious to how far you've hold up,
because years have gone by here and again,
And this is how far I've come...
I've fallen a little deeper, a little too much everyday
In my memory only stayed smiles and sweet laughters of love,
that we rejected to acknowledge
I still wonder why we put up the walls?
be it that we have the same stories that we never shared?
I think felled a little more, a little too much for love that never arrived
I'm afraid to let go of my butterflies,
because i'm afraid i might never get the same kinds from anyone
I'm keeping my garden flowerful, colorful and bloomy for a love that might never arrive!
Teressia Feb 2017
sometimes it's at dawn
other times it's in the daylight
that my heart will without permission search
and to the God i know i pray for Him to stop my heart
Teressia Feb 2017
I was once told, "it's ok to not be ok sometimes"
but what  if sometimes becomes forever?
because ever since, i have awoken up to not be ok
Teressia Feb 2017
walked over thorns
and somehow made it, but with markings of left scars
a voice told me i wouldn't make it, and for longer than a second
i gave it serious thought
it consumed me, day after day, night after night
with every thorn i stepped on, it numbed a nerve in body
but even with numb nerves, i could still feel everything
it came in form of thoughts, people, and more i can't list or name
it made me question everyday, not in a sensible way
convinced me many things undeserving of trust
every step made my stomach coil, but without my own permission
i kept going, because i felt a promise
the world seemed upside down, every breath felt stolen
every smile felt wrong, waking up became a chore
sometimes time felt stuck, other times it felt out of proportion
only the hard questions with no answers circled the mind non stop
that promise came, i don't know who made it
i call it promise because it came, and i am living it now
just a glimpse of what depression felt like to me. to anyone suffering depression, have a little bit of hope, that is your promise.
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